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Watching Noah Grow by Erastes
Copyright 2018 by Erastes
Chapter 8 – More Adventures. 

When we woke up on Sunday morning, we got dressed quickly, had breakfast, and then took off for the park.  Noah had been teasing me to tell him what we were going to do, but I”d only reply, “You”ll see.” 

“Quit sayin” that and just tell me,” he whined, perturbed. 

“If you don”t want to hear me say that, then quit asking and just wait and see.  Otherwise, I”ll just do this with Sam.”

“You mean you aren”t gonna let me play too?” he asked with his mouth gapping open and his eyes bulging from their sockets. 

“I”ll only do that if you keep teasing me and don”t want to wait to find out what we”re going to do.”

“That”s mean!” he snapped, giving me a dirty look. 

“It”s your choice.”

“Ok, I”ll wait then.”

“Good, because I have more fun when you do the adventures with me.” 

Slowly, his face broke into a grin.  “I have more fun when I”m doin” them with you too.” 

After making the drive to the park, we found Sam there already, waiting for us.  “Have you been here long?” I asked. 

“Maybe ten minutes, cuz I can”t wait to see what we”re gonna do today.” 

“You”re not the only one,” I said as I glanced at Noah, and he quickly made another face at me. 

“So can you tell us what we”re gonna do now?” Noah asked again.

“Yes, now that we”re all together and ready to begin, let”s walk over to our spaceship,” I said as I pointed at the bench. 

“Spaceship?” both boys gasped in return.

“Yes, today we”re going exploring to see if there”s anyone else out there,” I responded as I pointed toward the sky, while both boys began to hop around in anticipation. 

“This should be wicked fun,” Sam responded. 

After blasting off, we checked out the moon first, and then we made a brief stop on Mars, but we didn”t find any life forms at either location, so we set off to explore the rest of the solar system.  Since nothing interesting turned up, we decided to explore some other parts of the galaxy instead, and I was glad we had a fast spaceship.  We also found a worm hole that took us farther than we could have ever traveled otherwise, but that”s when we encountered our first problem. 

“Damn, we”re under attack, and I didn”t even see them coming,” I shouted to let the boys know what was going on.  “Noah, I want you to take over steering the spaceship, and you”ll need to get us out of here.  Sam, I want you to aim the laser cannons and start shooting at the attackers, while I load the photon torpedoes so I can fire them too.”

The boys took charge of those duties and acted just as they”d spent years training for this moment.  “Whew, that was close,” I gasped, once the other ships had broken off their attack. 

“It was fun.  I liked flying the spaceship,” Noah enthused. 

“And I liked shootin” down the alien ships,” Sam added. 

“You did a great job and I”m going to put both of you in for a medal,” I commended them.

Once we got out of that mess, I located a planet where we could stop and look around for supplies.  Our initial scans hadn”t shown any cities or signs of an industrial society, so I thought the planet was uninhabited.  Unfortunately, we soon discovered that although there weren”t any humanoid life forms, there were plenty of other creatures that we had to watch out for. 

“Guys, arm yourselves with your laser pistols, because I can”t believe what I just saw.” 

“Why?  What was it?” Sam gasped. 

“I”m not sure, because it wasn”t like anything I”ve ever seen before.  It sort of had a body like a horse, and it seemed to run as fast or faster than a racehorse, but it had a head that looked like it belonged on a crocodile.  Oh, man, it just attacked another animal, and the animal it attacked sort of looks like a hippo with two heads, but it”s purple.  I saw the horse-like creature bite it quickly, but then it pulled away until the other animal collapsed.  I guess the two huge teeth I saw sinking into the other animal were fangs, but they”re as long as the teeth on a saber-tooth cat.” 

“Dang, that sounds scary,” Sam gasped. 

“Yes, it certainly was,” I agreed.

“Is it eatin” the animal it attacked now?” Noah followed. 

“No, it”s dragging it away.  It doesn”t appear that it”s prey is dead, only paralyzed, because I can see its eyes moving.  I assume it”s carrying the animal away to eat later, or possibly even to feed its young or its mate, kind of like a lioness might do.”

“You mean there might be more than one of them?” Sam asked, with his eyes bulging open.

“Yes, so be ready to shoot if one of them comes after us, but at the same time continue looking around for any items we will need to continue our travels.” 

We moved around the park looking for supplies when I warned them about something else I”d spotted.  “Be careful, because there are other creatures moving in this direction and they look like transparent jellyfish, but instead of swimming in water, they”re swimming through the air.  They also have long appendages that hang down, sort of like tentacles, and they seem to be using them to scoop smaller animals off the ground before flying off with them.  Let”s find a place to hide and we”ll wait until they pass us by, or else we”ll have to fight them off.  Keep your laser pistols handy, just in case they spot us.” 

We hid behind a tree, but then I noticed something else was going on.  “Fire your laser pistols into the tree, because it”s trying to attack us too.  It just attempted to grab me with its branches, so it obviously isn”t any type of tree we”re used too.  Just grab the supplies we”ve collected so far and head back to the spaceship so we can take off.  There”s just too many things here that we don”t know anything about, which makes this planet far too dangerous for us to stick around.”

We soon found another planet to explore, and this one was covered in something that looked like sand, but the granules were as clear as diamonds.  They also glowed and made a humming sound when izmit escort we stepped on them, and we soon learned they glowed and hummed when any weight was being placed on them.  Shortly after that, we discovered there were creatures living beneath the surface as well. 

“I can”t believe it!” I shouted when one of those creatures reared up behind me and began to attack. 

I then explained to Sam and Noah that I was nearly devoured by an enormous, yellowish-green worm that was longer than I was tall and wider around than a very fat human.  It had a large opening that covered nearly the entire end of its body, which I assumed was a mouth, and it was ringed with huge teeth, but it didn”t appear to have any eyes.  From what I could tell, it was merely reacting to the sound vibrations and pressure on the sand, or whatever it was that covered this planet, because it popped up where I”d been standing just before we started walking again.   

I”d merely heard a noise behind me and spun around to see what had caused it, but luckily I had my laser pistol out and was ready to fire.  I was fortunate enough to get off several shots first, which killed it before it could adjust, so this was another dangerous creature that I wanted to avoid, if at all possible.  

“Head back to the ship as fast as you can run, men.  I”ve killed that monstrous worm, but I”m sure there must be others around.  These worlds have creatures unlike anything we”ve ever seen before, so it”s time for us to head back to Earth.” 

The boys groaned in disappointment, but they knew we didn”t stand a chance fighting off creatures such as these.  Not only did they appear to be very dangerous, but there were also quite a few more of them than there were of us.  On the way back to find the wormhole again, we ran into the same starships we”d battled earlier and had to fight them again.  This time I told Sam to do the flying while Noah manned the laser cannon and I fired off photon torpedoes.  I think the boys were both relieved when we finally entered the wormhole and made it back to our own solar system. 

“That was fun, but it was scary,” Noah said, once we landed back in the park. 

“Yeah, I don”t know how you come up with this stuff, but I like it,” Sam added, looking impressed. 

“I just read a lot as a kid, and I watched a lot of movies and TV shows too, which I”ve combined with my vivid imagination.  I”m just glad I”ve found a way to use those traits to entertain you boys, because they haven”t been much use to me until now.” 

“Hey, it works great for us,” Noah said with a grin. 

“Yeah, and Gus is gonna hate it when he hears what we did today,” Sam added.  “He was upset about missin” yesterday, but he”ll be furious about missin” today.  He really likes this kind of stuff, cuz he”s seen all the Star Wars and Star Trek movies, so knowin” he missed out on what we just did is gonna drive him crazy.”

“I hope not.  I didn”t do this to upset him.  It was just so you two would have a good time.” 

“Yeah, and we did,” Sam quickly agreed, “but it”s still gonna drive Gus nuts.”

“Then don”t tell him.” 

“But he”s gonna ask me what we did the next time I see him.  What am I gonna tell him then?” 

“Just tell him what we did wasn”t much fun this time.”  

“He”ll know I”m lyin” and he”ll keep askin” me until I tell him what we did.” 

“Can”t you just avoid him?” 

“No, he”s my best friend.  We usually do everything together, and that”s why it bugs him that my mom is lettin” me do this, but his mom is still makin” him stay away.” 

“I don”t know what to tell you then.  It makes me feel bad that this is going to upset Gus.” 

“It”s not you.  It”s his mom.  He still won”t speak to her any more than he has to, and that”s really makin” her mad too.  He said she started screamin” and told him to stop actin” like a baby, and he told her he would when she stopped treatin” him like one.” 

“Oh, dear.  That probably didn”t go over too well.” 

“Nope, not at all, but he made his point.”

“I just hope it didn”t make the situation worse for him.” 

“He doesn”t think it can get any worse, but he doesn”t care either.” 

“Well, I don”t know how much longer I”ll be able to come up with more new ideas for these adventures, so it might not matter.  I”m not sure if I can think of any more things we can do here at the park.” 

“Can”t we just do some of the same ones again?” Noah asked. 

“I suppose we could, but would you boys be happy doing that?” 

“Yeah,” they both screamed.  “It”s better than not doin” nothin”,” Sam added. 

“Cuz what would we do if we don”t do that?” Noah wanted to know. 

“I have a few other ideas, but I can”t do them here at the park.  It”s just too open and other people could accidentally mess up what I”ve planned.  We were lucky that didn”t happen on the treasure hunt, and I”m convinced the other people who”ve been here when we”ve been on one of our adventures may think we”re a little crazy.  I just don”t want them inadvertently getting involved, because that would ruin it for all of us.” 

“So where would we do it then, if not here?” Noah wondered.

“It would have to be someplace where no one else might accidentally mess with the things I set up.” 

“Where could we do that?” Sam asked.

“It would have to be someplace private, like a house.” 

“We can do it at your house then,” Noah suggested. 

“We could, but I doubt that Sam”s mother would let him go there with us.” 

“Oh, yeah.  I forgot bout that,” Noah stated, slightly dejected. 

“I can ask my mom if I can do it,” Sam stated, looking hopeful.  “She might let me, if Noah is goin” too.” 

“I don”t think you should do that just yet.  If you ask now and she says “no”, then she might decide to stop you from hanging out with us at the park too.” 

“So you don”t want me to ask her?” 

“Not yet.  I have a feeling it would end up causing her to react the exact opposite of what you”re hoping for.” 

“You do?” 

“Yes.  If she and Gus” mother are worried about what I might do with you here at the park, then she”d think it would be ten times worse than she first thought if I suddenly wanted to take you to my house.  It would be best if you don”t say anything about this and I”ll try to figure out something we can do here instead, but we may only be able to do it on either Saturday OR Sunday, but not both days.”  

“Man, this sucks,” Sam groaned.  yahya kaptan escort

“I”ll do my best, but I can”t make any promises, because I had trouble coming up with what we did yesterday and today.” 

“So does Noah already go with you to your house?” Sam continued. 

I was thinking about how I wanted to answer his question when Noah blurted out the answer for me.  “Yeah, my mom let”s me go with Brian sometimes.  They talked about it, and she lets me go cuz she trusts him.” 

“Can”t I tell my mom that?” Sam pressed, while looking at me and waiting for a response. 

“I”d rather you didn”t, at least not yet.” 

“But why?” 

“Because I don”t want people to start talking about Noah”s mom and claiming she”s a bad mother for letting him go with me.” 

“You think they”d do that?” 

“I”m sure Gus” mom would, because she went to where Noah”s mom works and pretty much did that to her already.” 

“She did?  I knew she talked to Noah”s mom, but I didn”t know she did that.  I won”t say nothin” then, cuz my mom talks to Gus” mom all the time and I don”t want my mom to tell her nothin”.  They”re good friends too, just like me and Gus.” 

“I know, and it”s why I was surprised that your mom let you start doing this again, while Gus” mom still won”t let him hang around with me.” 

“Yeah, that is kinda weird, cuz they usually do things the same way.” 

“Hey, it”s getting close to lunchtime and my belly is starting to growl, so I think we”d better take off and get something to eat.” 

“So Noah is goin” with you now?” 

“Yes, since his mother is working.  She knows what we”re doing and is ok with it.” 

“Dang, I wish my mom would let me do that too.” 

“Maybe eventually, but not today.  Noah and I will see you again next weekend, but please don”t start any problems with your mom.” 

“K, I won”t.” 

As Noah and I were making our way to my car, Noah asked a question.  “So what are we gonna do now?” 

“I thought we”d have a light lunch, because I wanted to take you to the state park so I can start teaching you how to swim.” 

“Oh, yeah.  That sounds good.” 

“So you”re ok with just sandwiches then, because I have plenty of lunch meat?” 

“Yeah, that”ll be ok.”

When we got to the house, we went inside and Noah followed me into the kitchen.  “Do you like roast beef?” 

“Don”t know.  I don”t “member ever havin” it.  I like ham, chicken, and turkey, but I don”t know “bout road beef.” 

“It”s roast beef, not road beef, and I”ll make you a sandwich to try.  If you don”t like it, then I”ll eat it and make you something else.  Do you like mayonnaise?” 

“Yeah, mom uses that when she makes tuna fish and egg salad.” 

“Ok, that”s good to know.  I like a slice of tomato on my sandwich too, so would you like me to put a slice on your sandwich as well?” 

“Yeah, I like maters.” 

“I see.  So what do you want to drink.” 

“Ummm, water.”

“Ok, I”ll have that too.” 

I quickly made our sandwiches and got us both a glass of water.  After I carried everything to the table, we sat down and began eating.  “Wow!  This is really good.” 

“I”m glad you like it, because I do too.” 

After we finished our sandwiches, Noah wanted a little more, so I made him a half sandwich this time.  I was planning on making this a light lunch, because we were going swimming, but since he was still hungry, I gave in.  I also made another full sandwich for myself, since I figured we could take our time changing and then I”d drive slowly to the state park, so it would give us time to digest our lunch before we got there. 

When we finished eating, I took my time cleaning up first, and then Noah and I went to my bedroom to change into our swimsuits.  He was naked before I got either one out of the dresser, so I just tossed him his swimsuit, while I started to get undressed so I could put on my own. 

“You”d better use the toilet before we leave the house,” I suggested. 

After he went in to pee, I did the same, and then I handed him two towels.  “You can help by carrying those with you, and put your tee-shirt on again until we get there.” 

“Are you gonna do that too?”  

“Yes, I am, so I won”t get a sunburn on the drive or before we get in the water.  I”m taking sunscreen as well, and we”ll put that on when we get there.” 


We then put on our sandals next, went outside, and got in the car so we could take off for the state park.  It was a nice day and a lovely drive, and I didn”t have to take any main roads to get there.  The state park was located in a fairly rural area, and most of the traffic was either heading there, or to one of the few houses in the area.  When we arrived, I led Noah over to the beach and we laid our towels down on the sand. 

“Take your shirt off, so I can put some sunscreen on you.” 

He did as I asked, and I began applying it to him first, and then I began to do the same thing to myself.  “Would you do my back for me,” I asked, “because that”s one area I can”t reach very well.” 

“Yeah, ok.” 

“Just do like I did to you.” 

Once he finished applying the sunscreen to my back, I set the bottle on my towel and placed my shirt over it.  “Ok, let”s go for a walk so I can show you around.  That way you”ll know where everything is.” 

“K, but I thought we was goin” swimmin”.” 

“We are, but we need to let the sunscreen soak in for about a half hour first, or it will rinse off when we get in the water.” 

“Oh, ok.” 

The swimming area was part of a manmade lake that had been constructed in this lovely, bucolic setting when FDR, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was President.  I took Noah for a walk around the small lake first, pointed out some of the trails that led off from the main path and told him where they went.  I also pointed out the location of the concession stand, the toilets, the first aid area, and the lifeguards” lounge, where they went when they weren”t on duty.  By the time we got back around to our towels again, more than half an hour had passed, so we took off our sandals and I led him into the water. 

There were essentially two roped off areas for swimming: the “kiddie area” that never got deeper than three feet, and the general area for everyone else.  The ropes were there to mark off the area and keep the canoes and row boats out of these locations, since you could gebze escort rent one of those items or bring your own so you could spend part of the day on the lake. 

“Ok, we”re going to do a few things to get started.  I”m going to take your out to the deepest part of the kiddie area first, and then I want you to hold your breath and squat down, so your head is underwater.  When you can”t hold your breath any longer, I want you to stand up, take another breath, and then go underwater again, but I want you to keep your eyes open while you”re doing this.” 

“But I”m scared I might fall and not be able to get up before I drown.” 

“I”ll be right there beside you, and I”ll even hold your hand while you”re doing this, if it will make you feel better.” 

“Yeah, let”s do that so I won”t be scared.” 

I let him practice doing that a few times, and eventually he began to stay under the water for longer periods of time.  When he first did it, he only stayed underwater for a few seconds before he popped up again, and I praised him and told him he”d done well, but I wanted to see how long he could hold his breath.  As he started to trust me, along with his own ability, he did it longer and longer until I felt he was ready for the next phase. 

“This time I want you to lay face down in the water, and I”ll put my hands under your stomach to keep you from sinking.  I want you to hold your breath and put your face in the water, but this time when you need to take a breath, roll your head to the side to do it, rather than standing up.  You may have to lift your head up slightly when you do that to make sure it”s completely out of the water, so keep your eyes open so you can make sure your head isn”t still below the water line.” 

“K, I”ll try doin” that.” 

We did it until he felt comfortable with the process, and then I asked him to kick his feet at the same time.  I had to advise him that he didn”t have to do it like he was mad at the water, just enough to help keep him moving forward.  Once he had that down, I demonstrated how I wanted him to use his arms at the same time.  I was squatting down and moving along beside him as he did this, so he”d actually feel as if he were swimming.  A couple of times I even removed my hands from his stomach and he was actually swimming on his own, but I didn”t point it out to him just yet.  I merely continued to let him practice until he”d gained more confidence. 

“You”re doing great, champ.  Are you ready to try this on your own now?” 

“No, I”ll drown.” 

“No, you won”t.  In fact, I”ve actually been taking my hands away every now and then, so you”ve already been swimming on your own without knowing it.” 

“Really?  I was already swimmin”?” 

“Yes, you were.  We”ll stay in this area, where the water isn”t quite as deep, and I”ll walk beside you, just in case you get into trouble.  Are you ready to try this on your own?” 

“Yeah, but how do I start?” 

“When you”re ready, just bend forward and lie down in the water, and then start using your arms and feet like you were earlier.” 

“That”s it?” 

“Yep, that”s all you have to do.” 

“K, I”ll try doin” that then.” 

He actually did quite well and only got into trouble when one of the bigger kids jumped in the shallow water and created a wave that went over Noah”s head just as he was about to take a breath.  Seeing his head was still underwater due to the wave, he panicked and started to sink.  I reached out, grabbed his arm, and pulled him up as he coughed and sputtered while spitting out the water he”d swallowed.

“What happened?” he asked.

“It was just a case of bad timing, because someone created a wave that reached you just as you were trying to take a breath.  You”ll learn how to deal with those types of things over time and won”t have any problems.” 

After that happened, we got out of the water for a while and I led him over to the concession stand for a treat.  Before we left the house, I”d put some money in a Ziplock bag, sealed it, and stuck it in the pocket of my swimsuit, and now I used it to buy us both a snow cone.   They were cold, refreshing, and the melting ice helped to rehydrate us.  After we finished, we sat out for a couple more minutes before I led him into the water again so he could practice some more. 

By the time we left the state park, Noah was doing fairly well, but he wasn”t ready for the deeper area yet, and I didn”t want him to try this on his own.  I made sure he knew this as we were drying in the sun, so he wouldn”t try anything without me just yet. 

After we were mostly dry, we put on our sandals, picked up our towels and shook them out before heading back to the car.  “We”ve got long beach towels, so I want you to drape one end over the headrest and make sure the rest covers the back of the seat and where you”re going to sit, to protect the car seats.” 

“K, and thanks for doing this with me.  It was fun and now I know how to swim.” 

“Yes, you”ve made a good start, but we have to do this quite a few more times before you”ll be ready to do it on your own.” 

“K, I”ll only do it when I”m with you.” 

Seeing I had his assurance, we went back to the house and changed, and then I fixed us something to eat.  After we finished our dinner, Noah and I sat down to watch TV, since he assured me his mother knew he was going to stay with me again tonight.  After we watched a couple of shows, we showered together, brushed our teeth, used the toilet, and headed to bed. 

“I can”t wait to tell my mom that you taught me how to swim already.” 

“Yes, I”m sure she”ll be very surprised.” 

“Yeah, she will.” 

I then wished him sweet dreams, kissed him on the forehead, and then cuddled with him.  We both fell asleep fairly quickly, and we slept very well for the rest of the night.

                                                *    *     *     *     *     *     *     *

I wish to extend my thanks to Donny and Emoe for editing these chapters for me and offering their suggestions. 


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