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It was early evening, end of summer and I was in the process of harvesting my crop of hops behind my garage. I was in my own world, oblivious to everything going on around me. Aware of only the distinct fragrance of the hops and the great beer I was going to make with them.

“Hey Bob, how are you” said Brad, the kid from across the street. This bought me back to awareness of my surroundings. He had seen me and made his way over with Veronica, his girlfriend.

Veronica is 19, about five and half feet tall, long brown hair, green eyed, and has a cute face. She dresses in today’s styles and wears the hottest in style glasses. Her attire and the way she carries herself just oozes sexuality. The summer dress she had on accented the flare in her hips and swell of her breasts.

I tried not to make it obvious, but Veronica was the person I was looking at when I responded that I was good. I don’t think Brad picked up on it, but she certainly noticed and made it clear to me she did with a sly grin. The way she kept biting her bottom lip, told me she had something on her mind and was looking to find the words.

She was looking at the ground when she broke the silence and asked what I was doing. After a somewhat lengthy answer, she asked if she could smell one to see what it was like. Brad and I spoke about his employment, or the lack of and I offered to get him in where I work in an entry level position. He was very appreciative and kept thanking me for the opportunity. Veronica chimed in and expressed her joy in that Brad could finally pay for one of their dates.

It was hard not to keep looking over at Veronica who was enjoying the aroma the hops. She kept moving and having sex izle to adjust her top to accommodate her rather large breasts. This drew my attention and I began to feel that familiar swell between my legs. I only hoped Veronica wouldn’t notice the affect she was having on me.

Brad was clearly excited at the opportunity I had offered and said he’d be right back. He excused himself and ran back across the street to his house. I figured he was either telling his parents or taking a leak. What I didn’t expect was to be standing there with Veronica alone with my now visibly semi erect cock barely hidden in my shorts.

Veronica’s face changed as soon as Brad was around the corner. The cute girl visiting with her boyfriend looked like she was on a mission and focused. She grabbed the waist band of my shorts, pulled me to her and planted a wet kiss on my lips to which I didn’t resist. Her tongue probed my mouth and I had to work to get mine past hers. That was when I noticed the tongue piercing.

My hand went for her left breast and fit nicely. I worked my way under her top and bra and found the firmness I expected. Her nipple had already hardened and her breath began to shorten. As fast as it had happened it was over. She pulled my hand away, fixed her top and said if we spent any more time doing that, she wouldn’t have the time to suck my cock.

She dropped to her knees while opening my shorts and went right to work on licking my erection from top to bottom. Her hand wrapped tightly around the base of my cock and I was looking larger than I had in quite some time. Her tongue found the underside of my shaft and her tongue piercing began flicking against the underside fransız porno of the head. I was getting weak in the knees.

Lost in the moment, I became aware of a ringtone and Veronica quickly stopped and retrieved her phone. She answered “OK” and hung up. Apparently Brad was speaking to his parents and was going to be a few minutes longer. She returned to licking and sucking while working her hand back and forth on my shaft. She would stop from time to time and take me to the back of her throat. I knew I wasn’t going to last at this rate and could already feel my orgasm building.

I began feeling her tits again and found a nipple. I started rolling it between my fingers and it had the desired affect.

“If you don’t stop doing that, you’re going to have to fuck me.”

I lifted her up by the arms, turned her around and bent her over so she was holding on to the arbor the hops were growing on. I lifted her skirt to find her panty less and already leaking her sweet nectar down her legs. I reached in with my tongue to confirm this and she nearly left her feet. Her clit was engorged and very hard. It was large and looked like a small cock. Again I flicked it with my tongue before running it up and down between her lips taking in her aroma and tasting the cum flowing freely.

“Just fuck me already,” she whispered.

In one motion I entered her and bottomed out. She had my entire length inside her and it felt amazing. The walls of her pussy seemed to milk me, urging me to cum. The tightness around me was something I hadn’t felt in many years. I slowly started moving inside her and we were both doing everything we could not to make any noise. teen porno I could feel her outer lips against the sides of me creating some vacuum and before long she was shaking.

“Oh my God, I’m cumming” she said through clenched teeth and started shaking and trembling. It sounded like she was starting to sob. I started to wonder if I was hurting her the way she was acting. She indicated that she cries when she cums and that everything was feeling absolutely wonderful. She tightened up for my finish as her phone rang again. He was on his way.

“I want you to cum on my face,” she announced as she pulled away from me, spun around and dropped to her knees.

She again grabbed the shaft with her hand and started jerking me real fast with the head of my cock lodged between her lips. It took only a moment and my orgasm started. My orgasms are always more intense while receiving blowjobs and this was no exception.

As my orgasm began she opened her mouth so I could watch my cum enter her waiting mouth. Tongue extended, the first spasm had a rope of cum that easily hit the back of her throat. The second quickly followed and was just as intense. The third and forth had lessened some and I was completely spent by the fifth.

She quickly got up and I pulled up my shorts just as Brad made his way around the garage. There was no way he could not have known something had just happened but said nothing. Veronica smiled, wiped the corner of her mouth where some cum had escaped, and said goodbye. Brad asked when he would be hearing from the company and I indicated within the next few days. As they walked away together, he stopped and turned around.

“Thanks for keeping Veronica company while I told my parents about the job opportunity.” Brad said.

“It was my pleasure keeping her occupied while you were gone,” was all I could say.

I don’t know if he figured it out or not but he hasn’t said anything about it since.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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