University Life Ch. 07

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Chapter 7 In Praise of Older Women

A few days after my sexual exploits into adult movies; I found myself in Professor Sandra Minx office. She was my new graduate advisor. Her field of specialty was ancient civilizations.

I noticed that Sandra looked good for a woman in her late forties. She wore cowboy boots; with tight pink jeans that fit her muscular legs; like a second skin. The silky black blouse clung to her torso; out lining the curve of her breasts; giving a hint of cleavage. Her firm 5 feet 6 inch frame was crowned by a cap of short red hair. I could see her green eyes appraising me.

Standing in front of her desk; Sandra extended her hand in greeting; saying, “Hello John. I am pleased to meet you. I have read some of your work. I was impressed with your paper on the role played by women in Greek religious rituals. That is very close to my area of specialty. I am interested in the role women played in the ecstatic rituals surrounding certain cults.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Professor Minx. Thank you for reading my paper. I feel honored that someone as renowned as you took notice of my paper. I have wanted to work with you to learn more about how the ecstatic rituals influenced the religious cults of Rome and Greece.” I replied; shaking Sandra’s hand.

Returning to her seat; Sandra leaned forward; saying, “Call me Sandra. We do not have to be formal. I’m glad you are interested in my area of specialty. If we work together we may be able to give each other some new insights.”

I noticed that the top buttons of her blouse had come undone; revealing a great deal of the valley between Sandra’s breasts. At the thought of seeing her globes; my manhood gave a little twitch of excitement. Since meeting Cynthia and Joy, and making the movie, I seam to be preoccupied with sex.

As I sat there in my wheelchair, I could feel her green eyes inspecting every inch of me. As her eyes roved over me, I felt she could see right through my clothes into my very soul. Thinking I was naked before this attractive older woman was getting me sexually excited. For some reason I thought her gaze lingered on my crotch which caused my penis to start to rise.

“While studying about ancient rituals, have you ever really imagined what went on during the most famous ecstatic cult?” Sandra inquired; fixing me with her icy green stare. It is one thing to read about the rituals, but it is another thing to try and place you in the situation. When I write about the rituals of the various cults, I mentally make myself a participant. If you can do that you are the kind of student I want. Try and place yourself in the following situation.”

With that Sandra began a detailed description of the rituals of the ecstatic cult of Pan saying, “The rites were held in the evening; when the heat of the day had dissipated; leaving a warm night breeze. The secret glade had been prepared earlier, by the priestesses and their slaves. With the coming of night; the torches surrounding the glade are lit; casting a wavering light over the twisting, turning line of dancing naked women. There naked bodies glisten with sweat, and the paste of henbane and honey which has been smeared on their torsos. This gives them a sensation of flying. The women are also drunk and hallucinating on wine laced with belladonna. Along with the hallucinations the drink they have imbibed causes them to become frenzied.

Sandra was really getting into the word picture she was painting for me, as she continued saying, “You are at the altar at the center of the glade, gazing out at the circle of women surrounding you. They are of all shapes, sizes and colors. Their naked bodies glisten in the flickering torch light, as they circle the alter, swaying in time to the flute and liar music. Soon the drink begins to work its magic. As the frenzy takes hold of them, the women commence caressing their sweat slick breasts and bellies. Soon the fingers of the ecstatic women have found there way to their aroused vaginas. Stroking and inserting fingers into their weeping vaginas; the women are hallucinating; imagining they are being entered by the half goat half man demi god, Dionysius.”

Sandra was now drawing me deeper into the fantasy by asking, “Can you see yourself at the center of the swaying women? Are you becoming excited, as you look around at the lusty women surrounding you? Can you see the women’s ecstasy increase, as they perform the erotic rituals on themselves and to each other? Is your penis beginning to swell in your pants? Can you feel yourself becoming Dionysius? Do you want to mount the women like a randy goat?” With my mind focused on the internal picture Sandra had painted, she ordered, “Open your pants! Let your manhood free! Enjoy the sensation of the warm air on your growing shaft; as you stroke it! Dionysius, let your lust crazed worshippers see your glorious phallus!”

Sitting across from Sandra; I had become entranced, as I stared into her deep green eyes. I could see the Betturkey entire scenario taking place in the liquid green eyes before me, as her voice wove the fantasy. As if in a trance, I pulled my stiffening member from my pants. I could feel my penis become fully erect and hard, as I formed a fist around the length. At the same time, I was sure I could feel a warm, gentle breeze wafting over the length of my manhood. This woman had me under her spell.

“Can you feel how large and hard your cock is? You are Dionysius and all the women are dancing for you, offering you there aroused bodies. They hold out their breasts, as an offering to you. Look at them. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Are you licking your lips, anticipating how the succulent sweaty breasts will taste? Do you want to feast on this smorgasbord of female flesh?”

“Other women are holding their vagina’s open, another offering to you. Can you see their fingers stroking the puffy blood engorged lips of their labia? The first woman comes forward with glinting drops visible along her wide open vagina. Straddling your prone body, she lowers her aroused vagina onto your stone pillar, crying out in ecstasy as your large phallus knifes into her body. She writhes on your stiff phallus, hair flying around her head; as she squeezes her breasts. She is lost in an erotic hallucination. She believes you, Dionysius, are filling her with his sacred organ. She cannot get enough of your horn of plenty. Throwing back her head, she howls in pleasure; covering your cock and crotch with her love juice. As the orgasmic pleasures subside, she collapses to the grass. Immediately another woman is ready to take her place. You now understand you have incredible control over your ejaculation. You also realize your seed is sacred. If a woman is lucky enough to receive your sperm, she will be blessed forever.”

“All around you are naked women masturbating themselves and each other, waiting for their turn atop your phallus of fertility. Here and there a slave can be seen using her fingers or mouth to stimulate a mistress, as she waits her turn. After the second woman has reached orgasm while riding your hard phallus, you no longer think of the women as individuals. They are writhing, sweating bodies and squeezing wombs. You want to give pleasure to as many of the women as possible, allowing your seed to fall where ever the gods will.”

Still entranced by Sandra’s hypnotic voice and green eyes, I barely noticed as she moved to the front of her desk. As Sandra stood there staring, I continued to jack myself off. Slowly she unbuttoned her clinging, black, silky blouse, revealing C cup breasts topped by prominent nipples. Her breasts had a little sag, but they were remarkably round and firm for her age.

Fixing my crotch with those green hypnotic eyes, Sandra commented, “You do have a large phallus. It should be adequate to any task I could set for it.” Sandra then raised her booted foot to my lap ordering, “Take off my boot! That is the way.” When I had finished with the first boot, it was replaced by the other one, as she ordered, “Take off this boot! Well done. You will now help me to take off these pants! Unzip me! Slide them down my legs.”

Quickly I obeyed her commands; unfastening her pants; pulling them over her firm, round butt and down her well muscled legs. I could see a little extra flesh at the hips; giving her the start of some love handles, but her body was in excellent shape for a woman in her late forties or early fifties. Sandra must exercise a lot to keep everything so firm.

I could not resist staring at her crotch. I was drawn to it like a moth to light. The aroused cleft was surrounded by a well manicured triangle of truly red hair. The lips were beginning to open, giving me a glimpse of the pinkness with in. I could not stop myself from licking my dry lips.

Thrusting her crotch toward my drooling mouth, Sandra invited, “You may lick me. I can see how your hungry mouth wants to taste my female fluids.”

Leaning forward; I clasped her hips with my hands; bringing my mouth to her flaming red delta. Sticking out my tongue; I licked up and down her puffy pink love lips; scooping the first drops of her nectar into my parched mouth. Like all women; she had a distinctive taste. It was tangy with a hint of muskiness that made my mouth water with anticipation. Holding her cleft open with my fingers, I lapped around the inside of her slit. Finally I came to the apex of Sandra’s gash, where my questing tongue encountered her large, erect clitoris.

Swiping the hard pink nub with my tongue, I teased the sensitive love bud, making it quiver. Encircling the hard, pink bud with my lips; I began to suck; grazing it with my teeth.

“Yes John! That is the way! Nip my clitoris. You are making me very wet and aroused.” Sandra panted, raising my head from between her thighs. “You will now help me to put on my riding boots!” Sandra ordered; pulling a pair of soft black Betturkey Giriş leather, high heeled, thigh high boots from a closet. We will then go for a ride you will never forget! Stepping into the supple leather boot, Sandra commanded, “Pull the boot up my leg! Zip it up! That is the way. Now the other boot.”

What an incredibly sexy sight greeted my eyes. Sandra stood straight and proud before me, encased in supple, black leather boots from her feet to her thighs. The way she thrust out her chest and flaming bush, hands akimbo on hips, were the finishing touches to this picture of lusty haughtiness.

Gazing into my eyes, Sandra asked, “How do I look? Are you becoming extremely excited looking at me? Are you ready to be ridden like a horse?”

“My god Sandra, you’re gorgeous!” I stammered in awe. “I can’t believe I’m looking at your gorgeous naked body! I’ll do anything you want me to do! I’m yours to command!” I continued, feeling incredibly randy, as I stared at a naked professor, knowing her to be older than my mother.

“Take off your clothes; then climb onto the table over there!” Sandra ordered; pointing at a black, smooth leather covered table; standing about 26 inches off the ground.

Quickly I stripped off my clothes; letting them drop in a pile on the floor. Lifting myself up, I rapidly transferred to the leather covered table. The table was comfortable to lay on, but narrow; just wide enough for my shoulders. At the head of the table and near my chest; on the edge of the table top; there were handles that folded out; locking down into position.

When I had made myself comfortable; Sandra walked to the table; bending down to adjust something beneath it. Looking over the edge, I saw her adjusting what looked like stirrups, which were attached to long leather straps fastened under the table. There was another pair of stirrups hanging down just below where my head and waist were located.

When the four stirrups were adjusted to her satisfaction; Sandra gave my bobbing erection an affectionate squeeze saying, “I hope you are ready for a hard ride. I like to stay in the saddle for a long time.”

Grabbing the handle near my head; Sandra placed a booted foot in the right stirrup; throwing the left leg over my chest. With both feet firmly planted in the stirrups; Sandra’s red triangle of hair was poised above my mouth; just out of the reach of my tongue. I could see clear drops of love nectar forming on her labia; as the lips of her cleft winked at me.

Standing tall in the stirrups; Sandra looked down at me saying, “I hope you’re hungry. I have a delicious feast waiting for you.” Bending her knees; so she could slide against my face; Sandra ordered, “Stick out your tongue! Make it stiff like a finger! Do not move it! I am going to ride your face; until it is soaked with my love nectar!”

Using her legs and arms; Sandra lowered her aroused vagina to my mouth; until my stiff tongue came in contact with the puffy lips of her labia. Standing in the stirrups, Sandra flexed her legs; moving her pussy lips against my hard erect tongue. Leaning forward; Sandra slid her drooling pussy against my stiff tongue. Sandra continued to rub back and forth, until I was covered from chin to forehead with her copious nectar. When she tired of rubbing against my face, Sandra settled her gaping gash on my mouth and nose.

Fixing me with a haughty stare from her green eyes; Sandra commanded, “Grab my ass cheeks! Force my cunt hard against your face! Stick your tongue in me! Lick and tease my clitoris! Get me off!”

Obeying her Commands; I grabbed Sandra’s ass cheeks; forcing her pussy into my face; until all I could taste and smell was her aroused weeping vagina. My senses were over powered by the fragrance of her musky womanhood. The taste was delicious. I wanted to fill my mouth with her honey. When I touched my tongue to her quivering love bud; it caused a flood of juice to cascade over my lips; into my mouth.

By now Sandra was grinding her pubis into my mouth and nose. Taking Sandra’s go button between my lips; I began to worry it. This caused her to grind against my face with greater abandon; as she growled with passion. Giving the erect, pink quivering knot of flesh a nip with my teeth; set Sandra off like an exploding stick of dynamite. Twisting her fingers in my wet hair; she tried to smother me with her squeezing thighs.

Arching her back; Sandra tossed her head; as she howled, “I’m there! Eat my cunt! Bite my clit! Suck up all my juices! O shit! Here comes another orgasm! I needed this release all day.”

The words spewed from Sandra’s mouth; as her body was rocked again and again by powerful, mind blowing orgasms. One after another; the orgasms rolled over her quivering body. I had to fight for air; as her hands and thighs were forcing my face against her flooding pussy. Opening my mouth; I used my tongue to scoop all the love cream I could into my hungry mouth. The abundant juice ran down my cheeks and chin; covering my neck and the leather covered table. I could not believe a woman could climax as often and for so long. Minute after minute; Sandra thrashed about atop my face.

After what seemed like forever; I sensed the spasms running through Sandra’s body beginning to subside. Slowly her hips began to decrease there bucking and gyrating. Finally Sandra let go of my hair; allowing her body to completely relax.

Chest heaving; Sandra panted, “You did a very adequate job of pleasuring me orally. I am now fully aroused; ready to ride on your horn.” With her right foot in the stirrup, Sandra dismounted, saying, “I do hope your horn is a horn of plenty. It will have to be; as I need a good long ride to release all the tensions that have built up over the day. We do not have to worry about noise; as it is around 5:30 and everyone has gone to supper. There will be no one around until seven.”

Replacing her right foot in the second set of stirrups, Sandra threw her left leg over my hips. Standing tall in the stirrups; the lips of Sandra’s wide open vagina just touched the head of my rigid penis. Even though I had not touched myself, the intense pleasure I felt while eating Sandra had caused pre ejaculate to ooze from the tip of my manhood, covering the shaft, making it slick and shiny. My erection was so hard; every vein and ridge was clearly defined.

Flexing her arms and legs; Sandra began to rub my slick shaft between her distended pussy lips. She did not allow my throbbing shaft to enter her love tunnel. However, she did make sure that the flange at the base of my knob was in constant contact with her quivering clit; as she slid her cleft along my pole. Tiring of this foreplay, Sandra raised herself high, trapping the head of my penis at the entrance to her cleft. With a sudden flexing of her knees, Sandra slammed down on my crotch, taking my entire length into her hot wet hole in one fluid motion.

Flexing her legs and shoulders; Sandra began to bounce up and down on my throbbing hard on. The way she moved up and down on my shaft reminded me of a horse woman posting in the saddle. As her excitement increased, Sandra began to ride me harder. Faster and faster she posted atop me, like a jockey spurring her mount into the home stretch. By now Sandra was emitting a steady stream of grunts from deep in her throat, as she rapidly slammed against my crotch.

“Grab my tits! Squeeze the nipples! Make me come!” Sandra ordered; as she pumped piston like on my about to explode penis.

Clutching her swaying melons, I gave them a firm squeeze. Moving my thumbs and forefingers to her nipples, I gave the protruding, pink nipples a hard pinch. This brought a squeal of delight from Sandra’s lips; along with a different grinding, rotating motion from her hips.

“I’m there!” Sandra squealed, as her body quaked in orgasmic release. “Don’t stop pinching my nipples! Squeeze my tits! I like it rough!” She commanded.

“O shit Sandra! You’re so fucking hot! I’m going to shoot my load into your hot fucking cunt!” I growled; thrusting as deep into her sucking slit as possible; while I continued pinching her nipples.

“You’re not climaxing yet!” Sandra exclaimed, moving a hand to the base of my penis. Circling the base of my cock with her thumb and forefinger; Sandra squeezed hard ordering, “You will not come until I tell you to! I am not done with you yet! I am going to keep fucking you and I need a hard cock to do that! A limp dick is useless to me!”

Sandra’s surprise move had the desired effect on me. The sharp pain I felt when she gripped the base of my shaft; caused my boiling sperm to run back into my balls and cool down. After squeezing the base of my shaft for a minute; Sandra began to gently milk my pole with her superbly trained vaginal muscles. I immediately began to return to my extremely rigid condition.

Replacing her hands on the hand grips; Sandra began to slowly ride my erection. Her tongue snaked out; moistening her glossy red lips; as her green eyes began to take on a far away look. Slowly Sandra began to pick up the tempo of her thrusting hips.

“Tease my clit with your fingers! Play with my tits!” Sandra ordered; a tiny line of drool escaping from the corner of her mouth. “With your huge cock; I should be able to climax like never before.”

Placing one hand on Sandra’s breast, I began to squeeze it. Rolling the nipple between thumb and forefinger, I gave it a pinch, knowing how that excited her. With the fingers of my other hand; I found Sandra’s excited clit. Not being too gentle, I began to strum the hard nub. This was made easier by the abundant juices flowing from Sandra’s pulsating vagina.

Sandra was bucking and gyrating atop my crotch; like a possessed woman. This made it more difficult for me to continue my assault on her breast and clit. Faster and faster she thrashed around atop me. Sandra’s hips were now rotating; as she began to lose control.

Totally possessed by a wild frenzy; Sandra cried out, “I’m fucking coming! Squeeze my clit and tit! Don’t stop!” Eyes rolling back in her head; Sandra growled, “Fuck me! Fuck me! Ram that big cock in me! Harder!”

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