Toxic Neighbor

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Disclaimer: If you only like reading realistic things, please don’t read this. I only like to read and to write fiction.

All characters and facts are pure imagination. Everybody is over 18 years old.

This story is somehow connected to “Toxic MILF” series, but it can also be read separately.

Please feel free to comment!


“Those dirty sex shows must have an end. This is the second time when I find my son Bob masturbating in his own room while watching this pervert bitch neighbor of ours. She must stop fucking her studs all day long. No, no, actually she must stop doing it outrageously visible, with the lights on and the window opened.” These thoughts were in my mind while I rang Vicky’s door’s bell. She was almost my age, and I my wife thought that a frankly discussion with her maybe could work. But she admitted she was too shy to talk to that slut neighbor of ours about those dirty things, so she sent me to argue with her.

I’ve finally heard something moving inside the house just when I wanted to get back home. When the door finally opened, my jaw must have been dropped completely open. All that was wearing ever so gorgeous Miss Vicky was a tiny floral blue dress. It barely covered her ass and left much of her huge full breasts exposed. It was obvious she didn’t wear any bikini or bra. The skimpy outfit was looking deadly on her fit body… Her elegant, high-cheek boned, model-like face completed the beautiful picture I had before me. Her hair was thick, black and felled down in small curls on her broad shoulders.

She wasn’t wearing, as usual, very high heels, but even barefooted, I was at most two inches taller than her. Strangely, my sudden feeling was she was dominating me mentally and physically. Though, she spoke with a soft voice.

“Hello, Peter! What brings you here?” She said arching her neatly shaped eyebrows.

“Miss Vicky, hum… I wanted to tell you … something… Actually… to ask you a favor…”

“Sure! Why not! Come in, Pete!”

“N-no, actually… I… shouldn’t…. I just wanted to… “

“I insist! I cannot talk with you, while you’re staying in the door’s frame, just like that!”

She looked very friendly… maybe it won’t be that hard to discuss that touchy subject with her, after all.

“I don’t know whether you are aware or not…. My son’s window is face to face with your bedroom’s one…”

“Is that true? Well, I’m sorry, I didn’t know that! Is that a problem?”

“Actually, he has a large display of your king size bed…”

“Common there, you must show me…”

“N-no, actually… It’s not about that…”

She didn’t listen to my words. Her hand grabbed mine and pulled me upstairs. There was no way I could refuse her. I had to take care not to break my legs on the stairs. I couldn’t understand where she was rushing like that. I understood the funny part of the situation. That brunette bombshell was leading my way up to her bedroom, my cock was thickening with each passing second, but she was actually doing it against my will! Or did she?

The all room a hypnotic violet: carpet, Betturkey walls, furniture. Even the bed sheets were also violet. She bended over the window, bringing her hard ass cheeks very close to my groin. How did she get that ass to be so perfect!

“Pete, you mustn’t forget what you came here for!” I told to myself. Was I afraid I couldn’t resist her charms?

“Where is that window?” I had to stretch my arms over her shoulder to show her.

She turned her entire body to face me. This move was so sudden and I was so close to her, I felt almost like an embrace.

“He saw something not very appropriate… You know what I mean…”

“I’m sorry; I don’t know what you mean!”

As she closed in, I had the impression that those giant mammaries will throw me right on the bed… I needed more room, but she was cornering me…

“Look… it’s nobody’s business what are you doing in your bedroom, but….”


How could I erase that devilish grin she had on her face?

“Maybe you shouldn’t show off like that….”

“I know he’s an adult by now, doesn’t he?”

“Yes, he is, that’s not a problem…”

“He has the choice not to look.”

“Was I too pervy?”

“Nope, but…” She sat on the bed. I could actually see her obscenely long legs almost to her crotch. I couldn’t stop saying to myself, “What a perfect set of gams!” She smiled very understanding. Were those words just in my mind, or she could read me?

“Nope? So how do you know what he did see?”

I was really trapped. Who the fuck did send me here?

“Well, he… I… Actually…”

“Pete, please sit next to me!” This was not a favor I was able to deny.

“Well, I try to understand what you are trying to tell me, but there is one fact I cannot understand, and that changes everything…”

I was kind of struck when I felt her fingers wrapping over my hard on. I wanted to run from there, but she was blocking my way out.

“What are you doing, Mrs, Vicky?”

“Why don’t you explain the reason you have your dick hard? I’m trying to understand what you want. Your mouth and your stiffy are telling two different stories… Which is the true one?”

I couldn’t look in her eyes anymore. I tried to look on the floor, but I felt my eyes slipping deep down her cleavage. It was worse! She lifted my face with her ice cold hand.

“Please at least pretend you are talking to me, instead of my tits!”

I’m sure my face was bright red. I was like a boy caught by his mom jerking at porn magazines.

“I’m sorry, Miss Vicky, actually I…. I…” All my words vanished when she unzipped my pants.

“Come ‘on pumpkin, you shouldn’t be sorry for nothing… I guess it’s quite normal to have a boner like that when you find yourself alone in the same room with your neighbor you like to spy!”

“No, no, it’s not what you think… Please forgive me…” I was suddenly feeling so terribly weak. Her hand slid inside my pants and cupped my balls. My cock stiffened even more…. if possible…. One of her fingers sealed my lips.

“So, Betturkey Giriş could you tell me how did you find out that your son was watching me doing outrageous things in my own bed?”

Her hands were shamelessly caressing my chest. Why I was not able to leave that room right then? “I… I caught him spying you and… playing with…”

“What was he playing with, Pete?”

I had to swallow, breathing heavily.

“With… with his… his… penis”

“Just like this?”

It was wrong, but I couldn’t help but moan as her long fingers were caressing my cock, now free into the open air.

“Please, Miss Vicky!”

“Or like this?” she asked, jerking it faster.

“And did you check up what was he looking at while he was playing with himself?”


“You liked that huh?”.

“So, actually, you were also spying on me, too!”. This woman must have been a prosecutor in her previous life! “Looks like you both had some fun… not your son only…”

“Miss Vicky, look… I’m sorry… This is so embarrassing…I don’t know how to tell you…”

She moved over to me and placed a big wet kiss on my lips. I had to summon all my strength not to fall down the opened window. As she started to whisper, I felt her hot breath on my lips, wet from her saliva.

“Quiet… easy baby! I know I’m a cockteaser! I am a very sexual woman and I love knowing people enjoy watching me. Your desire for me is nothing new. Ever since I can remember, men have lusted for my long, luscious legs. I love to see men with their cocks hard, with a libidinous spark in their eyes… why should you be any different? Don’t be ashamed for your sinful thoughts, honey!” This scene was almost unreal.

“Oh, man! There is a huge bulge in here! Wouldn’t you like to play a little Pete?” she whispered in a very low voice. She teased my dick in her hand, weighing it, measuring its girth. She squeezed it and I mewed with pleasure. She pressed her thick lips hard against mine. This time I eagerly kissed her back.

“So, what did you see?”

She pushed me and I fell on the bed. I was struggling against a power I had no chance to deal with. I didn’t believe I was hearing myself starting to confess to her.

“Look, I’m not a pervert; I don’t go in for weird fetishes, yet the hot scenes in your room are meant to turn on like crazy any man or woman I know. You are really a highly sexual person. I haven’t seen any other woman screaming so excited when uncovering a penis, or sucking so many different dicks in a day. I didn’t mention the buxom sluts that you teach to deepthroat your giant strap-on….”

“So, I still don’t get what is your problem?”

“Actually, my… my wife sent me here to…. to…”

“Did she? ” She grabbed me by the chin to force me look right into their eyes while her fingers were cupping my balls. “This is really hot. Do you want me to believe that your kind wife sent you to talk to the slut MILF neighbor of yours?”


At this, she held on my neck and sat on my lap, crossing her legs around Betturkey Güncel Giriş my waist. Her long, greedy tongue forced its way deep inside my mouth. When she finally gave me a short break to breath, I felt I was losing the train of my thoughts and words.

“Shush! Stop telling me fairy stories, Pete! I know why you came here! You were craving to fuck my melons! Let’s get more comfortable, honey!”.

She pulled her dress over her head in just one move, proudly displaying her Amazonian naked beauty. Her rack was quite a sight to view. Instead of their size and her age, the orbs had no sign of sagginess.

She took my head into her hands, and forced my nose between her full heavy breasts. I wanted to protest but she stuffed one of her large engorged nipples between my teeth.

“Too bad you wasted your time inventing this pathetic story as an excuse to visit and fuck me”.

She hurried to remove all my clothes, too, ripping two buttons from my shirt. I wanted to protest something, but she put her hand on the top of my head and pushed me down on my knees. She laid her back on the couch and her muscular thighs landed on my shoulders. My mouth was suddenly watering from the enticing scent of her pussy. My tongue found her large love button. To my surprise, I couldn’t get enough of her pussy. My face was sinking in her juice as I was trying to shove my tongue deeper into her willing cunt. Her moans turned into deafeningly cries and her legs tightened into a bone breaking vice. She was enjoying her powerful orgasm and she didn’t care she was smothering me. It took an eternity until her legs went limp, allowing me to take a mouthful of air. Blue sparks were flying all around.

She wrestled me on the bed to stay above her. Her lips wrapped firmly around my cock and it found its way deep down her throat. Her calves curled around my arms, and her hands gripped my shoulders. I was trapped again with my nose deep inside her pussy. Strangely, I was above her, but being restrained so tight I felt she was actually fucking me. I understood she was the one in control, she always had been, since I stepped into her house.

She was not wasting any time with prelude. I couldn’t believe she was still horny right after one devastating orgasm. She was crushing me with that rough sex. Very soon, her back arched with a savage force and her clit crushed my nose again. She was slamming my face with her lower abs. Her middle finger began to shove up my arse and I exploded before I was able to protest. She gulped all cum with insatiable thirst. I continued taking long licks with my tongue to clean her pussy juices.

I dismounted her and I fell next to her after a while, laid exhausted on my back. I was breathing deeply, like a drowned man, brought back to the shore. She ran her sharp nails over my abdomen and my thighs. She planted her lips over mine prying my mouth open with her tongue. When we finished kissing, there was a big smile on her face.

“You know what? I guess I believe you spoke the truth… Actually, I see someone is watching us right now from that window! I don’t have my glasses on, but I think your wifey is the one who spies. I didn’t figure out she’s such a pervy girl, too! Next time you must bring her over here, too! You’re such a nice couple!”

I jumped up, trying with shaking hands to pick up my ruined clothes. I had to escape as soon as possible from that witch!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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