Two Lovers’ First Time

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(This is my second attempt at writing a Literotica story, this one, like the first, is based on a true story but has exaggerated events. This also serves as a pick-up from where I left off with the first story. I ask that you please read my first story before you read this one – It is titled Two Lovers’ First Anal. It is a prelude to this, and can be found by search in the First Time category or by searching my profile for submitted work.)

It had been the best night of my life, I had made love with my baby girl, Alanna, albeit anal sex, but love all the same. I’ll never forget my thoughts before sleeping that night: “I can’t believe I just made love to Alanna, even though it was anal sex. Not a problem for me, but I hope I am able to take her virginity and give her mine at some point in my stay.” After that complete thought, I dozed off into a deep sleep.

The next day, I noticed our lust for one another had increased dramatically. In the mornings, she would walk into my room, half-asleep, sleepy-eyed, cute and adorable by every sense of the word.

We would usually just cuddle, she didn’t mind feeling my morning erection pressed up against her thinly-clothed ass. Just another thing I loved about Alanna. However, this morning was different. Yes, we cuddled, but the cuddling led to a slow, mutual dry hump. I knew she could feel my stiff cock against her ass, and she didn’t resist, so I continued my pace. During my dry humping, I started feeling her up – putting my hand under her shirt, and cupping her soft, squishy breasts. I would tweak her nipples with my index finger and my thumb. I could hear soft moans escaping her lips.

It had begun once again.

After her nipples were sufficiently erect, I slowly moved my hand down her flat tummy, and then to the waist of her pajamas. I gently put my hand into the waist band of her pajamas, and then under her panties. Her pussy was warm, and wet. Just how I liked it. I slowly began to rub her clitoris with my ring finger and my middle finger. Slowly, gradually increasing the speed at which I rubbed her little love button. More frequently did I hear moans escaping her lips. I took my hand out of her now damp panties and inserted the fingers I had been using to rub her clit into her mouth.

“Make daddy’s fingers nice and wet for your pussy,” I said with the tone a slavemaster would to his slave.

She sucked on my fingers like she would my cock. Licking, swirling her tongue around them, and bobbing her head back and forth. After I found that my fingers were adequately wet with her saliva, I eagerly stuck my hands back into her hot panties and began working my magic fingers. I Bostancı Escort rubbed, faster now, at the pace she would if she was masturbating herself. My hand still being in her panties, there was too much friction for me to finish her in that manner. When my arm would get tired, I would slip a finger into her now sopping wet pussy. Her pussy was extremely hot, and so wet that it was making her panties damp with cum. I gradually added another finger into her pussy, and began searching for her favorite spot: her g-spot.

Oh, yes, I had found it. I began circling it with my finger tips, and then I would use both finger tips on it in a motion that would resemble signalling some one by hand to come to you. I could feel her pussy getting wetter, hotter. It was so tight it was difficult to move my fingers at all. Once again, friction and the tightness of her virgin pussy proved too much – and I could not finish her. She did not mind, she enjoyed the experience. After taking my hands out of her panties, she swiftly grabbed my hand and put my fingers in her mouth, sucking and licking her own cum off my fingers.

“Share!” I said greedily.

I put my fingers into my mouth, and had the wonderful taste of her cum, and her mouth all in one. Simply intoxicating. I enjoyed every drop of her cum and was hard-pressed not to stop licking at my own fingers – a sad plea to try and sate my needs of her delicious pussy juice.

After our unusually sexual morning, we carried on with our day like husband and wife – caressing, watching television together, her cooking with me, playing card games, video games, just having a good time being able to spend time with each other – something most people take for granted. But not us. During the day, her whole family had gone out on their own separate accords, whether it be work, grocery shopping, or running errands. At the time, Alanna and I were making home made cookies. But, once the last of the stragglers left home, sweets were all that were on our minds.

We were in the kitchen, after we finished the first batch of cookies and put them in the oven, I pushed Alanna up against the counter, and dry humped her ass hard. I groped her breasts, and rubbed her pussy through her little cotton shorts. She had better plans.

“Fuck me, please, right here.”

I was only too happy to oblige with such a kind offer. I bent her over the kitchen table, cookie dough still covering it, the smell of baking cookies in the oven filled the room. I pulled down her small shorts and panties with one swift motion, and placed the head of my cock at the entrance of her waiting ass. There would be no lube this time around, Anadolu Yakası Escort but we soon found out that wouldn’t be a problem. I slid my cock into her ass, having to push harder than the last time, but still entering. Once I got half way in with my cock, it began to get easier. I pushed in and out, I heard her whimpering moans of pleasure fill the room. Her ass is too good, I thought. I grabbed onto her handle-like hips tightly and fucked her so hard that the table began to shake. About ten minutes in, we heard the front door open. We quickly pulled up our clothes and acted like nothing happened – her stepfather entered the room, not noticing or suspecting a thing.

We had never been caught before in any of our devious act, and we didn’t plan to get caught soon. However, we would wait ’til late to have more of our dirty fun.

After finishing our second batch of cookies, we went back to her room. Her stepfather was the only person in the house, and he does not go to Alanna’s side of the house very often. I laid Alanna down on her bed, she was on her back and I was on top of her. We were making out with a fiery passion, our tongues interlocking, dancing like lovers in the moonlight. I looked her in her beautiful green eyes, staring down upon her, and asked,

“Do you want to do this, Alanna?”

A soft “Yes,” was her only reply, but her eyes spoke much louder than her voice. I knew it was time. Condom or not, we were going to make love at that very moment – our very first time. We were going to become one – a whole that which could never be separated by any earthly force. Nothing could stop us from making love now. I took off her shorts and panties in the same manner I had in the kitchen, but I left my pajamas on. I stuck my cock through the hole in my boxers, and then through the hole in my pajamas. I stared at Alanna deeply in the eyes, and she stared at me with the same amount of love and passion that I had for her.

“I love you,” I whispered softly.

“I love you too.”

I kissed her ever so softly on her forehead, just to let her know that what I was about to do was out of love – and not out of lust, or hormones. No, what we were about to do was not sex – sex is something that people who do not love partake in. We were going to create beautiful love with each other.

I placed my throbbing cock at the entrance of her pussy, sliding it up and down her slit to get the head wet so entry would be easier. My fondling of her was having an obvious effect.

Every so slowly, still staring into her angelic green eyes, holding her to me, I entered her pussy. It was unbelievably hard, even with Ataşehir Escort the tip of my cock wet with her cum. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to fit inside of her untouched blossom. With great effort, I pushed, hard, into her. I felt it like a waving crashing down on me – all at once, half my cock slid into her.

A gasp escaped her lips, I feared that I had hurt the one I loved most.

“Baby, are you okay? I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to… ” I said with worry.

“No, Devon, it’s fine. Please, keep going,” she replied.

I pushed deeper into her, I was worried because I didn’t feel her cherry pop, but afterwards we found reddish-brown stains on her sheets, where we had been. Now with myself fully plunged into her, I began to thrust. I used the same rythms I had used when I was having anal sex with her, only slower, more loving, and tender motions. I felt her hips rocking against mine, an obvious sign that she had gotten used to the feeling of my cock stretching her out. Not once did I ever take my eyes off hers.

“Devon… ” she moaned.


Her pussy was so tight, I felt as if I was going to orgasm too soon. The fact of the matter was, I could not orgasm at all, or she would become pregnant. No, I was doing this for her – my climax was but a pebble to a boulder in importance when compared to hers.

The pace increased, and so did our moans, sighs, and gasps of breath.

“Oh, Devon, I love you, it feels so good, baby,” she said, half-moaning her words.

“You’re so tight, Alanna, I don’t know if I can go much longer… ” I said, embarrassed.

“It’s okay, Devon, I will finish you – I promise.”

At the edge of orgasm, I stood up, Alanna followed me to the floor. She squatted down, easily catching herself with her well-worked out legs.

“Alanna! I’m going to cum, baby! Ahh.. “

She sucked, and swirled her tongue in that glorious motion she does. She sucked faster and faster, until I came hard into her mouth. Rope after rope of my warm cum splashed against the back of her throat, being the kind of girl she was, she swallowed every drop – not letting any go to waste.

I collapsed on the bed soon after, only to have my lover cuddle close against me.

“I love you so much, sweet heart,” she said lovingly.

I could almost see tears begin to form in her eyes. Not from pain, or disappointment, but of love and satisfaction.

“I love you so much more, my beautiful angel.”

And there we lay, cuddling. Two lovers who gave each other their virginities – I say “gave” because losing would be the wrong word – to lose would imply that we gave it away recklessly, never to be cared for again.

No, her virginity was now mine – to keep safe, forever. I will now always have a part of my lover.

And my virginity was now hers, and I know that she will always keep it safe, and never neglect the part of me that is now hers to bear forever.

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