Victoria Tower Princess

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Dear Diary,

I really can’t believe that I am about to write all of this down. I’m going to do it, but I simply can’t believe I’m about to carry on what must be a family tradition or something like it. Maybe it’s genetics, or maybe it’s something in the family psych? I don’t really understand it so how can I attribute it to any specific thing, event or person? All I know right now is that I’m about to describe how I met the most important man to enter my life.


That was as far as my first attempt to carry on the “family tradition” went. This effort is better!

You see, I come from a family of very well educated, upper middle-class academics who want their children to excel beyond their wildest expectations. Beginning with my grandfather back in the 1980’s, followed by my mother twenty years ago and now me, there is this kinda-stupid, kinda-special thing about telling your kids the nitty-gritty details of how their parents got together to create their existence. My grandfather wrote all about it in a story he posted to Literotica years ago [Penny in 2007] and then my mother did the same in Literotica this year [Alice; A Piece of Pi]. Well, I’m not sure I’ve met that “special someone” yet but, like my grandmother on my mother’s side of the family, I’ve been enjoying a rather robust “social life” ever since I entered the working world. I’ll admit, though, it is a bit different.

Awareness is sometimes shocking and that absolutely applied to the way I discovered the differences between boys and girls. Somehow, I always knew that boys acted different than girls and were certainly more physically aggressive. That knowledge held true all the way through my public-school years.

I was still a virgin in the traditional sense when I graduated from high school. But I might have been one of only a handful of eighteen-year-old girls in my class of 1,500 students that was. I certainty had a reputation in my school class. I was either the GILF for the boys and a few girls, too, or, among most of the girls, the PRINCESS. Either title was well deserved as I inherited my movie-star facial beauty, hour-glass figure and risky-dress style from mother and my look-but-don’t-touch aloofness from grandmother. Both dad and granddad were responsible for my skepticism, intelligence and diligent academic honors ranking. Of course, I was college-bound that fall and there never was a question of which one or who would pay for it. My only questions then were “what the hell am I going to do between early June and late August? And what the hell do I wear doing it?”

One option, not a good one, was working as a stripper in one of the seedy titty-bars scattered around the Valley of the Sun. That was THE last resort. There were many more desirable alternatives. Grandmother had been a waitress in Tempe and, for a short time, mother had been an assistant buyer for Goldwater’s in Scottsdale but, since my grand dad was a professor and Dad was an important man in the Forest Service, the questions of what I would do and wear doing it were quickly answered.

I admit I kinda got special privileges throughout my short life. One of them was summer employment as a spotter in one of the fire towers scattered throughout the five national forests in Arizona. A week after graduation I was stationed at a tower just outside of Prescott, wearing an NSF green jumpsuit and I started thinking of myself as the Princess in the NSF Green Tower!

The job was easy and, for most of the time, more than a little boring. It was still important and, at times, rather fun. That first week in June passed by before I knew it. I had been busy learning the routine of the tower, practicing sighting in on “smokes” and operating the radio and telephone communications gear the tower was equipped with. Living space for me was a small log cabin at the base of the tower where I had another radio and telephone hook-up along with a satellite tv and computer down-load dish. I even had an indoor and an outdoor shower. What I did not have was a decent bed. The thin, stained-by-God-knows-what mattress on the old army cot in the cabin must have been a reject from the Spanish Inquisition!

At the beginning of my second week I was determined to change that. I called my dad to complain about the cabin’s bed but he just kinda laughed as said it was a “Right-of-Passage” that all new NSF people go through! Well, Bull Shit to that! I made another call to grandma and the next afternoon there was a small delivery truck driving up the two-rut road to my tower. Unfortunately, she didn’t bother to tell me it was coming.

At the beginning of that first week I had manned my tower fully dressed in my bra, thong panties, green jumpsuit and hiking boots but, by myself with only the radio and telephone contacts to talk to, plus not having seen or heard anyone within miles of the place, I relaxed and by the end of the week was wearing only the jumpsuit and boots. I relaxed that even further that morning of the second week Şerifali Escort by taking a chair out onto the small walkway around the top of the tower, unzipping the upper half of my jumpsuit, and sitting facing the sun bare breasted to tan my boobs. So, there I was, a five-foot-five and a half inch, one hundred-ten-pound, platinum blond girl naked to the waist and showing her 36D’s with their inch-long pink nipples to God and anybody who happened by. And what happens? The delivery truck with my new bed shows up driven by the most gorgeous hunk I’ve ever laid eyes on!

Sitting on the side of my tower away from the dirt road and being a good twenty feet above my cabin, I didn’t hear the truck coming at all. In fact, I was blissfully unaware of anyone within five miles until I heard a male voice shout, “Hello! Is anyone here?”

Talk about an “Oh Fuck!” moment! Totally surprised, I immediately got up [actually, I sprang up like a jack-in-the-box], and leaned way over the walkway railing to see where the voice came from, forgetting completely that my boobs were out and hanging down below the railing. And what do I see? This young delivery guy staring up at me with eyes that got huge as he registered my bare tits!

I gave an embarrassed cry, slapped my arm over my boobs and jerked myself back out of sight. Hastily, I sought the sleeve openings for the jumpsuit, shrugged my upper body back into it and tugged the zipper up to my throat! “I’ll…I’ll be right down!” I called down to him while silently thinking, “Oh shit! I’m in trouble.”

He was waiting for me once I was on the ground. “I’m sorry I surprised you!” He said but the smile on his face told me that he wasn’t sorry at all.

“I…I didn’t know you were coming out here.” I explained. “I’m, ugh, sorry I wasn’t decently dressed.”

“You looked great!” He said through a smile that grew wider. “You are Victoria Cannon, aren’t you?”

“Yes. How do you know that? Why are you here?” I asked, suddenly suspicious.

“I’ve got a special delivery for a Victoria Cannon at the North Prescott fire tower. If that’s you then I’ll need you to sign here.” He handed me a pen and a clipboard with a paper on it.

“Where?” I asked.

“Anywhere on the bottom is fine!”

I swear, I couldn’t help myself from saying, “Ok, bend over. But I don’t know if anyone will see it there!”

He laughed and said, “On the paper, please! It says that you accepted the delivery. You can add a comment on my professionalism if you want!”

“I was joking! So, what are you delivering?”

“You’re new bed!” He said. “I have it here in the truck. I’m to set it up for you, too. She paid extra for me to do that!”

“Who did? My grandmother?”

“All I know is that some woman came into the store Saturday, said she wanted this bed delivered specifically by me to this fire tower and set-up here today, then paid my boss with a big check and left in a damn fine looking Rolls Royce!” He answered with a wistful expression. “I’ve never seen my boss suck up to somebody that fast before! I mean, it was embarrassing to watch.”

I had to laugh that the image of my grandmother that flashed through my mind. “Okay.” I said. “You’ll have to take the bed that’s in the cabin out first. There’s not enough room for them both in there.”

“What do you want me to do with the old one?”

“Take it to the nearest trash heap!” I replied as I started walking toward the cabin door.

“I’ll bring the truck over.” He said yet did not move. I just knew he was staring at my ass and I managed to add a little wiggle to my step. I suddenly got a thrill flashing through me as I visualized what he must have been seeing. While quite comfortable, my jumpsuit was very form fitting and damn tight across my butt. My swaying ass cheeks, coupled with my boobs bouncing with every step I took in the hiking boots, probably had his full attention. Once I entered the cabin, I heard the truck engine come to life and then its movement to the cabin door.

I sat myself at the communication desk and waited as he opened the back of his truck and then came in the cabin. “The old one is over there.” I pointed toward the other side of the one room cabin. “You’ll have to take it apart. Sorry, but I don’t have any tools.”

He looked where I pointed and snickered. “Don’t need any for that old thing. This won’t be hard! That ancient thing just kind of folds up.” He glanced at me. “Now, putting the new one together is hard!”

“Oh, I hope so…er…I mean, I hope not!” I muttered as I eyed at his ass. I wondered if his low-cut jeans would give me a glimpse of butt crack. Ok, I’ll admit it, after a week of isolation I was feeling frustrated and horny. Right then I had a sudden, silent “Oh, shit!” moment when I remembered the electric vibrator that I keep stashed behind that cot. “Here, let me get the bedding off there before you take this thing out.” I said as I pushed past him and reached the cot. Quickly, I Göztepe Escort began stripping off the bed spread and sheets, making sure that I grabbed the vibrator in the process and hiding it under the bedding. Fortunately, he was again looking at my ass as I was bent over and didn’t see what I was hiding. I kept the bedding bundled in my arms as I sat back down to watch him work.

That thin mattress was off the bed and out the door in a couple of heart beats and then he tackled the metal framed cot. Much to my surprise, it did fold up into the thickness of maybe a two-by-four and, yes, his butt-crack did show when he bent over to hoist the rectangular frame up on its side and carry it out of the cabin. While he was out, I grabbed my broom and quickly swept the floor where the cot had been. While he was still out, I decided to play with him a bit and unzipped the jumpsuit about halfway to my navel. Not enough for my boobs to fall out but there was plenty of flesh showing. I was bent over sweeping the refuse from the floor into a dustpan when he came back carrying a large cardboard box, again about the thickness of a two-by-four and nearly the same rectangular dimensions of the metal cot. Still squatting down yet facing toward him as I held the dustpan, I asked, “What is that?”

“A solid oak headboard.” He said as he placed the heavy box against a wall. “I’m bringing in the footboard and rails next.” It took him two more trips to the truck, and I felt his eyes on my chest each time he entered the cabin. Then it was time to open the boxes and bring. out the beautiful varnished wood. I helped with that and we soon had the frame assembled. Next came deciding how I wanted the bed placed in the cabin. It was nearly twice the size of the cot and it had to be positioned differently so that the footboard stuck out into the middle of the room. I helped bring in the box springs and mattress and, by the time the bed was put together and the new bedding was on, the effort coupled with the heat of the day in the cabin had us both sweating like you wouldn’t believe.

“Boy, do I need a shower!” I said as I sat down on the bed.

He sat beside me. “Yeah, me too! But I’d settle for a beer!”

“Sorry, I don’t have any. I’m still not old enough to buy beer! Besides, there’s no store near here to get some from.” I looked at him and for some reason blurted out, “But there is an outside shower if you can handle cold water.”

“I don’t have a bathing suit.” He said.

“I don’t either!” I replied and then I said as much to myself as to him, “What the hell! Come on!” and grabbed his hand to pull him up to his feet.

I led him by the hand to the back side of the cabin where the outdoor shower was set up. The shower was fixed to the outside of the cabin’s bathroom wall and was blocked from the dirt track and the tower by the cabin itself. It was about the only spot on the entire hilltop that offered any privacy. I had been routinely taking my showers out there since I arrived so my shampoo, soap and some towels were already there. I showed him where everything was then sat down on the dressing bench and began removing my hiking boots.

“So, what’s your name?” I asked. “I don’t want to keep calling you Mister Delivery Man!”

“John.” He answered as he sat beside me. “John Trever.”

“How long have you been working for what’s-his-name?”

“Just a week or so.” He replied as he watched me remove a boot and start untying the second. “I’m between semesters right now. I need to work to pay my way, you know?”

“Totally! I graduated last week and am doing the same thing.” I said as the second boot came off. “I’m starting at the university myself in August.”

“Wow! And you got this gig with the Forest Service right out of high school?”

“Yep!” I said and decided that was enough information about me for the moment. I peeled off my socks and stood up on my bare feet. “Well, are you going to get in the shower or is it just me?”

“Are you really serious?” John asked with a skeptical expression on his face.

“Yes. Are you going to chicken out on me?” I asked as I dropped my zipper down to my hips.

“Chicken? Me? Hell no! I thought you were just bullshitting me.”

“One thing you’ll learn about me is that I don’t waste my time on bullshit.” I replied as I stood there in front of him with the jumpsuit opened and most of my tits exposed, waiting to see what he would do next.

He looked into my eyes and held his gaze there while his hand found his shoes and eased them from his feet. Then he stood up and began unbuttoning his work shirt. His eyes broke contact as he took the shirt off then returned to my face. At the same time, I slipped my shoulders out of the jump suit and let it fall to my waist. I watched his eyes move from my face down to my chest and that same silly smile he had earlier returned.

“Like what you see?” I asked straight-faced.

“Oh, yes!” He seemed to breath the answer.

“So Ümraniye Escort do I.” I said and I meant it. His chest was really ripped and had a light covering of chest hair that matched the light brown hair on his head. I just had to move closer to put my hard nipples in that hair and immediately found that it tickled. At the same time, he dipped his head down to kiss me and I responded briefly before pushing a step back. I was in heat now, breathing deeply through my nostrils and there was no turning back. I unzipped the jumpsuit another six inches and let it slip down to the widest part of my hips before using my hands to shuck it the rest of the way off. The suit piled at my feet and I stood there completely naked, aroused and ready to pounce.

Suddenly he was in a hurry to unbuckle his pants and drop them. His boxers followed and then he, too, was naked in front of me and sporting a magnificent erection that jutted upward at an impressive angle. I was just as impressed by his set of low hanging balls and couldn’t help extending an arm to touch his package with my fingertips. His hands also moved to touch my breasts and slid the palms of his hands lightly over my nipples. That sent shivers coursing through me and kinda woke me up.

“Did you have a nickname when you were in school?” I asked as I inspected his manhood.

“Yeah, I had one. Did you?” He replied as he rolled my nipples with his fingers.

“What was it?”

He grimaced when he answered. “They called me Long John. What did they call you?”

I gave a sardonic chuckle and said, “Ice Princess!”

“Really? You don’t seem very cold to me!” He replied with a horse laugh.

“You sure look like you’ve got a long john!” I said as I took hold of his cock and began gently pulling him into the shower. He followed willingly and even turned on the water when we were under the shower head.

The next ten minutes involved some shampoo, lots of soap and the laying on of hands in what the police would call “full body cavity searching” for both of us. It also had me gasping through an intense orgasm just from his fingers on my ass and clit. In return, I was down on my knees giving one of my best blow jobs ever. His cock wasn’t the biggest or thickest I’d ever handled but it was the right size for what I wanted. After I sucked down his sperm, I turned my face to the shower head and opened my mouth to let the spraying water rinse any overflow off me.

“Let’s dry off and take this to my new bed.” I suggested. “I want to break it in the right way.”

He scooped up a couple of towels from the storage shelve near the shower and began drying me off. Of course, he seemed to have trouble believing that my tits and pussy were dry and kept rubbing me there, not that I was complaining. I was doing much the same to him which did make for some funny moments before we went back into my cabin.

Once inside the cabin door, I was back in his arms and we were back to passionate kissing and caressing. I just wanted to wrap my legs around him and melt him cock into the center of my soul but, somewhere in my mind was that stupid family tradition, and I couldn’t shake it out of my mind.

“Hey, look, I need to tell you something.” I said between kisses. I had wrapped both my legs around his hips, and he was holding me up against his body with both hands gripping my ass cheeks.

“What?” He mumbled as he kissed me.

“I’m not…going to let you…have my pussy! I’m…a…virgin.” I manager to say.

“Why not?” He asked as he pulled his head back to stare at me. It was not an easy way to stand and my legs started to slip. I dropped them to the floor to stand on my own but remained plastered to his body. That placed his semi-hard cock pressing just below my Mons de Venus and tantalizingly close to my clit-hood. So close that I knew my vagina was leaking my natural juices down on it. Believe me, having any sort of long conversation, discussion or argument about an old promise was not on my mind.

“I promised.” I weakly said.


“Yes, you can!” I huskily replied as my lips sought his mouth again.

“Can what?” He asked in confusion just before my tongue penetrated through his teeth.

“Fuck my butt!” I managed to mumble into his mouth.

Huh?” He was so surprised that he dropped his hands from my ass, broke his kiss and tried to take a step back from me. “Are you serious?”

I smiled at him. “Yes, I love it that way!”

“You just said you’re a virgin.” He even looked confused!

“I am.” I said as I pressed against him again. “Only my future husband gets my pussy! I love anal, though. It’s kinda a family tradition!” I got a grin on my face as I felt his cock returning to fully erect. It was rising against my clit-hood now and felt wonderful.

As I was telling him that I was gently pushing him with my hips toward the foot of my new bed. The back of his knees contacted the low footboard and he fell backward onto the bed, taking me with him just as I intended. I landed on top and got on my hands and knees with him between my legs and my boobs on each side of his chin. “Suck my tits!” I ordered and he latched on to a nipple and began gently biting it. “Oh yeah!” I moaned as the thrill pulsed through me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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