Unexpected Evening

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I had always had a thing for a younger friend of the family. I have known her for about 5 years at this point and have essentially wanted to fuck her since the first time that I saw her. She has this amazing complexion and sexiness about her that few can claim. She gives off this innocent country girl vibe, that I could always see turning to an absolute whore in the sack.

She works at the local hardware store now, and has this amazing tendency to bend over the counter a bit too far when I go to pay, and always give a little extra show. She Nothing too risqué, but enough to keep my attention. I frequently wondered what sort of lace she was filling out underneath.

I had finished work one afternoon and decided to stop by the local bar grill for a bit to eat. Normally a few of the guys would be around, but for some reason nobody was there that afternoon. I saw her sitting alone across the room and decided to go over to say hi, with nothing intended beyond a simple hi and quick conversation. She reciprocated warmly and asked me if I wanted to join her for dinner, as she wasn’t meeting anyone there.I graciously accepted.

Dinner conversation went well and the drinks flowed freely. After a few casual touches to feel out what I thought was very favorable situation, she whispered in my ear so slowly, with that moist intimacy that sent chills up my spine “Let go back to my place” I couldn’t have refused if I had to.

We took my truck back to her place, not more than a few minutes from the grill. We could hardly contain ourselves as I drove, she was rubbing my cock through my pants, and I was rubbing her inner thigh, more brazen with each pass. I had never been there before and was pleasantly surprised to see the tasteful, but simple accommodations. I made güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri my way to her couch after she told me to sit and that she would be back with a drink. She came back, with a glass of wine in hand, wearing something a bit more appropriate for the situation.

She took off her top exposing her small but perfectly shaped tits slowly lowered her pants, and exposed an ass that you could bounce a dime off of. It gave me chills to see such perfection. She gave me a bit of a show as she did it, bending over to show me her ass that I so desperately wanted to bury my face in. She looked back and gave me a look of pure tease, knowing full well the effect that she was having on me.

I couldn’t contain myself any longer and I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her in, burying my face in her pussy. I needed it like air, like I needed nothing else in the world. I took her in and loved the scent of her essence, her unmistakable scent of wanting. I pulled down her thong, and cast it aside. As she stood in front of me over I could see her nicely trimmed pussy inviting my tongue.

I pushed her onto the couch and began licking her pussy softly, smoothly, and slowly casually licking up a bit lower once in a while tonguing her ass. She was breathing deeper, more rapidly. We were working in unison, building like a freight train in the distance to a crescendo, she was moving against the tempo of my tongue, accelerating her movements to build to the ultimate finale. Then I stopped for just a moment, and began flicking my tongue on her anus. I could tell that she was hesitant, knowing that this wasn’t the conventional way of doing things, but at the same time loving every second of it. Soon, she had thrown caution to the wind and accepted güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri that it felt too good to fight.

My cock was pulsing in anticipation of her touch. I had fantasized so many times and run this scenario through my head knowing exactly what I wanted to do to her. I had long thought that bending her over the edge of my leather couch, slowly burying the tip of my cock in her pussy, slowly building her inevitable orgasm, slowly sliding my cock a bit deeper with each push. I longed to feel her tight pussy throbbing around my cock. The though of her bent over the black leather, looking back at me with the look of abandon, of absolute disconcern for anything else but an orgasm in her eyes. I wanted that, I wanted to build her to that point, where she wanted me to cum in her so deep, with so much lust, that she needed nothing else.

This time, though, I wanted something else. I wanted her on top of me. I wanted to see her riding my cock, with her in control of how deep I went. I wanted to see her tits bounce as she rode me. I slowly laid back and she knew exactly how to take things from there. She walked over to me so sexily, so in control of the situation. She sat on my waist with the clear glistening moistness of her pussy as she sat. She slowly bent over with both hand on my chest, and passionately kissed me, her tongue intertwined with mine.

She slid down sensuously, and kissed the tip of my cock. She slowly took me in licking my tip as she slowly sucked. She licked the length of my shaft, and then took me in. As her head bobbed up and down, I noticed how nicely her thick black hair accented her angelic pale skin, the combination of which was an unrivaled package to look at. She knew that she was having an effect güvenilir bahis şirketleri on me and she was enjoying that control. She began to lightly moan while she took me in. It was becoming too much.

I decided that it was her turn. I needed to extend this night. I pushed her onto her back and began licking her pussy again, this time though it would be to completion. I started slow and the tempo progressively increased with her hips bucking against my tongue. She grabbed my hair with no intention of letting go, and began a light moan with each lick. She had waited too long for this and refused to let me back off. I obliged with no reservation whatsoever. My tongue flicked against her clit one final time and she let go, and began to loudly moan. She firmly held my head in place as she bucked until completion, I had no reason to fight the situation, I loved every second of it. As she finished, she became more still and perfectly relaxed. I was glad to have provided her with this, and I know that I will again.

She knew that it was my turn, and pushed me to my back. She straddled my waist, and grabbed the tip of my cock, guiding it in her pussy. In what seemed to be the trend for the night she slowly began to ride my cock, with both hand firmly pressed against my chest. We made perfect eye contact and she gave me an approving half grin. I put my hands on her hips to control the pace. I began to pull her to me harder and harder with each thrust. Her tits were bouncing as only a 22 year olds can. I was building to a powerful orgasm and she knew it by the look in my face. She whispered in a sultry, sexy voice, “Cum in me” I had every intention of doing just that. I couldn’t take it any, grabbed her with one last forceful thrust, and began pumping my cum in her. She kept saying over and over again, “Cum in me, I need it.”

When I finished, she collapsed onto me, with her tits pushed against my chest. I dozed off with my hand on her perfect ass recalling the night events, and comfortably knowing that this wasn’t the last time that I would be doing exactly that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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