Two Weeks with Katie

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First sorry everyone that it took so long to get out part two but since I don’t have internet at home I have to go out to upload it so with that remember it is not a real story so if anything seem odd that’s because it is a fantasy. With that said Thank you for taking the time to read my story, this is part two in the series. You might want to read “Her first time” which is the prequel to this story. It will make this story more understandable, but not mandatory. Also please remember to leave comments, it will help me write better. Please enjoy.

Authors Note: All characters in this story are over the age of 18, any similarities to anyone are merely coincidental and are not intended to replicate anyone, anywhere.


“Hey Johnny, can you load my suitcases in the car. I don’t want to miss the plane. It leaves in a few hours and I want to get going soon.”

I walk up to my girlfriend, “Hey Jackie.” As I put my arms around her I slowly slide my hand down her back until both my hands gently caress her ass cheeks. I suddenly clutch them tight and pull her tight against me. I kiss her passionately as our tongues tango together.

“I’m gonna miss you sweetheart.” I singsong into her ear.

She picks her self up and whispers into my ear. “I’m gonna miss you to, mostly the way your cock fills my pussy so perfectly. These two weeks are gonna drag by so slowly.”

“Go sweetheart and enjoy your sister. Before you know it you’ll be back in my arms with your pussy engulfing my rock hard cock milking it for all it’s love juice.”

She kisses me again and walks off to get the last of her stuff. I walk away and gather up her suitcases and load them into the car. I come back and grab the last few articles from Jackie to load into the car stating that we must go before she is late.

“Katie, are you coming with us or not?”

“Yeah I’m coming.”

Katie comes out as we turn to leave. Jackie does a quick double take and stares at Katie, as she comes out in a pair of daisy duke shorts and a tube top with a pair of four inch heals.

“What the heck are you wearing, we’re going to the airport not to the corner hooking!”

“Mom, it’s hot, and its almost 90 degrees and I’m gonna be in the car anyway.”

“Yeah but are you gonna sit in the car when we go into the airport and Johnny is brings my bags in.”

“I guess, I’ve walked around in less at the beach.”

“Come on everyone before I’m late.” She says in a huff.

We all get into the car and bolt off to the airport. As we get out of the car, I grab the bags and we all head into the terminal. We check Jackie’s bags in and we have a seat to wait for the plane to leave as it is about an hour. We’re sitting there chatting and I notice every guy that walks by appears to be drooling as they go by. As Jackie and my conversation continues I glance around her and look at Katie. She is sitting there leaning back her arms crossed under her breasts, pressing her breasts up and amplifying her cleavage. Her left ankle resting on her right knee, spreading her legs open pulling the crotch of her shorts tight between her legs. I can tell by the way the shorts are bunched up that she is not wearing any panties. I quickly look away as Jackie’s attention turns to me and she states looking at her watch that she better get going.

She stands up and looks at Katie, as Katie’s gets up and they hug. “Have fun mom tell aunt Kristy I send my love.”

“I love you sweety you be good for Johnny and take care of him till I get home.”

She looks at me and smiles and winks as she looks at me over her mothers shoulder.

“I’ll take care of everything for him mom don’t worry.”

Jackie turns to me and gives me a hug and we lock lips. “Love you sweetheart see you not soon enough.” Kissing me again and she strolls off.

As she gets out of sight and I say to Katie, “lets go, are you hungry wanna stop and get a bite?”

“Sure, lets stop at a diner. I wanna get something light.”


As we walk into the diner there was three men at the counter, they all are eyeing and drooling at Katie as we walked in. Katie noticed this and as we passed them with me following, she started to wiggle her ass with each and every step.

I noticed they are all talking and glancing over at us. I lean to Katie and whisper, “are you trying to get me beat up and your raped?”

“What do you mean, can’t we get a bite to eat in a diner?”

“Yeah, but when you walk in an see three young horny men eyeing you and you shake your ass at them like that it’s different.”

“I didn’t shake my ass at them!”

“Oh yes you did I was staring at it, and yeah it did look fine. And since the shorts are so short you can tell your not wearing panties.”

She says, “And you don’t know for sure I’m not wearing panties.”

“Yeah I know your not wearing panties, tell me it’s not so.”

“Well, its hot and I am just trying to stay cool.”

“I’m looking forward to filling it with a white hot gooey substance.”

“Mmm, I can’t wait for that either. I wanna taste it too.”

“OK, OK lets talk about something else before you give me a raging hard on.”

Just then the waitress comes up to us and presents us with menus. “Hello can I start you off with something to drink?” As she flips our glasses over and fills them with Anadolu Yakası Escort water.

I look at Katie, “what do you want?”

“I think I’ll have a cola please.”

“And you sir?”

“I think I’ll have a beer, thank you.”

“I’ll be back for your order.”

As she walks away Katie leans over and says, “All I want to eat is your cum.” And a big smile stretches across her face.

“I think those guys wanna fill my pussy with their cum.”

I turn my head and all three guys are looking at Katie and smiling. As I turn my head back I give it a shake. The waitress returns with our drinks and places them on the table. “Are we ready to order?” as she looks at Katie.

“Yeah I guess I’ll have an order of chicken tenders and fries.”

“And you sir?”

“Ahh, I thinks I’ll have the blue cheese burger platter. And make that rare please.”

The waitress leaves and Katie leans over to me and says, “Those guys are making me horny, I can’t wait to get home and fuck your brains out.”

“Would you like to be gangbanged by all those guys?”

She looks at me and smiles but doesn’t answer.

The waitress returns with our meals, we thank her and eat. Upon finishing we collect our check and pay the waitress and leave. As we walk out we pass the three guys and they all look at her. She wiggles her ass at them as we are alongside them. I can hear them all moan. I stop and state to Katie that I forgot to leave a tip and turn around and head back. I pull out my wallet and pull out a few bucks an lay it on the table. Out of the corner of my eye I see Katie standing next to the guys and one of them reaches out and runs his hand across her ass. She turns and looks at him gives him a vague smile and continues toward the door. I turn and follow after her.

As we get into the car I turn to her as I start the car and ask, “So did you like the guy feeling your ass.”

“Not as much as I like YOU feeling my ass.”

We get home and head into the house, I set off up to my bedroom and Katie follows and goes into her room. It is really hot and I change into a pair of swim trunks with no shirt. I go outside and sit by the pool. I must be about a half hour later and I hear the sliding glass door open and look up and Katie comes out in the smallest of bikini’s I have ever saw. It was three tiny triangles. Two just slightly larger then her areola’s and a third attached to a thong just barely covering her slit. My mouth drops open and I can see even though she is not looking at me a big grin spread across her face. I turn my face away as to try to ignore her. She comes over and hands me a Jack Daniels and Pepsi, as she knows it my favorite, and sits down next to me. She lays back on the lounge chair and closes her eyes with her face toward me. I can tell her eyes are open just a crack as to watch me. I give a slight grin thank her for the drink and lay back and close my eyes. She just lies there with her eyes open just enough to see me.

“Wow it’s really hot out here, don’t you think so Johnny?”

“Sure is, I’m thinking of jumping in the pool.”

“I might in a little while I wanna work on my tan. Can you help me?”

“What do you want?”

“Can you spray some tanning oil on the back of my body?”

“Sure, where is it?”

“In the bathroom downstairs, can you get it for me?”

“OK be right back.”

I head into the house to fetch the oil and return moments later to find Katie laying there on her front, she has untied her top and laid the strings on each side so to bare her back as well as untied the bottom and removed it so not to get any lines, rendering her basically naked.

“Don’t you want tan lines?” I exclaim.

“No I hate them, I usually do this when you and mom are out. And I can tell when your coming down the driveway because of the tires rolling over the gravel. Oh and make sure you get my whole body please.”

I pull the cap off the bottle and start to spray beginning at her shoulders, working down her arms, then across her back. Then over her ass and down her legs and feet.

“You missed the inside of my thighs.”

I spray more on her ass cheeks and all over the inside of her thigh. I can see her pussy lips and they look very moist. I can tell she is very turned on by this.

“Ok your all done, I’m gonna jump in the pool.”

“NO! you have to rub it in otherwise it will make my skin blotchy.”

I pause for a minute mesmerized by her young wet pussy, then proceed starting at her shoulders. I grasp her shoulders massaging it into her skin, gently I move my hands across her shoulders. I hear a slight moan emit from her as I massage the oil into her skin.

As I move down her back toward her ass sliding across her waist she says, “Don’t forget to get in-between my cheeks, I really don’t want to burn there.”

I look up at her face and see a smile stretch across the side of her face that I can see.

“No you don’t want to sun burn your pussy you won’t be able to cum for the next two weeks.”

“And I intend on cumming a lot in the next two weeks.” She says with a giggle.

My hand slides gently down the crack of her ass across her asshole and down between her thighs and pussy mound. A deep sigh releases from her lips as I come up the other side and over the other ass cheek.

“My Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan it must be hot out here, even your pussy is sweating immensely. You might want to take a jump in the pool with me.”

She giggles again, “Yeah my pussy is definitely sweating very heavily. Would you want to dry it up for me? You can use your tongue if you would like.”

“Well I am not really fond of the taste of tanning oil and besides I would block the sun from you and disturb your tanning. Maybe later after you finish tanning. Besides I am sure you still have to tan the front of your body, don’t you?”

“I was considering using your sweat as my tanning oil.”

“Well if we would to fuck out here we would sweat so profusely it would wash all the tanning oil off you that I just put on.”

“Maybe later after you tan your front and I take a dip in the pool.” I say as I finish up rubbing the oil into her feet.

“But I am so wet for you right now.”

“Yeah, well you just need to cum and I can help you with that.”

I reach between her legs, over her pussy mound and gently insert my right thumb inside her pussy and middle finger I tenderly rub over her clit. She moans exclaiming how good it feels.

“Just cum for me and you will be able to relax and enjoy your tanning session.”

My thumb continues to slowly plunge in and out of her wet moist canal as I now am using my middle and ring finger clutching her clitoris between them both, massaging and squeezing it as I increased my rubbing. Her hips starting to move as her hands clutched at the lounge cushion.

“Oh fuck that feels so fuckin good, oh yes make me cum. Rub my pussy make me cum. I am so fuckin hot right now.”

“Yeah you were like this since this morning when you came out in that tiny outfit.”

“No I have been like this all week thinking about mom going away and the two of us fucking for two weeks straight. Fantasizing that your nine inch monster cock continuously in one of my holes.”

I chuckle and say, “I don’t have that much cum in me. In fact no living creature does.”

She moans louder bucking her hips up and down, “Oh yes, yes make me cum, yes I’m gonna cum hard OH FUCK OH FUCK YES, YES.”

My thumb thrusting hard and fast in and out of her pussy as my fingers are vigorously rubs her clit. She’s bucking hard now. I take the thumb of my left hand and tenderly spreading the oil over her asshole, she violently clutches at the cushion moaning hard and loud. I slowly push my thumb up her ass. As my thumb penetrates deep into her ass. I feel her body shutter, then a fierce spasm as she erupts into an immense orgasm.


Her body continues to spasm as she cums hard on my hand. I feel her asshole clench and unclench as does her pussy. Squeezing hard on my fingers. I egg her on says, “That’s it baby cum for me, milk my fingers with your holes. Gimme some of that love juice of yours.”

As her orgasm peaks her whole body bucks and spasms hard almost causing the chair to fall over. If it wasn’t for my fingers in her holes she would have been on the floor. Slowly, very slowly her orgasm recedes and her body twitches and jerks.

“Holy fuck, that was so fuckin intense. I can’t believe you made me cum that hard.” She exclaims as she continues to twitch.

“Well now you can relax and enjoy your tanning experience, I will wake you in about a hour or so, so you can turn over and I can oil your front.”

“OOO I can’t wait for that, but you wore me out so bad you might have a hard time waking me up.”

“I don’t think I’ll have a hard time doing that.” I say with a grin.

“Sweet dreams Katie”

“I will, I’ll be dreaming of guzzling your cum.”

Moments later she was out cold, I walked over and jumped in the pool hoping the cool water would relieve me of my aching erection.


After some time taking laps in the pool, I get out and wipe off. I was in the mood for another Jack Daniels and Pepsi, to relax me so I could lie down and chill out. Maybe take a nap myself, let the sun beat down on me and absorb the rays a bit. My bathing suit was still dripping and I didn’t want to drip all over the house making my way to the bar. So I thought to myself “Ahh I’m just gonna lay down till I dry enough.” Then I said to myself, “Katie’s sleeping, no one can see into my secluded yard; Jackie and I have sun bathed nude many times back here. Heck with it.” I pull my shorts off, lay them down on a chair to dry and head in to get myself another drink. I get to the bar and decide to make myself a strong one. “To heck with a double I’m gonna make myself a Jack with a splash of Pepsi.” I take a sip and moan as the alcohol flows down my throat with a smooth burn. I take another large gulp and top it off and head outside. A few more sips on my way out there and I walk right past my shorts and sit down on the lounge right next to Katie, lay back and put my feet up.

After a while relaxing sipping my drink, which is three quarters gone. In my semi drunken state I close my eyes and doze into a half conscience state.


When what seems like really long time but is only about two hours, my head lolls to one side and my eyes open. As my vision clears, Katie is looking Escort Anadolu Yakası over at me. She is laying on her back completely naked. She has a drink in her hand and my drink, which is still in my hand, is refilled.

She lifts her glass up and says, “Cheers, here’s to that gorgeous cock of yours. May it fill all my holes many, many times in the next two weeks.” There is a short pause as we both drink up.

Then she looks at me and says, “I thought you were gonna wake me in an hour?”

I look back in confusion and ask, “Oh how long have I been out?”

“Oh I’m guessing about two hours or so, you must have drank a lot.”

“I made myself a triple, and It looks like you had a few yourself.” As I can tell from her eyes or it as least seems that way as my head is still buzzing.

“I’m on my way to a pretty good buzz by now.” She says with a slight slur.

“You know you haven’t oiled up my front yet.” As she runs her hands up and down her body tweaking her nipples and running her fingers between her pussy lips.

“This sun feels so good today warming up my body, I might have to jump into the pool again.” I say as I close my eyes and fade back into a relaxing slumber.


I must be about an hour later when I feel wet warm moisture engulf my cock. My eyes slowly wander open back to the present. Both my legs are on each side of the lounge, feet on the floor and Katie is sitting on her feet where my feet should be, knees spread apart to the edges of the chair. One hand on each of my thighs, head bobbing up and down on my cock as her nipples rub on the inside of my thighs. I look down at my drink which is full again, on the floor is Katie’s glass empty and the bottle of Jack next to my chair almost empty. I smirk, down my drink and put the glass down on the floor. I lean my head back and moan as my right hand rest on the back of her head guiding her lips up and down my shaft.

“Oh Katie, that feels so fucking good. You sure can suck cock baby.”

She lifts her head as she draws my cock out of her mouth. A string of saliva attaches her lower lip to the tip of my cock as she looks into my eyes.

“Yes I can when I have a gorgeous cock to suck on, I love the way it feels as my lips touch your balls and the head of your cock gapes the back of my throat open as it forces its way down my esophagus. You have such a hot cock.” She says as she plunges my cock across her lips and back down her throat. Up and down my shaft she goes, occasionally running her tongue up my shaft and sucking on my ball sack. I can feel her finger infrequently skim my asshole.

She lifts her head up as saliva drips from her mouth onto my cock. Looking at me as she slightly sways back and forth from her drunken state. “Please, oh please cum in my mouth, tell me when your gonna cum. I want the first spurt to go directly down into my belly, then in my mouth and finally over my face and on my tits.”

She swallows my cock back down, taking all nine inches down. It feels so fuckin good and in my drunken slumber regardless of how good it feels or how hard my cock is, I don’t think I’m gonna cum anytime too soon. She’s swallowing my cock up and down like it was nothing. She is pumping my cock so hard with her mouth that all I can do is flop my head back and forth from side to side and moaning and grunting and bucking my hips, exclaiming how good it feels. She must have sucked and stroked my cock for what seemed like almost a half hour. I could tell she was getting tired.

“Come on Johnny give that cum, I know you have a big load brewing in these balls eager to pulse down my throat.” as she massages my nuts. “Give it to me, I want my daily protein shake.”

I can feel my balls start to tighten as does Katie. She quickly proceeds to swallow my shaft pushing her lips hard up against cum bag. Her throat spasming around my cock milking me hard. She continues to gently brush my asshole with her finger.

As my balls suck back into my body and the cum pulses up the shaft of my cock, three things happen simultaneously. Her finger goes knuckle deep into my asshole, my hand goes to the back of her head and pushes down hard and my hips buck up hard ramming my cock deep down her throat.

“Holy Fuck………..Gasp. Holy Fuck……….Gaaaaasp. Holy Fuck, take my cum baby uuuugggggg.” I spurt out between gasps.

The first load deposits right into her stomach as her lips press hard against my balls. With her hands on my thighs she pushes up fighting against my upward thrust of my hips and my hands on the back of her head. As my cock slides out of her mouth the second heavy load pulses into her mouth, landing on her tongue. Her free hand flies from my thigh and surrounds my shaft. She stroked my wet slimy shaft with her hand as her mouth clamped tight around the head of my iron hard spasming cock. She pulls my cock from her mouth as the third load hits her square in the face, she closed her eyes just in time. My load hit just to the side of her nose right below her right eye and splashes up on her right eye. She opens her mouth and the fourth and fifth loads hit her top lip and glob down onto her lower lip and continue down her chin to her right tit. Running down over her nipple. Her head lifts slightly and my sixth and last load nails her right in the neck. Little bit dribbles out the head of my cock. She looks down and sucks on the head gobbling up any remaining cum. She takes it down her throat to the base and slurps on her way up sucking up any remaining cum and all her saliva. As she gets to the head, she give it one last slurp and kisses the head.

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