Two to One

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Let me start by saying we are not swingers, we do not have an open marriage. I guess the next question would be, just how did Veronica end up in bed with us last weekend. To be sure, there was a lot of alcohol involved and then some outside forces just came together at the right time. As I think with most married couples, we have used role-play to some degree in our lovemaking. When Judy asked me which one of her friends I fantasized about sleeping with I always told her it was Veronica. She would then tease me about different scenarios that concluded with Veronica being impaled on my cock. As I mentioned before this was strictly role-play and never taken seriously.

Now as the stage is set, let us go back to the beginning as I relive the most erotic evening of my life. I came home late from work Friday evening to find Veronica’s car in our driveway. This is not too rare as she and my wife have been close since college, and they still spend quite a bit of time together. I went inside expecting to find two women laughing and half way through a bottle of wine. Instead, I found Veronica crying on Judy’s shoulder as she tried to comfort her. It turned out she had caught her husband cheating with his secretary and she had left him. Judy told her she was welcome to stay at our house for as long as she needed and I concurred to show her she was welcome by both of us.

Judy asked me to open a bottle of wine and I suggested a pitcher of Mojitos instead. Both ladies agreed and I went to the kitchen to work on our drinks anal yapan gaziantep escort as Judy took Veronica’s things to our spare bedroom. When I came out with the pitcher and three glasses full of mulled mint leaves the girls were waiting for me. The Mojitos were perfect if I do say so myself, very strong, and the fresh mint made the drinks quite refreshing. We all emptied our glasses and were just about half-finished with the second before Judy thought about dinner. I suggested, just order pizza instead of making something, and then took the empty pitcher back to the kitchen for more as I called in dinner. Long story short by the time dinner was delivered we were bombed.

When Veronica got up to go to the bathroom Judy patted the seat where she had been sitting, as she wanted to give me a kiss for being so understanding. When Veronica came back in the room, she just naturally sat where I had been sitting now leaving me in the middle. Veronica mentioned what an ass her husband was and that Judy was so lucky to have me. Judy not only agreed but also was drunk enough to brag about what a good lay I was also. Veronica then laughed and said that Jim was so lousy and so tiny that she wanted to ask him if it was in yet. Then to my shock and embarrassment, Judy grabbed me through my jeans,

“Not my Carlos, he’s hung like a horse.”

Both girls were out of control now and laughing Veronica said, “Let me see, let me see.” Before I knew what anal yapan gaziantep escort bayan was happening Judy had my jeans unbuttoned and was trying to pull them off me. I tried to stop her as I told her we shouldn’t do this, so she called for Veronica to help her. Now both women laughing hysterically worked to expose my cock. Before I could stop them, they had my pants and boxers around my ankles and there I sat with an erection sticking out like a flagpole. As much as Judy kids, believe me I’m not hung like a horse or even a porn star. From what I remembered from the showers at school, I feel as if I have an average size cock. The way my two drunken lady friends were talking, you’d think I was a rock star or something. Judy took me in her hands to show me off to her friend. They both got up close to look me over and as they talked it were if I wasn’t even there.

“Judy, he’s nice and hard and he looks so pretty not all veinny like Jim’s.”

“See I told you he’s hung, I just love to play with him. Oh, oh Ronnie you just have to taste him my hubby has the best tasting cock in the world.”

With this, she swallowed me down to my pubes, the show off, and then my wife held my cock for her friend to have a taste. Without even looking at me Veronica put the tip in her mouth and proceeded to lick the underneath side. It felt so good I moaned when she stopped, Veronica said,

“Let’s make him squirt.”

The two girls escort gaziantep anal yapan took turns jacking me off and fondling my balls while they giggled. Judy was holding my balls and could feel them starting to contract,

“Get ready Ronnie, he’s almost there, I can tell.”

She was right as I started spewing cum out fast and furious. The women were laughing so hard as they shook me I was shooting all over everything as well as both of them. Finally, when they realized there was nothing left they released me.

“Thank you Judy, I needed that, oh and thank you too Carlo, I hope we didn’t break you or anything.”

That made both girls start laughing again, then when I started to pull up my pants Judy stopped me,

“Not so fast buddy, we’re not done with you yet. Ronnie, he is always telling me how much he wants to fuck you, shall we give him the chance?”

Already I was getting hard again as the thought of living, my fantasy excited me. We stood up and Judy using my cock as a leash dragged me to our bedroom. I had to keep shuffling my feet, as I never got my pants pulled back up.

Once we were all undressed I fucked Veronica as Judy watched, after I came Judy mounted my face and I gave her a quick orgasm. I had hopes of maybe Judy and Veronica having a little girl on girl action but it never happened. We all slept in the same bed curled up together and sometime during the night one of them gave me a blow job giving me my forth orgasm of the evening.

The next morning we woke up hung-over and embarrassed. While I showered, the two girls went to make breakfast. I am going to assume they talked about it but it was never mentioned to me and I took the hint not to say anything. Veronica went back to her husband, maybe she felt our evening together made them even. That night I tried to talk to my wife about it and she put her fingers to my lips and said just to think of it as one of our role-playing games.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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