Waking You Up

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We lay next to each other in bed. I hear your heavy breathing in the darkness of the room. My tshirt is clingy to my body as I wake up for the third time hot and bothered. My thighs are sticky due to my lack of panties and the wetness of my pussy. I push the cover off of myself and you stir in your sleep. I immediately still and you inhale deeply and shift to where you’re lying on your back. You move the cover around and it falls below your waist.

The window allows a little of the moon light to travel in and I can make out the bulge in your boxers. I smile to myself and carefully lift my shirt over my head and throw it to the floor. My nipples grow into small peaks as I pinch them. My head rolls back and my eyes close, lost in the sensation. The pinching sends a shock to my clit and I gasp breathlessly.

I quickly glance at you and you’re still sound asleep. My hands travel lower and I touch everywhere else purposely missing my clit. I tease myself over and over till I can feel my clit throb and my pussy practically dripping.

I finally feel between my thighs and spread my legs farther to allow myself access. I touch my hole, lubricating my finger and start to rub my finger up and down my pussy. My fingers start to get wet and slippery and it turns me on more.

I keep rubbing and illegal bahis I moan softly to myself, avoiding any penetration. I stop when I feel myself at the brink and I glance over at you.

I risk touching your dick and you don’t move. I grip and through your boxers I feel you grow under my fingers. Slowly, I start to slide your boxers down and finally mange to get them off of you.

One of your hands lie above your head and I grab it to stable myself while I straddle you. When you stir again I still immediately. You groan in your sleep and I chuckle. I wait a minute then I start my assault again. When I’m straddled on top of you I lift up a little and grab your dick.

I want to rub myself up and down your dick but I don’t want to wake you yet. The anticipation of seeing your face makes my smile to myself. Gripping you, I brace my hole right against your tip. I plan on pushing my body all the way down, not allowing myself to gradually open to you. I know it’ll hurt but I want you so bad. Putting my hands on your chest I push myself down and I cry out in pleasure/pain.

Your eyes shoot open as my body comes down on you and my nails dig into your flesh. You hiss out through clenched teeth.

Then you say “wtf are you doing!”

I sit immobile trying to absorb the pain I feel. illegal bahis siteleri You hit the one spot inside of me which causes the pleasure to build up again.

My eyes are closed and I whisper “please.”

I feel you touch my cheek with the back of your hand. “Baby…” You say in your sleepy voice. My pussy clinches around you and you grip my hips.

“Stop that.” you say, a smile playing on your lips.

I move up and down once and wince as I do.

“You can’t.” You say. “No. “

I look down at you angrily. “Yes I can!” I yell.

You try to lift me and I grasp the headboard.

“No!! Stop!” I say.

I start to bounce up and down on you and you keep telling me no and keep trying to move me. You grip my wrist and tilt me over and some how you’re still in and on top of me.

I scowl up at you, you meet my gaze. I turn my head to look away from you and you start to move out of me then you ram yourself into me. I scream at the sudden force and you smile down at me.

Still gripping my wrist you push into me again, with more force than the last time. I whimper.

“Is this what you wanted?!” You say. “Is this what you wanted at,” you glance at the alarm clock.” At three in the morning?”

“No.” I mumble angrily ignoring your constant pushing.

I canlı bahis siteleri can feel my insides gripping you and I can tell I’m so close to an orgasm.

You chuckle. “This is what you want, I can feel it baby.”

I deny it again and you speed up. Our bodies slapping into each other. I continue to try and fight off my rising orgasm. You bend down and bite my nipple then start to suck. You repeat this delicious torture till you realize my motivation.

“Defying me without saying anything. Come for me.”

I shake my head.

“Stop trying to fight it!” You say forcefully.

Abruptly you pull out of me and reach into your side drawer. You pull out the cuffs.

“Get up.”

I just stare at you sitting crisscrossed on the bed. You grip my neck and push me back on the bed while doing so. You dip down to where your mouth is at my ear. I can feel your breath on my neck.

You whisper, “It’d be in your best interest to stop acting like this now or I will not give you the pleasure you desire. Understand?”

“Yes.” I say stubbornly. You reach between my legs and rub your finger up and down my pussy then bring it back up to your mouth and lick them. I gasp. Your grip on my neck gets tighter.

“Mmmmm mmmm no sound, you’ve angered me too often tonight.”

“Baby don’t be mad.” I say taking a risk. You look down at me then you release my neck and start to suck on my neck leaving chills all over my skin. You make your way to my stomach then lower till I’m quivering from excitement.

…(to be continued)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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