Virtually Yours Ch. 03

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She stood on the edge of the pavement outside the station, scanning the rush of traffic in front of her. She was dressed casually in jeans, t-shirt and trainers. She had a coloured jumper tied loosely around her shoulders, and a warm fleece jacket, which was sat on top of a holdall on the floor by her feet. She smiled as she saw his car pull in before her, and scooped her luggage up in one smooth movement. He got out of the car to greet her, and kissed her on the lips, immediately remembering the smell of her scent. He opened the boot of his car, and she placed her belongings next to his; a similar holdall, and an array of camping equipment. They both got in the car, and he pulled back out into the traffic.

Since their previous encounters, they had been planning to spend a night or two together, both wanting to enjoy the luxury of waking up beside the other. They wanted solitude, but they also loved the outdoors and that ‘back to nature’ feeling and so a trip into the countryside to camp had been the ideal solution. They headed towards a small forest campsite which was some distance from their homes. They had both concocted some story with their partners, to make a couple of nights away a possibility. He was on a ‘business trip’, and she was ‘visiting friends’. The journey passed quickly, and they spent the time making small talk about their families, and their lives away from each other. The radio played in the background.

It wasn’t long before they pulled into the campsite, which seemed busy but very picturesque. Large open areas interspersed with bushes and surrounded by a variety of large trees; oak, beech, silver birch, and pine. They quickly completed the formality of booking in and found a secluded spot under a huge oak tree to pitch the tent. They unpacked the car, and erected the tent. It was one of those small tents, just big enough for two people to lie down inside. They arranged the sleeping bags inside, and happy with the setting they got back in the car and drove to the nearest pub to eat an evening meal, washed down with a glass of the local beer. Their hunger satisfied, they drove back to the campsite and settled down for the night.

During the evening the weather changed, and the rain began to beat down relentlessly against the canvass of their tent. They snuggled against each other as the storm brewed outside, and he commented on how it felt like they were trapped in a cocoon, isolated from the outside world by the storm. She spoke about the noise of the rain on the tent, and of how no-one outside would be able to hear a sound coming from inside. A secret smile curled on her lips, and she nuzzled closer to him, feeling the warmth from his body, her imagination now unleashed.

She reached out her hand and slowly unzipped both their sleeping bags, spreading them out. She directed him to lie on his stomach, and then straddled him. He could Bostancı Escort feel her warmth and her wetness on his buttocks. Her hands moved in a sweeping motion on his shoulders and down his spine as she began to massage him. He felt her soft breasts brush against his back as she leaned down and replaced the touch of her hands, with her lips. She kissed across his shoulders, the back of his neck, the tops of his arms, and down his spine to his lower back. Her lips covering every inch of his skin.

She slid down his body and her kiss moved across his buttocks, to his inner thigh, as she tickled against the soft hairs of his legs. She began to massage his buttocks, each stroke gently parting his cheeks, and her tongue slid in to moisten the rim of his arse hole. She leaned up and allowed a blob of saliva to leave her mouth and trickle along the crack of his arse, pooling around the hole. She rubbed her finger in the moisture, and gently slid it in. She felt him tense, and applied more pressure, until her finger was embedded completely in him. He moaned softly, and adjusted his position slightly to accommodate the growing bulge he was now lying on. She slid her finger in and out of his tight hole, her tongue licking around the rim, and adding more saliva to lubricate him. Her free hand stroked against the underside of his balls, she could feel his warmth, and the wetness of her saliva which had run down. She felt him move beneath her hand, and continued to slide her finger gently in and out of his arse, in time with his moans.

She pulled her finger free, and rolled him onto his back. She could now see his erection which was hard and solid. She gripped his cock with her hand and slowly pumped up and down from the tip of his shaft to the base in one smooth action. Once again he moaned, and she understood his encouragement, and continued with her deliberate action on his manhood. She leaned down to him, her hair and her breasts now brushing against his thighs, and slid the whole of his cock deep into her mouth; her lips sucking hungrily on the skin at the base of his shaft. Her tongue flicked along the side of his cock, as she learned his shape and texture from within her mouth. She slid her lips along his cock, rubbing the soft glans against the roof of her mouth, her tongue licking around the head of his shaft, tasting his precum. His hands were locked in her hair pushing her onto his cock. She allowed large blobs of her saliva to run down his shaft, and her hand massaged these down towards his balls, coating them with lubrication. She could feel his body tense beneath her, and knew that he was close to orgasm, as she continued to suck hard on the end of his cock, gently raking her teeth across the softness. She slid him from her mouth, and pumped him with her hand, his foreskin sliding up and down along his shaft, the tip ready Bostancı Escort Bayan to explode beneath her soft grasp. She leaned closer and with each movement allowed his cock to brush against her nipples, he watched with eyes half closed, as she masturbated him. A moan escaped from his lips, and his body shook as his sticky white fluid surged from his slit. She directed his flow over her breasts, and watched as his cum hung from her nipples. With one last movement of her hand she wiped the last drop of cum on her breast, and smiled at him.

He grabbed her hand and pulled her onto him, his cum now sandwiched between them. He pulled her mouth to his and kissed her hard and deep, his fingers tangled in her hair. The rain still beat like a drum on the outside of the small tent. He rolled her over onto her back, and sat up between her legs. The remains of his sticky liquid still on her, he reached forwards and rubbed it into her breasts and nipples. Her nipples were like bullets beneath his touch, and his cum served to lubricate as he played with her nipples, teasing and twisting.

He took her hands in his and pushed them up above her head, holding them there, while he kissed her face and neck. He opened the holdall he had brought with him, and removed a piece of thick ribbon. He tied this around her wrists, restraining her movement. Her eyes were locked on his, as she wondered what he would do next. He removed something else from the bag, but she couldn’t see what it was. His lips moved back to her face and he continued to kiss his way down her body, across her shoulders, and lower to her breasts. He sucked each nipple into his mouth, tasting his cum on her, and swirled his tongue around the areola, nibbling with his teeth. She murmured quietly, at the pleasure he was forcing upon her, her hands still secured above her head.

He kissed lower across her stomach, and down to her mound. He hooked his hands under each thigh and pushed her legs apart. She was already wet, and her cunt glistened before him. He picked up the object he had removed from the bag, and she heard a buzzing sound as he switched the vibrator on. She felt the vibrator touch against her thigh, and then moaned deeply as he rubbed it against her smooth pussy lips. She pulled her legs open wider hoping he would use the vibrator to penetrate her; instead he continued to rub across the outside of her smooth cunt, and over her clit – teasing her. She writhed before him, her hands still tied together, wanting so much to direct his touch. He smiled at the effect he was having on her, the ribbon and the vibrator adding a new dimension to their love-making. He moved the tip of the vibrator along the length of her slit, her moisture clinging to it, and then slid the full length into her pussy, pushing hard against her body. She arched her back against his force, and Escort Bostancı groaned with pleasure as she felt him touch deep inside her, the vibrator finding her cervix. He continued the pressure, and used his hand to rub across her clit, finally sliding the vibrator out of her hole. He held the tip of the vibrator against her clit, and her moans developed into a scream “yessss”, as her orgasm built inside her. Once again he dipped the vibrator into her cunt, and held it hard against her cervix, rubbing her clit between his finger and thumb, rolling it like a small pea. She was now beyond herself with pleasure and the sound of the rain drowned out her screams, as he witnessed her most powerful orgasm yet. He pumped the vibrator in and out of her hole, twisting it with each penetration, as a second orgasm tore through her body. Her legs shook with the force of her climax.

He pulled the vibrator from her, and licked her juices off the tip. From the holdall he removed a small bottle of scented oil, and drizzled some across her nipples, and down over her stomach. It felt cold against her skin. He held the bottle over her slit, and poured the liquid onto her, watching as it ran the length of her pussy and down to moisten her arse hole. He rubbed the tip of the vibrator over her breasts, the oil acting as a lubricant and down her body tracing where the liquid had flowed. He found her arse hole, and teased her, pushing just the tip in. She opened her legs wider, now aware of how intimately he was viewing her, and felt him push the vibrator inside her arse. He felt her tense at the sensation, and patiently waited for her to relax, before sliding the vibrator all the way in. It lid in easily, and a deep moan caught on her breath.

By now his erection had returned, and he took the bottle of oil and poured some over the end of his cock. She watched as he rubbed his hand up and down his manhood, coating himself with the smooth liquid, the vibrator still embedded in her arse. He held his cock in his hand and rubbed it against her hole, teasing her. Then slowly slid it into her pussy. It felt tight as he nestled his cock alongside the vibrator, which he could feel through the walls of her cunt. He began to pump his cock in and out of her building up a strong, fast rhythm, in unison with her screams of pleasure. With each thrust he could feel the vibrator as his balls banged against her. His body slid easily against her skin, now coated with the scented oil. He had never before witnessed such strength in her orgasm, and was soon shouting with her, his own climax building. He felt his balls tighten, and then that familiar feeling as he ejaculated inside her. He imagined her cervix coated with his cum, as his cock softened and rested inside her. He reached down and withdrew the vibrator from her, and felt her body relax. He removed the ribbon from her wrists, and she immediately grabbed his hair and pulled his lips to her face, and kissed him deeply.

The rain outside had now stopped, and they lay contentedly against each other; their sleeping bags now covered with a mixture of scented oil, pussy juice and cum. They fell asleep in each others arms…it was going to be a long weekend!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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