Valentine’s Day Fuck

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Every Valentine’s Day feels like a rerun of the year before. The same not-so-original gifts are given, the nice dinner is always eaten, and sex is always had… not that I’m complaining. I just wanted to give him something different and unexpected this year. Something that I knew he’d love and never forget.

He’s usually the one who plans the evening, but this time I made the reservations at a hotel restaurant and booked a room for us upstairs. I bought him one of the usual Valentine’s Day gifts – a pair of black silk boxers with red hearts on them and an Italian watch he’d been eyeing for the past three months. Aside from me doing all the planning, everything was going as usual. I was wearing a backless shin-length red dress with spaghetti straps resting on my shoulders. It was made from a glittery fabric that sparkled a little when the light hit it. Underneath I wore nothing. I pulled out the suit I wanted him to wear that night – including the silk boxers. We both got dressed then headed over to the restaurant.

We sat at the candlelit table surrounded by other couples just like did last year and every year before. We drank the same champagne, talked the same conversation, said the same “I Love You’s.” Everything was going as normal. It was sweet and romantic, but at the same time completely expected and predictable. After we finished our entrée’s he slid a red velvet box across the table. I opened it to find a beautiful platinum necklace in the shape of heart lined in diamonds. It was gorgeous! He stood up and put it on me. When he sat down I gave him the watch that I had bought – which he of course loved. It was the exact one he’d been Ataşehir Escort wanting. We ordered desert and I told him I wanted to go the restroom to look at my new necklace. While I was up, I made a quick call to make sure his Valentine’s Day surprise was ready. When I got back to the table, the dessert had just arrived. I told him that I had a surprise waiting for him in our room upstairs but he’d have to wait to find out what it was. We finished our desserts then quickly headed toward the elevator with anticipation. I was anxious to see the look on his face, and he was anxious to see what his surprise was.

When I opened the door I told him to leave the lights off as I took my shoes off near the door. I lit a few candles around the room then stood next to the foot of the bed facing him. I slowly slid the dress off of my shoulders, down my body, and onto the floor. I stood their naked wearing nothing but the necklace he had just given me. My nipples were hard from a combination of the fabric on the dress rubbing against them and the slightly chilly temperature in the room. He stood there smiling as I walked over to him. I kissed him deeply and I pulled his jacket off of his shoulders and dropped it onto the floor and slid off his tie. Then I kissed his neck while unbuttoning his shirt and kissing lower down his chest for each new button I undid. I could feel his cock stiffen in his pants as I got down lower. I gently kissed his stomach as I undid his belt buckle and the button on his pants. I moved my mouth downward and unzipped his pants with his teeth. His hard cock slid right out of the silk boxers hitting Ataşehir Escort Bayan my lips as I opened my mouth and took in as much of his cock as I could.

I continued to undress the bottom half of him as a sucked and licked his entire dick, making sure not to leave an inch untouched.

After he was completely undressed I told him to go lay on the bed and I gathered his belt and tie. I walked over to the bed holding his belt and tie and straddled myself over his hard dick making sure not to let him enter me. I took one his left arm and tied his wrist to the bed post with the tie, then tied his right wrist to the other side using the belt. I could tell by the grin on his face how excited he was. When I had him securely strapped I leaned down and kissed him again then stood up and walked over and sat on the couch. He looked at me with an extremely confessed expression on his face. I smiled at him then yelled out “He’s ready!”

The bathroom door opened and there stood my best friend wearing a sheer chemise that ended about an inch below her pussy and nothing underneath. You could see her hard nipples creating peaks in the chemise. As she walked closer you could also tell she was clean-shaven. I patted the empty spot next to me on the couch signaling for her to sit beside me, which she did. She sat on her knees facing me. I looked over at my husband then kissed my friend as I slowly slid my hand up her silky thigh, underneath her chemise, and began caressing the wet lips of her pussy with my fingers. She let out quiet moans. I glanced over at my husband. I could see the precum on the tip of his dick Escort Ataşehir reflecting the candlelight in the room. His eyes were wide open as if he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. I whispered in her ear to go over to him.

As she walked over to him he looked at me as if he were surprised that I was letting this happen. She kneeled on top of him slowly lowering herself onto his cock inch by inch. He tried thrusting his hips up and she pulled back. We told him to be patient and I got behind her and held down his legs to make sure he didn’t try that again. She started again slowly sliding onto his cock. This time he didn’t move and she got all the way down having every last inch inside of her. I let up off of his legs and she starting riding him hard. She bounced on his cock and as she landed harder and deeper each time she screamed louder and louder. He was breathing heavily. I sat myself back down onto the couch and touched myself as I enjoyed the show. I was dripping wet and knew it wouldn’t be long before I came. I couldn’t remember the last time I was this turned on. I could tell they were both getting close, too.

I watch her fuck him faster and harder as they both got louder and louder. Then at almost the exact same time they both yelled out in ecstasy as they came. Hearing and seeing that brought me to orgasm – my juices quickly flowing. Afterwards I stood up, shaky in the knees, and told her to sit at the top of the bed next to where my husband’s head was. I spread open her legs and began eating her out – licking up my husband’s cum as it trickled out of her freshly-fucked pussy. My husband’s dick started to get hard again but this time I wanted it. She left shortly after I finished licking her clean. I untied my husband and as soon as he was free, he thanked me for his Valentine’s Day surprise and fucked me. Finally we’ve had a Valentine’s Day unlike all the rest and I know my husband will never forget his Valentine’s Day Fuck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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