Unbridled Tides

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Finishing the third chapter, she laid the book down on a colorful beach blanket and added sunblock to her bronzing body. She then drew deeply from the straw that extended from an insulated mug. After glancing up and down the beach, she paused to look across the wave tops before picking the novel back up.

He seemed to appear from nowhere, having strolled down the beach with the rising sun at his back. His broad shoulders blocked out the sun, but could not diminish the brilliant aura that burned around him. Walking straight to her, he offered a hand and lifted her to her feet. At well over six feet tall, his tawny frame towered above the others that frolicked on the beach and in the water. His chest and arms might have been carved from a massive oak tree, unyielding by nature yet supple when so directed.

Impossibly sculpted abs were separated from muscular thighs by trim hip s, while his uncommonly ample buttocks threatened to breach the protesting leopard patterned brief. This was a man that took athleticism to the next level. No sacrifice had been too great while he had built and maintained his body as others might dote over a classic automobile. A blind woman would surely require several days to explore every ripple of his body.

A constant tropical sun had bleached the unruly mass of golden curls that framed his silver-blue eyes. Perhaps burning ice could rival the gems that God alone must have set above the stone-carved lines of his jaw. His devastating smile was fashioned from lips that were almost too full. There had to be a blemish, but find it she had not.

He held her close, luxuriating in the moment before pulling back just a bit. They gazed upon one another, half smiles set beneath smoldering eyes. He looked to her strawberry lips and then back into her eyes, peering to the very depths of her soul. His lips sought hers and together they melded, tongues jousting in a passionate duel. Her hair spilled between fingers on one hand, while his other smoothed the small of her back on its journey lower. His fingers spread to fondle her bottom, confidently pulling her to him. She could feel his excitement as their hips met. Knowing that they would not contain their desire, they broke the embrace long enough to gather her blanket and cooler. Two quick skips, and the trotted off hand in hand.

Not far from this white sandy beach, she knew of a hidden cove into which few, if any would think to explore. They hurried on a few minutes further, leaving all traces of civilization behind. The sun was climbing to its mid-day peak as gulls and waterfowl soared overhead. Waves crashed onto the shore, releasing their salts to season the warm island breeze. Nature ruled this moment, flooding them with the beast of her touch, her sights, sounds and her desires.

Upon reaching the secluded cove, they embraced once more. Hidden by towering rock formations, only the sounds of the pounding surf and the wild birds of the rain forest could reach them as they inhabited their own private island within the island. It was a world for them alone. Holding her face softly with both hands, he pecked kisses upon her nose, her forehead and lips. Fighting the urge to speed ahead and ravage each other with lust, the lovers drank slowly form each other’s passion. A lone cloud spied from the clear blue sky as they twisted down to the blanket that they had spread türkçe altyazılı porno upon the warm tropical sand.

Their meager beach attire nearly shed itself as the lovers rolled together in the shade of the larges boulders. Urging her to her back, he began trailing kisses down her neck. Then kneeling above her, he fondled her breasts, ignoring her nipples as they grew with excitement. He continued to plant the butterfly kisses. Here, and there, and then upon her breast. Circling her breasts with warm kisses, he teased her. In responses, she involuntarily arched her back, hoping to bring him closer. And then as if answering her plea, he accepted the nipple, gently massaging with only his lips. Moving across, he acknowledged her other nipple while his roving hands rediscovered the curves of her body.

Taking the budding breast now into his mouth, he bathed it with his tongue. Light taps and swipes upon her nipple. His hand drifted down to enjoy the feel of her hip. He suckled first one breast and then the other, before tugging lightly with his teeth. Her fingers wove through his hair and then traced his ears, eyes and chin. She made no attempt to hold him back when the sprinkling of kisses began to move lower. He kissed the tender skin just under her breasts, and then reverently, he followed his lips further down her body.

A refreshing breeze spilled from the shade of the rainforest, abating the onrushing mid-day heat. From a kneeling position between her thighs, he slid himself down to lie upon his stomach. He wanted to be comfortable for what was to come. His arms wrapped under her thighs and reached to caress her breasts. Inhaling her muskiness, he began to drag first one lip, and then the other across her warming folds. Bumping and brushing as gently as he could, he teased her. Several minutes passed with only the slow delicate brushing of his own lips upon those of her sex. He was beginning to taste her excitement now.

Abandoning all pretense of maintaining control, she planted her feel on his shoulders and offered herself freely. He rewarded her with the first probings of his tongue as she blushed into full bloom. Exquisite soft tracings were languished upon her, up along one side of her moistness, and then down the other. He grazed lightly one time across the essence of her sex ushering the warmest of tingling sensations. He continued, no intoxicated by her scent.

With his left hand, he fondled her breast while his right hand slowly worked its way down her tummy to rest upon her mound, his thumb scribing soft circles. She raised hips in response, wishing to make contact where she so desperately needed it. Sharing her thoughts, he tenderly worked to the moist center of her desire. Scarcely drawing across her with just the tip of his tongue, he then curled it and brought it nearer to her clitoris, touching it not. He repeated the motion over and over. Probing a bit deeper each time, it would then curl up and glide back on target, barely missing on opposite sides with each successive pass. His teasing was delightful torture.

Reaching one hand to the back of his head, she guided him closer and thrust her hips up to great him. And then at long last, he brushed the swollen nubbin head on, jolting her with pleasure.

His hand wandered lower, only to gently pull back on her flesh, further xnxx revealing her to him. His tongue danced in rhythm with her passion, delicately tracing and gently tapping her, before warmly embracing the engorged bundle of nerves. One hand worked to support and fondle here bottom now, as she continued to lift herself to him.

He moved so that he could tease her with first one, and then two fingers in concert with the warmth of his oral stimulations. He went on to trace the folds and recesses of her sex. He held his two fingers firm so that she could choose to accept more as he slowly entered her. Once she accommodated herself to the fullness, she began a slow grinding motion. Her hips would then rock up and relax back down. Again and again she repeated the cycle, rejoicing in the delirium that increasingly held her in bondage. Unable to restrain her jubilation, she brought her hands to her breasts, lightly pinching and tugging at her aroused nipples.

Slowly, her hips rolled in time with the crashing waves, thrusting ever steady and sure. She bit the corner of her lower lip, lest she cry out and utterly surrender to the sensations that threatened to overwhelm her. The first time that they had made love; she had oathed to take control when next they met. And now once again, though she felt the heat growing from within her inner being, she nearly cursed herself for being unable to set aside the pleasure and to take command of the moment. The next time she swore, it would be different. She would set the rules. The rules would be hers. But this time, oh yes! This time she would allow him to have his way.

Several minutes later, he slowly withdrew his fingers and broke all contact with her. Shamelessly, she thrust and rocked her hips in an effort to reacquire his attention. She was too far gone to lose this feeling now. Releasing her nipples, she clutched him by the hair and dragged him back to where he belonged. Feigning indifference, he blew lightly across her before taking a third finger into his mouth to moisten it. With the three fingers bundled together as one, he offered them to her. Dragging his flattened tongue back across her, he began to satisfy her cravings. Arching her back in greedy acceptance, she brimmed with ecstasy as he suckled her.

They became deaf and blind to the world as his tongue continued its dance for her, blending firm with a wisp, and adding every varying tough in-between. He sought merely to provide as much pleasure as her mind and body could endure. She could see sporadic flashes of light as the unbridled tide raced toward her. Having been set in motion, there would be no turning it back now.

The sensation seemed to draw from each and every nerve of her body. Imploding then, to converge at a single point before seething out, causing her knees to tremble as she continued to desperately ride his shoulders. Her breathing quickened, and a wonderful lightheadedness overtook her. Sensing her imminent orgasm, he began to ease his fingers from her, ever so slowly. His tongue however, was unrelenting as he continued to circle, nudge and bump across her, unable to give or receive enough. Her hips began bucking involuntarily as the glorious wave reverberated back to engulf her. Pulling him closer with both hands to meet her thrusting hips, her sex grasped at him as he paid loving homage. He inhaled her porno izle inflamed button, taking it into his mouth. Caressing with just the tip of his tongue, he bathed every recess and bumped each receptor that sought pleasure.

Even as the first orgasm carried her away and attempted to ebb, a second more powerful tremor was building to crash upon her. Eyes screwed shut to the blinding sun, she urged him on. Unintelligible sounds echoed off the rocks as both lovers expressed their appreciation to the other. With his elbows planted in the sand, powerful hands cupped her rounded cheeks. Only her shoulders remained planted on the blanked when she raised her head to look upon him through dreamy eyes. He drew her closer to the lips that sought only to please her more, if that was indeed possible.

The second orgasm carried remnants of the first, simultaneously flowing over and thru her body. To breathe seemed impossible as her heart raced to keep pace with the waves of pleasure. He continued to knead her flesh, as his tongue painted her with the lightest possible brush; five, six, then seven times. Nearly releasing her, his pursed lips issued a brisk cool breeze upon her. His breath warmed and spread, settling with a torrid kiss upon her. She arched her back and thrust her hips in a final request, her body quaking in blissful release as the orgasm shuddered throughout her body.

Having crested, the tide receded while she blinked herself back to reality. No longer holding their breath, the jungle birds began a new song. His hands roamed about her as he kissed his way back to her closed eyes. Breathing was an effort as she regained control, occasionally convulsing from the aftershocks of her pleasure. Raising up and moving his head slightly, he blocked the sun from her. As their eyes met, her angelic smile was the reward for the rapture he had selflessly bestowed. Breathing deep once again, she exhaled a long drawn-out sigh and reached out to touch his face. Se spoke for the first time in an hour. “You do know how to please me,” she purred. “MMM, I love the way you love me. But sometimes a girl needs to be fucked. Are you up to it?”

Setting the novel aside, she wiped the perspiration from her face and quenched her thirst again. The tropical sun and her imagination had warmed her beyond what she had thought possible. A quick glance up and down the beach, and she tossed her sunglasses into a wide-brimmed straw hat. A mile breeze lifted her curly brown hair as she walked into the surf, her hips swaying to a beat that only she could hear. She waded out until the sea was waist deep. The sun turned the ocean spray to glittering rainbows when she brought her hands together and dove through the next incoming wave. Just below the surface, she cut through the water until breathless. Standing then, her lungs filled themselves with the fragrant island breeze.

She rocked forward as the troughs tickled her midriff, until the next wave pushed her back onto her heels. After wiping her hair back and out of her eyes, her hands drifted over her breasts and continued, absentmindedly following the curves of her body. “Would she ever find a man worth keeping?” her thoughts blurred toward the shimmering horizon. “Wasted efforts” came the involuntary reply after the next wave splashed her back to the present. Casting these thoughts aside, she turned to face the tiki huts scattered in front of the hotel. It was time to bet back and start packing. “Why can’t a week at work pass this fast?” she asked a passing bird which snubbed her of a reply. Pushing off with the waves behind her, Angie allowed the sea to embrace her and carry her back to shore.

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