Trilogy Part 3

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They were laid in the bath one Friday evening, just lazing about in the warmth of the water. John had come in from his run. He was no fitness fanatic, far from it! But once, maybe twice a week, he would just go out and do a couple of miles. Nothing timed, nothing really aimed for, just a personal goal, keep himself trim. Since leaving the Volunteers Army some time ago, he had wanted to keep that level of fitness going. And so, he had been for a run, come back home through the damp autumn air, sweating and panting, but smiling.

And as it was a Friday, rather than just cleanse himself with a shower, he would run a bath while he rinsed in the cubicle, freeing his body of the dust and the grime, and then slip into the hot bath and ease himself into relaxed mode for the weekend. It wasn’t a definite weekly thing, but when he had the chance, he would arrange it so he could enjoy the luxury. And of course, maybe a half bottle of wine would help that along too!

So, Janet had found him there, soaking away in the bath, when she came back from visiting her friend. She walked into the bathroom, chatting away to him, sipping at his glass of wine. His eyes gleamed, and he beckoned her towards the bath. She shook her head, laughing at the memory of what had happened before.

The first time he had been in the bath on his own and she had been foolish enough to step close to him; he had pulled her in, clothes and all. True, they had had fantastic spontaneous sex as he ripped and stretched the garments from and around her body, the water flooding across the tiled floor. She had been above him, below him, sucking him, fucking him.

He had taken her by force, pinning her shoulders in the end against the rim of the bath, one leg hooked out of each side of the pink steel receptacle, and he had hammered at her till he came inside her. She had been shocked by the ferocity of the sex, not scared, just suddenly realising that every now and then she ought to let the animal in him out of the cage.

But the cost to her clothes! They had been ruined. It wasn’t the fact that they couldn’t be easily replaced, and it wouldn’t have worked if she had changed into something worthless for him to defile. It had been the spontaneity of it. It had only happened twice in all, and tonight was not going to be number three! Stepping over to the basins, she slipped out of the woollen Jersey dress, the warm soft fabric clinging to her smooth skin as she slid it up and over her shoulders.

She heard him gasp and mutter something about her when he saw her nakedness under the clothing. No bra, no knickers, nothing between her and the wool. He loved her like that, and when in the mood she loved it too. But she didn’t always tell him when she was going to be like it. And besides, this had been for her tonight. And for Susan.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Though she had only met Susan a few months before, they had been lovers within a week, and she had enlightened Janet and shown her the keys to so many doors of pleasure, which she could open with, or without John. The only thing she had not done – yet – was to bring Sue back to this house for pleasure. John could finish his work at odd times and surprise her.

She wanted him aware of the situation with Susan before that happened. If he was to find them unexpectedly, she wasn’t sure how he would react. The moment would soon be right to tell him, they had had a good long spell of trust building up. She had hesitated at first when with Susan, not knowing if this being unfaithful was good for her and bad for them.

But she had thrown all caution to the wind and gone for it. After all, she couldn’t get pregnant! They had bumped into each other at the Leisure Centre, when Janet had been down for a swim. The easy actions of cutting through the clear water had always eased her mind and her soul and left her feeling relaxed and fresh. Her body glistened with renewed sparkle whenever she had been for a swim.

It had been the early morning bathers session, the hour before the schoolies all arrived for their “swimming lessons” and clowning around. Usually, the pool was cleared half an hour before the kids all began to arrive, but there had only been a handful of them that morning, and the attendant had told them they could stay till the hordes were at the door if they liked.

Sitting up on his high stool, perched above the water, in his shorts and T-shirt, he must have had a good half-hour himself, as the five women rippled up and down the length and breadth of the pool. His eyes would follow each of them for a spell, whether they were just gliding up and down the pool, or going for timed lengths like a couple of them seemed to be.

Janet rolled onto her back a couple of times, cutting silently through the water directly under his gaze, her breasts squashed against the swimsuit, nipples showing clearly. Flaunting herself, Göztepe Escort she kicked her legs wider than usual, and the high cut away of the suit heightened the line of her hip and her smooth groin.

After getting his attention every time she swam past, on one turn at the deep end she pulled the suit up the cleft of her arse, and swam underneath him, as if she had a thong on, before deftly snapping it back into place on the next turn. When she swanned past him on her back the next time, his eyes were glued to just her. God it felt so good to flirt! But that was that, she left it at that.

She had enough with her and John’s appetite to deal with just now, though she sometimes did fantasise about pure sex with a stranger, lusting, and filling, pure horny want.

She had been so engrossed in her thoughts and teasing she hadn’t noticed there were only two of them there in the pool now, till the babble of the snake of children outside cut into her brain. Regretfully she slowed at the shallow end, stepping from, the clear water, squeezing the last drops from her hair. As the other woman followed her into the changing rooms, Jan glanced back to look at the attendant. He was sat high in his chair, with just the hint of a grin on his face.

“Cute, eh?” She blushed as the other woman spoke. “My name’s Susan, I’ve seen you here a few times, but not flirting like that!”

Under the stammer of a blush, Jan introduced herself, and they chatted easily as they showered and towelled dry. The tattoo on Susan’s shoulder caught Jan’s attention, and she couldn’t help but ask why the heart on the shoulder? Susan explained she had had it done a few months before, to remind her husband when he was taking her like a dog that he loved her.

Janet blushed, “Oh!” and traced the outline of the heart with her fingertips before snapping back to reality and hurriedly pulling her jumper on. She couldn’t help but notice that Susan just pulled on a long woollen dress over her tanned smooth skin, before hoisting the bag to her shoulder, turning, and asking “Coffee?”

They had repaired to the café in the High Street, and over coffees they began to chat and introduce each other. When they got to their marital status, they were both surprised to find they had married in the same year, to similar types of men. Small world, Janet thought, as they talked about homes and their lives. After an hour, Janet rose, saying she had to leave. Susan was all smiles and agreed, maybe it was time they moved on.


Janet stepped over towards him, the water rippling as he moved, and eased his body to one end of the bath for her. She laughed, telling him to lay back down. Puzzled, he looked at her, but did as she asked. She slid her smooth ankles into the water between his legs, and bending, placed her hands on each side of the bath, holding the grips steadily. Slowly, she lowered her body down towards his, till her nipples skimmed the now still waters. The touch of the heat on her there made her gasp inwardly, and she told him not to move.

Delicately, she let her skin be wrapped in the smooth warmth of the accommodating waters, her breasts cocooned in the hold of the water, till they touched his chest. Carrying on, she let herself lay along his body, till she could let go of the grips, and place her hands on his shoulders to caress him.

She smoothed the side of his neck, her face held up, her chin dipped in the water, looking into his eyes. He began to harden below her, as she wriggled and slid her skin along his with the frictionless movement of the water to help them. Silently, she glided her body up and down his, reaching his mouth with hers to kiss him, then spilling herself down his torso till his prick nestled in the soft valley of her breasts.

Once or twice she forced herself further down, so that she could take his purple head into her mouth, just for a split-second, sucking him sharply. Soon, he was fully aroused, and she slid up to kiss him on the mouth once more. He stroked her smooth back, his large hands roaming every inch of her open to his touch. Just as he began to knead the firm globes of her arse, she slid slowly down again, until she could feel him, his blooded cock at her entrance.

He opened her with his hardness, and began to slip inside her. She moaned softly as he entered her, and she carried on down until he was all inside her. Laying her head on his chest, she began to ripple the walls of her vagina, clenching and tightening the muscles inside, enjoying every inch of him, and every pulse he gave as she began to motionlessly fuck him with her sex.

Effortlessly, she rode his length within her, the silence in the room only being broken by the sounds of their breathing. Feeling him as he began to tense, she smiled at him, reaching her lips to his, running her tongue around the outside of his mouth before sucking on Göztepe Escort Bayan his lower lip. Knowing how much he liked that, and that it was sure to drive him on and make him crazy with lust, she nibbled and licked at his lip, her eyes never leaving his. The smallest movements of her body ran ripples across the surface of the water; otherwise there was no hint of either of them moving.

Little by little, his body stiffened as he was pushed and teased further and further till he was ready, his chest heaving with the strain of staying with her. Sounds of the water lapping at their bodies and the sides of the bath began to build up, echoing around the room. She slowed her pulsing, gripping his shaft in a loving squeeze with her loving channel. And drew her face from his, her body rising, till drops of water began to fall back with tiny splashing noises. She gave his cock the tightest squeeze just then, his eyes bulged, and John began to move below her as she pulled herself along his shaft till the bulbous head slid from her. Feeling it twitch and jerk, bouncing against her wet skin, she ordered him to sit up.

If she had told him to stand at the front door, he would probably have done that at that moment. The lifting of his body from the water, coupled with the effect of her kneeling lowered the water level so his cock stood hard and proud. Immediately, she dropped her head to his lap and wrapped her mouth around him, taking him deep into her throat. This was the one thing she really loved to do for him.

Feeling him shift below her, his back arching to thrust into her mouth as if he were fucking her. Closing her eyes, she tightened her lips around him, and allowed him to continue. Deeper, deeper, he thrust into her, his head lolling back and his eyes rolling as he approached that moment of release from the exquisite torture. She concentrated on holding him there, as her hands stroked up and down his legs, till she cupped and fondled his balls, gently rolling the tender weights between her fingers. Gently, she began to finger his puckered ring, not entering too far, just feeling him tense with shock at that hint of violation, then the involuntary acceptance as he pushed towards coming. She felt him start, felt his urgency, felt him freeze as the first wash of his come burst within her mouth.

He was deep in her there already, but she quickly shot her head down while he was at his peak of hardness, making him bump the back of her throat, the seed flowing easily into her as she took all that he had to offer. She held his softening shaft in her fingers, licking and sucking him up and down, marvelling at the beauty in his cock, that powerful bolt of life which throbbed and ebbed in her hand and mouth. Of course, he enjoyed it. She had been the first woman to do this for him, no one else had offered, no one else had wanted to.

She could remember the first time she saw him erect, and had straight away wanted to, to worship it, to take it, to want it, to show him how loving it could be. Teasing him sometimes, she would deliberately prolong the act, moving him to tears before finally taking him over the edge. Senses within her, within them both, knew the point of no return, and that last little step which could either be taken or held back.

Stepping from the bath, she grabbed a towel and dried herself, watching him as he came back to his senses, and rising to step out after her, his legs at first unsteady. Her pussy felt on fire, the muscles inside her wanting their own release from the strain they had been under. Janet knew that he would take care of that. The how and the where would be up to her, but he would bow to her whim and give her her own release. And it would be in sharp contrast to Susan’s touch of earlier in the day…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Walking down the High street, they had laughed and chatted, window-shopping as they went, looking in some of the boutiques and admiring some of he finer clothes. Susan had grabbed Janet by the arm in front of Watts, eyes shining at the red silk gown on the mannequin.

“Now that’s what I call a dress!” Susan exclaimed. They both marvelled at the low cut back, the impossibly thin halter neck strap, and the hanging ruche of material at the bosom of the silent model in the shop. Janet felt herself picturing herself in that dress, and pressed her hand to the glass to see the price.

“Come on”, and before she knew what was happening, Susan had dragged her inside, and they walked round admiring the pretty items hanging in the displays. Beside the door, a disinterested girl was sorting price tags at the till. Susan marched over to her, talking quietly while Janet browsed the underwear racks, wondering if she should buy something daring to tease John with. Her new friend appeared at her side, clutching a red silk sheath over one arm, eyes gleaming, and pulled Escort Göztepe her towards the changing room at the back of the shop, begging her to come help and see.

The cubicle was fairly large, as Susan hung her bag on the chair. One swift movement slid the woollen dress back over her shoulders, hair tousling back onto those smooth shoulders, and she stood naked in front of Janet as she raised the silk above her head, slipping it down onto her body. The pleas to help her woke Janet from a daze, and she began to smooth the material over the firm bosom before her, gently tugging the material down, over Susan’s hips. It fitted perfectly, the silk shining and clinging like a second skin as she twirled around in front of Janet.

“Now you”, and her protestations were silenced by her friend’s insistence.

Shakily, Janet stepped from her clothes, standing naked in front of Susan, who held the dress out to her. She felt the woman’s eyes covering every inch of her body, taking in the smooth shaved sex, the taut belly, and the tell-tale heaving of her breasts as she fought to control her breathing. The silk, warmed by the tanned body before her, slipped over her head, and she wriggled it down, trying quickly to cover herself. Feelings trembled through her, excitement, nerves, she felt strange, dizzy.

Hands helped her, but stayed a moment too long at her bosom, resting on her nipples, telltale hardness unable to hide what she felt inside. They stroked the dress over her belly, over her hips, down her thighs. Flushed, Janet busied herself with the hang of the dress on her cleavage. Looking down, she caught Susan’s eye, and the look between them stirred her emotions, shivered her soul. Surely, surely not, this couldn’t be…

Susan stood, stepping back to admire Janet, her hands clapped together, ” It is perfect! Twirl, show me”, and so Janet obligingly twirled around twice, slowly.

Her mind was giddy with unfocused images and thoughts; she dizzied herself, coming to a stop, looking back at Susan. Naked, she stood admiring Janet. For all the wealth of material, the sheath fitted her skin as it had her companion’s, hiding nothing, following every curve every contour. She peeked down the barely concealing front at her bosom as she felt her cheeks colour up, smoothing her hands in wonder over her waist and her hips, sensuously feeling the charge of the moment as she raised her eyes back to Susan.

She was closer to her now, could smell the faint scent of perfume on the skin, mixed with the tang of chlorine from the pool. Susan reached her arms out, resting them on the wall behind Janet; eyes still locked, and kissed her lightly on the lips.

Janet closed her eyes, stunned by the bolt of panic flying through her at first, then leaving her, to be replaced by that old familiar ache, longing, and burning, melting down to her crotch where she felt the first trace of wetness beginning. She pushed her lips forward, to meet nothing, and opened her eyes to see Susan looking at her, smiling, knowing, holding her simple woollen dress, ready to cover her nakedness once more.

They never spoke, Janet was in turmoil as she fumbled with her clothes, Susan taking the dress from her body gently, tenderly, then slipping out of the cubicle and back into the shop. She looked in the mirror, seeing herself, staring back, dazed, flushed with heat, normal everyday Janet.

On unsteady feet, she followed into the shop, the girl at the till busy wrapping the dress, Susan paying her. No sounds, nothing, it was like being in a silent movie, deaf to everything but the pounding in her ears as she fought with her feelings and the burning desire left inside her.

Arm in arm they had walked back up the High Street, Susan swinging the bag gaily, chattering away, laughing and joking, Janet half conscious of her presence, and half conscious of the butterflies in her stomach, the tingling, the yearning in her sex. She hadn’t put her pants back on under the skirt, the moistness would have ruined the material, and then that would have chaffed and rubbed, reminding her oh her need.

She accepted the offer of a lift from Susan, ushered into the passenger seat of the car, marvelling at the way this all seemed so natural as they powered through the town traffic out to the suburbs. No hints, no mentions, till they pulled up outside a detached house and Susan parked the car, stepping gaily out, calling Janet to follow her.


Wrapped in their towelling robes, they lay on the settee, cuddling one another, sipping white wine, relaxing, watching the screen as their bodies flickered to and fro. It seemed detached, somehow, watching them on the TV, the video scrolling through their passion, reminding them of that first night of discovery.

As they touched each other softly through the robes, she knew his hardness would be there, mirroring her moistness as she relaxed and let wave after wave of wanting flood her every fibre. In the safety of their comfort, they could feel every touch every nuance of pleasure and pain unfolding before them as they watched. Wandering into the kitchen to fetch another bottle, she again ran her fingers along the edge of the table.

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