Wartime Comfort House Day 05: Wife

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I was the Commander of the Japanese Imperial Army stationed in occupied Shanghai during the Empire of the Sun conquest. Born in a honorable military family, I was destined to become a great general. My genes gave me an outstanding physique, improved by committed Samurai training started at an early age.

My Local Wife

I woke up with my local wife still in my arm, watching me with her big brown eyes. I kissed her forehead lightly. Miss Yamaha was gone. Then she walked in, fully dressed in traditional kimono. ‘Good morning General, hope you slept well. I did.’ Her sweet smile told me she was content. ‘Your breakfast is ready, would you like your new wife to join you?’

‘Good idea, Miss Yamaha. I want to leave her with you for now so she can learn everything about comforting me. She can sleep in my room here until she is ready. I will come back to see you two tonight.’

‘As you like, General.’ Yuko explained to Cherry, who got up to dress while Yuko wiped my body with a wet towel and dressed me. I noticed envy in Yuko’s eyes when she saw my stare at my new bride’s sensual body.

Throughout the day my thoughts kept coming back to last evening and my new local wife. I was keen to see her progress. Miss Yamaha greeted me warmly at the entrance of the Comfort House. ‘General, you will again be comforted by your new local wife in peace. I have rescheduled those violent warriors to other Comfort Houses. Those coming in all received your order of loving tender comfort only. In fact I will schedule this Comfort House accordingly while your bride is here. The servants here are so happy that they all knelt down in joy to thank you, General.’

Indeed as I walked down the long hallway, all the servants kneeling at each doorway said: ‘General, thanks a million.’

To my surprise, my bride, with traditional Japanese makeup and dressed in a kimono, smiled sweetly and bowed as I entered the room. The furnishings had changed from Chinese to Japanese. ‘General, I hope your new bride makes you feel at home.’ I always liked Miss Yamaha’s organizational skills.

Cherry poured me some sake. I gave the cup to my bride to taste, she took a sip and coughed. I took a mouthful, swirled it around in my mouth before feeding a little to her. ‘Tell her to swirl in her mouth before swallowing’. Cherry followed the instruction and smiled after swallowing. I slowly fed her bit by bit the rest of the mouthful. Then I gave her the cup. She was able to drink a little more while her gaziantep escort face started blushing. I kissed her lips and she fed some sake back to me with a mischievous grin.

I got up for her to remove my uniform, then she sensually remove her kimono. ‘Miss Yamaha, I want to give my bride my seeds. Ask her.’ Sensing my usual preference of not making my collection pregnant, Yuko spoke with Cherry.

‘General, she had regular periods but stopped many months ago so she doesn’t know when. Looks like the starving and malnutrition caused it. I told her to report changes to me immediately.’

I looked at my thin bride’s body and suddenly got a bright idea. ‘Miss Yamaha, bring Maple to us. From now on, her milk will be collected for my bride only. Cherry needs the extra nourishment.’

‘Right away, General.’ as she bowed and backed out of the room. I lifted Cherry up and put her on the bed and lay next to her. She turned and sensually kissed my cheek and gradually down to my sensitive nipple. Her finger drew slow circles on my other one while I fondled her firm breasts and hardening pink nipples.

While we enjoyed our intimate embrace, Miss Yamaha returned with Mrs. Lee, the young Korean mother. Maple’s large breasts looked very swollen, her huge nipples leaking milk. Yuko moved Cherry to lie on Maple’s lap in a baby feeding position and Maple lowered her leaking nipple. Cherry looked puzzled but soon figured out and suckled the big breast like a hungry baby. I moved next to Cherry to suck the other milk jug to relieve some pressure. The milk had the usual sweetness so I decided to let my weak bride enjoy the rest. I stood up, putting my soft penis on Maple’s lips. She took it all in, licking fast with her tongue as usual, one hand massaging my balls, the other hand reached up to roll my nipple with two fingers. As my erection grew, she slipped back to avoid going down her the throat.

When she switched Cherry to the other breast, I turned Maple over to all four to present her round ass and hairy vulva. She lowered her engorged breast to Cherry’s hungry mouth. I stepped forward to penetrate Maple. Miss Yamaha rubbed massage oil on my erection since she knew Maple was often not lubricated. I didn’t like her usual sad expression resulting from the loss of her son but I also didn’t want to hurt her. I thrust slowly but deep as Yuko licked my ears, caressed my sensitive nipples and massaged my balls from behind. I squeezed the big firm breast to get more milk into Cherry’s mouth until she released her suction. Then Maple fed the other milk jug back to Cherry and I squeezed out the rest for my weak bride.

I sped up my thrusting after Cherry came to kiss me and take over the caressing from Yuko. Maple moaned louder and louder as I hit her cervix and my balls slapped her clit with each thrust. I rolled her huge nipples between my fingers and milk started leaking again. She fell forward, panting into her orgasm, my rock squeezed by spasms inside her love channel. Cherry massaged my balls and when my sack began to tighten, she tried to push Maple off. Yuko must have explained to her that I did not want my servants pregnant so they could serve me anytime without having forced abortion that could damage their love channels. Cherry was indeed a fast learner.

I put Cherry on top of me after I lay down. She slipped her tongue in my mouth to explore as I sucked her in. Her kissing was getting much better. She moaned softly when I caressed her fuller breasts and rubbed her stiff pink nipples on my pecs. She even squeezed my rock hard manhood between her smooth thighs and wriggled her hips, rubbing her little clit. More juices flowed out to lubricate her motions as she sped up. I actually liked this new sensation as she built towards her climax. Fast breathing and deep moans led to her body tensed up completely. She let out a long sigh. I squeezed her hard nipples tight and sucked her tongue while she held her straightened body still. Rubbed against her swollen lips, my manhood could feel her spasms. After a long while she opened her eyes and smiled sweetly.

I brought my local bride to sitting and lifted her to aim at my rock. Cherry wrapped her soft hand on my shaft and started rubbing up and down on her swollen clit and lips. I saw some new growth on her fairly bare mound. My huge red mushroom split her soaking wet lips and I slowly lowered her onto my manhood. Cherry immediately tensed up and let out a big sigh soon as my mushroom penetrated her love channel. I slowed down immediately as she squeezed my forearms hard. When my mushroom rested against her soft landing I pulled her body down on top of me to let her adjust to the stretching. Cherry took deep breaths, eyes closed but tears emerged. I knew she was still hurting from yesterday. I kissed her forehead and stayed still while gently rolling her pink nipples. Miss Yamaha noticed and moved over to massage my balls and scratch my sensitive nipples.

She also instructed Maple to massage my feet, lick and suck my toes. The way she sucked and licked my toes and soles was one of my favorite services. Suddenly Maple slipped one big toe inside her love channel and rubbed my other toes on her clit and moaned. She continued to suck the other big toe and massaged that foot. After a few minutes I lifted Cherry’s hips and her hands squeezed tight immediately. I knew thrusting my thick manhood would cause more pain so I put her thin body back on top of me. Yuko moved up to to kiss me passionately and roll my hard nipples between her soft fingers. I reciprocated on the big brown nipples on her large breasts. Yuko always moaned when I manhandled her sensitive breasts.

While I would prefer to thrust my rock to spread my seeds, I could actually achieve orgasm by focusing on other favorite pleasures and squeezing my pelvis muscles, a skill developed through my advanced Samurai training. The tongue massaging, nipples and balls caressing by Yuko, the toe and sole licking and sucking by Maple got my manhood throbbing inside Cherry’s super tight virgin love channel. Yuko then slipped a lubricated finger into my rose bud and massaged my prostate. She rolled my nipple super fast and sucked my tongue hard when she felt my sack tightening. When Maple noticed my toes curled she sucked one big toe hard and pushed my other big toe deep inside her hairy vagina while rubbing the other toes on her swollen clit real fast until she climaxed. I squeezed one each of Cherry and Yuko’s nipples hard while groaning and shooting my hot seeds deep inside Cherry’s womb.

Cherry opened her big brown eyes to look at me when she felt her womb flooded by several hot squirts. I heard her whimpers as my thick manhood very slowly deflated while still tightly wrapped deep in her virgin love channel. She seemed aroused as her nipples firmed up again. I kissed her passionately, exchanging fluids as her breathing fastened. She moaned when I rubbed and squeezed her hard pink nipples. Then she wiggled her hips, pressed her mound hard to rub her clit on my pelvis to dive into an intense orgasm as my softened penis slowly retreated from her womb.

Yuko and Maple watched my bride in amazement. Yuko asked Cherry after she calmed down and smiled sweetly at me. ‘General, your lovely bride enjoyed the tingling sensation caused by your thick manhood retreating so slowly inside her love channel. That gave her the climax!’ Yuko took a white handkerchief to wipe the red and white cream on my softened member and those leaking out of Cherry’s vulva, which was still bleeding. I liked my bride.

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