Waking Up

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A glint of sunlight glistened through the gap in the bedroom curtains at just the right time to rouse Jen from her sleep. She peeled apart her eyelids over the space of a good few seconds, the sturdiness of the mattress hugging against her back, and the winter duvet keeping her wrapped in a delightful warmth that made her want to snuggle her neck into her shoulders, and sigh like a contented child.

His scent ambled into her nostrils. A wisp of masculine sweat that called to her.

Her senses teased, she turned to him.

He lay on his side, his face pressed against the pillow, and his features still and peaceful. His chest moved beneath the covers with the slow and measured breathing that sleeping alone can offer.

Jen reached across. She slid her hand around his bare waist, pushed her fingertips into his hot skin, and pulled him a little closer. The aroma grew stronger, and she sucked it deeper and deeper into her lungs, until it overwhelmed her. She parted her lips and exhaled through a gentle moan.

She slipped her arm lower.

He remained unmoved. His eyes gave the merest hint of a flicker behind their lids, and for a moment Jen wondered if the slide-show of his dreams and the dalliances of her touch might at one point mingle somewhere in the middle.

She hoped so.

With her own breathing growing heavier, feasting on the glorious remnants of his musk, she glided her fingertips down to the muscular flesh of his ass. She squeezed it. It sprang back into its taut form as soon as she eased the pressure, and the strength and rigidity stirred a longing between her thighs.

She twisted herself to face him better. One nipple scratched across a fold of the duvet and stiffened in an instant. It burned and tingled all at once. A glorious sensation that inflamed her desires to boiling point.

He shifted. Not much, but enough to tell Jen that he might awake at any moment.

Her whole body pulsated with longing. Her veins throbbed with each quickening beat of her heart.

She ran the very tip of her forefinger around his hip. Into the crevice between his thigh and torso. Her skin grew hotter as she approached the soft, shaven flesh of his testicles.

She tried to tease herself. To savour the heat, and bask in the stolen nature of the intimate moment. But, her desires took over. She cupped his balls. Rolled them against her palm, and stroked at the delicate skin that led down underneath and to the cleft between his buttocks.

He groaned. His body twitched, and for a split second his lips parted as if preparing to taste the morning. But his sleep carried on.

Jen slinked her slender fingers up over the curve of his testicles until they touched something more solid. Her pulse rattled in her ears. Eager, and seeped in anticipation. Her breathing pinched into ragged little moans.

She allowed herself to take more of it. Just an inch or so. Her nipples ached. Her jaws parted and held open, just enough for her to poke the tip of her tongue around her dry lips. The saliva moistened her skin. She licked from one corner of her mouth to the other.

He jostled. One eye revealed a fleeting glimpse of a wonderful, bold-blue iris, before closing again.

His sex twitched.

Jen wound her fingers around the thick base, squeezed it.

She kept her eyes on his face the whole time. Reading him, willing him to stay asleep just a little longer. But, at the same time, praying in silence for him to wake up and ravish the air from her lungs and satiate the wet hunger that throbbed between her legs.

She stroked upward, closing her small hand around him as she moved. Each manoeuvre of her arm drew another twitch from his shaft. She longed for the bulging ridge of the head, and the moist tip. To see it. Feel it. Taste it. And envelope it inside her own body.

The very thought shot a long, tingling shiver up her spine, and curled her toes under the covers. She scooted a little closer to him. Inhaled him once more. The heat of his body radiated against her nipples and made her want to scream out in ecstasy. Instead, she ground one breast against the inside of her arm, which only served to make her want more contact. His contact. To embrace every inch of his being.

“Babe,” he mumbled.

His eyes didn’t open. His lips rolled against each other, as if capable of nothing more strenuous.

Jen continued to massage the length of his cock. She cinched her fingers tighter around the shaft as she reached higher. Her lungs froze mid-breath as the edge of one digit brushed against the beginning of his swollen crown. She exhaled with a stifled yelp as she moved up over it and felt the moisture of pre-cum against her skin. Hot, and wet. It made her all the more aware of where she wanted it. And, as gerçek porno if to voice its own agreement, her clitoris throbbed. Her entire pelvis became a warm, undulating glow.

She couldn’t wait any longer.

With her eyes still locked on his, she pushed up the duvet with one elbow, and rolled herself on top of him.

He mumbled something. It faded into a weak cough.

Jen mounted his hips.

She climbed above the stiff column of his cock, and slid herself down over it. Gasping as each inch penetrated her, and pulsated inside her.

She threw back her head. Long, soft strands of her hair swept over her scalp and lashed at the bare skin of her back and shoulders. She closed her eyes. Parted her lips, and gave herself to the gusts of breath that soared through them.

With one hand she grabbed at her left breast. Squeezed it, kneaded it, and unable to resist any longer, pinched at the tight, erect bud of her nipple. It forced a squeak from her throat.

He looked up at her, still half-asleep. His cock seemed to be ahead of the game. Thick and hard, pushing deeper into her loins, and showing no signs of slumber.

Jen paused the descent of her hips. She opened her eyes just a little. Locked her attentions on the reactions in his features. The hazed, dilated pleasure in his pupils. An eager twitch of excitement that broke through his stiff smile. She feasted on the whole image. Held it tight. And let go of herself.

She impaled herself on the succulent last inch or so of his hard cock. It filled her. Made her light-headed with sheer delight.

He mumbled again. She heard the word, “wait”, but didn’t pause long enough to decipher the rest of the sentence. She couldn’t.

Her body stole away control from her mind. She moaned each time she pushed herself up onto her knees, and let loose something between a gasp and a grunt as she plunged back down onto him. The heat between her legs radiated throughout her body. Right to the tips of her fingers and toes.

Little beads of sweat trickled from her hairline, and one tickled the bridge of her nose before dripping off and making glorious with her engorged nipple. She yelped. The simple, moist touch shot through her torso like a jolt of cool electricity that flashed hot ignited a fire through her chest. She clutched at the wet bud, and tugged at it until her breast stretched out from her body. Her hips continued to climb and drop, urging every solid inch of his cock deep inside her.

He groaned. One of his hands leapt up from the bed and grasped at her wrist.

Jen tried to wrestle against his strength. She caught sight of a flicker of need in his eyes. It reached out and restrained her, like the glare of headlights to a wandering deer. Her pelvis continued to roll, riding his cock for all its worth, but the rest of her belonged to his eyes. Locked in his stare.

He twitched beneath her. His lips peeled back to reveal the smooth edges of his teeth. A smile, of sorts.

Jen reached down her spare hand, planted her palm on the muscular ridges of his chest, and pushed her weight against him.

He jerked his hips.

Jen cried out. The air around her whistled past her ears as her body swept through it. She landed on her side, the pleasing thickness of his cock still buried inside her.

He rolled her over again, onto her back.

Without taking even a second to think it through, she kicked out her feet and wrapped them around his waist. As he slid her closer to the middle of the bed, she moved her heels higher, up to the middle of his spine. His torso surrounded her. His large, toned arms stood firm on either side of her, like imprisoning pillars. He used them to balance his bulk, grinned at her, and thrust himself deeper and harder into her squelching, wet hole.

“Fuck me,” Jen growled.

She dug her heels into his back, and pushed her knees wider apart to give him better access. And allow him to plunge further into her. Speckles of sweat gleamed in her eyelashes and gave everything around her a glittery hue.

The muscles in his neck rippled, and his shoulders bulged out with eager determination. Each wild, uneven breath that lunged from his mouth brought with it tendrils of saliva that clung to his gritted teeth. His eyes burned with dark passion. Matched by the rigid lines across his forehead and his taut, stolid jawline.

“Fuck me,” Jen said.

She stretched out her arms and tried to wrap them around the back of his thick neck. But he pulled away a little. She chased again, and failed.

A slick sheet of sweat formed over his chest, serving to make each rippling muscle stand out with perfect pride. His breaths became shorter and faster, and as if following their lead, the rhythm of his gay porno thrusts did the same.

Jen dropped her head to the mattress. With her eyes just half-open, she gazed up into the boldness of his. Her fingers wound themselves into the sheets. She clenched them so tight they ached.

The pit of her stomach swelled with hot pleasure. Her pussy throbbed and tingled with every movement of his plundering cock.

The muscles in her legs locked. Her fists froze, the sheets wound tight around her knuckles.

He seemed to sense it. With his breath still racing, he slowed his ministrations. In just a few strokes, he found her depths again. Driving the rock-hard crown of his cock as far as he could inside her. His balls slapped against her ass with a series of resonating slaps.

Jen held her breath. She ground her hips down against him. And screamed.

As he continued to fuck her, pounding the full length of his glorious cock into her needful pussy, her nerve endings exploded.

She writhed on the bed. Her legs fell limp and lost their grip on his back. But she didn’t care. Wonderful, debilitating spasms swept through her sex, reaching out further into her body with each intoxicating wave. Her head swam in a joyous haze.

Just the mere jiggle of her breasts against her own body served to set her nipples on fire. She wanted to touch them, but no longer controlled her fingers. His touch would be even better. But she couldn’t even catch her breath, never mind vocalise her desires to him.

He slowed. Glaring down into her eyes, he reduced to long, slow thrusts that worked the rippling nerve endings of her inner walls.

Jen didn’t have the energy to do anything other than lay there and enjoy it. Her entire body tingled in an overwhelming warmth. Her throat dried out. She tried to swallow, but her mouth offered little moisture. Her left leg trembled, from the thigh-muscle right down to the ball of her foot. She narrowed her lips in an attempt to regain her breathing.

He scooted back. With the large, thick fingers of his right hand he gripped at the base of his cock.

Jen flapped her lips. No words came out.

He pulled his erection from her still spasming hole. With a smile that both taunted her and teased her back to her senses, he started to squeeze himself. From the base, right the way up to the slick purple head, that gleamed with her juices.

She twitched her fingers against the sheets. Her toes moved. She wrestled the tip of her dry tongue around the inside of her mouth. Grateful for every morsel of moisture it mustered up.

With her eyes alone, she begged him to feed her. To help quench her thirst with her own fluids, as well as his.

He continued to keep his cock hard. So near, but far enough to make it torturous. The pad of his thumb worked around the well-defined ridge of the crown.

Jen tried to lean up, but her neck, shoulders and back ached. As if trying to recover from a marathon. In perfect contrast, from the middle of her thighs up to somewhere a little above her belly button still radiated with physical delight.

His hand moved faster. Swirling over the bulbous head, before working back down to the shaft.

“No,” Jen said. The word came out as a dry murmur.

He grinned wider. His wrist flicked back and forth. Gaining momentum with each mesmerising stroke of his rock hard erection.

Jen gritted her teeth, and pushed herself up. The room jittered a little as her head grew light. It didn’t last long. A few droplets of sweat made their way into her eyes, and mixed the shapes of her surroundings into a swirl of transparent colour. She wiped at them, blinked, and wiped again.

He stopped. His mouth widened, stiffened, and his nose wrinkled.

“No,” Jen said.

He laughed. His features softened, and he shook his head. “You’re too easy.”

Jen laughed and let go of a heavy exhalation at the same time. She didn’t stop to chastise him. .

With a gentle, massaging glow still working through her mid-section, she worked her way down off the bed. In the kneeling position, her elbows resting on the mattress, she turned to face him.

He smiled. And let go of his cock.

Jen took a firm grip of it. She wrapped her fingers tight around the shaft, and drew it to her face. Just an inch away from her salivating lips.

He waited. His gaze locked on hers. The muscles of his stomach taut and his eyes wide with expectation.

Jen opened her mouth. Slow. She nudged the bulbous glans closer. A tiny drop of pre-cum peeked through the slit, and she fought against every urge in her soul to stop herself from just ramming it into her throat.

The fingers of her other hand crept down over her belly, to the smooth patch of flesh evli porno above her pussy. She teased them around for no more than a few seconds, but it seemed like a day and a half. Her heart beat fast, and her lungs filled and emptied in quick, breathy rasps.

She touched it to her chin. Savoured the wet heat, and longed for more. Her fingers twitched, but she continued to hold back.

Judging by the needful blaze in his eyes, he longed for more too.

Jen parted her lips farther, and moved her wrist at the same time.

She enveloped just the tip. Licked and sucked at the salty glob that sat up just above the sweet taste of her own sex that still glistened all the way down to his shaven balls. As if driven by that very image, she moved her fingers down to stroke at them. Knead them. All the while rolling the soft, pliable skin of her lips round the rock-hard crown of his cock. Delighting in the musky scent that lapped at her nostrils and sent her tastebuds into a fevered frenzy.

He groaned. His pelvis pushed. As if trying to sink deeper inside. Jen pulled back just in time to stop him. She gave a low chuckle that escaped through the corners of her mouth.

His body swayed toward her, time and time again, faster, harder. Jen grinned to herself. She didn’t let more than three inches of his cock to enter her mouth, before easing it back out again. And in again.

The edge of one of her fingers found the risen nub of her clitoris, and she toyed with it. Flicked it, rubbed it, rotated it against the grind of her hips.

His balls lurched in her hand, like a warning shot.

Jen eased the pressure of her mouth on his cock. She looked right up into his eyes, and held him in her gaze. Captive to her manipulations.

He blinked, and nibbled at the fleshiest part of his bottom lip.

“I’m going to-“

Jen shook her head. Not even enough to rustle the stray strands of hair that hung over the side of her face. But she knew by his features that he saw it. And the pained expression in his eyes. He didn’t speak. He didn’t need to.

Jen withdrew his erection from her mouth. She offered him a meek smile. But she warded off his frown by running her fingers to his shaft. She stroked it back and forth, slow, but in a tight, squeezing grip.

He moaned, gritted his teeth, and jerked his hips. His eyes closed. They flickered every second or so, and revealed a sliver white and blue between the lids.

Jen rubbed herself harder. She pressed against her clitoris, and massaged it under the pad of her second finger. The glow that still radiated throughout her belly burned hotter, and poured through her veins like tiny little fireworks designed to set off bigger ones along the way.

She froze. All but her middle digit.

A high-pitched, ragged mewl ejected from her throat and rang in her ears. Her clitoris erupted. The sensations tore through every inch of her being. Stole the strength from her limbs, and smothered the very air in her lungs.

She acted without thought. Her mouth found the jutting head of her lover’s cock, and she sucked at it. Her tongue flicked against the underside, and down over the shaft, as she sank half of it inside.

He grabbed at her shoulders. Cinched his fingers into her naked flesh. His growls lingered below the breathless screams of her own climax.

She sucked hard, right around the head. Tensed her lips and stiffened her tongue in just the right little spot below the crown.

He pressed harder into her flesh. His moans cut off. He thrust one time into her mouth. And gave a loud, sharp groan that seemed like it could never end.

Jen eased the grip of her lips. She continued to lick and suck. His semen splashed against the roof of her mouth, and streamed down to form a puddle around her tongue. Some of it escaped, and dribbled down to her chin.

She let it go.

He lowered his stature a little. His shoulders sagged, but his cock showed no signs of doing so. It still throbbed against Jen’s touch. Sending forth more and more ropes of sticky fluid that swished around her teeth and gums, before spilling from her lips and drenching the rigid shaft, her knuckles, and the top of his balls.

Jen grunted for a breath around the thick mass of hard flesh. A weary tiredness washed over her limbs. She leaned against the bed, and continued to lick with a gentle, nurturing pressure. Allowing the obscene wetness to cascade through her relaxed lips and down off the edge of her chin. It flowed like a warm, gloopy waterfall. A single glob splashed against her bare chest, and without thinking about it, she reached out to rub it into the dip of her cleavage.

He reeled away from her, rolled onto his side, and, facing her, called her to lay beside him with just his eyes.

She climbed up onto the bed, stretched her legs along the length of the mattress, and snuggled against the heat of his rugged body. A mixture of fulfilment and lazy sleepiness embraced her senses. She gave herself over to it. In her lover’s arms.

The End.

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