Training Programme leads to unbelieveable sex Part 2

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The doorbell rang, Myra hid in the bathroom and Hari was surprised to find Sheila at the door….

Sheila studied Hari from head to toe and her gaze stopped at his crotch. She was looking extremely hot in her sports bra and cycling tights. Sheila had flawless cream colored skin, light brown silky hair , she had big round firm breasts and an hour glass figure. Hari got an instant hard on. Sheila smiled looking at his fast growing tent. Hari was feeling awkward and held on to his towel thinking it might fall off. Sheila asked if she could accompany him for training. Hari said yes and he told her he had to get dressed. Sheila said good night and left.

Hari dropped his towel and started stroking himself. He had to relieve himself. Myra stepped out and asked who was at the door. Hari grabbed her , threw her on the bed , stripped her and entered her. Myra was surprised at this sudden second round of sex. She liked the rough sex , no foreplay , pure unadulterated sex. She was dry and he was rough. Her pussy was on fire , it was hurting but she was enjoying this new form of raw sex. After ten minutes of humping she came and so did he.

Hari was blown when he saw Sheila in the morning. She was wearing a white top , top 2 buttons were open and a black bra beneath.The cleavage was mind blowing. She was wearing a tight short skirt. Her thighs were slender and her smooth legs needed to be caressed and kissed.

Hari was blown away and wanted to have sex with Sheila at any cost. Maltepe Escort In the cab Hari used every chance to feel Sheila and he suddenly realized that Sheila was upto something. Sheila was trying to feel him and giving him an indirect invitation.

Sheila stuck to him throughout the day in the training programme. New teams were formed but Sheila continued in his team. Their were new faces in his team today. Sonali , Preeti and Sharmila were the new entrants. Hari smiled and wondered if he could fuck them all in the coming week and if he could get into an orgy with all of them.

During tea break , Sheila asked Hari to accompany her back to the hotel and join her in the fitness club. Hari agreed.

They hit the gym and started on the treadmill. Soon they were sweating.

Hari met the gym trainer and asked them to leave them alone. Hari told Sheila to join him in Sauna and Steam. They both stripped and put on towels in the Sauna. Hari started massaging Sheila’s shoulders and back. He lifted her legs and started massaging her legs. Hari stopped at her thighs. Sheila opened her eyes lifted her towel and he massaged her thighs. Her pussy was clean shaven and pink. She pointed at her pussy and said this needs massaging to.

Hari sat in front of her , felt her legs and lightly kissed her thighs, and made his way to her pussy. He thrust his tongue and fingers in her pussy. Sheila was already wet and her juices were flowing. She grabbed hold of his head and Maltepe Escort Bayan pushed it deep inside her legs. She used her legs to massage his cock and balls. The heat was getting to them. It was becoming hot and they were becoming hotter. Sheila was moaning , she dropped her towel and Hari was blown away looking at her breasts. They were like big bread buns and her nipples were like strawberries on a cake. He reached out and caressed her breasts first and then squeezed her nipples. Her nipples were becoming hard. She moaned loudly , her body shuddered and started breathing heavily . She had a massive orgasm and she collapsed on top of Hari. She grabbed Hari and gave him a long wet sloppy kiss.

They walked into the shower room. The cold water was welcome relief from the searing heat of the sauna. She felt his body and kissed him from head to toe. She played with his cock and balls. Hari was thoroughly enjoying himself, he was becoming hard. He started kissing her and he kissed her lips , cheeks , neck and finally her pink strawberries. He feasted on them and Sheila was floating in heaven. She took his dick and rubbed it against her pussy. The feeling was divine. Hari gave a small push and he entered her. Sheila gasped and adjusted her legs to accommodate him . Hari entered her and stayed there. He grabbed her ass and spanked it and squeezed it. It was soft, smooth and firm. She put her arms around him , thrust against him and then played with his balls.

After Escort Maltepe a few minutes of humping , he turned her around and entered her from behind. He felt her deep inside and she enjoyed the feeling of his balls hitting her pussy walls. They again changed position and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He lifted her and entered , the new position was giving new sensations and waves of pleasures. She was kissing him wildly and digging her nails into his back. He was enjoying the passion , the feeling of pleasure from his dick and the burning sensation in his back.

He set her down and they walked into the steam room. He sat on the bench and she straddled him.While she was kissing him she lowered herself into him. She loved his rock hardness inside her. Her juices were flowing fast and she felt them drip outside. She kept moving up and down and he was entering and exiting her smoothly. She grabbed his hands and put them on her breasts. He pushed the breasts together and sucked both the nipples. She was on the verge of another massive orgasm. She got up and asked him to do her doggy style. He spread her legs , entered her , spanked her ass and grabbed her breasts. He squeezed them hard till she screamed in pain. He started fingering her ass. She was moaning loudly and she came and came and collapsed.

He made her sit and asked her to blow him. She sucked him like a lollipop and she fingered his ass. She kissed his balls and the feeling was divine. Few minutes later he came and shot his cum on her face and breasts.

They soaped each other and took a leisurely bath and as they were getting dressed Sonali and Preeti walked in.And then all hell broke loose….to be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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