Truth or Dare

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“Have your children ever walked in on you?” Markus was shy. “You know, when you are doing it?” He couldn’t even look at me when he asked.

You might ask, how do six late forties parents end up playing truth or dare. It’s really pretty simple. There was a lot of wine. Ben and Peter had grilled steaks and lobster tails. The children were all off somewhere. Ever since our son turned 16 we never saw them anymore. Peter and Greta’s son was sixteen but didn’t drive. It didn’t matter because he just went wherever our son went. Marta and Markus’ daughter had been dating our son for over a year now so of course she went wherever ours did. It meant we sat on the patio drinking too much. We met up every couple of weeks and drank too much and slept in the next day.

We were a tame crowd. Far more timid than the crowd Ben and I used to run with. Truth or Dare was kind of a big deal. The questions were generally about sex but they were nothing too probing or detailed. No one asked anything too steamy. Markus was far more embarrassed to ask if we had ever been caught than I was to answer.

“Oh my god! Yes! Of course! It is worse though because we weren’t actually doing it!” There was giggling and they wanted to know what we were doing. “I was giving Ben a lap dance!”

I will admit, when I said it I looked at Peter. He was the oldest of us, over fifty, he was tall and fit and had thick salt and pepper hair. I liked that he liked my answer. It was my turn.

“Marta.” Markus wife was a plump little thing from Columbia. Anytime something sexual came up she giggled and acted offended. I knew better. There was another drunken night when the guys were off doing something and she had talked about her younger days and the party scene in Cartagena in the eighties. “Do you like being spanked?” I knew the answer already.

“What?!” she squealed.

“Do you like it when Markus spanks you?”

“Oh my god! Dare! Give me the dare!”

“What? You don’t want to admit it?” chimed in Markus playfully. She hit his arm, fairly firmly actually.

“Oh my God! Shut up Markus!” she squealed again. “What is my dare?”

I wasn’t ready for a dare. “Jump in the pool!” It was the first thing that came to mind. It was only the first of May but it was still ninety-five on the patio and our pool was certainly warm enough.

There was a lot of squealing. She protested that she didn’t have her swimsuit. The guys all told her it didn’t matter. She said her shirt was silk. Markus just told her to take it off. She switched from squeals to giggles. I was pretty impressed she gave in and stripped off her shirt. She had on a pretty bra, I was a little jealous. She ran the three or four steps to the pool and jumped in.

“I wish someone would dare me to jump in the pool. It is hot!” suggested Greta.

“Well now we have to wait for Marta to come back.”

There was some more squealing and several more “Oh my Gods” but she eventually made her way back to the table. Her white lace bra was see-through now and I watched my Benjamin stare at her very large full breasts.

“It’s you turn, Vieja.” Markus told her. I would have killed him if Ben used “Old Lady,” as my pet name.

“Ben!” She giggled, looking over at my husband. She arched her back pressing her immense mellons out at him. “Do you like my tits?” she asked him.

“Hell yeah.” He answered. “That was easy!”

“Do me!” said Gretta. “You know what I want!”

We all giggled. Marta squealed “Oh my God,” a few more times.

“You people are all horrible.” Greta giggled. “I told you all I was hot!” she said, her little German accent turning the w to a v.

“That’s for sure.” Her husband Peter chimed in. It was sweet and she kissed him.

“I vill make it worth your while!” she flirted at Ben.

“Greta, then. Do you even want the question?”

“Ja, sure.”

“We all know how kinky German’s are. Marta likes spankings, what is your secret kinky pleasure?” He asked her.

“Are you going to answer?” Peter asked her deviously.

“No! I am hot! I told you.”

“Okay. I dare you to jump in the pool.” Said Ben. “It’s not nearly as good a dare the second time.

“You know us kinky Germans.” She said, flirting with Ben. She was unbuttoning her shirt. “You American’s are too hung up on your swimsuits.” She tossed her shirt over the back of her chair and unfastened her bra. Her breasts were small, especially with Marta’s jiggling right beside her. She lowered her shorts and in only a tiny pair of white panties she gracefully walked to the pool and did a perfect dive into the crystal clear water. She is a tiny thing, she probably doesn’t even weigh 100 pounds, there was barely any splash as she hit the water.

There was a long pause in the game as she splashed about for a moment before rejoining us. Ben got another bottle of red wine, a beer for Peter, and topped off the sparkling white Prosecco that Marta and I were drinking.

“Is my turn? Yes?” she said. She sat on Peters akkent escort lap when she came back. Her hair was slicked back and water was slowly dripping down along her thin arms. The beads of water ran in small streams down her chest dripping off the end of deliciously erect nipples. Ben was being very quiet. I expected him to find Marta appealing; luckily for me he liked bigger girls and large breasts. I was surprised when the tiny bohemian woman left him speechless.

“Peter.” She said. “I don’t have a question.”

We all agreed it was Peter’s turn to answer. We told her she needed a question.

“I don’t have a question. I have a dare. You have to take the dare.”

Way back when, when Ben and I were far more adventurous than we are today, I had discovered I had a bit of a voyeurs in me. I was curious and aroused by what her dare might be. The small woman was, for all intents and purposes, naked on his lap. I wanted her to dare him to do something to her. I wanted her to ask him to pleasure her. I wasn’t particular how.

“I guess I will take the dare then.” He smiled at her.

“Yes. Good!” She said. She stood up as she gave her instructions. “Marta and me, we are all naked. Ellie, she still has her clothes on. I think you should take them off for her.” She nudged him in the arm and then began to pull at him as if it would get the tall man to budge.

“I think that is more a dare for Ellie than for me.” Peter said cautiously. He looked at me then over to Ben. “Or maybe for Ben.”

“Nope. She gave you the dare. It’s all on you.” My Ben said. He is a bit of a pervert. I knew from past experience he wouldn’t mind watching the man undress me. He wouldn’t mind if Peter didn’t stop there either.

I stood up out of my chair and raised my arms. “Do what you have to do!” I said dramatically. “Be gentle.” I teased him.

He undid each button delicately, taking his time. The others, they were still talking. I heard Greta mention how he liked large breasts but her own were so small. He looked me in the eyes as he removed my shirt. I suspected he would stop but instead he grasped my breast firmly in his large hand. He moved his other hand behind my back. He struggled for a moment to release my bra. When he removed it he stroked and caressed my breasts.

I asked if the game was over. No, the crowd decided, it wasn’t. I asked if I could dare Peter to keep doing what he was doing. No, the crowd was adamant that it was Peter’s turn.

Peter chose Marcus. The question was to the point and I think it scared the shit out of both Marcus and Marta. “Have you ever wanted to watch Marta with another man?”

Marcus stammered without answering. Peter stopped caressing my breasts and went back to his chair. Greta went back to Peter’s lap and I was jealous.

When eventually Marcus answered he said No, he hadn’t ever really thought of it. He thought maybe. He looked at her for approval but she was sitting shell shocked beside him.

We have observed over many nights on the patio drinking that maybe all was not well with the two of them. Ben and I had mentioned it between to the two of us, I wondered if Peter and Greta had discussed it. The looks between them at this point were telling. I was sure Ben picked up on it. Peter and Greta were pretty quick with these sorts of things too. I figured they would back off of the other couple as well. I just hoped they wouldn’t back off too much. I really wanted him to go back to doing what he had been doing.

Marcus may not have answered the question posed to him but he was prepared with one of his own. “This is for Ben, or Ellie. You guys can decide.”

Greta asked if that was allowed, we ruled that we needed to hear the question.

“Are you guys swingers?” he asked, embarrassingly.

“I don’t think you could call us swingers,” Ben answered quickly. “But we know what goes where and why.”

“What does this mean?” asked Greta. It was a cryptic answer, admittedly. I think he was referring to an old Gene Wilder movie.

“We hosted a toga party once.” I admitted. I thought it opened the door. I wondered if there would be another question.

“An orgy?” asked Marcus.

“More or less,” said my Ben. He took a long drink of wine. It was quiet for a while. Greta asked Peter a question in what I thought was German. They spoke several languages. Peter answered and Greta smiled. Markus protested that it was unfair. He teased them about cheating at the game.

I studied Spanish in college and am quite fluent. Ben, he studied German. He was smiling. I had to ask.

Ben just kept grinning. He looked at Greta and said something to her in German and she giggled. “You were not supposed to understand me!” she squealed.

“What?” I wanted to know.

“It was suggested we move inside.” Ben said. “There was some discussion about scaring the pants off Marcus and Marta. I suggested they might just enjoy watching.”

I was, honestly, akkent escort bayan a little frustrated with the game at this point. It had been a long time since we had done anything like this. I was just drunk enough to be game but not so drunk that I would pass out as soon as I lied down. “And did we decide to go inside?” I asked.

“Would you like to?” Greta asked me.

“Will Peter finish what he started?” I asked her. I hoped my tone gave him an indication of how badly I wanted him to.

“Yes.” He said.

Marta and Marcus immediately started whispering to each other in Spanish. I could make out part of it. They were trying to decide if they should run away or not. I got the impression Marta wanted to stay but I didn’t put any effort into listening. Peter had stood up and taken me by the hand.

It was awkward when we moved inside. I didn’t know whether to lead Peter to the bedroom or what. We made it as far as the kitchen when Ben and Greta came in the door. They were arm in arm stumbling. She is tiny – Ben is not. They were grasping onto each other groping, kissing, and tugging at clothing. They continued their desperate awkward embrace through the living room and turned down the hall towards our bedroom.

“They seem to be in a hurry.” Peter observed. His hand was on my breast.

“Will you take your time?” I asked him.

“Absolutely.” He said quietly. We were kissing propped against the kitchen counter when Marta and Marcus stumbled in. They were at least holding hands.

“I think we are going to head home,” said Marcus.

I like Marcus. Not in a I-want-to-fuck-him way, it was more I felt sorry for him. Marta was a little over the top at times.

“You should stay.” I mumbled to him. I wanted to entice him to stay. I pushed myself off the counter. Luckily for my knees the thick kitchen mat was right there. I lowered myself to the floor, unfastened Peter’s shorts, and pulled his already erect penis to my mouth. “Watching can be fun all on its own,” I said. As I slid Peter’s cock in my mouth I kept my eyes fixed on my poor friend. I thought he might have a stroke.

“Oh Mein Got!” we heard Greta moan from the bedroom.

“We should check on them.” Peter suggested.

“In a minute,” I told him. “I’m busy.”

I let Marcus and Marta decide what to do on their own and made myself busy pleasing, pleasuring, and teasing Peter’s engorged cock.

He moaned pleasantly for me. He was as well endowed as my husband – I could only take him so far into my mouth so I used my hands to stroke his shaft as I labored away at his broad head with my tongue and lips. He was close. He warned me. His hands found the back of my head. Years ago when I was young and silly I would have protested but as his fingers worked their way into my hair I moaned encouragingly. I liked it now when a man pulled my head onto his dick. I wanted Peter to finish inside of me. He never got as rough with me as I would have liked but he did okay, he pressed himself delicately into the back of my throat and moaned. I tugged at his shaft harder and sucked on his dick bobbing my head.

In the end it worked and he rewarded me. I gagged a little but not badly. I wanted to impress him by swallowing it all. I did pretty well.

“Wow.” He complimented me.

“Thank you,” I cooed at him, looking up at his soft eyes from my position on the floor.

“Do you have condoms?” he asked. It was a shy way of asking to fuck me. God, how I wanted him to fuck me.

“In the bedroom.” I said.

“We should check on them any way.” He suggested.

I could hear Ben’s sex sounds. He had a distinctive moan/grunt he made. I stood up and dropped my shorts on the kitchen floor. Peter grabbed my ass and kissed me again. “Come on.” I said firmly, pulling him behind me.

Marta and Marcus were standing in the corner. They are shorter people. I think he is maybe five-four. She isn’t five feet tall. She had taken off her bra and he was standing behind her massaging her large breasts. I smiled at them. They were whispering in Spanish.

On the bed, Greta was astride Ben’s hips and he was thrusting upwards into her. She bounced joyfully on his dick. “Harder.” She told him and I saw the way he had her nipples pinched between his thumbs and forefingers. Kinky-ass German, I thought to myself.

In my nightstand I pulled out the small foil pack. “They’re old.” I whispered. I thought they were still good though. I fumbled putting it on. He couldn’t get me pregnant but it was still a good idea. I had to wonder, his knowing to ask about them, if this was not their first “go ’round” either.

I assumed a position on my knees at the end of the bed. Peter was a large strong man and I hoped he would fuck aggressively. Ben is not the most aggressive man when it comes to making love. He is sweet and considerate and it is nice and he is the perfect husband but sometimes a girl likes to just get fucked, and fucked escort akkent hard. Peter did not disappoint.

I came quickly. I was loud. Peter’s hands weren’t the only ones on me when my orgasm hit. I would discover it was Greta that had reached under me to pinch at my nipple. Peter didn’t stop. I settled myself against the mattress and relaxed as he pounded his cock persistently into my welcoming pussy. It was good. I was going to come again.

“You should help.” I heard Marta whisper in Spanish. I couldn’t avoid coming a second time when I imagined him moving over to the bed and allowing me to take his dick in my mouth as I fucked. “Go on. I will watch. It will be good. You will like it.” I turned my head so that my face was to them. I was moaning and I opened my mouth and closed my eyes in a way I thought he might find most arousing.

There was a commotion as Ben finished and lifted the small German woman off the bed. He more or less tossed her beside me and we bounced on the mattress. I could see his legs and ass when he positioned himself between her legs. She cooed at him softly in German.

Perhaps you have heard Spanish or French whispered during lovemaking. They are Romance languages of course and sound romantic. I had never heard German whispered. As an American you have this idea of German as a caustic language spoken violently in movies about WWII. When whispered it is dirty and erotic, it is the perfect language for fucking. Peter groaned behind me. I came again.

Swapping, or swinging, is appealing to me because of the promise for more than just your typical one on one humping session. My fantasy is two cocks at once. I love getting fucked while I give head. Sadly, it almost always plays out as just a simple swap. It can still be good but really, Ben and I can achieve what needs to be done just fine on our own. As Greta moaned beside me I listened to Marta and Marcus. “Es solo el sexo,” she said to him. It’s just sex. “I want to watch you, it will please me,” she told him.

Fuck it, I thought to myself. She wanted him to. He was just scared.

“Peter. Stop.” I told him. “Just for a second. Hold that thought.”

I took things into my own hands. I staggered a little as I moved to the corner where they were hiding. I pulled Markus by the hand.

“No, I’m okay.” He said.

“Please?” I said. It was a bit much, to have to beg to suck a guys dick, but the first time was always the hardest. I positioned him on the bed beside Greta. She helped. She took his hand and put it on her tit. I tugged his pants free. His dick was pleasantly erect. It wasn’t so immense as Peter’s.

“Now Peter.” I told him. “Fuck me from both ends.” Just saying it almost made me come again.

I never noticed Marta join us on the bed. I was busy. I was getting what I wanted. I can protest all day about how my jaw just isn’t wide enough to take a dick all the way but fuck me from behind while I suck a dick and I am going to take it to the hilt.

Marcus came quickly. I sucked down is load. He tried to get away. I wouldn’t let him. He groaned loudly as I sucked him on. Peter moaned when he came. The condom was shit. I felt his load fill my pussy and his dick slipped easily in and out. I liked that he kept going.

It was up to Peter when we stopped. I let him fuck me as long as he wanted to. When he finally stopped I let Marcus loose as well. I crawled on top of him, cuddling him. He stroked my hair pleasantly. I was a sweaty, cummy mess. It was awesome. We watched the threesome beside us.

Marta was indeed the freak I suspected her to be. She was the one in the middle. Her head was pressed between Greta’s thin legs, her own ass was in the air and my Ben was taking her from behind.

“This is sure going to make our trip to Mexico interesting.” Marcus said to me. His cock was recovering and I began to tease it.

“She never ceases to surprise me,” he said, surely speaking of his wife. She was squealing loudly and I was thankful the sound was muffled between the other woman’s thighs. Marcus was getting hard.

“Move down.” I told him. I climbed off of him to pull him down more to the middle of the bed. When I had him where I wanted him I climbed on top. I didn’t want to fuck around with another condom, they weren’t any good anyway. He didn’t protest when I slid him inside of me.

Ben finished beside me. I enjoyed hearing him come as I rocked on Marcus’ dick. Myself, I am all about the dicks. I don’t eat pussy. I fingered one once, but that was just for Ben’s benefit, a little show for him. I don’t really even like when other women kiss me. There always seems to be one – an overly aggressive bi chick that has to kiss me or suck on my tits. I typically have to just push them away. I was watching Marcus though when the two of them attacked me. His eyes went wide as dinner plates. I thought I could just let it happen. Ben would like to too – and Peter. They were watching me. I locked eyes with my Ben as they attacked. He grinned at me lustfully.

I wouldn’t have thought I had another one in me but as the two women suckled at my tits and one of them, fuck if I could tell which one, pressed her fingers between Marcus and I to finger my already overly sensitive clitty, I felt another orgasm hit me, this one like a Mike Tyson punch to the small of my back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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