Warming Up

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Many thanks to my editor, Fflow, for proofreading and some great constructive comments.


Chapter 1

Kara lay in bed, aching with arousal. She had just been starting to warm up by the time Dave, her husband of seven years, had raced toward the finish and climaxed well before she was ready. Ideally, she thought, they should end in a tie, or at least a dead heat, with “heat” being the operative word.

Their sex life had clearly dropped into a rut lately, especially after their kids were born. After all, it was much harder to get in the mood when the baby was crying at frequent intervals during the night, demanding to be fed, changed, and comforted.

A toddler was almost worse, though thankfully he slept more soundly. But you never quite knew when those rapid footsteps would sound in the hallway, and a little voice would call out in an indecipherable word which, of course, meant “Hey Mom!” in two-year-old language.

Add in another baby, and then add in the fact that, 5 years after graduating with his B.S., Dave started classes again to earn a Master’s, you had two rather exhausted people who didn’t quite have the energy to make sure their sex life came out ahead. Or rather, that neither participant came too far ahead.

The boys were one and three now. Kara had quit work when their second son was born, but was getting somewhat bored. She loved the kids, but was really missing having adults to talk to once in a while. On top of that, she was feeling like they were in a rut when it came to their sex life.

It was a bit too easy to blame it on the children, though. When was the last time they had simply put aside time for themselves? When had they last played in bed, instead of simply going through motions that were satisfying, but too comfortable to still be as stimulating as they were several years ago? Where was the adventure?

Kara felt like she must be some strange combination of prudish and wild. Her mind was often filled with explicit fantasies, but she could never make herself voice them. Dave loved her adventurous side, but was not dominant enough to simply take charge, while she felt too submissive to give him directions.

They had played with light bondage early in the marriage. Ice play, blindfolds, and some rope experiments had all been fun, but neither felt comfortable in the role of “top,” so they didn’t play very often.

Still, Kara had a vivid imagination, and had been practicing very basic types of self-bondage since childhood, though in her early years there had been nothing sexual about it. She simply loved the feeling of being restrained. Dave had never really understood that; to him, the bondage was a simple turn-on, and it usually didn’t last very long, since he wanted her out of it way too quickly.

Tonight, Dave had been up late finishing his project for class tomorrow night. Kara had nearly been asleep when he finally came to bed, and though she was happy to join in when he clearly felt amorous, the combination of exhaustion and the awareness of how late it was getting (thus leading to more tiredness the next day) made it hard for her to simply relax. Arousal, unfortunately, was elusive when her mind was distracted.

Which brought her to her current state — all warmed up but way behind, and Dave already drifting off to sleep. Sighing, she kissed him good night and let her hand drift down to her clit. At least she could get rid of the tension and be able to fall asleep, though it wasn’t nearly as satisfying by herself.

She began circling her clit with her fingers, spreading around the moisture leaking from her already-aroused pussy. She let her mind drift and fill with images, mostly fantasy: herself, bound tightly with various toys stimulating her; Dave, sitting at his computer working, while she squirmed in her bonds; wearing some of those toys outside the house, with no one knowing…. A few minutes later she came with a shudder.

She fell asleep with some of the images still floating through her mind.

The next day, Kara woke feeling a need to change things. Between Dave’s work and classes, along with homework, there had been less time and fewer opportunities to distract him. She kept thinking back to the night before, however; the sex had been too comfortable, and something needed shaking up.

As she thought about the previous evening, she realized that she just needed some warm-up time. There was no lack of desire on either side, but her body simply didn’t respond as quickly as his. As she moved through her morning routine of dressing herself and the kids, getting breakfast for everyone, and watching them play, she contemplated options.

Chapter 2

5 1/2 years earlier . . .

Early in their marriage, Kara had placed an order with an online sex toy company. She had been reading sex stories for years, and had often wondered what it would feel like to experience some of the things she had read about. Adultery, casino siteleri however, held no appeal whatsoever. This presented a dilemma, since one thing she was very curious about was double penetration. She had never experienced much ass play, except some soapy shower explorations with fingers. So she finally took a chance and placed an order. She got a medium butt plug, a dildo that looked relatively normal in proportion, a double-bullet vibrator, and a latex bra with nipple holes. So many things to choose from! But money was a bit tight, and she tried to keep the expenses down.

She waited rather excitedly for her order to arrive, and made a point of getting the mail that week so he wouldn’t find the package. She wanted a chance to experiment with the new toys herself before letting Dave in on the “secret.”

The first time she tried the butt plug was an eye-opening experience. She had been anticipating trying it during the entire time she was at work, and through dinner. Dave had headed back to campus to work on homework in the lab. Kara had read plenty about ass play, and from her limited experience knew that lubrication was the key. With her mind filled with images from stories she had read, she stretched out on their futon, with the plug and a bottle of lotion handy. She closed her eyes and let her mind wander.

She ran her hands lightly up & down herself, brushing her nipples. They quickly hardened, and she began playing with them, rolling the pebbles between her fingers and pinching them. She reached lower and began massaging her clit. Her fingers found the moisture from her already-wet slit, and she dipped them in, relaxing into the pleasure. Unhurried, she began circling her asshole, reveling in the tingling sensation. She reached for the lotion and squirted a bit into her hand.

I’d better do this before I lose my nerve, she thought to herself, and picked up the plug with her other hand. It felt odd, and she felt more exposed than she ever had, even though the blinds were closed. Moment of truth, she thought. If I don’t do it now, when will I get up the nerve again? She began spreading the lotion on the plug, coating it generously, then reached between her legs to rub it around her puckered hole.

Kara took the plug and aimed it, let it rest against her hole for a moment, and began to slowly apply pressure. At first, it was the oddest sensation she had ever felt. The smoothness made it difficult to tell how far inside it was. She felt so full! Glancing down, she realized that only the first couple of inches were inside her, and she was nowhere near the widest part of the plug.

Determined to experience this, however, she rested a moment and resumed the pressure. It was starting to hurt, more than a bit, and she began thinking she really should have started with a smaller size plug. She concentrated on relaxing, and tried moving it in and out a bit, pressing a bit farther each time. Suddenly, just as the plug was beginning to feel downright huge, her sphincter muscle contracted as the widest part passed through her, and with a bit of a jerk it seated itself fully inside her.

Gasping a bit, Kara laid back, analyzing and savoring the new sensation. She was actually a bit light-headed. It felt pretty good, though in an odd way. She wasn’t sure she wanted to move around with it inside, though the thought of spending long periods of time forced to wear a plug had been a long-time fantasy. It seemed unlikely that Dave would think of it, however, especially as she hadn’t told him about the toys. Kara clenched her muscles around the base of the plug and savored the feeling of not being able to close down completely. She felt the plug slide in a bit more, and reached down to rub her clit once more.

It hurt, in a good way — she had a feeling it would feel more comfortable if there was some way she could clean herself out first. It felt so deep, and she felt so full. She rubbed a little faster. “What would Dave think if he saw this?” Just the thought made her hotter. “He’d probably jump me without hesitating…he loves it when I do things that are outrageous.”

She imagined her husband walking in to find her stark naked, stretched out on their bed, ass fully plugged, and rubbing her clit like a madwoman. That was all it took for her to explode in a climax. She could feel her ass muscles clenching the plug, gripping it tightly, and she imagined it was her husband’s cock. With a last convulsion, she pulled her hands away from her crotch and tried to recover.

Very soon, her muscles started to cramp around the plug, and it became incredibly uncomfortable. “Too bad…I was really enjoying the feeling!” she thought to herself, and tottered into the bathroom on very unsteady legs to clean up. It was harder than she expected to remove the thing, and her muscles clamped down so hard once the widest part was out that the sudden contraction back to normal was much more painful that she anticipated. She canlı casino spent a minute or so gasping, wishing she had removed it more slowly, or even that she could have left it in. “I’ll have to let it build up longer next time, to make it last,” she thought to herself.

A few days after trying her new butt plug for the first time, Kara decided she was ready to try the dildo at the same time. It turned out she had miscalculated on the size of it and it was bigger than she had expected, and she was quite surprised at how stretched out she felt after trying it. She had started trying the plug under her clothes, but had not tried wearing it out of the house yet. Sitting down had been a startling experience, as she discovered that it had not been nearly as deep as it could go that first day. Still, once she became accustomed to the feeling, she started having deliciously naughty thoughts about wearing it around, without Dave knowing, wondering all the time if he would discover her secret.

Having practiced a few times with the plug, the insertion was easier this time. Still, there was the initial shock, the sensation of being filled up and held open. Just thinking about it made her wet enough for the dildo, before she even started. Once the plug was in and seated firmly between her ass cheeks, she laid back to savor the feeling before going on.

The thought of having both her ass and pussy filled at the same time had been haunting her ever since the toys arrived, giving her little shivers at odd times of the day. Now, getting that “now or never” feeling again, she reached out to grasp the 8″ dildo. With her other hand, she began rubbing herself, feeling the wetness of her arousal and spreading it around. The base of the plug got in the way a bit, but every time she bumped it, she got another thrill, so she didn’t mind.

Her nipples were hard pebbles again, and she pinched them lightly, wishing that she had had the nerve to buy some nipple clamps as well. That was something else she had wondered about, but it would have to wait until another time. She put the head of the shaft at her warm, wet entrance and began to ease it inside. The full feeling intensified until she was light-headed from the pleasure. She couldn’t imagine trying to walk or even stand. Her ass was full, her pussy was stretched as it had never been, and at the same time.

Eventually, Kara recovered her breath and began a steady in/out motion with the dildo. Soon, she changed hands so she could attend to her begging clit with her right. The multiple sensations took their toll, and she very quickly felt her climax approaching. With a great effort, she slowed down, reminding herself to make it last. She backed off, imagining Dave there, telling her she wasn’t allowed to cum yet. She went back to pinching her nipples with her left hand, leaving the dildo fully inside her, savoring the anticipation. Finally, unable to hold herself back any longer, she resumed the thrusting, rubbing her clit, and rushed back to a huge climax. With just a slight bit of pressure still on her clitoris, she managed to extend the orgasm nearly to the point of pain, almost sobbing to get her breath back.

“Wow!” she thought to herself, “I’ll have to make sure Dave and I try this with a real live cock instead of this plastic one. I might just pass out.” But she wondered how she would be able to say anything to him — even after being married for a year and a half, she was too shy to tell him.

Chapter 3

Present Day…

Kara’s thoughts turned back to her first experiments with toys as she looked through the small collection that she and Dave had put together. She had eventually told him about a couple of the toys she had bought over the last few years, though she hadn’t ever let on exactly how long ago she had bought them. Though they played with them occasionally, they were both too self-conscious about it; they could never quite relax & have fun with them. Kara wasn’t quite comfortable taking the initiative, and Dave just didn’t think about them very often.

Quite a few things had been added to the bag over the last 5 years: the nipple clamps had been on the next order, about a year later, and some more innocuous-looking household items as well, such as clothespins and some lengths of thin rope. Once Dave had gotten into the spirit of things, he had spent an evening looking through a couple of shopping websites, with Kara sitting on his lap; only part of the time had been spent looking at the screen. They had ordered a pair of velcro-closing cuffs, and a trip to the right store had ended with Kara buying a corset.

It was Dave’s night for evening class tonight. Their usual pattern was for Kara to bring the kids and meet him for dinner someplace close to where he worked, so they could see him. From there, he would head to class and she would take the boys home and get them ready for bed.

Tonight, however, a plan was beginning to form. Since she had kaçak casino spend most of the day thinking about how she could get a head start for the evening, she had also been horny all day long and was wishing she could wear a toy or two out to dinner. The problem was how to keep it in; she had never gotten around to buying a harness or chastity belt, and had never found any panties that could keep the toys from slipping out. Spotting the rope in the bag, she decided to try making herself a crotch rope.

Kara stripped down and picked up a length of cotton rope, doubling it over. Not having a set of instructions, she decided to wing it, and began at the waist, wrapping it around herself once and feeding the end through the loop. She looped it between her legs and back up behind her, and even ended up with it over her shoulders, making it more of a full-body harness, but when she sat down to test the end result it was pretty comfortable. She looked in the mirror and grinned. Even though Dave didn’t tie her up very often, he enjoyed looking at her tied, and she couldn’t wait to see the look on his face when he got home and found out that she had been wearing this since before dinner.

Wanting to be comfortable as well as stimulated, she got out her smallest butt plug to wear to dinner. As she got dressed to go out, she analyzed the effects of the rope and plug and decided that they would keep her deliciously on-edge the whole time. After a moment’s thought, she decided to relieve a bit of the tension before heading out.

She finished dressing, then lay down on the bed for a moment and eased her skirt up around her waist. She began stroking herself as she had the night before, feeling the tension build. Suddenly, a crashing sound from the boys’ bedroom broke the tension as she jumped up and darted from the room to see what had happened.

More frustrated than ever, she knelt down to begin putting away the wooden blocks that had been tipped over. No emergency, luckily, but she realized her attempt had backfired, and resigned herself to feeling even more horny during the evening until the kids were in bed.

After getting the kids into the van, she headed out to dinner. The plug was not very big — smaller, in fact, than the first one she had purchased, but it was very comfortable for long-term wear. She could feel the doubled rope pressed on either side of her clit, and knew that it, as well as her panties, were already soaked.

She observed Dave during dinner, while she squirmed in her chair. Preoccupied with entertaining two little boys, Dave didn’t seem to notice that she was more distracted than usual. She tried to concentrate on feeding the baby, and not getting a glazed look on her face from the arousal.

She kissed her husband goodbye afterward, as he got into his car to head to class, and if he noticed it was a bit more enthusiastic than her usual good-bye kiss, he didn’t say anything. Kara headed home, thinking about her plans for the rest of the evening.

Her usual reaction to their occasional bondage sessions was that they didn’t last long enough. Dave generally seemed to enjoy getting her in and/or out of things, but wasn’t all that interested in just letting her stew. After a bit of thought, she figured the best of both worlds would be to get herself tied up and enjoy it until he got home. At that point, she figured she would probably be glad to be out of it. Thinking through her choices, her grin got wider.

She had forgotten she had quite a while yet to simmer. Once home, it was only 6:00, and Dave wouldn’t be home until around 10:30. She resigned herself to a couple of hours of toy trains and Dr. Seuss. Luckily, the kids had no idea what that look on Mommy’s face meant when she lost her balance and had to sit down abruptly while trying to set up the train tracks.

The entire time, she was aware of her soaking wet panties and was afraid she would start making squish, squish noises as she walked. Eventually, after a couple readings of Go Dog, Go, a snack, yet another drink of water, a few hugs, and a ritual singing of “Hush, little baby” for the youngest the kids were down for the night. Kara headed back to the bedroom, figuring she probably had less than two hours before Dave would be home from class.

The first thing she did, after stripping down to the harness, was get out her corset. This was one item that Dave just loved seeing her in, and since it had hooks down the front she could get it on by herself, then tighten the laces. She couldn’t get it nearly as tight as he could, but it would suffice. She looked through the bag and pulled out the other items she wanted, then started in. She wanted to give herself time to just lay & enjoy being bound before he came home & untied her!

Many years ago, Kara had come across a description of how to fashion handcuffs from rope, with a type of knot that would tighten but would not loosen easily from someone trying to pull their hands free. She had taken a few shorter lengths of the rope and made some of these, and she figured they would be ideal for tonight. They were pretty easy to tighten — just pull on the free end of rope — and they would be more comfortable than cuffs.

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