Unexpected Appointment

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“So, how are you and Ron?” he asked.

“He’s fine, I guess. We broke up last week. That’s why I’m here,” she replied.

“Oh?” He motioned for her to get up on the exam table.

Amanda knew this was going to be the embarrassing part. Explaining to her friend’s husband that she needed the full exam with all the tests because she couldn’t keep her boyfriend happy and he had cheated on her. Of course, the slime ball couldn’t have just dumped her. No, he had to continue to occasionally fuck her and fuck the other woman, or women – who knows how long this went on before she found out. It’s not like she is ugly. At 5’4” and 125 pounds she was a well proportioned woman. She had a 36 C cup breast and a nice tight ass that she worked hard to keep. She had strawberry blonde hair that she kept a little longer that shoulder length and she was attractive. But apparently that wasn’t enough, she wasn’t enough. It has been over for months now, but she just didn’t want to admit it. She just wished Stacy would have told Jake about her and Ron, so that she didn’t have to. “Yeah, I need the full exam all the tests. Especially the STD tests. He cheated on me, and I don’t know who with or how long it went on.”

They had been together for three years. Three years wasted! She was now 28 years old and wanted to settle down. But she didn’t have any prospects. Why couldn’t she find a nice guy like Stacy had? Jake was nice, sexy and exceedingly good to her friend. He was about 6 foot, 185 pounds with dark brown hair and incredibly good looks.

“I’m sorry, but I’m glad you realize you need to be tested. Most women don’t even think about it until they show some kind of symptom. Have you noticed anything different?” he asked as he sat down in the rolling stool. The room was a typical gyno office. She was sitting on the cushy exam table which was facing away from the door; the stirrups had not been pulled out yet. There was a small changing room about the size of a small coat closet with a swing door that you could see above and below, the only thing the door blocked was the occupants’ torso and upper legs. Right now her winter coat, clothes, and bra and panties were lying on the little bench just inside the door. Across the room was a small cabinet with a sink that stored the more commonly needed medical supplies. There were also several posters about giving oneself a breast exam, the anatomy of a woman’s privates and posters about what a good or bad ovary looks like.

“Well, I knew there was something wrong, but I guess in typical female fashion I just wanted to ignore it, I guess. I mean how long can I man go without sex before he explodes?” she replied. Ron may have still been fucking with her while he was cheating on her, but it was only after she would practically jump him.

With an odd smile Jake replied, “I don’t know about Ron, but I can’t go very long. But I was asking about your health.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. If you can’t tell I feel a little awkward doing this with you. But no, I haven’t noticed any changes,” Amanda told him.

“Good. Not that I mind, but why are you here and not your regular gyno?” he asked.

“Well, I don’t really know my regular doctor. I mean, I know her, but what if the tests come back and something is wrong? I don’t know, I just wanted someone I know to be here with me. Plus Stacy says you have a great bedside manner,” she said with her own small smile remembering last summer.

He smiled back at her, “I have been told that on occasion.”


They had been out at Jake and Stacy’s lake house jet skiing. He and Stacy had their own jet skis, but Ron and Amanda had to rent theirs. While Ron, Jake and Stacy had all zoomed out of the “no wave zone”, Amanda was a nervous wreck and could barely hold onto the damn thing. She had told Ron she had never rode one of these stupid things and he was supposed to stay with her, but he hadn’t. After a few minutes she managed to make it back to the dock and was getting off when Jake pulled up.

“What’s wrong, Mandy?” he asked as she looped a rope from the pier to her jet ski.

Her legs were shaking a little so she sat down hoping he didn’t see. “Oh, nothing. Just decided I didn’t want to go out is all.” She hoped her voice didn’t shake as well.

“It’s not nothing. Your heart is beating so fast, I can practically see it beating out of your chest,” he said looking down at her breasts and then back into her eyes. “Are you scared?”

“Um…yeah, a little. I’ve never ridden ones of those before and Ron was supposed to stay with me, but I guess that’s not happening,” she said looking out onto the lake. It was a large lake and she could no longer see Ron or Stacy.

He smiled looking back over at the lake behind his shoulder. When he turned back to her, his smile had vanished. “If you want, I could teach you.”

“No, that’s ok. I’ll just hang around until you guys are done. No big deal.”

“It is a big deal. I invited you guys out here, and as such it’s my job to make sure you have a good time. Plus it’ll be fun, you’ll see,” he smiled.

“Um…I don’t think I can do it. You saw me, I was freaked out and I couldn’t have been going more the 5 miles per hour,” she said.

“Well, Maltepe Escort you shouldn’t have been on your own anyway. When you learn you should ride with someone first,” he said looking over his shoulder at the lake again. “Ron should have known better.”

“Oh, well, I would like to go out there and try it. Maybe I could get used to it while someone else drives and then I could drive it on my own,” she replied with a wavering smile.

“That’s my girl. Hop on.”

He had been idling next to the pier as they talked. Since she had been sitting on the pier with her legs dangling all she had to do to get on was lift her leg and place it on the seat of the jet ski. He turned to make sure she was getting on ok, and since she was now standing on the seat with one leg and leaning on the dock, her pussy was level with his face. Good thing I shaved, she thought. She was wearing her favorite and most reveling bikini hoping Ron would want to get busy on the trip. She wasn’t sure what was going on, probably stress from his job, but they hadn’t had much sex. She was hoping to change that this weekend. The black bikini was small with just two triangles barely covering her nipples and small bottoms that covered her pussy mound, but barely. She was wearing a life jacket, so she wasn’t worried about her top falling off and flashing the lake while in the water. Slowly she lowered herself to the seat careful not to fall off the other side.

Jake turned around and slightly shook his head, “All set?” he asked his voice slightly more husky than before.

“I’m ready.” She didn’t know where to put her hands. So, she grabbed onto the seat underneath her.

“You’ll need to hold onto me. It can get pretty rough when you’re riding shotgun,” he told her.

“Oh, ok then.” She wrapped her arms around and placed her hands on his chest on top of his slippery life jacket. “All set.”

He grabbed her hands and moved them to the bottom of his jacket. “Here, grab onto the jacket.”

She curled her fingers under the jacket and felt his smooth muscled abs clench. He was wearing blue swim shorts and she could feel the tops of them against the back of her fingers. “Now I’m all set.”

They took off, slow at first until she told him she was ready to go faster. He did, making sure she was ok all the time. If she flexed her legs she inadvertently squeezed him between her thighs and he would slow down the jet ski a little, he was so in tune with what she was feeling. With the waves bouncing and the wind in her hair, water in her face she couldn’t see much over his shoulder, but she was having fun. The fact that a man was between her thighs again wasn’t bad either. She squeezed him again just to feel it this time. Her pussy was pressed up against his ass and it felt great every time she flexed. She was getting very aroused.

“You okay?” he asked looking over his shoulder.

“Oh..um..yeah. Do you think I could try now?” she asked. Wait! What did I just ask?? she thought.

“Yeah, sure. It’s a little hard to switch drivers out on the water, but we could try,” he said turning off the motor. “Ok, lift you right leg across my lap. I’ll help you slid around and then you can turn around and face front. Ok?”

“Ok. I think I get it.” She lifted her leg across his lap and he turned to grab her waist. Jake lifted her up and slid her around. Now she was facing him, sitting in his lap. Oh my. I need to get laid, she thought. A little breathlessly she said, “Ok now how do I turn around.”

With his hands still on her hips he replied, “Now pull you left leg up so you’re sitting across my lap. And then as you turn around, lift your right leg over the handle.” Once she was across is lap, she completed the turn and was now sitting with him at her back with his hands loosely around her waist his fingertips just resting on the top of her bikini bottoms his palms on her smooth skin. He reached with his hands and showed her how to start the jet ski again. He was now basically wrapped all around her and with her being so horny, she had to keep reminding herself she was taken, he was taken. But it felt good to be in a man’s arms, even if it wasn’t sexual, for him at least. For her this was the closest she’d been to sex in weeks.

He showed her the speed controls, how to turn and everything she would need to know to get started. He put his hands back on her stomach and then he said, “Let’s go.”

Amazingly she discovered she was just as tuned into him as he was to her. When he thought she was going too fast for her to control he would unconsciously press his fingers into her stomach, and she would slow down. With the excitement of actually driving this thing, it took her awhile to realize his cock was hard and pressing against her ass. When she did realize it, it felt so wonderful to have a hard cock against her she slowly started to press back into him. She slowed down the jet ski until they were idling again, but she kept rubbing against him, his fingers tightened on her and then he was rubbing against her. Soon they were dry humping each other.

Jake started to move his hands down. He had to touch her pussy, see if she was as wet as Maltepe Escort Bayan he was hard. He slipped his fingers under her bikini and was soon touching the bare pussy lips he had wanted to see at the dock. He slid his fingers down and when he found her clit they moaned together. He rubbed a few circles around it and then moved on to her pussy lips. Slowly he slid his fingers along her slit and then slowly pressed his two middle fingers in keeping the heel of his palm against her clit. As he continued to dry hump her he finger fucked her. He has been a few weeks without sex too. Things were not going well in his marriage and he was tired of being the only one to try to fix it. He was so turned on right now he was about to lose his load in his swim shorts. She was so responsive, so sexy that he could do this all day and never tire of it. He wanted to taste her, but knew he couldn’t on the watercraft. As he kept on hand down finger fucking her, he added his second hand to touch some of her pussy juice. Then he slowly brought it up to his lips. She turned her head to watch him and saw him suck her juice off his finger. That put her over the edge and she came. He felt her pussy spasm and clench around his fingers and imagined the hot moist walls of her cunt milking his cock like it was milking his fingers and he came. They moaned and came together as he thrust his hips against her ass one last time.

Slowly they drifted back down to earth after their orgasms and realized what they had done. He took his fingers out of her pussy and her bikini and rested them back high on her hips. They didn’t say anything as she slowly started the jet ski and headed back toward the dock. By silent mutual agreement they decided to pretend it hadn’t happened.

When they got back to the dock, they didn’t see either Ron or Stacy, but their jet skis were back. Jake and Amanda got off and tied the jet ski up. “I think I’m going to jump in the lake,” Jake said. “I…uh…need to wash off.”

“Oh. Yeah…sure. I’ll see you at the house,” she said and she turned to go. As he was about to jump in the lake she called out to him, “Jake.” When he turned to look at her, she said, “You know I was really scared before you came back, but I had fun. And…well…thank you. For a doctor you must have a pretty good bedside manner with scared patients.” With that she turned and walked back towards the house.

The rest of the weekend trip was uneventful and they never mentioned what had happened. But neither of them ever forgot it.


Now Jake smiled at Amanda and said trying to shake off the memory said, “My nurse will be in shortly, so I’ll just ask you a few questions first, okay?” He reached over on the wall and grabbed her chart off of the holder next to the door.


“When was your last period?” he asked looking down at the chart.

“Two weeks.”

“Are you currently on birth control?”

“No,” she said.

He looked up surprised, and then tried to wipe the emotion off of his faced as he looked down. “Any particular reason why?”

“Well, Ron and I had started talking about getting married and immediately started a family, so I stopped taking it,” she replied.

Again he was surprised, but this time he was able to hide it. No one knew yet, but Stacy had filed for divorce a month ago. He was more upset that he failed something, than he was that his marriage was over. How sad it that? He had been ready to start a family and that was when his marriage had started to go downhill. Last winter, he had asked Stacey if she wanted to start trying to have a baby, and she had freaked out. She had accused him of wanting her to be barefoot and pregnant and have no life at all. That wasn’t true at all; he was ready to be a father. He was an OB for fuck’s sake, he liked children. He wanted to bring his own into the world, not just other people’s children. They hadn’t fucked since. Like she was afraid he could trick her into getting pregnant or something. Then he started to realize she was fucking, just not him. He briefly wondered if Mandy knew that Stacy had been cheating on him. But probably not. He also wondered if Stacy had told Mandy that they weren’t together anymore. He would guess not, or she wouldn’t be here. He was pretty surprised when he saw her name on his list of appointments for today.

“Mandy, could you be pregnant?” he asked her getting back to the job at hand, so to speak.

“I don’t know, I don’t think so. Wouldn’t that just be a kick in the nuts,” she said.

“Ok, I’ll run a test on that just in case. When was your last pap smear? I can do that while you’re here, too.”

“Over a year, I think,” she said.

Just then the nurse knocked lightly as she opened the door. She was short, round and reminded Mandy of Mrs. Butterworth like on the syrup jar. “Hi,” she said. As she took her position on next to the small cabinet and sink. Jake pulled out the stirrups and positioned them just right for Mandy to lift her feet into.

“Okay, Mandy. Scoot down until you bottom is even with the edge of the table,” Jake said.

As Mandy did as instructed she thought, God this is weird. My friend’s husband Escort Maltepe is between my legs…again. Speaking of friend…”How is Stacy?” she asked as Jake lifted her gown and folded it over her knees. His nurse handed him something and he turned back to her.

Jake froze for a second then said, “Um..I fine, I guess.” God, she has the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen, he thought. He had imagined what it looked like after he had touched it at the lake, but his imagination couldn’t come close. Pretty pink, with perfectly shaped lips with the outer ones slightly larger than the hidden inner ones. Spread like this, he had no trouble seeing every bit of her and it helped that she was shaved. Believe it or not, but a patient had never given him a hard on before. She, however, she had him hard the minute he realized he would get to see her and touch her, even if it was for an exam. He looked down at his hands and saw they were slightly shaking. He pulled on the latex gloves the nurse had handed him and then held out his finger for her to squirt some lubrication on. He stood up and moved a little closer to the table. His back was blocking the nurse’s view of Mandy’s pussy and face, but he knew should he make any inappropriate moves she would know, that is why she was here in the first place. He looked down at Mandy and made eye contact as he said softly, “This might be a little cold.” Then he slowly pushed his fingers into her…for the second time since they had known each other.

Her eyes widened and she said breathlessly, “You’re right, it’s cold.”

As he moved his fingers around making sure he didn’t feel anything abnormal, she squeezed him with her pussy muscles. Her eyes slowly fell closed and he couldn’t resist – he curled his fingers up to touch her g-spot. She gasped. And he said softly, “Sorry, did that hurt?” as he did it again.

A little breathlessly she replied, “No, it just surprised me.”

“Okay, you let me know if it hurts,” he said as he continued to unobtrusively finger fuck her again. Her pussy muscles kept clamping around his fingers, so he knew she was enjoying his attentions. He slowly rubbed his thumb over her clit while he continued to curl his fingers inside of her. Regretfully, he pulled his fingers out and slowly slid them up her lips to gently touch her clit one last time. All unobserved by the nurse. By now he was so hard, if he turned around his nurse would probably report him to the medical association. It wasn’t uncommon for the patient to get aroused during an exam, but when the doctor did there was a problem. “I didn’t feel anything to be concerned about, which is good,” he said. He was surprised he was able to keep his voice steady. “Now, I’ll get a couple of swabs and run those test for you.” As he sat down he was back at eye level with her glorious pussy again. He took the swabs from his nurse and gently inserted it one at a time into her cunt, collecting the juice and tissue he wanted to bury his face in and taste. Once he pulled the last swab out he turned slightly to his nurse who had the containers ready and he dropped them in individually. He looked up at Mandy’s face and her eyes had remained closed the whole time. “The tough part’s over,” he said. “You can put your legs down now.” As she did, the gown she was wearing did not fall all the way back down to her knees and he could still see her pussy lips. He would normally have pulled it down, but he wanted to see them. He moved from in between her spread thighs and pulled his gloves off. He then walked up towards her face at the top of the table. His nurse took the samples and left the room. “I’ll need to draw some blood for some of the other tests,” he told Mandy.

The door shut behind the nurse after she left and he leaned over and said softly to Mandy, “You can open your eyes now.” Then Jake reached out and opened the front of her gown and displayed one perfect round firm breast. The nipple was hard from his earlier ministrations on her pussy, and he wanted to lean down to kiss it. Instead, he started a breast exam by using his fingertips to slowly touch and press on her breast checking for any lumps or bumps, working his way around in smaller and smaller circles until he was just circling the nipple. Normally, he would have been staring at the wall, but this time he was staring into Mandy’s eyes.

Mandy’s breath was shallow and she knew this wasn’t a normal routine exam. All her other doctors didn’t do this. They always avoided touching the areas like her g-spot and her nipple. There was no medical reason to touch that. He had finger fucked her on purpose, and he had done it with his nurse in the room. My god she had almost come, she thought. Maybe he had felt that and that’s why he stopped. And then when he sat back down afterwards, she would have given anything for him to have put his face to her and eaten her. Now he was touching her breast, only it wasn’t a simple touch to make sure she was lump-free, he was feeling her up. But using his doctorate, to do so. He moved his hands to the other breast and did the same thing to that one. She just wanted him to squeeze them, hold them in his hand. She wanted him to reach down and touch her pussy without the gloves. Jake was leaning slightly over her to reach her other breast with both hands, and when she broke eye contact to look down at his cock; she saw that it was hard and straining against his black slacks. His lab coat was caught on a pen in his pocket so she had a perfect view of his stiff cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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