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She sat on the edge of the bed, closely examining two objects which she had placed beside her. The first was a long velvet cord, about 35inches in length, very soft, and in the deepest shade of claret. The second object was a long thin band made in the same soft velvet. About 4inches deep, and 30inches long, but with a Velcro fastening attached to both ends. She let her fingertips run across the smooth fabric, held it to her face, brushed it across her lips, and kissed it tenderly. Smiling, she placed both objects carefully into a small white box, and then placed the box on a wooden chest that stood beside the bed. She knew that he would spot the box as soon as he entered the room, and the significance would be immediate.

It was late when he returned home. At first he thought the house was empty, but after closing the front door behind him, he could see the soft glow from the bedroom upstairs. He quietly padded up the stairs, hoping to surprise her, but found the bedroom softly lit, and empty. He could hear the shower running and knew she was preparing for bed. He took off his jacket and opened the wardrobe to put the jacket in. As he closed the wardrobe door, something caught his eye. On the wooden chest beside the bed – the small white box! He smiled. He momentarily thought about opening the box to discover the contents, but knew she would not be pleased if he peeked. This was a game they had invented some months before. Where the box had come from, it’s doubtful that either could now remember, but they took it in turns on special nights to place something in the box. Something that would benefit their already mind-blowing sexual adventures. The presence of the box beside the bed, indicative of the activities that he now realised would occur that night.

She turned the shower off, and stepped out into the steamy bathroom. Using the edge of the towel, she rubbed the moisture from the bathroom mirror. She peered closely at the face that looked back at her, turning her face this way and that, smoothing her hand across the skin under her chin. Feeling the softness, imagining the last time his lips touched there. Her hair hung wet and clung to her shoulders and back, she took a large toothed comb from the shelf in front of the mirror, and began to comb her hair smooth, soaking up the excess moisture with a soft towel. She stopped momentarily, deep in thought, thinking about the evening ahead. She wondered how he would react to the contents of the box. But their relationship was based on deep trust and she felt sure that he would feel comfortable about the contents – at least once the initial shock had passed. She patted her body dry with the towel, sprayed herself with her favourite perfume, and then wrapped a blue silk robe around herself, tying the belt around her waist.

She jumped slightly, as she came out of the bathroom, surprised to find him in the bedroom. He was sat on the edge of the bed. He had removed his tie, and his shirt was casually unbuttoned at the neck. He had removed his shoes and socks and sat bare footed. He stood up as she came into the bedroom and moved towards her. He wrapped his hands round her waist and pulled her close to him, burying his face into her wet hair. She smelled fresh and clean, and he sucked her fragrance into his mind. She looked up at him and gently brushed her lips across his, watching his face as his eyes closed, as that familiar jolt of electricity passed between them.

He was surprised when the kiss didn’t continue, and opened his eyes, to feel her pulling away from his grasp. She was smiling and took his hand to lead him back to the bed. She stood in front of him, and touched the first button on his shirt. Her fingers Kadıköy Escort slowly undid the button, and she smoothed the fabric with her hand moving lower to the next button. She did the same again, except this time he felt her hand brush across the skin on his chest, before moving on to the next fastening. His breath had increased at her touch, and he found himself mesmerised by her. She undid each button in turn, and then slowly slid the shirt from his shoulders, touching his skin as she did. Letting her fingertips caress his shoulders, down his arms, his hands, allowing the shirt to fall to the floor. Her eyes focused on the belt on his trousers, and she loosened the buckle, before undoing the button and the zip. Her grasp was firm, and in control. She slid the trousers and his boxers down over his buttocks in one smooth action, pushing them past his knees, allowing him to step free from them. He now stood naked before her. His breathing had become ragged, partly because of his nakedness, and partly because of her gaze on his body.

He felt his cock stir, that familiar twitch that pre-ceded erection. She noticed, too, and the back of her hand brushed over his shaft. She pushed him onto the bed, into a seated position. Moved to the wooden chest and picked up the small box. He watched intently as she lifted the lid and removed the wide piece of velvet. She placed it over his eyes and fastened it at the back of his head using the Velcro. She leaned towards him and peered at the velvet band, checking that he could not see. He could feel her breath against his face, he could smell her aroma. He wanted her lips on his lips. She took a step away from him, and he heard the rustle of fabric. The noise as she slowly undid the belt of her robe, he could imagine the garment sliding from her shoulders. He lifted a hand to her, he wanted to touch her, but she anticipated this, and took a step further away. She let the robe slide quietly to the floor, her body now naked before unseeing eyes. Then silence. She stepped towards him again, and took his hands. She placed them on her waist. His face was in line with her breasts, so close, yet so far. He leaned towards her, and for one fleeting moment he felt the softness of her breast against his lips, but she immediately stepped away, smiling, pulling away from his reach.

She leaned towards his face. Her lips momentarily touched his, and he pushed towards her, not wishing to relinquish the sensation. But, she pulled away from his mouth. The kiss was not allowed yet. She moved her lips to his ear, and gently sucked the lobe into her mouth.

“Lie face down on the bed with your head on the pillow.” he heard her voice purr.

He felt something on his wrists, soft, like the material that covered his eyes – a velvet rope. She circled it around his wrists, and tied the ends to the wooden bed-head. His head lay on the pillow, slightly turned to one side. She leaned down and kissed him deeply on the lips. He responded immediately to her point of contact, and sunk his tongue deep into her mouth, dragging her taste into his memory.

He felt pressure on the bed, the mattress sinking as someone climbed onto it, then the feel of her soft thighs as she straddled his lower back. He lay there imagining the position she was in. Her legs stretched across his back, her cunt open and moist on his skin, He could feel her heat. She wriggled down onto him, enjoying the sensations as her pussy rubbed against his back. She picked up a small bottle that stood beside the bed, and poured a clear liquid into her hands. She let the liquid drop onto his skin, and slowly began to rub his back in long, slow strokes. Her fingers manipulated Kadıköy Escort Bayan the skin, pushing higher to his shoulders, circling movements, pushing deep into the flesh. She let her hands run down the length of his arms, wanting to touch every part of him. She could feel him relax beneath her. Felt sure he could also feel the trickle of juice that now escaped from her cunt, and which was settling on the skin of his lower back. She ground her hips down harder, in a slightly circular motion. She could feel her cunt rubbing against his skin. He responded with a deep moan. His hard erect cock completely trapped beneath him. He wanted her to touch him there. Imagined her mouth with his cock thrust inside it. He wanted to touch her breasts, to feel the erect nipples to suck on them, making her moan. But he was powerless to move. Only his imagination was free.

She leaned forwards, and stroked her fingertips along his skin, from his shoulders to a point just in front of her thighs. A small gasp escaped his lips, as she teased him with her touch. He felt her weight shift slightly, and the pressure on his lower back, slipped lower, as she slid down his body, now straddling his thighs. Her hands moved to the spot on his back where she had been sat, and she looked at the wetness on his skin. Moisture that had dripped from her pussy had collected there. She touched it with her finger. His mind was now a whirlwind of thoughts and sensations, unable to see or move, he could only feel her touch, and imagine what she was doing. She moved the finger to her lips and slowly licked the juice from it. He heard the wet movement of her tongue and was desperate to see. She moved both hands to the moist skin and began to massage her taste into him, her fingers pushing deep into his skin. The pressure pushing his body into the mattress, his cock squashed beneath him.

She changed position again, this time kneeling between his knees. Her hands moved to his buttocks and she caressed and stroked him, gently moulding the flesh, separating his cheeks with each movement. She retrieved the bottle of scented oil, and allowed a drop to trickle down between his buttocks. An involuntary moan escaped his lips, as the liquid ran down to his opening. He felt her movement as she leaned towards the wooden chest beside the bed, and picked up an object. His face was turned towards the chest, and he saw, a long, slim vibrator. She switched it on and held it against her face, momentarily, then dragged the vibrator across his shoulders and down his back. She followed the trail left by the oil, lubricating the tip of the vibrator. He felt the sensation as the vibrator slid through his crack, and tensed slightly as she rested the tip near his hole. She leaned towards him, not allowing the vibrator to move, and begin to cover his buttocks in long slow kisses – French kisses – she felt him relax beneath her lips, and slowly pushed the tip of the vibrator into his arse. A deep moan escaped his lips, as the vibrator slid inside him, her lips still kissing his soft cheeks. He tried to adjust his position on the bed, his erection now hard and solid and trapped beneath him. She continued to kiss him, while sliding the vibrator slowly in and out. He was desperate to be released, could only think of touching her skin, feeling her softness, her wetness, her taste. He writhed against the constraints, murmuring her name, as she continued to tease him. She could feel his desire building, and did not want to spoil her game, so she slid the vibrator out and switched it off.

He felt the bed move as she got off it, then the feel of her hand stroking his hair, she undid the Velcro fastening Escort Kadıköy and her naked body came into his line of vision. Her breasts hung near his face, and he smiled. She undid the fastening on his wrist, and he immediately moved his fingers to her nipples. He had wanted to touch them for so long in his mind, and now carefully, stroked the bud with his fingertips, and rolled her hardness between finger and thumb. She moaned – her eyes half closed. She too, had longed for this touch.

She pulled him to his feet. He felt a moment of relief as his hard shaft was now freed. He felt her eyes on his cock. He was so hard, and desperate to fuck her. She guided him to the chair beside the bed, pushed him back, into it. His hands were in her hair, pulling her to him, his lips pressed hard against hers. He was losing control, wanting to touch her and feel her. Once more she pulled away from him. His hands moved to her waist. She turned away from him, and then straddled his legs, her back to him.

Her hand circled the base of his cock, and she held him steady, as she lowered herself slowly. The head penetrated her cunt, and she held it there for a moment. She felt his fingertips gripping her waist, could hear the deep exhalation of his breath as his cock entered her. He was trying to push her onto him, but she resisted, knowing how much he wanted to sink himself deep inside her. Her breathing quickened and she tilted her head back in ecstasy, trying now, to control her own lust and desire. She felt his lips on her shoulder, his teeth raking across her skin, nibbling on her flesh.

She could stand it no more and sank down onto his cock, taking him deep inside her cunt. They both groaned, and writhed with pleasure. He could feel the softness inside her cunt as his hard shaft penetrated, and felt the extra depth as she ground her body down hard on him. His hands moved round her body, and he dug his fingers into her breasts. He brushed the palm of both hands over her hard nipples, trapping them between his fingers. She felt his mouth on her shoulder, biting the skin. She used all her strength to squeeze her cunt tight around his cock, building a rhythm as she slid up and down his shaft, almost allowing the tip to escape from her warm place, before sinking down hard on him once more.

Her juices were flowing freely and his balls were soaked with her nectar. She could feel her climax building inside, that wonderful warm tingly feeling spreading through her stomach and knew that he too, was close. She could feel his breath on her skin, his fingers curled round her nipples, and his cock embedded inside her. She could feel the urgency in his body, thrusting up to meet her cunt, as their sweaty bodies slid against each other as they fucked. She leaned away from him and heard him grunt as his cock, was forced into a different angle inside her cunt, she felt his shaft rubbing against her clit, and knew she would not be able to hold back for much longer.

His hands were on her waist, pulling her down onto him, urging her on; long deep thrusts, her cunt enveloping his cock, her pussy lips sucking around his shaft. Their bodies rocked in unison, both seeking the same. She felt him tense, then the first spasm as he came inside her. She rubbed her body against his shaft, and her clit exploded with an overload of sensation. She felt her stomach tense, and was unable to stop the small panting noises that ran parallel to the climax that was firing through her body. They moaned in unison, as a deep orgasm overtook them both. Wave after wave of cum shot inside her, mingling with her own juices. His body continued to spasm as small after shocks continued to course through him, such was the power of his climax. She leaned back against him as his hands circled her body and pulled her close. His warm lips nuzzled against her shoulder, as their orgasms subsided. They stayed like that until he began to soften inside her and she felt his cum trickle out of her body. Satisfied and exhausted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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