Up His… My… Your… Ass!

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He was between Gina’s wide open legs, his hard, muscled body, smooth and sleek against her, that thick steel cock of his buried beep inside Gina, pounding away, her legs scissored around his trim waist. She loved the way Ted fucked her. But with Ted, to Gina’s delight, it was a two-way street. He, too, loved the way she fucked him. And she, in turned, just craved screwing his hot, sexy, male ass with one of her strap-ons.

“Fuck me!” she howled, and he obliged, hammering away with raw cock power.

“Harder! Deeper!” she begged, and again he complied, picking up the pace.

So, over the year of their relationship, they took turns fucking each other.

And one other thing Gina loved was Ted having something nice and big up his ass while he fucked her. But the best she could do to achieve this was to reach around with a dildo and work it inside him as he was screwing her. This was good, and sexy, and they both loved it. But it wasn’t the same as Ted really being fucked, taking a strap-on up the ass, Gina pumping away at him, really fucking him. But it was obviously impossible to do that while he was fucking her. So the best she could do was reach around with a nice hand-held dildo and deftly work it up his ass while he kept up the pounding.

But after a while that just wasn’t enough for Gina.

Then, though, a solution came along.

A few months ago Gina and Ted befriended a sexy young woman, Alice, someone Gina met at the tennis courts. At first she was just a friend. But soon Alice wound up in their bed and every once in a while the trio savored a torrid threesome, Ted enjoying both women as they enjoyed him and each other.

After they became intimate, Gina confessed to Alice that she loved doing Ted up the ass, and that he loved it too. Alice was very intrigued to hear that. She watched Gina fuck Ted like that a few times, while he ate Alice’s pussy. And that was really, really hot, for all of them. Then Gina told Alice that as much fun as it was to fuck Ted, she always dreamed about Ted being really fucked while he was fucking her, not just Gina reaching around with a dildo. Of course her dirty little mind had already come up with the answer in the form of Alice strapping on one of hers and doing Ted while he fucked Gina. But she wanted to plant the idea in Alice’s head, and have it come from her lips.

“Hey, I can strap it on and fuck him while he fucked you.” she suggested Mersin Escort with a wicked grin, her eyes sparkling.

Of course that was exactly what the ever scheming Gina wanted — and expected — to hear Alice say.

And so for the last two months or so, they’d done just that, Alice fucking Ted while he ate or fucked Gina, or Gina fucking him while he did Alice.

And that’s what was about to happen right now — again!

“Uh huh! Fuck me, keep fucking me while Alice gets you ready,” Gina purred as Ted kept slamming it inside her while she reached around to spread apart his smooth, hard buttocks. Tina was standing by the foot of the bed, tall and sleek, stark naked except for the dildo she had strapped to herself. It was Gina’s biggest and best, a thick, nine inch number that looked just like the real thing. Gina and Alice and had gone to buy it together and Alice then watched Gina use it on Ted before she used it on him herself. Now there she was again, with the gorgeous rubber cock strapped to herself, eager and ready to do some more ass fucking!

“Ready to get fucked, Ted?” Alice purred in her sultry voice.

“Uh huh!” Ted growled enthusiastically as Gina kept holding him wide open. Then Alice deftly knelt behind him and, as she had those times before, wedged the tip of her big rubber cock in his crack, the knob into his hole, and then the shaft up his ass, nice and smooth and steady, all the way to the rubber balls. Ted stopped all motion for a few, his cock deep inside Gina, but unmoving, as Alice worked it inside. Then Alice grabbed hold of Ted’s hips and picked up the pace as Ted resumed his, the three of them fucking with a nice steady rhythm, Ted Fucking Gina, Alice fucking Ted.

“God, I fucking love this!” Gina cooed, looking over Ted’s shoulder at Alice, the two women, smiling, winking, loving the three-way fuck they had planned and by now perfected.

But after the last time they did this, a light bulb went off in Gina’s head. And she shared her wicked idea with Alice. When the two women bought this strap-on, they could see on the box that the rubber cock was molded from the actual erect cock of a porn star, one who mainly, but not exclusively, starred in gay porn flicks. There was a photo of him on the box, naked and erect, young and lean and toned, sporting the very same cock whose exact replica was in the box, available for sale and use. The kind Mersin Escort Bayan of use to which Gina and Alice had put it.

Since Gina happened to be a trust fund girl, she had the money to make dreams come true. And the dream she now had was that she would “trick” Ted into taking the real deal, not the dildo, but the real, flesh and blood cock from which their trusty dildo was molded. So using Alice’s contacts (she was a booking agent for lesser L.A. actors and models) they were able to track down Brad, the porn star. They arranged to meet him and Gina explained to Brad, with Alice looking on, a sexy, conspiratorial smile lighting up her pretty face, just what they had in mind. Brad was very agreeable, especially after she showed him a photo of Ted. After a sum of money was agreed on, arrangements were made. Brad, after all, was a fuck for hire.

And here the three of them were. About to be joined by a fourth!

Now Alice slowly pulled out of Ted’s ass, as Ted kept fucking Gina.

“Think I’ll give that ass of yours a little break,” Alice said.

Quietly she tip-toed to the bedroom door and opened it. And there he stood, Brad, in all his lithe, naked glory, a sleek nineteen year old porn star with a thick nine inch cock, now blazingly erect, ready to use. Alice put a finger up to her lips to make sure Brad was as quiet as possible.

Gina kept holding Ted’s ass wide open as Brad stepped behind him. Now, with Alice out of Ted’s sight, Brad took cock in hand, pressed the tip into Ted’s already well-fucked ass, and worked that cock up Ted..

“Fuck me, baby, fuck me. Fuck me while you take some more up your ass,” Gina hissed, not letting on that this was no longer Alice fucking Ted with her dildo, but Brad fucking Ted with his cock!

“Like the way that feels? Like getting fucked?” Gina asked.

“Feels great, I love it!” Ted grunted swaying his ass as he took cock, slamming his own up Gina’s tight snatch.

Now Alice stepped up to the head of the bed, in full view of Ted, her big dildo strapped to herself, sticking out, and definitely not inside Ted’s ass. Ted’s eyes suddenly went wide as he whipped around, gasping as he saw Brad behind him, pumping away, suddenly realizing that it was another stud’s cock that was now buried in his ass!

“Surprise, lover, surprise!” Gina cackled gleefully, “you love cock up the ass so much that I thought you Escort Mersin should finally get to try the real thing.”

Tightly scissoring her legs around his waist, pushing up to meet his thrusts, holding those cheeks wide open, she made sure Ted stayed in place as he took it. And then she explained exactly what was happening, how the dildo the two women had been using was molded off of Brad’s cock, how they had arranged for Brad to come over and finally fuck Ted with the real one. And most of all, telling Ted with heartfelt passion just how much it turned her on to see him getting fucked like this, right up the ass, and not by a dildo this time — which had always been great too — but by a real one, by the well-used, massive, and steel hard penis of a young sexy porn star! By a cock that had fucked many male asses, and was now fucking Ted’s.

“I hope you don’t mind, baby, I know we tricked you,” Gina purred, but in that special seductive and ingratiating way she knew Ted could never resist. “I know you say you’re straight, and everything. But I also know how much you like it up the ass; how much you love it! And you’re always talking about this new dildo me and Alice have been using on you, how good it feels inside. So I thought you were finally ready, baby. Ready to try the real thing.”

“You were right, lover,” Ted whispered with a sexy grin on his face, reaching behind him with an arm to touch Brad, to urge him to stay right where he was and to just keep on pounding, pounding and hammering that ass of his.

“Tell Brad to fuck you, baby. Let me hear you say it,” Gina urged.

“Fuck me, dude,” Ted hissed, meaning it.

“Tell him where you want it,” Gina urged on.

“Up my ass!”

“You like fucking Ted?” Alice now asked, looking over at Brad.

“Oh yeah, he’s tight. And he’s got a gorgeous ass.”

“And just where you like to fuck him,” Alice asked, the two women loving the control, the way they had taken charge of all this.

“Up his ass,” Brad said, looking over at Alice as he hammered away.

Whenever Ted fucked her while she held his cheeks open for Alice’s strap-on, she loved the way his asshole opened and yielded to Alice’s anal invasion; she loved how Ted’s hole wrapped itself around the invading rubber cock. Now her fingertips were at the same spot. Again she was feeling her lover’s asshole opening, yielding, stretching. But this time she felt the warm, real steeliness of another man’s penis entering and filling her sexy lover’s ass. Somehow all that made Ted seem even more, rather than less masculine to her.

Gina’s looked into Ted’s eyes, a deep, loving, searing, passionate look.

“Up your ass, baby. Up… your… ass!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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