Tukiko Ch. 12

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A Sudden Change of Plans.


Tukiko and Masanori were coming to visit. Lizamoa had heard things went well when Sayako was with Masanori. Sayako had told Liz all about it. Now it was her turn. She didn’t know why she was so excited by all this but she was.

Lizamoa thought of Masanori as just a boy. Just a little bit older than her own son. What was wrong with her? She was the expert, the experienced one here. Ready to give him some lessons and teach him the finer points of sex with a woman. But here she was, nervous and excited, feeling like a little girl getting ready for her first hot date.

Yes, it was going to be a hot one, even if not actually dating as they would probably remain at home. But it had been made clear that they were coming for sex, good sex if Lizamoa had her way. Masanori had been with Sayako and now it was her turn and she was going to fuck him. She intended to make it a night he wouldn’t forget for a long time.

The one problem would be the kids. Shanti had said she couldn’t take them for the night and so they would be at home. Joseph had said it wouldn’t be a problem. Once the kids went to bed, they could have their fun. They would have to be more open with the older two, Ragesh and Sabeena, letting them know what was going on.

When Joseph told older kids, Ragesh took it ok but Sabeena didn’t. She went silent on him, not even acknowledging that she had heard him. As soon as she could she left the lounge, almost running from the room, heading for her bedroom.

“She didn’t take that very well,” Joseph said to his wife afterwards.

“She’ll get over it,” Lizamoa replied hopefully but she knew her daughter. Lizamoa had seen Sabeena go silent and knew she wasn’t happy. Maybe some time in her bedroom would help. She debated with herself whether she should go talk with the girl but then decided she’d be better left alone for a while. Looking back now, perhaps that was the wrong call.



The trouble was, Sabeena didn’t get over it. When Sabeena found out what was going on she was hurt and angry. Deep down she knew she shouldn’t have been, but she was. She sat in her bedroom for a while but that didn’t help. Being alone made it worse. She sat there getting more and more worked up about it. ‘It wasn’t fair! Why her and not Me? Fuck, I saw him first! It should be my turn!’

Finally, she couldn’t stand it anymore. She went straight into the kitchen to confront her mother.

“Why, you?” she burst out. “Why not me?”

“What, honey?” Lizamoa asked, a little bit surprised at her daughter’s sudden outburst.

“You are going to fuck Masanori today, aren’t you?”

“Well, yes. Daddy told you that but…”

“Why you? He is mine. I saw him first.”

“Now, honey. You agreed it was best this way.”

“Yes, I agreed but what choice did I have with everyone watching that day.”

“You’ll get your turn later, Sabeena. We talked about this.”

“I don’t want later. I don’t want to wait.”

“Look Sabeena, you will get…”

“Shit!” Sabeena said. “This is not bloody fair.”

“You watch your mouth, young lady,” came Joseph’s stern voice from behind her. “You know better than to talk to your mother like that.”

He’d been sitting in the lounge and had been attracted by the loud voices.

“But Dad…”

“Sabeena, whatever is wrong, you don’t swear at your mother!”

“Yes, Dad.” Then she turned to Lizamoa, “Mum, I am sorry.”

“That’s better, Sabeena,” Joseph said. “Now what is this all about.”

“It’s her!” Sabeena said, pointing her finger at her mother. “She is stealing my man! It’s not bloody fair.”

“Sabeena. I’m warning you!”

“But Mum gets to fuck Masanori. I saw him first.”

“That is not actually correct, Sabeena. He was here before you arrived from the mall… Remember? But I get your point. And I’m sure Tukiko won’t agree about him being your man either.”

Sabeena stood before her parents, standing there silent. She was trying but she was sure their judgement was going to fall against her. This was beginning to be confirmed as her father continued.

“I thought you agreed with Shanti on this. We all agreed. The women prepare Masanori and get him ready for you. His revenge on us men or something.”

“You are the same as her,” Sabeena said. “You don’t care about me. Shit!”

“Ok! That’s it. I’ve had enough of this,” Joseph said angrily. “Sabeena, your phone, now!”

“That’s it, completely ruin my life now,” she shot back at them as she turned away.

Before they could reply, she was gone. They stood, looking at each other, both a bit shocked at their daughter’s outburst. Moments later Sabeena returned with her phone. Looking very sorry for herself, she handed it to her father knowing the usual routine, she had lost it for a week. It was probably better than being grounded but no phone for a week was going to be a pain too. She knew if she turned on the charm to Ragesh she’d probably get to use his phone but that wasn’t the same as having her ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar own phone.

But unknown to her, her father had seen part of her argument and soften his attitude towards his daughter.

“I’m keeping this for tonight. If there are no more outbursts, you’ll have it back in the morning.”

Sabeena brightened at the hope of getting her phone back so soon. Quickly she promised to behave.

Joseph excepted her apology saying that in this house, everyone lives by his rules. One is, we all give each other the respect they deserve.

Sabeena acknowledged what she had heard so many times before. She realised there was nothing more she could do without getting herself deeper in trouble. She knew her best option was to shut her mouth and say nothing more, even if she still felt it wasn’t fair that her mother got Masanori first.


“Let’s go for a walk along Exhibition Drive,” Lizamoa suggest to her husband. She knew she had to get him away, give him time to cool off. “Give these kids time to work things out,” she suggested quietly.

Joseph saw the wisdom in his wife’s words and quickly agreed.

Lizamoa turned to her second daughter, Namrah, who was a year younger than Sabeena. “And don’t you get involved either young lady. I’m sure Ragesh can talk with your sister, help her through this. Neither of them needs your style of justice after what you did to your brother.”

Joseph saw the look of horror on Namrah’s face. He knew his wife had hit something there too.


Once Lizamoa and Joseph were walking along the track of the drive they began talking.

“You know Namrah is not going to listen to you, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I know that,” Lizamoa replied. “I want her involved. Let the three of them discuss it. Help Sabby get over it.”

“You devious woman,” Joseph laughed.

Lizamoa didn’t reply, just laughed.

“So, what was that about justice. Seems like you hit hard there. Namrah was shocked.”

Lizamoa gave a giggle. “I meant to hit hard too.”

“What’s going on honey. I seem to have missed something.”

“Oh, there is a story behind that,” Lizamoa began. “I got it from Michael, the day Shanti and I gave those young guys some sex lessons.”

Joseph waited for his wife to continue. He remembered a few days before his wife and Shanti had spent time teaching their sons, Michael and Ragesh some of the finer points about sex. It was all about preparing the younger ones for when the Indians arrived and the sex parties that would follow. He wondered how his second daughter had got herself involved in this. Wasn’t she a bit young?

“About a week before the Tukiko thing blew up,” Lizamoa began. “Remember we noticed the kids were a bit quiet. All three of them. I know why now. It seems Sabeena is jealous of Ragesh’s girlfriend. She arrived in his room naked, offering herself to him. Offering to have sex with him. Ragesh said, ‘No!’ and got out of bed to push her out of his room.”

“That was good of him,” Joseph said. “He is a smart boy.”

“Yes, I agree,” Lizamoa said as she continued her story. “Well, Namrah walked in on them, hearing the noise and found Raggi and Sabby, both naked, arguing. Namrah was the peacemaker until Ragesh noticed she was wearing just her panties with her tits bare. He had the usual male reaction.”

“Namrah took offence at it. She slapped his erection hard with her hand. The poor boy was doubled up in pain on the floor while Sabeena tried to comfort him. Meanwhile, Namrah left the room with a smirk on her face.”

“My god! How did we breed two hot-headed daughters?” Joseph said.

“Haven’t you worked that out, Joseph?” Lizamoa said with a laugh. “It only takes a ‘Come on honey, let’s go to bed early.’ A twinkle in your eye. Gets me every time.”

“Oh, I know that.”

Then they began a serious conversation on how they should resolve this issue. By the time they had left Exhibition Drive and begun walking back down Woodlands Park Road again, a decision had been made and it was a solution neither of them had expected.


Turning into their road, just before reaching home Joseph asked, “What about Namrah? What does she think about this? She’s not interested in doing it too is she?”

Joseph knew she was of legal age but he still thought of Namrah as younger than just 12 months behind her older sister.

“As far as I know she’s not interested. I overheard her and Sabby talking about it the other day, so she knows what is going on. She said, ‘No way would she let a boy touch her. They always smell so bad.’

Joseph laughed. “Does that go for fathers too?”

“I believe you are an exception. You know how she likes to cuddle up with you while watching the TV.”

By then they were walking up the driveway, both were laughing as they did.


Back at the house, Joseph picked up Sabeena’s phone making sure it was still sitting exactly where he’d left it. He asked her for her pin number and reluctantly elvankent götü büyük escortlar she gave it to him. Quickly he scanned down her address book looking for the number he required.

As he walked outside the kids heard him begin to talk.

“No, Tukiko. It’s Joseph here…”

He had pulled the sliding door closed behind him so they couldn’t hear what he was saying. Their mother was watching them closely too so they knew not to try eavesdropping.

When he came back in, Sabeena asked, “Everything ok, Dad?”

“Yeah honey, great,” he replied. Then turning to his wife, he added, “Tukiko said they will be here about five.”

“Ok,” Lizamoa acknowledged. “I’ll be ready, dressed by then.”

Sabeena and Ragesh looked at each other. What was going on? What did she mean dressed? Had something just changed?



Sabeena’s First Man.


Lizamoa rounded up both girls and had them working in the kitchen. Sabeena thought the meal looked a bit small but never said anything.

During the afternoon Lizamoa had told all four of her children, the two younger ones would be staying the night at their friend’s house but she didn’t mention what Ragesh and Sabeena would be doing. They both supposed it would be they’d be staying at home. Obviously would be kicked off to bed before anything happened with Tukiko and Masanori.


At about 4pm, the European couple, Peter and Jenny turned up to take the two younger kids. A bit later, Joseph and Lizamoa disappeared saying they were going to get ready. To the kids surprise they arrived back dressed up, looking like they were about to go out rather than having dinner beside the pool.

Sabeena couldn’t help asking, “What’s happening, Mum?”

Calling Ragesh and Sabeena, Joseph said, “Ok guys we’re going out and won’t be back until the morning. Have fun with your visitors.”

“What?” Sabeena asked. “What about Tukiko and Masanori? Are they still coming?”

“Sure,” Joseph replied with a smile on his face. “They’ll be here soon.”

“Now Sabeena,” Lizamoa added. “You saw him second but you get him first. Have fun! Ragesh, I know you think Tukiko is smoking hot! Well now is your chance. Don’t get burnt.”

Then Joseph and Lizamoa left, both laughing at her jokes. Left their two children standing there speechless. Ragesh and Sabeena looked at each other as they suddenly realised what had just happened’ They gladly took their parent’s teasing and silly jokes about; ‘Don’t stay up all night… be good… don’t get burnt.’

A few moments later they heard Sabeena’s car start up and drove away. It didn’t even occur to her until later that her father had taken her car.

When she asked him about it, Joseph had laughed, “Last in the driveway, first out the gate.” Then he added, “And used your gas too.” But the question still remains, where did he get a key from as her keys were still in her handbag? Yes, she did check.

Then her phone rang. She knew it was hers, knew her ring tone and found it still lying in the lounge where her father had used it. She answered it and it was her father calling.

“Hi honey,” Joseph said. “Just making sure you found your phone.”

“Thanks, Dad,” Sabeena said feeling a bit surprised.

“I should be telling you to be good at this point but we all know that’s not going to happen. So, I’ll just say, have fun, honey. We’ll be thinking of you.”

Sabeena could hear her mother and some others laughing in the background as she thanked him again and closed the call.


Not long after, Tukiko’s car pulled in. Soon Tukiko and Masanori were coming around the side of the house and up onto the deck. They didn’t bother knocking at the front door, they knew they were expected.

“Hi guys,” she said cheerfully as Tukiko saw them. “Mum and Dad getaway, ok?”

“Do you know they aren’t here?”

“Of course,” Tukiko replied. “Joseph told me.”

“You don’t mind?” Sabeena asked.

“No, not at all. We came here for some fun. I hope you two are ready for that too.”

“Yes, we are,” Ragesh said.

“You don’t sound too confident, Ragesh.”

Ragesh looked at the woman he was talking to. A goddess! Beautiful face framed with black shoulder-length hair. He loved her Japanese eyes, which seemed to be half-closed but would open wider in moments of expression. Lower her body went from broad shoulders to a slimmer waist than wider at her hips again. This led his eyes to her long smooth legs made even longer by the tiny shorts she wore.

Those tiny denim cut-off shorts were matched with the shirt she wore that was tired in a knot below her breasts and appeared she wore nothing underneath. Smaller breasts but totally shaped. Totally his vision of sexy and hot. Did somebody say ‘smoking hot’? She was too.

Tukiko caught him looking and smiled. It was pretty obvious actually. He was checking her out, well more perhaps lusting over her. She was amused by his attention.

“Like etimesgut çıtır escortlar what you see?” she asked with a laugh.

Before he could answer, she added, “Or is this better?” Her hand pulling her shirt aside, baring a breast and dark nipple.

“Oh wow!”

“I think he likes me, Masanori,” Tukiko laughed.

“No doubt about it,” Masanori replied.


“What about you, Sabeena? Are you feeling sexy too?” Masanori asked her.

Sabeena had seen the nipple flash Tukiko had given her brother and thought she could do better. She reached behind her back, her bikini top was undone, pulled over her head and thrown on the table. She was left standing there bare-breasted for Masanori to admire.

“Looking like you’ve got a competitor,” Masanori laughed to Tukiko.

“She better not be, Masanori. She’s only on loan to you. A one-night stand.”

“I know that,” Sabeena replied. “And thank you both too.”


It was at that time that Sabeena’s phone rang again. She picked it up to find it was Kathy.

“Hi Sabeena,” Kathy said. “I hear you’re having a party there.”

“Not really a party. Just Tukiko and Masanori are here.”

“We know,” Kathy said. “Mind if we join you?”

“We?” asked Sabeena. “Who else?”

“Just Michael and I.”

Suddenly Sabeena found herself getting excited. Michael was coming. She liked Michael and often thought of him sexually. If he was here, perhaps she might get to be with two men instead of one.

She looked across at Tukiko chatting with her brother Ragesh. She would be a competitor for Michael’s attention. He was probably coming more for Tukiko anyway. She had seen how interested Michael was at the nude beach.

“Are you still there, Sabeena?” Kathy asked.

Sabeena was pulled back from her thoughts and knew Kathy was waiting for a reply. She considered keeping Masanori and Tukiko to themselves but Michael and Kathy were close friends and it seemed like they knew what was going on.

“Sure,” was all she could think to say. “Come on over.”


When Sabeena got off the phone she told the other three that Kathy and Michael were on the way. There seemed to be mixed feelings to this. Tukiko seemed to like the idea of having another man in the fun, but Masanori and Ragesh seemed to be against it.

Ragesh even voiced, “Why are they coming?”

“They know who is here,” Sabeena replied. “I couldn’t really stop them, could I? They know what’s going on and want to join in.”

It wasn’t long before Kathy and Michael arrived. Both of them carrying overnight bags so it was clear they were intending to stay the night.



‘Oh, well,’ Tukiko thought, ‘This night was going to be interesting. Nothing like they had planned.’

She was wondering why Joseph and Lizamoa had completely changed things like they had. She was also wondering why Kathy and Michael had come too. Her conversation with Joseph hadn’t been too informative other than asking if she and Masanori would be willing to swap partners for the night as something important had come up. She knew the plan was for her boyfriend to eventually be with Sabeena for her first time but why had that suddenly been brought forward? It all seemed a bit strange. Now, these other two had been invited too.

As soon as Sabeena and Kathy had gone inside to get some drinks Tukiko decided to ask the two boys. Ragesh quickly told her that Sabeena had made a big thing about their mum, Lizamoa, getting Masanori first. Suddenly, for no reason, it seems, her parents had changed their mind and agreed to it.

Then Michael added that his sister had got a call from Lizamoa insisting that they come over for tonight. Other than that, he didn’t know what was going on either but he was sure Kathy knew more.


When the girls came back, they handed drinks around and settled down with the others in seats on the deck.

“How is this afternoon going to go?” Kathy asked.

Tukiko thought it more an opening line than a question.

“Just hang out, I suppose, “Ragesh said. “After dinner, Sabeena has something to do with Masanori while the rest of us have some fun, I suppose.”

He looked straight at Tukiko so she was sure what kind of fun he had in mind. Anyway, both these two seemed nice guys, maybe a bit immature and she didn’t know how experienced they were. Ragesh in particular looked like a very handsome guy. She was sure they would be some fun for the night.

“Auntie Lizamoa rang me,” Kathy said. “She told me we should get the business with Sabeena and Masanori done first. Then she can join in the fun later in the evening.”

“Won’t you be too sore?” Masanori asked Sabeena.

“I don’t know. I don’t think so,” Sabeena replied. “Mum gave me some things to do down there. It has hurt a few times and a couple of times there was some blood so Mum says there won’t be much pain now.”

“My girlfriend was like that,” Ragesh said. “She had been using a toy and when she tried with me there was no pain.”

“I had a toy too,” Sabeena said. “That was part of it.”

“So, do we go somewhere and do this now?” Masanori asked. He was wondering how all this was going to work. He wasn’t entirely comfortable talking about it so openly like this but he decided to let them decide and just go along with whatever.

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