Uncaged Ch. 02

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Standard disclosure: all fictional characters, all over 18. This is a personally produced work. Any questions, contact the author. Enjoy.


Saturday nights at work are never my favorite. They’re long, hot, and I’m always just about exhausted by the time they’re over. Just walking in my door is the high point of my day. You can count on there being a trail of my clothing heading to the bathroom. The shower is the only thing that really gets some semblance of life back into my body after a day like that.

I must have been in there for half an hour, letting the water relax my muscles, I didn’t leave until I was forced out by the lack of hot water. As though shutting off the water was a cue, the doorbell rang. “Shit,” I thought to myself, “who the fuck is that?” I stepped out of the shower, and realized that none of my clothes had actually made it into the bathroom. I started wrapping a long white towel around me when I heard the door unlock and open!

“Kat? Kaaaaattt? I know you’re here, I see your truck outside. Are you okay?” That was Jade’s voice, as a good friend of mine, she watched my place when I was away, and had a key, and so I was down to only slightly surprised when I heard her voice. I still didn’t know why she was here, but she wasn’t exactly uninvited either.

Even in my exhausted state, I could guess why she was here. The craziest night of my life had just happened the night before. I thought about it every chance I got during work, at first, but the restaurant was just so busy, it ended up pushed to the back of my mind. I was even semi-comatose for the majority of my shower so I didn’t think about it for a second in there. Just goes to show how hard I work sometimes I guess.

Well, it was a safe bet that she wanted to talk about last night. It was certainly more than fun, but she had a boyfriend, so I’m sure she just wanted to apologize for their behaviour. Jade and Ben started everything, I was just dragged along helplessly in my wine-filled state. Actually, I think she even said something of the sort just before they left…



The last thing she actually did say was that she owed me. I didn’t remember a word of that until this very moment. Specifically, she owed me a good pussy-eating. Oh fuck. How drunk was she? If she remembers, and is here to pay that debt, then I am sending the wrong signal by being wrapped in just a towel.

“Ok, Kat, calm down, just go see what she wants, it’s probably nothing, she’s just a good friend is all.” It was not as reassuring of a thought as I hoped, but there was nothing to do but find out. I opened the bathroom door and stepped out to meet her.

There she was, walking down the hall towards me. Fuck, why did she always have to look like a goddess? Tall, long dark hair, with that tight body and long legs, damn it. She was just wearing jeans and a t-shirt, but she still couldn’t have looked sexier.

“Hey Jade, what’s going o-” Her lips were on mine before I got another word out. She pushed me back to the wall as her tongue slipped inside. I was too stunned to have stopped her if I tried. As I tried to focus my thoughts long enough to pull away, Jade let the kiss end.

“Hi there sexy, I think I owe you something…” she purred at me.

“Jade, last night was just…drunken fun. I wasn’t…I didn’t…” I stammered out.

“Oh no, don’t give me that. You loved every minute of it, I know you did. I saw you, hell, the whole block probably heard you enjoying yourself.” she replied.

“Well…ok…yes, I did. It was great. But it was just that one time, I don’t even like guys! You know that!”

“That’s why I didn’t bring him. It’s just you and me tonight, and I plan on eating that little pussy just like I promised…” she was relentless. No wonder I couldn’t resist her when I was drunk.

“But what about Ben then? You’re still with him!”

“I’m not telling Ben, and you’re not telling him either, are you?” As she said this, I could feel her hand starting to climb up the inside of my thigh. I was tingling already. But I didn’t know…

“No, that’s not right,” I started. “we shouldn’t be…” but her lips stopped mine again. She knew exactly how to shut me up. Her other hand was now on my hip, lifting the towel, caressing my side. Fuck, I was wet already. She was just irresistible.

“We’re not going to say a word to him,” she whispered into my ear, “I’m going to do anything I like with your sexy little body tonight, and you’re not going to complain even one more time about it.”

Oh God, one hand was on my ass now, while the other had risen to just below my tits. She started biting my neck. My knees were getting weak, I just couldn’t Betturkey put any words together. I wanted to fuck her more than I can say, but like this? I still didn’t know.

Her one hand finally (Finally? Damn it, Kat.) made it up to cup one of my firm, slightly wet tits, loosening the knot that kept my towel together at the same time. While it fell, her other hand dropped to my pussy, where I know she could feel my wetness betraying my words.

I knew. I knew that it was.

I looked into her eyes, those deep brown eyes. And I nodded, just a small one, but the sparks that flashed in hers signified that she knew she had broken my resolve. She knew then that she had me.

My hands immediately went to her lower back, pulling her towards me. We were up against the wall, bodies entwined. I reached around for her ass, holding her tighter. I could feel even through the jeans that she still had one of the most fantastic asses I had ever seen. It was beautifully firm and fit my hands perfectly.

This time I kissed her. Well, I tried. She pulled away the instant before I reached her. She just shook her head and began kissing down my neck. Her hands were running the length of my upper body now, from my shoulders, down my sides, barely grazing the sides of my breasts as they passed. I started to unbutton her jeans, when she grabbed my arms and forced them to my sides, up against the wall.

“No way, girl. You keep your lips to yourself and your hands to yourself. Tonight, you’re mine and I’m going to do everything I want to do, and you don’t get to have a say in what that is. If you touch me, if you kiss me, if you say a single word in complaint, then I’m going to stop and you’re just going to have to take care of yourself.”

That bitch! She knew she had me, I was far too worked up by now to stop, so I did the only thing I could do, I put my hands to my sides and gave a short nod. I hated not being able to touch her, but I would hate her leaving a lot more.

“Good girl. Now let me see what I have to play with tonight.”, Jade said as she stepped back, as far as the hallway would allow. Her eyes roamed across my naked, exposed body. Hair still wet, breasts heaving with my deep breaths, nipples hard. I’m sure my legs were shaking slightly in anticipation, and my little bald pussy was as wet as it had ever been. I was standing there completely naked as this fully clothed goddess studied me. Desire and nervousness were fighting for control of my senses. I’d never let anyone have their way with me like this, but right then I wanted nothing more.

“Mmmmm…looks very good. Come with me.” with that, Jade took my hand and led me to my bedroom. She’d been to my house enough times to know the way. I sat on the side of my bed, not knowing what to do next. Jade sat alongside me, and began to kiss my neck again. As she started to nibble her way down to my shoulder, she slowly used her body to lower mine onto the bed. We were mostly chest-to-chest, with Jade on top of me. I really didn’t know what to do, I wasn’t supposed to touch her, and so my arms were awkwardly out to the sides.

Jade recognized my discomfort, and helped me to lie in the centre of the bed. She straddled my chest, and started to run her fingernails down the inside of my arms. She linked her fingers with mine and pulled my hands over my head. I have this old wrought iron headboard, with a number of vertical bars. She guided each of my hands to grab one, then let go.

“Don’t let go. If you do, even for a second, then there’s no more for you. Do you understand?” Jade asked.

I nodded to her. “No, no, tell me, do you understand?” she asked again.

“…Y…yes I do. I understand.” I managed to squeak out. Again, what an evil bitch! She basically tied me down using my own lust! I wasn’t going to let go for anything.

She was still straddling my body, but had moved down to my waist. Her kisses were right down my neck now, going nearly as far down as my breasts. She was determined to kiss every inch of me on her way, it seemed. Her hands were again roaming up and down my sides, just barely caressing the sides of my tits as they passed.

Finally, her lips began to arrive at the tops of my breasts. I was breathing hard anticipating her touch, her lips, her tongue. Just then, she paused. What the hell? “Hurry up!” I thought as loud as I could. As if to spite my thoughts, her lips began the reverse trek up my chest, reaching the base of my neck once again. Her nails raked my arms, giving me goose bumps.

Eventually, after minutes of this torment, her lips kissed up my cheek. She brought them down to mine, but pulled away after only Betturkey Giriş the lightest touch. I tried to bring my head up to reach her, but couldn’t move fast or far enough. She just giggled and kissed her way down the other side. She was starting the entire journey back down from the start again! God, I wanted her so bad!

As her lips, after what seemed like so long, finally began to reach my breasts again, she dipped her head, and tongue, into the narrow valley between them. I felt her tongue slide down my body, her hands sunk as far down as my hips, but my heaving tits and rock-hard nipples were left virtually untouched.

However, she was now kissing her way across my belly. I was proud of how firm it was after the endless hours spent at the gym, and to know it was paying off right now was a small victory. Her hands were moving slowly from my hips down the side of my thighs, and her mouth crawled ever lower to where I wanted her most.

I should have known it wasn’t going to be that simple. Her lips deviated exactly as I should have expected and began to flutter along the inside of my thigh, while her nails now slid across my stomach very lightly. The light touch was somehow more intense than a firm one, it made me shiver, over and over again.

I wanted to tell her what I wanted, but for one, I already knew that she damned well knew what I wanted, and for two, I didn’t know if she would stop if I said it. I fought with the possibilities, but decided to stay silent while I quivered in anticipation. By now, she had begun the journey back up my thigh, her lips now inches away from my dripping wet pussy. She must have been able to feel the heat radiating, I felt like I would explode.

She raised her head, just an inch or two, and I knew that bitch was simply going to cross over to my other thigh and begin again. But just as I was steeling myself to handle a little more denial, she brought her lips just millimetres away from my pussy, and blew a long, cool breath across it.

Fuck! It felt like an electric shock! The sensation running through me from just that little puff of air just about blew my mind by itself. My hips bucked, but she had clearly anticipated this reaction and had already raised her head to smirk at the frustration and emotion on my face. Once I settled, she did exactly as expected, finally, and started to brush her lips lightly down my other thing. This time, it seemed a little faster. Maybe she was finally getting impatient herself?

As she rose this time, I readied myself for that breath again. I was determined to not look like a desperately horny slut this time. But again, she changed the plan on me. This time, she began to kiss me, firmly, just above my pussy, right where my light brown hair would be if I didn’t shave it regularly. I swear, I could feel the vibrations shoot down through me anyways. I don’t know if I could have got any wetter at this point, I could already feel myself lying in a puddle on the bed.

While she was doing this, her hands began to rise up my body, and in the lightest possible way, she began to cover my tits with her hands. I could feel her entire hands on me, but just barely, enough to tell that we fitted together as well as any puzzle pieces could. But every time I tried to arch my back to meet them, she pulled away. When I settled, she started all over again with the lightest touch she could provide.

I couldn’t take much more of this. “Please…” I whispered.

“Oh? Please what, my girl?” Jade whispered back.


“More what? More of this?” Jade replied as her fingertips began to make slow circles around my tiny pink nipples.

“Yes, yes please, I need it. I need more.” It was almost a whine now.

“And what will you do for me if I give it to you?”

She knew what I would do, she wanted me to say it. I didn’t want to, didn’t want to prove to her that deep inside she gave me these burning desires to stop being so quiet, to let myself go to my secret needs…but she knew I had no resistance left. “Anything I’ll do anything. Please make me come.” It was a whimper, a desperate plead.

“Anything? Anything can mean a lot. Will you let me have my way with your hot little body anytime I want? No more arguing?”


“Will you bury your tongue in my pussy whenever I tell you?” She was insistent.


“So will you promise to just be my personal sex toy anytime I want? I can use you, take you, show you off? Absolutely anything?”

“Fuck…yes…I will.”, that was it, I gave her everything of me. Now would she please fucking hurry up and use me!

“Well then,” Jade started, and with that her fingers pinched down on my nipples, hard. I gave a small yelp, it hurt, but her touch, finally her firm touch, was exactly what I was wishing for. Her hands were fully in motion now, squeezing my perky tits, cupping them, sliding around my torso to give me the sensual experiences I needed oh so much.

“I suppose you deserve this then,” she continued, bringing her lips to mine and kissing me deeply, it seemed to go on forever, her lips so soft and full, her eyes closed. Jade’s tongue slipped inside my open mouth and swirled against mine, how could I ever go without her taste for long again? When she released the kiss, she was dedicated to proving herself a woman of her word. She kissed down my neck, real touches this time, not just the hint of pleasure it was before, but strong and confident.

Her lips trailed to my breasts, and as sensitive as they were, and how hot I was for her, led me to moan with every kiss, every slash of her tongue across my nipples. I could barely hold on to the headboard, I was nearly ready to come already!

She continued, kissing down my firm stomach, a legacy of my time in the gym, and this time there was no teasing, no changes in direction, her mouth went straight down my body and before I could even form the wish, her tongue was on my clit. She was a woman possessed now, Jade’s tongue was wild, circling, flicking, there was no way I could hold back my orgasm long, even if I wanted to, and believe me, I did not.

Jade’s hands were firmly on my thighs, spreading me wide. Her tongue was first circling my clit, then swiping down in long licks across my pussy, I was so wet that my juices were coating her beautiful face. She was scrambling to keep up her frantic pace as my hips bucked and I shook ever closer to my impending orgasm. By now I had given up begging for her touch and was screaming out my need.

“Do it, fuck yes, lick me, eat my fucking pussy, I’m gonna come! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck me!” And she did. She fucking made me come, screaming as I did. I shook, I moaned, I soaked my hot lover’s face even further. I loved every second of it and I knew in every fibre of my being that I would let her have me again and again, any time she wanted.

I started to come down from my orgasm, breathing heavily and letting out soft moans, nearly exhausted from the impact Jade’s touches had on me. Jade, however, would not let up. Her hands were still caressing my body, stopping to cup my tits and squeeze them, tugging at my nipples. Her kisses were non-stop down the inside of my thighs.

I was overloaded, writhing against the sensations her touch sent through my entire body. “No more, please, I can’t take any more.” I begged.

Jade’s hands were still on me, but she looked up, a grin across that gorgeous face, lips glistening with my juices, “I thought you said you wanted more…you begged me for more?”

“No, please, I can’t take it.” I was pleading as hard as I had before. It was just too much.

“Awww, that’s cute. But you’re mine now and you’re going to take whatever I want. So be quiet, keep those legs spread and give me that tasty little cunt.” Jade’s voice was teasing but firm. I knew she meant it. I had no choice, I knew that I belonged to my goddess now, I closed my eyes, spread my legs as far as they would go, and gave myself to her, completely.

“There’s my new sex toy, learn well, because I have many more plans for you.” With that, she dove back into my pussy, her tongue darting deep inside me, making me shake violently, she ate me like no one had ever done before, with a hunger that drove me wild. I tried to scream, to beg, but I couldn’t form words anymore, I came again, the strongest orgasm of my life. Jade’s hands were on my tits, her nails ran down my arms, across my stomach, spread my thighs wider. It was an excruciatingly long blur, but I moaned and screamed and jerked under her touch until the sensations overwhelmed me.

I opened my eyes. I must have passed out. Jade was lying beside me, still fully clothed. She was holding me tight, lightly kissing my cheek and neck. “Have fun, beautiful?” she whispered.

I had released the headboard, my body was weak, my limbs limp. My naked body was glistening with sweat as I lay drained of all my energy. “Oh god…yes,” was all I could manage.

“Get used to it baby, this is going to happen over and over now. I love your body and we’re going to have lots of fun from now on,” she teased.

“Fuck.” I breathed. “I’ll do it. Anything, for you. But…what about Ben?”

“Don’t worry about Ben, this is our little secret. At least, unless I decide to tell him. Of course, if I do, I’m going to have to find a way to make it up to him. Luckily…you did say anything…” she trailed off, letting the thought ease its way into my head.

I didn’t answer. I lay in her arms, recovering. But my mind went through the possibilities. Anything. Yes. For her, I’d do anything at all.

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