Waking Ch. 02

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I don’t really know what I love more, watching him sleep or exhausting ourselves to the point of sleep, either way I think it’s a tie. I always seem to wake up in a state that lies between sexually overcharged and utterly exhausted, but if he’s next to me I can just watch him breathing steadily and it helps me to sleep again or I just wake him up only to make both of us tired again.

I woke up wrapped in warmth, feeling his breath on the back of my neck. I shifted my ass against the front of him slightly as I took his hand, tracing his fingers with mine. I looked over at the window and saw the first colors that come with sunrise peeking through the shade. He stirred softly behind me, burying his face further into my neck. I smiled and placed his hand on the swell of my breasts, letting him sleep. I nestled back further into him, feeling his soft penis lay in the valley of my ass. He stirred again behind me.

I felt his hand jerk momentarily in his sleep and it flinched across my nipple causing pleasurable twinges along my spine. I fell back asleep feeling his breath in my hair, falling into a dream…

I lay on soft grass with my hair over one shoulder as I was looking up at the sky. His face loomed above me, I smiled up into him and with his mouth and eyes he smiled back. My mouth begged for his to kiss me, and as my lips parted slightly he did.

His shirtless chest pressed into my covered breasts as he leaned in to deepen the kiss. I could feel his fingertips under the edge of my shirt on my stomach, making it quiver gently. It was warm with the bright sun above but my skin felt like it was on fire with his skin on mine. He absently pushed some hair out of my face as his fingertips roamed my features and his lips continued to worship mine.

He lifted his face softly as his fingers pulled my top over my head, leaving me as bare-chested as him. We both lay clad only in jeans in the middle of this quiet meadow. He lovingly went back to tracing my face leisurely altyazılı porno and kissing my lips sweetly my nipples hardened quickly as they pressed into his skin, rubbing in a delicious way. I held both his hands in mine, taking them to lie at the waistband of my jeans. My hips raised up on their own, as if on instinct, and his slowly hardening erection hit my thigh. As he unbuttoned my jeans his fingers slipped down the front slowly to slide back out with just as much slow care. I moaned out gently as my fingers gripped to the waistband of his pants.

His body teased mine as I teased him in return, dragging my soft fingernails into his pants to grip into the soft flesh of his rear. He slid my pants off my hips and down my legs, leaving my skin open to the warm air. I lay under him naked now as he simply looked at me. I whispered his name softly as my fingers undid his jeans, wanting him to be as naked as me. I felt his erection rising against my thigh as we laid together. I ran my fingers through his hair, bringing his mouth back to mine. He kissed my mouth sweetly before his body moved and his lips were suddenly on me everywhere. His lips took care to suck my nipples in to nip at them softly as his tongue relieved any pleasurable pain. My back arched into him, bringing my breasts more into his mouth.

I opened my thighs and let his lower half sit between them as his lips continued to love my hard nipples. He kissed his way down my stomach and his tongue teased my navel. In his normal teasing way he skipped his goal completely and he knelt between my thighs to kiss the inside flesh of my knee and lower thigh. I could feel wetness creep between my pouting lips as he ignored them but paid ample attention to my thighs. I felt my skin quiver as his tongue made a small line up and down the insides of my thighs. My hips strained to be closer to his mouth but he simply pressed a hand to my hip bone, making me still. His eyes looked up into mine as he suddenly and zenci porno only for a second kissed my secret lips. I moaned and my body screamed in turn.

I whispered to him, “Please Rick.” He groaned in response as his finger spread my lips open softly and he wiggled his tongue into my sweet hole before sliding it back out again. My fingers went wild into his hair but he didn’t put his tongue inside anymore. His tongue ran around the length of my lips, flicking occasionally at my clit. He sucked my labia between his lips making my body jerk. He slowly spread me open wider and licked around my hole, teasing me. I could feel his roll his tongue as he slipped it once again inside and as I felt my walls quiver around it he made his tongue fat, making me spasm with the first feelings of an orgasm. His tongue moved in and out of me slowly, fucking me as I came. My hips moved up and down in time with his tongue. I heard my name being whispered in what seemed to be a faraway time…

My eyes opened slowly in waking and I saw Rick’s head between my thighs. He was smiling at me with his eyes. “Have a nice dream?”

I laughed softly. “You have no idea.”

He moaned gently. “Oh I think I do.”

He moved his head back down between my thighs and I thought I was going to burst. His tongue flicked and wiggled quickly over my clit and soon I was coming again, this time fully awake. He grasped my thighs with his hands, bringing my dripping cunt closer to his face. I felt his tongue rimming around my hole and I nearly screamed for him to be inside. I felt him laughing softly against my skin. He only teased me for a moment more, then he slid his tongue in slowly, making it fat as he went in. My hips raised higher and my voice took on a soft pleading.

“Please Rick, I want your cock in me… now.”

He groaned deeply in response and I laughed softly as his face was quickly and suddenly right in front of mine. I deeply kissed his lips, tasting aldatma porno myself on him. He pushed my thighs so that my knees were up towards my face, a position I love for its deepness. I felt him press the head of his cock against my hole and he slowly pushed forward. I moaned out deeply in response. I felt him slide all the way in slowly, my walls sucking him in deeper. His mouth found mine again and as he began to move his cock in and out slowly he kissed me deeply. He moved to his knees and was in a half standing position, his hands still on my thighs keeping them in place against my breasts. I imagined myself beside him, watching his cock move in and out of me faster with nothing obstructing my view. I felt him inside me deeply. The ridge of his cock sliding inside me. The head kept hitting my sweet spot and I cried out in passion.

I came on his cock hard, my juices flowing on it. I heard him moan out to me. He held my thighs and he pumped his hips harder and faster into me. Making me cum again quickly. He released my thighs and he pulled out of me, turning me over onto my knees. I crouched tightly on the bed, raising my lower half. He grabbed my hips as he quickly shoved his hard cock into me. I cried out his name and as I did I felt him cum inside of me. It made me feel like cumming in turn. But he never slowed his thrusts and I felt his fingers digging into my flesh. He pumped into me at a wonderful speed and I came again. My breath felt wonderfully constricted in my current position but he soon turned me over to my side and was kissing me.

I wrapped my thighs around his and soon I was turning his over with the same gentle force he had me. I slipped his still hard cock into me as I sat on him. I rode him slowly, letting my speed build. His hands went to my hips and he lifted me off his cock only to slam me back onto it. This motion making me cum again harder. He felt my juices on him and he came again inside me. I fell on him, halfway exhausted. He kissed my forehead and dislodged from me, my walls sucking and crying out as he left. Even though we both were hot and sweaty we lay tightly bound together. I felt his breathing next to me change as he fell asleep. I whispered three yet unspoken words into his hair before I slept.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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