Town Cop Ch. 03

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How Charlie and I met.

Month 3

I went in for my first ultrasound to determine the health and sex of the baby. As the technician used the wand across my abdomen you can see the face, eyes, arms, legs, you can hear heart beats, and then the private parts are seen. It’s a Girl. Then the Technician moves the wand around my tummy to see if there is more then one fetus and the are two more on the screen, This means Charlie and I are expecting triplets. Another Girl and a Boy. Three children in 1 delivery.

Going Home I wonder how I am going to tell Charlie that we are expecting Triplets. I stop at the local Hallmark store and grab a card and a gift bag and head for home. I pull into the driveway and park my car and head into the house to write my card to Charlie so he can read it over dinner.

I start to write Charlie a letter:

To my Dearest Love:

I remember the first time we met at the local horse track with a group of friends. I was standing off to the side and you walked over and asked me which horse I thought was a winner. I said the horse called Blue’s Chance. A 3 yr old Roan Colt with red and grey silks owned by Cash it in Stables. His jockey was Pat Day a world famous jockey. The trainer was Tim Ritchey, a trainer based in Delaware Park, DE. The race was for $250, 000. Blue’s odds were 50-1. I had already put 30.00 on him to win. You had taken my advice and placed 40.00 on him to win. The gates Şerifali Escort flew open and Blue took the lead and made the rest of the field look like it was standing still. He won by 6 1/2 lengths. Blue was beautiful in his movements as he ran away from the field. We both went up to the cash booth to collect our winnings and exchanged our phone numbers.

We dated for 6 months and got married on the same track where we made our winning bets on Blue’s Chance. Who was our maid of horse that day we had gotten permission from the owner Bill Small who owns Cash it in Stables. Bill was touched by our story and gave us a small ownership of Blue as a token of his appreciation for us bidding on Blue. If Blue had not won that day he would have been sent to a horse slaughter house as he was not winning very many races.

As I write this I want to share how much you have touched me by being a wonderful husband and soon to be father to not one but three prescious babies.

All my love,


I put the card in the envelope and sign the outside and place it in the gift bag I had bought earlier.

I started dinner which was Baked Potatoes, Corn, Hamburgers, and a Fresh Salad.

I called my mom and dad while the food was cooking and told them the news about the pregnancy and them going to be grandparents to 3 at one time. My mom started crying and my dad was speechless. I promised my Şerifali Escort Bayan mom I’d call soon, and hung up.

At 4:45 pm Charlie pulled into the drive just as I finished frying the last Hamburger.

I walked to the door and opened it to greet him.

He briskly walked to the steps and pulls me into his embrace and gives me a tender loving kiss.

He then put his hand on my belly to feel the babies. Little did he know there are 3 growing in my tummy until he reads my card.

He bends down and gives my belly a quick kiss. I lead him to the table and place him at his seat where he sees his gift. He slowly opens the gift bag and inside it are not one but three little pairs of shoes one pair for each baby I am carrying. Charlie looks at me with tears in his eyes and quick pulls me into his arms and lovingly rubs my belly to show his love for our children. I give him a long tender kiss and he gives one back. I break it off and tell him to open his card. He opens his card and he stares at it with a speechless expression.

Charlie then picked me up and carried me to our bedroom and laid me down on the King Size bed. He slowly undresses and comes to the bed and begins to remove my clothing. He tenderly kisses me from head to toe. Suckles on my now growing breasts, and kisses my tummy and stops at my mound. He flicks his tongue on my clitoris which causes me to whimper in pleasure.

I Escort Şerifali moan as I feel a Orgasm approaching, “I’m coming” I cried out just as my orgasm hits me.

Charlie eagerly licks me clean and crawls up to me and lays down and pulls me into his arms and whispers sweet nothings into my ear as his erection is standing straight up. I kiss him tenderly and slowly make my way to his 8″ erection. I tenderly take it into my mouth and begin to suck and nibble on his scrotum. Charlie moans in pleasure.

“suck them baby” Charlie cries.

slurp slurp

I continued. I swallow his entire erection and suck it like a Lollipop.

“I’m coming” Charlie cries as a load of hot cum pours down my throat.

I sucke him dry and crawl back to him and lay my head on his chest and he pulls me into his embrace and kisses me slowly and tells me how much he missed me and thanked me for being a loving wife and soon to be mom of his 3 unborn children.

Charlie pulls me ontop of him as his erection is once hard again. I mount him and ride him with all the love and energy that I can give back.

“Baby. Ride my cock” he cries in sheer pleasure.

I hump, and fuck him as hard as I can.

He pounds me back with everything he can give.

“Harder. Faster” I cried out

Charlie pounds into me as we both feel our orgasims building up.

“I’m coming” Charlie cries as he shoots a load of hot cum in me as I also orgasm at the same time.

I collapsed onto him and wait for his erection to slip out of me. I then lift off of him and crawl up to his arms.

Charlie and I cuddle for a short time and fall fast asleep in each others arms.

More of Charlie and Amanda in Chapter 4

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