Turnabout Institute

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The interstate well behind us, Linda and I caught our first view of the Turnabout Institute, its Victorian architecture and beautiful grounds occupying a bucolic hillside. It had once been an exclusive upper New York state resort. The July weather was perfect, giving everything a sheen of warmth and comfort. After five years of marriage, curiosity had gotten the better of us. The car began to roll down the gentle rise and Linda said,

“You take care of my body when you are in it mister!”

“I LOVE and treasure your body, Linda. Why would I ever want to hurt it?”

“You appreciation has always been from the outside before and I hear this place can get pretty wild.”

“Afraid you’ll lose me to some other woman? I didn’t know you were a lesbian, honey!”

“Be serious, Jim, this is a huge step for both of us.”

“I’m getting the better end of the deal,” I replied, I get to occupy your sexy little body and you’re stuck in my massive ungainly frame.”

“You’re, NOT ungainly, James darling, I and lots of other women find you quite handsome, also you’re only clumsy when you react too suddenly. Besides, I’ll finally find out what it feels like to pee standing up and what an erection is like.”

“I STILL think I’m getting the better deal, I get boobs and a pussy out of the deal.”

Linda snorted a brief chuckle, “You’ll reevaluate how wonderful those things are once you inadvertently pinch your nipple in some furniture or a seat belt and during that time of the month.”

I paled and turned to Linda, “Say, you’re not going to get your period while we’re here are you?”

Linda put her hand to her head in mocking imitation of a swoon, “Oh my poor baby, frightened by the very idea of menses! You know what I’m on now has me menstruating only three times a year and, even then, I’m regular as clock work, it starts on one of the last three days of the month. We’ll be home long before you have to slide in a tampon, honey. But I would LOVE to see you deal with cramps and PMS!”

I stuck my tongue out at her and replied, “I hope you get jock itch, sweetheart!”

“Unlikely, I bathe more than you do!” she said as she smirked at me.

We reached the front gate of the complex. A guard in a starched uniform made sure that our papers were in order. There were permission notes from our doctor, psychological assessments, and, most importantly, a cashier’s check for the expensive procedure. Universal health care didn’t cover the kind of sexual exploration that Linda and I were about to engage in.

We progressed to the front entrance. A valet parked my car. Two bellhops gathered up our luggage and, arm in arm, we strode into the magnificent lobby. There would be a short wait until the medical teams came to collect us. Linda and I had been thoroughly briefed. We had filled out every form. I was a bit put off by the sentence “The Turnabout Institute assumes no moral or financial liability for any unplanned pregnancies or their termination. Neither do we assume any liability for venereal diseases or other injuries incurred between the time of the initiation of the procedure and its termination.”

Linda’s birth control required that I take only one dose while I was in her body, even if I missed it she PROBABLY wouldn’t get pregnant. At least I would not have to take a pill every day. It was good to be in our late twenties and in excellent health. Even so, that quoted phrase had me pause for several long moments before I applied my John Hancock. In theory, Linda and I would only be with each other, but as she said, this place did have a reputation. Apparently, a lot of inhibitions were lost with the switch of bodies. There was a time of forced separation, about which the folks at the Institute had remained rather cagey. It had something to do with adapting to your new temporary body. Linda and I had signed up for the two and a half week program. It was the most we could afford. I had no doubt that I would praise every penny spent.

In short order, a doctor and a team of technicians introduced themselves to us The doctor was a rather attractive middle-aged Chinese woman with a lovely smile, cascading dark hair, and an easy manner named Melanie Wang. Quite adept at stifling the trepidation of neophyte customers such as Linda and myself, she had us giggling and laughing in no time. She took us on a tour of the facility. It had all of the luxuries a first class resort could think of, twice as many in fact. The north and south wings of the complex were separated by a wall Each had a pool, sauna, weight room and so on. For the first two days, Linda and I would be living in different wings. It was a requirement of the procedure and the reasons for it would be explained to us after our transition. About twenty-five minutes later, Melanie and her team walked us to the lab.

I’d like to say the place looked like something out of an old sci-fi movie, but it was actually quite ordinary. The technology was an outgrowth of the old MRI technology of the last century. Doctor Wang gave us both a technical explanation with lots of big polysyllabic words and a simple one for a dullard like me. I remember mobilbahis güvenilir mi more of that explanation, “Essentially what this does, Mr. and Mrs. Pittman is read the electronic impulses that make up each of your brains, copies it and then transfers impression from one brain to another. If either of you were diagnosed as transsexuals, seeking a solution to your accident of birth, it would be permanent. In your case, of course, the transition is on a strict timetable. You will go to sleep as James and Linda and will wake up as Linda and James, only in each other’s bodies. When the process concludes you will wake up again in your old body. For the next two weeks and three days, you each get to see how the other half lives!”

There were final forms to sign before Melanie smiled very widely and asked, “Is everybody ready?”

“I nodded at Linda. She winked at me. We both answered in the affirmative.

“Splendid, I’ll give you both fifteen minutes to say goodbye to each other. This is the last time you will be able to exchange physical or verbal expressions of emotion for the next two days.”

I took Linda in my arms and kissed her deeply. We had made love this very morning. I could still remember the dawn, filtered through our curtains, bathing Linda’s body in an alluring halo of brightness. I tried especially hard to remember her every curve. She went down on me and made me promise to give her a blow job when I was in her body.

“Don’t wimp out on me honey, If I can suck your cock without complaints for five years you sure as hell can suck you own!”

“Do you want me to swallow?” I asked”

“You damn well better, husband!”

Our subsequent sex that morning was some of the most wonderful of marriage. Linda was quite vocal in what she intended to do with me,

“I am going to pick little ol’ you up with my muscular arms and I am also going to tickle you and probably also gently spank your cute little butt, and, husband who is soon to be my wife, I’m DEFINETLY getting anal!”

“My wife,” I returned, “not yet a man and already a sexist pig!”

“Very funny!” she replied and we both broke down in hysterics. As a mutual surprise, we packed our bags in secret. I had no idea what frilly or practical things were in Linda’s suitcase and she had no idea if I had packed flannel shirts or silk boxers. It seemed like a really fun idea.

Linda and I kissed for as long as we were allowed, only separating from each other when doctor Wang politely coughed.

“OK, you two, I need you in your birthday suits. Everything comes off, even your wedding rings as even traces of metal interferes with the equipment. If either of you had metal fillings let us know so that we can apply a special coating to that tooth, Also if either of you has any pins from broken bones, let us know and we will apply a special bandage to that area. There are dressing rooms to your right. There are marked bins provided where you can place your possessions. Is that clear to both of you?”

Linda and I both uttered a soft, “Yes.” and strode into adjoining changing rooms as directed by the team. In mine, I found a bin marked James Pittman adorned with my name, a DNA profile, blood type, and both my picture and Linda’s. The reality of what I was about to do really struck me at that moment. For some reason, it became important to me that I carefully fold and arrange my clothing neatly as it came off. A smaller box was provided for jewelry. I slid off my wedding ring and the one I had worn since college honoring the lacrosse division championship team I had been part of. I never felt more naked than when I stepped out of that dressing room. Linda did not exit long after me. We eyed each other carefully, a final appraisal until we were each other. I’d never seen My wife without her wedding ring before.

Doctor Wang and her team were all business as they had us lie down on adjoining padded boards. The boards slid into the large circular machines. I felt the soft sting of a needle automatically inserting itself in my arm. I felt light headed, my eyes filled with colors reminding me of the time in Alaska, when I witnessed the northern lights, seemingly close enough to touch, then nothing, not even dreams.

A gentle shaking of my shoulder and a strange voice repeating, “James” brought me to consciousness. I felt lighter somehow. I also realized that I was naked under the thin sheet. I opened my eyes to see two of Doctor Wang’s very pretty young female assistants smiling down at me. “Hello, James,” one of them said, “Don’t try to move or do anything but take deep relaxing breaths while I ask you a few questions.”

The questions were simple, my name, where was I, my wife’s name. That sort of thing. After about ten minutes of questions, Doctor Wang’s chief assistant, whose name was Polly, shined a little light in my eyes and finished by saying. “That is the last time until you return to your body that I will use your name. From this point on, I an going to call you “Linda” or Ms. Pittman. We find that this policy helps our patients adapt faster. Now, Linda, I’m going to have you sit up shortly. mobilbahis Then we will get you something to wear and practice walking for a few hours. Your brain has to learn how to operate in this body. Don’t worry, It won’t take long to get the hang of it. Debbie and I will help you integrate into the wonderful world of being a girl. Do you want to try sitting up now, Linda?”

I heard myself answer yes in that same very strange voice. It was Linda’s voice, and yet it wasn’t.

“This must be what she sound like to herself.” I thought. Upon sitting up, the sheet and blanket tumbled down. I now had breasts! Absently, my hands went to these familiar, yet unfamiliar objects. They felt very good indeed in my hands. With Polly’s help, I got to my feet. I saw my reflection in the mirror, I was Linda! I had the same long legs and trim, taut belly, I stroked the neatly trimmed pussy and eyed again the modest but very nice breasts. It was her blue eyes I was staring out of and her long black hair and charming face I was gazing at only this time from the inside!

“Wow!” I managed to utter

“Take as long as you want, Linda. But please try to refrain from playing with yourself in our presence.” I stood mesmerized for a time. All of my sensations were different, from my sense of smell to my hearing and vision. The weirdness of these new sensations quickly faded, replaced by a sense of normality. I tried to examine every inch of myself in the three-sided mirror. I touched both the mirror and myself to prove to myself that what I was seeing was reality. Polly, and her mostly silent partner, Debbie, let me mull and ruminate for a while before Polly stated calmly, “Oh, there’s your suitcase. Let’s see if I can find you a robe.”.

From Linda’s suitcase, Polly produced a short kimono my wife like to lounge around the house in. I knew that satin boxers felt great but I never realized how wonderful the fabric felt covering so much more of me. I tied the obi and gazed at my reflection again. I could see why Linda loved this jade green robe so much. It really showed off my legs and complimented my skin tone.

“Now, Linda,” announced Polly, “It’s time to try walking and moving, we will be progressing out the door, the length of the hall and back. Go slowly and let the muscle memory do most of the work. Once you get the hang of it, we try a little jogging. Once you have figured out how to walk, Debbie and I will instruct you on the fine points of dressing yourself, make-up, hair care, and personal hygiene. There is a dinner for the newly transitioned tonight, attendance is mandatory.”

“Will Linda be there?” I asked.

“You mean, James? No. as was explained to you, several days of adjustment is required before you can be reunited with your partner. We find that being social with strangers living as your opposite number for a time, gives you not only a better appreciation of your partner but makes intimacy when you ARE reunited with them that much sweeter.”

“What do I do at the dinner tonight?” I asked.

“Mingle! Mingle, relax and enjoy yourself.”

My first steps were tiny, hobbled things. It took my brain awhile to realized that it wasn’t moving my massive body anymore. Linda’s petite whereas I’m six-foot-three and own a lot more mass. We shuffled into the hallway where I encountered other men and women who, just like me, were trying to get their bodies on program. It was a strange experience gazing up at men. I had not been this short since grade school! I also noted some quite attractive women flailing around like I was. I gave them appreciative looks and got them in return. It was really strange. Bot men and women sometimes winked at me or were flirty in my presence but I’m not really the Don Juan type. I was looked at in an entirely different way by both sexes. Some of the folks were clearly undressing me with their eyes. Ordinarily, that made me feel good but from my lower angle, some leers, that I might have interpreted as benign in the past, took on an air of menace and overt carnality that I was not used to. Not even a woman for an hour and I had a new appreciation of what my wife endured every day. Linda ALWAYS attracts a lot of attention. Her beauty was two-way street, an astounding revelation to me. After about an hour I got the hang of it. Polly had me jog to the end of the hall and sprint back. The sensation of bouncing unrestrained boobs certainly caught me by surprise. Then it was time for “girl” class.

Polly and Debbie were profoundly patient as they helped me do the things I had seen Linda do repeatedly but had never given a second thought. Little things like how to properly wipe after peeing, how to clasp a bra closed while wearing it, and the mechanics of zipping up a dress, rolling on nylons, and how to apply make-up. Polly was an old at this and owns a wicked sense of humor. With the aid of a hand mirror, there was also an impromptu but rather detailed anatomy lesson. I’d seen the landscape before, it was quite strange, however, to realized that, at least for the next two weeks, those would be MY pussy lips and MY clitoris. It was strange indeed to not mobilbahis giriş feel the familiar sensation of my hanging balls. More than once I made a move to scratch testicles that simply were not there.

After half a day, it was time for me to solo on my own. “I think you are going to enjoy your stay here very much, Linda. “stated Polly, “I’ll be around to shepherd you to dinner. After introductions, you will be on your own. There’s always an open bar and music. Some folks try their hand at dancing. Don’t be self-conscious, it’s new to everybody down there. After two days, James will be transferred from the south wing to your room. We have lots of tips for newly integrated couples, but most folks don’t need suggestions. You might even have conquered high heels by then Linda!”

We shared a laugh and Polly told me that the next three hours were mine to explore. She knew full well that what I wanted to explore was ME, but she was far too polite to mention it. They left and I locked the door. I stripped and stared for a short while, still drinking in the unfamiliar sight in the mirror. As I handled Linda’s luggage I noted, buried under the clothes a wrapped gift box. The note said, “From me to “me” with love. I opened the box and found a dildo! In the box was a note in Linda’s beautiful script that read, “Think of me when you use this, Darling! P.S. I KNOW you will use it!”

I broke out in chuckles. Linda is the perfect wife! I imagined that at this very moment, she was probably jerking off in my body. At first, I wished that I was with her, but after more thought, I realized, Did I REALLY want to see myself Jerking off? Did Linda REALLY want to witness me sliding this thing in and out of her kitty? Maybe in a couple of days when things were not so strange. And then I understood the wisdom of the Institute keeping us apart for a time. Not always, but most times, masturbation is better practiced alone. There was also a vial of warming lubricant in the gift box. My heart beating an erratic tattoo, I made my way to the bed and lubed up “Fred.” (I decided that my dildo needed a name.)

It took me three tries to get the angle right but once it was inside. God! I felt so full. I slid it in and out slowly. I imagined Linda, in my body, above me, and experimented with sliding the dildo in and out. After some trial and error, I discovered that in many ways, it resembled jerking off. I felt Linda’s body responding to my own excitement. I was breathing heavier and heavier and then … WOW! My first thought was, “Man, do men ever get short changed in the orgasm department!” followed by, ” I give these things to Linda? Man, am I good!”

I got myself off a second time, but then my newly learned technique seemed to fail and I could not seem to make any more magic. I looked at the clock and realized that it was close to dinner time. I was famished. Polly had had coffee and sandwiches sent to my room, but that had been hours ago. I strode over to the drawers where I had stored Linda’s clothes, took note of her garment bag hanging in the closet in for the first time in my life, felt just like her when I asked myself the question, “What to wear?”

Linda always had such terrific taste in clothing. I gazed at all the pretty underthings, then, I slid on a pair of her pink panties. Now, truth be told, I’d worn Linda’s panties from time to time, usually when I lost a bet. I remembered one week where, after I lost to her, she confiscated all of my boxers and made sure I was wearing an old pair of her panties before I was allowed to leave for work every morning. As much as I protested, it really wasn’t that bad. My main fear was that the guys at work would, somehow, discover my secret. After the week was over, Linda apologized with some terrific make-up sex and a dozen new pairs of silk boxers. Our marriage was an interesting one, despite the fact that I towered over Linda, she almost always got everything she wanted. And, if I am totally honest, I lost many of those bets on purpose. All of that came to mind as I adjusted her panties I thought they felt a lot better without my balls in the way.

I selected a matching bra, put it on and adjusted it just like Polly had taught me. I decided that I should dress as I liked to see Linda dressed. I selected a maroon top I had always loved seeing her in which exposed the top half of my boobs in a really nice way. To go with it, a short white pleated skirt and a gold belt. I put a pair of white mesh like sandal things on my feet. No way in hell was I going to try heels on my first day, even if I severely lusted after the extra height they would give me. I sat dawn and tried to apply a bit of make-up. For the first time soloing, I did all right. It helped that Linda needed very little makeup in the first place. Having bought it for her many time, I knew which shade of lipstick was her favorite. This I applied perfectly, as I ADORED watching Linda color her lips. A little blusher and a hint of color for my eyes, and I was all ready to go. Well, almost. I wanted to be reminded of Linda while I was apart from her so I spritzed myself with a bit of her favorite perfume. I told myself that I probably did much better at getting dolled up than Linda would in the morning shaving my face for the first time. The fact that it took me far less time than she usually took confirmed, in my mind at least, the old male belief that women like to make men wait on purpose.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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