Traveling Team Ch. 16

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NOTE: This is the continuing tale of Jack and Bethany, two single parents who met when their sons joined the same traveling baseball team. Their back story unfolds in the previous chapters but any chapter can be enjoyed on its own. All content is fictional and all those engaging in adult activities are meant to be of legal age.

Chapter 16 – Homestand

Following Jack and Bethany’s thrilling, yet risky, events on the Knights 11U travel baseball team’s second trip of the season, both were more than happy to be back home and in the comfort of Jack’s comfy bed the following Tuesday.

Having narrowly avoided being caught making love on a darkened ballfield during the trip (and subsequently being blackmailed by a young paramour), Jack and Bethany felt they had dodged a bullet. Both enjoyed the thrill of the weekend’s sexual activities tremendously, but they also knew their risky behavior could catch up with them at any moment.

Neither wanted to jeopardize their reputation with the other parents and members of the coaching staff. More importantly, they didn’t want to do anything to embarrass either Xander, Bethany’s son, or Brian, Jack’s son, or worse, get either one of them kicked off the team.

Now that Xander was spending the week with his father and Brian was with his mother, Jack and Bethany were able to retreat to the safe, secure havens of their own homes.

Bethany loved spending time at Jack’s place, a one-story, log cabin style home on a wooded lot on the outskirts of town. The spacious backyard was fringed with oaks, poplars, and pine trees leading to acres of woods and hidden trails where Jack loved to hike and relax.

As an environmental journalist, it also made a perfect “office” for him to think and write. In his mid 30s, Jack was fit and rugged and enjoyed getting out in nature as much as possible. He was hoping he and Bethany would have some time during the week to enjoy some of his favorite spots.

For Bethany, a trim, petite blonde in her early 30s, Jack’s lifestyle seemed to be a perfect fit. Now that she was off for the summer from her job as a school teacher, she was able to spend as much time with Jack as possible. Still in the early stages of their relationship, every moment was an opportunity to learn something new and share their passions. She hadn’t felt this alive in years.

This lazy morning, Bethany casually scrolled through the erotic posts both had been making to a private blog they had created. They felt it would be a great way to learn a little more about their interests and turn-ons, especially when Jack was travelling or when their sons were home and they couldn’t spend their evenings together.

Most of the posts were reblogged from other blogs that they followed. The posts ranged anywhere from beautiful photos of nature, to historic baseball images (baseball being the shared passion which brought them together), to artistic nudes of individuals and couples, and occasionally, some rather hardcore porn. It was an eclectic mix, to be sure, and it always lead to great discussions, and frequently, to some rather spectacular sex.

Lying nude in Jack’s bed while he prepared some breakfast, Bethany found herself getting increasingly aroused as she perused some of Jack’s more recent posts. She had paused on one in particular that showed an attractive couple masturbating for each other. It was a GIF so the image kept looping, repeatedly showing a young woman fingering her clit and fondling a breast as she focused her gaze upon a man leisurely stroking his large cock.

Something about the way the image was shot, and the passion in the eyes of the woman, drew Bethany in. Pushing the laptop to one side, she slid from underneath the covers, feeling the cool air caress her hot legs and exposed pussy. Still watching the image closely, she mimicked the actions of the young woman, enjoying a slow, Bostancı Escort rhythmic fingering of her very aroused clit. The pink folds of her pussy were beginning to part of their own volition, wet with her growing desire.

“Ah, I see you found that one,” Jack said, surprising her in the doorway. “I thought you might enjoy that,” he said coming closer.

“How long have you been standing there,” Bethany asked, only slightly startled.

“Long enough to know you really like that scene,” Jack smiled. “And long enough for this to happen,” he added pulling down his boxer briefs to expose his hardening cock, giving Bethany something else to admire.

“Mmmm,” she moaned her approval. “That long, huh,” she said in a husky tone, sliding over on the bed to allow Jack to lie down next to her. She reached out to stroke his cock for him as he settled in beside her, still maintaining a relaxed pace on her clit.

“How long have you been watching that,” Jack asked, watching and enjoying the feel of her soft hand gliding up and down his length.

“Long enough for this,” she teased, dipping two fingers inside her dripping pussy before bring them to Jack’s lips to taste.

“Wonderful,” Jack said, inhaling Bethany’s exotic scent and taste. “You know how much I love that.”

“I do,” she smiled lovingly at him. “And you know how much I love this,” she continued, scooping up a droplet of clear precum from the tip of his cock. He watched with rapt attention as she rubbed it on her lips and then lick it all off with her tongue.

Her attention turned back to the looping mutual masturbation scene on the laptop. “Will you do that for me, lover,” she asked, moving her hand from his cock to massage her breasts.

“Of course, my love,” Jack replied, focusing on how sexy she looked watching the scene and masturbating right next to him. He could feel the heat from her body and reached down to grip her inner thigh as he continued stroking himself.

As her breathing got more shallow and she more aggressively tweaked her nipples and kneaded her tits, Jack knew Bethany was getting closer to cumming. Gentle clit play soon turned to thrusting several fingers in and out of her pussy as her legs spread wider. Finally, she raised her ass off the bed and literally fucked herself with several fingers from one hand while the other frantically frigged her clit. This was classic Bethany and he knew she was nearing the breaking point.

“Oh, god, Jack,” she moaned. “This is so good. Mmmm, I’m not going to last much longer,” she announced. “Cum with we, babe,” she urged. “Cum all over my tits.”

Jack increased his pace as Bethany urged him on with her sexy gyrations and words. As was often the case when she was this close to cumming, her thrashing and bucking made it somewhat difficult to maintain his position. He slid off the edge of the bed, giving her more room, and stood over her so she could watch closely as he stroked himself to orgasm.

Bethany’s eyes darted back and forth between the screen and Jack’s cock, now hovering just above her, as she felt her orgasm begin to wash over her. She flexed her firm ass and squeezed her steamy pussy tight around her fingers as wave after wave of pleasure shot through her writhing body.

Willing Jack to shoot his load all over her, she continued riding her orgasm, pushing her tits right up against the underside of Jack’s ready cock. Dripping precum, the head appeared an angry reddish purple, Bethany’s clue that Jack was about to unload all over her bouncing yet firm tits.

Jack grunted as the first thick rope of cum shot forth, the added sensation from Bethany’s tits only increasing his pleasure. The first shot landed in a smooth line across both breasts with each subsequent burst coating her perky nipples before eventually running down and pooling on her taut belly.

As Bostancı Escort Bayan Bethany collapsed to the bed, exhausted with pleasure, she reached for Jack’s spent cock, urging him to bring it closer to her hot mouth. Sticking out her tongue, teasingly, she licked up the remaining cum on the tip before taking it fully into her mouth and licking it clean.

Jack could only moan at the added post-orgasm sensation as he looked into Bethany’s sparkling blue eyes as she drained him completely. He watched as she massaged his cum into her tits and belly, giving them a shiny, sticky appearance and feel.

Bethany giggled at the sensation, pulling Jack on top of her and kissing him deeply as he lay between her still hot, welcoming thighs.

“I could stay like this all day,” he said, admiring her loving gaze.

“Nestled between my legs,” she confirmed. “Sounds like heaven.”

“Oh, it’s definitely heaven,” he agreed. “And then some.”

Sliding down her body, he kissed each nipple and her belly before kissing his way lower over her waxed mons to her clit and still dripping pussy lips.

“Jack, mmmm,” she moaned. “What are you doing?”

“Isn’t it obvious,” he said continuing to pleasure her.

“Mmmm,” she moaned again. “Of course, silly, but I just came like two seconds ago. It’s very sensitive down there.”

“I can tell,” he replied, darting his tongue in and out of her pussy and around her clit to her anguished cries of pleasure. “Very tasty, too.”

“Jack,” she objected, grabbing both sides of his head in a futile attempt to pull him up. “I’m serious,” she continued, her defenses getting weaker as she began to moan even more.

Jack held her firmly by the waist as his tongue danced and frolicked across every sensitive surface between her legs. Her resumed arousal became more and more evident as her moans and motions became more pronounced and her slickness mingled with Jack’s saliva as he brought her closer to a special, post-orgasm, orgasm.

Easing two fingers inside her as he continued licking and sucking her swollen clit, she once again began writhing as he expertly located and massaged her G-spot.

“Oh, my fuck, Jack,” she groaned. “I can’t take much more of this. Mmmm…I’m going to explode all over your face if you keep this up.”

Jack knew it…and he loved it. At times Bethany would squirt quite a bit when she was so fully aroused. He loved nothing more than to give her this exquisite sensory overload. He continued relentlessly until he could barely keep his face and fingers in contact with her pussy.

Finally, she raised her hips once again and bucked straight into his face, her pubic bone hitting the bridge of his nose. She gushed and screamed in intense pleasure as a startled Jack struggled to maintain contact and hoped his nose wasn’t broken.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Bethany repeated over and over as she road out this most intense orgasm. Finally, falling back to the bed, she curled up into a ball, refusing to let Jack have any more access to her most sensitive parts. She struggled to catch her breath, vaguely aware that Jack was clutching his nose and checking for signs of damage.

“Holy shit, B,” he grimaced. “I think you broke my fucking nose.”

“You started it, mister,” she said breathlessly. “Here, let me see,” she added with concern.

Pulling herself up to meet him face-to-face, she examined him. “No blood,” she said. “How does this feel,” she asked as she tapped him on the bridge of the nose.

“Not great,” he flinched at the touch. “But I don’t think it’s broken,” he said with relief.

Holding her face in his hands, he gazed into her radiant sapphire-blue eyes and looked upon her with love. “You are a fucking wild woman in bed,” he smiled.

She smiled back. “It takes a wild lover to bring out the wild woman in me,” she said. “That’s Escort Bostancı you, babe. You’re my wild man.”

They exchanged gentle kisses for a few moments, Bethany even placing a few extra soft kisses on Jack’s nose, before flopping down side by side on the bed and resting peacefully for several minutes.

“So what’s for breakfast, love,” Bethany asked, now more famished than ever.

“Breakfast,” Jack asked, sounding perplexed. “I already ate,” he said with a grin, shuffling out of the way just quick enough to avoid a playful elbow to ribs from Bethany.

“I’m starving, Jack,” Bethany pleaded. “Please tell me you have something for us to eat.”

“Fear not,” Jack replied. “We’re going to need a good hearty breakfast for the hike I have planned for us, hon,” he said, heading to the kitchen.

“Tell you what, how about you find a few more posts to add to the blog while I finish making breakfast,” he suggested. “That way, when we get back from our little trek, I can take a look at what you posted and see what you might like to try next?”

Bethany, already aroused by the idea, began scrolling through some of her favorite blogs.

“What makes you think I won’t jump your bones when we’re out in the woods?”

Jack laughed. “Oh, I’m planning on that…if I don’t jump you first,” he smiled. “I’m just curious to see what you might have in mind for this evening.”

“Yes, master,” Bethany said, demuring to Jack’s demand. “Let me find just the right thing to please you,” she continued as she sprawled out across the bed, her firm ass and smooth, tanned legs on display as she lay on her belly looking at the computer while she reblogged a couple erotic posts for Jack to see later.

“With a response like that, I’m guessing you’ll be dressed as Jeannie from ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ or there might be restraints involved,” Jack laughed from the kitchen. “Or both! That would be fun.”

Bethany laughed in reply. “Shucks, my Jeannie costume is at the cleaners,” she teased. “I’m guessing you have something around here you can use to tie me up, though,” she speculated, turning over in bed and extending her arms and legs towards the four corners of the bed, as Jack returned to the bedroom.

“You know,” Jack said looking down on the beauty sprawled out before him. “Keep that up and we’ll never get out of the house.”

“Hiking is overrated,” Bethany said in mock protest. “Wouldn’t you rather just tie me up and have your way with me right now?”

Gazing down on her firm legs, waxed pussy, clearly aroused tits, and the wanton look in her sapphire blue eyes, Jack was sorely tempted to take her then and there. “I would,” he admitted. “But I won’t,” he decided somewhat reluctantly.

“Breakfast is ready and you’re hungry, so go eat, woman,” he implored, watching in delight as she pulled her sexy, naked self from the comfort of the bed.

“If I must,” Bethany replied with a fake pout that was sexy as hell. She pulled on a robe as she headed for the kitchen, scootching quickly after a playful slap on the ass from Jack.

“Besides,” Jack said. “I’ve been looking forward to watching your sweet little ass in your hiking shorts all day long,” he admitted. “Or for at least as long as I let you wear them,” he warned.

“Oh, really,” Bethany smiled at this announcement as she dove into the eggs and bacon Jack had prepared. “That’s a two-way street, mister. If I’m naked, you’re naked,” she said.

“Of course,” Jack agreed. “But I’ll be following you so I can watch every sexy move of that perfect ass. Who knows, I may have to catch you once or twice if you slip,” he said with a mischievous smile.

“More like slip onto your hard cock,” Bethany shot back with a grin.

“Whatever it takes to keep my girl safe,” Jack replied.

“And your gorgeous cock buried in my pussy,” Bethany said.

“Well, there’s that, too,” Jack smiled.

“Yeah, that,” Bethany smiled back, reaching up to kiss him.

Plans established, the couple promptly finished their hearty breakfast and prepared for a day of hiking, exploring, and all the exquisite intimacy to be enjoyed by those who truly appreciate being one with nature.

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