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� Van T Z Boi 2019


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From Part Five 

Inside my darkened room I stumbled over dropped clothing and rocked up against the bed. A quiet cry alerted me to the fact that someone was there, someone was in my bed. I reached out my hand and encountered the firm shape of a body.

“Couldn”t sleep Cookie,” I heard the whispered words and recognised the voice. My searching hand found the naked body and then the throbbing pole of meaty flesh. My own dick surged at the prospect of some proper attention and I dropped my shorts and eased myself alongside the trembling body, a drool of precum dampened my arm as I rubbed past the pulsing cock.

Part Six

My hand found the furry ballsac, it was hot and swollen, the spongy spheres moved within the taut skin, pulsing tubers ready and needing the stimulation to unload. I gently kissed his chest, tonguing the taut nipples that strained proud of his chest and then kissed up to the hot mouth I knew was waiting. No trembling hesitation this time. I slid up along the warm and taut figure, I could feel the trembling of expectation begin as my own naked body came into full contact with the pulsing older teencock I found there, the wetness as the tip jerked and spilled another drooling dollop of musky liquid spread stickily over my stomach. I reclaimed the hot lips and plunged my tongue deep inside the hot mouth, this time there was still no hesitation, no drawback as Mark accepted my slithering insertion. We ground against each other, our dicks duelling much as our tongues did. I relished the firmness of his athletic body, my rampant dick throbbing and pulsing against his heated skin.

I caught hold of his proud dick and squeezed strongly, my hand sliding up the spongy yet firm prong of horned up teencock. Mark gasped as my fingers squeezed around his helmet, pressing the ridge against his stomach, rubbing it against his curly hairs, the rough stimulation making him jerk and twitch in the bed. I moved my lips back down to his nipples, one by one I sucked and bit hard, Mark on the second one grabbing my head and pressing me even harder against his panting chest.

“Oh FUCK! Oh that feels so good,” he grunted as I nibbled his left teat and bit I again with my firmed lips. Another mumbling series of groans and mewls followed as I treated each separate nub to sucking, squelching and slathering abuse. I could feel Mark arching his back, pushing his dick into my stomach as I kiss nibbled his teats and then slicked down, downward, down slowly, so agonisingly slowly to finally capture the head of his dick and kiss the pulsing head, pushing the drools of precum aside to slide down his shaft. “Oh Cookie,” his fingers twirled my hair as I titivated his dick.

I sucked quickly, sensing his urgent need, Mark thrashed back and forth and up and down, his body undergoing a series of strangulating spasms before his glans swelled and pulsed and his spunk shot forth. Fiercely I sucked his cockhead, my lips compressed around his hard ridge, ensuring that not a drop was lost. A few quick swallows and his spunk was gone, I nursed the pulsing glans for a few seconds and let his dick fall, fat and stiff where it bounced against his stomach.

“Fuck that was too quick,” Mark grumbled and then sighed as my hands captured his ballsac and tenderly manipulated the spongy spheres.

As he mewled I purred seductively into his ear, “Your balls still feel full,” I nibbled his earlobe.

“Cookie,” he sighed and relaxed against the pillow.

Smirking in the dark I went to work. Mark trembled and quivered as my hands, fingers, lips and mouth went to work. Slowly but with the vigour of his late teenage years his dick hardened, the salty sperms replaced by the slick juices of his natural lubrication, he went through the deadened part of his ejaculation in record time and aroused and excited was soon in the state I had found him in.

We kissed, softly then with more urgent pressure as desire flames and blazed. Mark hands found and sought my dick, freely his fingers roamed up and down my shaft, rubbing my foreskin up and over my helmet. I sensed his need to return the satisfaction.

“Slowly,” I whispered, taking his own dick in my fingers, suggesting the more patient pace. “We have all night after all,” I sucked his fat earlobe and twisted it gently with my lips, he gurgled throatily.

I pushed his head down, no resistance, mere compliance as his warm lips found my dick and sucked it into the inferno of his mouth, his furnace of desire surrounded my dick, sending shocking and delightful trills rushing through me. As he sucked, slowly as I indicated my hand caressed his head, twisting his hairs just as he had done to me, I relished his resultant moan as it vibrated against my helmet. I slid my hand down his neck, counting the lumps of his backbone, my journey gentle and wandering, caressing his naked back in slow circled but always moving downward, down to my goal. He twitched as my fingers parted his crack, easing inside the warm fracture, I tiptoed my fingers across his teenpussy, the heat from his pucker a match for his mouth. Mark twitched but my hand on his head kept him pressed to my cock, his desire to please me, pleasure me allowed me more freedom as I kept to the slow stroking of his pucker, the sensations aroused sending electric shocks rising inside him, gentle tingling shocks of a new pleasure. Enticed by my gentle approach Mark played himself into my hands, ankara türbanlı escort my unthreatening stroking and tapping of the sensitive and excited nerves that were abundant around his arsehole providing him with blissful pleasure as my dick continued to pulse inside his mouth.

“Up,” I commanded, puzzled Mark lifted his head. My eyes grown accustomed to the darklight in the room caught the shimmer in his eyes.

Mentally I checked my progress, the door was closed, the room quiet, hardly a sound could be heard. I reached for the torch I kept by the side of the bed, kept for emergencies I decided that its illumination would be enough to be able to see and savour and enjoy Mark”s body. I clicked the torch on, its initial flare of harsh light stabbed through the darkness and I could see Mark close his eyes, my own became blurred for a moment with unshed tears as I reacted to the blaze of the torch”s ray. My fingers sough for and discovered the fold of the translucent cover I kept should any young patient require a nightlight, it was the work of micro seconds to place the material over the torch, the room was filled with a rosier glow and Mark giggled.

“Seducer,” he nuzzled my chest, nipping at my nubs.

I caught his head and tugged him towards my lips so we could kiss, his dick once more jerked spasmodically against my torso, the need still there but the urgency gone. We kissed, enjoying the pleasure, the knowledge that there was no need to rush.

“It”s been ages since I came twice,” Mark volunteered the information, it showed he was expecting to climax again and I snickered my own pleasure.

“Only twice?” I chuckled and Mark jerked as he lay half on me and the rest of his body trembling against the mattress.

As I left his imagination to work inside his rampaging head I placed my hand back on his arse and parted this cleft again, no twitching reaction until I stroked a fingernail across his pucker. Mark jerked and twitched heavily.

“Fuck that feels awesome,” he spoke aloud and then I saw the shock on his face.

“We all have special places that contain hidden pleasure zones,” I smiled and fingernailed his pucker again, this time Mark thrust himself at me, his invigorated dick solidly punching against my side.

“But that”s my arse,” he muttered, “not, not…” his voice faded into nothingness as I squeezed his globes and slid my finger over his pucker, his pucker which I could feel gaped slightly. `That bodes well,” was my cockcrowing thought.

I changed tactics and removed my hand to push him against the mattress, my lips tugged at his teats, they stood proud and engorged and I sucked hard.

“Fuck what are you doing to me,” Mark squealed lowly.

“Not had your tits sucked before then,” it was a statement not a question.

“Well yes, my girlfriends do but, but,” he shook his had, his eyes watching me as I nibbled his nubs, “but it”s never felt so…” he lapsed into silence, broken only by my licking tongue. “Oh fucking hell that feels just so amazing,” he fell back against the pillow as I lip-nicked his teats, his twitching muscles informing me that the shocks and tingles were spreading wildly though his body.

Mark lay there so vulnerably compliant. “Let”s see what other places you have?” I put my hands at his side and turned him over. Limp but accepting Mark found himself on his front, his dick pointing out to the side where I could finger the exposed head.

I straddled his back, positioning myself on his thighs, my dick hard and jutting but throbbing above his arse, I was careful I did not want to scare him by rushing things, it could be a pivotal moment for both of us. Leaning forward I placed my hands at the side of his head and bent down to kiss his neck, his hairs bristled and he rocked his head into the pillow as his nerve ends tingled from another new direction. A quick nip at both his earlobes and the back of his ears, he trembled excited each time. I kissed down his spine, warm wet moist kisses with following lickings, Mark juddered and shuddered with increasing rapidity as I worked my way down his body. At the top of his crack I paused and nibbled at the growth of hairs that sprouted there, Mark arching his back as I tugged gently with my teeth at those hairs, I could almost see the electric tingles shocking into him as I taught him another side to his body.

My tongue eased between his cleft, I saw his head raise and his backward glance but he did not make any objecting indications. Emboldened I opened his globes with my hands and kissed his arsehole, slathering my tongue over his puckered skin. Mark shook and quivered and he buried his head in the pillow; I could hear the muted purring and growling as he voiced his rising pleasure. Swiftly I flicked my tongue over the wrinkled skin, his pucker gaped under the stimulation and I was able to push the tip of my tongue inside him. Mark went into a hard spasm as I slithered against the so sensitive nerves, his arse coming right up off the bed, almost ramming into my face, my tongue penetrated deeper into the warm of his teenpussy.

“Oh God! Oh God! That feels so good, but, but, so wrong,” he mewled, his word hearable despite his accompanied growlings.

I ignored his spoken thoughts and continued to press as deep as he would allow, my tongue slicking against the sating soft texture of his teenpussy, tasting his salty heat as his natural oils responded to the stimulation. Keeping my tongue busy inside his hole, I caught his arse with my hands and tugged him upwards, suing one of his arching thrusting movements to get him on his knees, with his head still buried in the silencing pillow, I continued my plundering of his teentreasure. Mark twitched and juddered but he stayed in the same position as I lapped my tongue over his teenpussy, the gape opening wider and wider, his natural defensive instincts forgotten as his desire raddled body responded with increasing acceptance of my penetrating slicks. I eased a finger alongside my tongue, slathering it with saliva as it slid inside. Mark shivered as my finger gained deeper entrance and a throaty growl was grunted into the accommodating pillow. Carefully I stood back on my knees, my finger slowly, gently sliding back and forth, going deeper and deeper with each subtle push. I gazed at his teenarse, the taut globes, two moons of pale flesh, his teenpucker, marred by my thrusting digit was swollen and bloated with engorged blood as my finger stimulated and energised his teenpussy. Further and further I delved inside his opening blossoming treasure, a second finger simply and easily worked in beside the first, Mark making mewling noises as he kept his head buried in the sand of the plump pillow. I inhaled his odour, the must-ridden hunky scent of aroused teenager, the sweat-salty edge piquing my nostrils as I leaned forward to dribble more saliva tuzla escort onto my fingers, edging a third finger inside the beckoning gape. Mark sighed and I saw his cheeks relax as his defences relented and his teenpussy gave up its battle, my three fingers fucked gently at his opened hole. Mark shivered and trembled, his arse rocking as the tingling delights soared and flared inside him. Abruptly I removed my fingers, there was an agonised growl and I placed my shaft across his pucker, the hungry lips clinging to the sticky length. Slowly I hipped my dick back and forth across his pucker, sensing the squelching clinging when his pussylips caught at the sticky surface. I pushed harder at his prone body, pushing my shaft at his pussylips, the teenpucker spreading wide to accommodate my fat pole.

“No, No, NOOOOOOOO!” Mark twisted against my harder push and quickly turned, he lay on the mattress, his arse punching against the bed, a wild look flared across his face. “No, I”m not fucking gay,” he insisted. His throbbing cock pulsed and plumed his precum into the air as his hands caught the sheet either side of him.

“Having a sensitive arse doesn”t mean your gay,” I smiled mockingly, “I said I would show you places you had no knowledge off, naughty hot areas unknown to your young lifetime of experiences.” He looked quizzically back at me, “you were enjoying everything weren”t you?” Mark”s mouth dropped open as realisation tugged at his naughty teenage mind. “Didn”t know just how hot your arse could make you did you?” I chuckled, “no girl ever made you feel that hot did they?” Mark”s lips trembled and I lowly fingered his drooling dick. “Hey, it”s just a place, like your dick, it likes being stroked,” I leaned forward and kissed the pulsing tip, “kissed, licked,” I tongued the glinting glans, leaving snail traces on the purpling skin. I sucked hard for a few seconds, my head alert for any opposition.

“Well yes,” Mark”s reply was soft and accusing, not sure who he was accusing, “but I”m not being fucked, I”m not gay,” his last words were sibilantly defiant.

“You don”t mind being wanked by a bloke, having your dick sucked by a bloke, you even kissed me back,” I toyed with his thrusting shaft and balls, “you”ve sucked dick as well, does that make you gay or just someone who enjoys the pleasure of his won and other bodies.” Mark twitched but I caught the slight relaxation in his defensive stance.

“I suppose…,” his voice tailed off and he looked helplessly at me.

Smiling I leaned forward, placing my hands either side of his head, I bent down, Mark”s face came up to accept the kiss and we lipsucked each other, my tongue working inside his mouth the revitalise his senses, his hand groping for my dick saying everything I needed to know. The intimate caressing continued, gently slowly I led him down the path to pleasure. The stroking, the kissing, the grinding of our excited bodies up against each other all served to raise his lust to extreme levels. I pleasured him again and again to the point before, then I dropped him back down before teasing him back to that special state of `almost,” Mark was trembling with sensual attainment being denied and it made him dangerously open.

As Mark panted with demanding desire I rolled over him, our bodies ground ecstatically at each other. During the lipclenching kiss as Mark grabbed at me, I casually positioned myself, my dick between his parted legs, under his balls, ready to knock on heaven”s door. I locked my arms and legs, Mark entangled within my grasp sighed as I compressed his bloated cock between our torso”s and I made my first shove, lost in tumults that had bewitched his confounded and befuddled hormone driven head, he hardly noticed the inchful penetration. His teenpussy, moist and furnace hot clamped itself around my invading cock, his incredible heat flamed around my glans, my precum hardly dousing the inferno. I ground against him, my dick sliding in and then his eyes flashed, bogging open as realisation dawned, his hands grabbed at my forearms, but I was bearing down and they became trapped between my arms and his heaving body.

“No, nuugggh,” my mouth clamped over his, deadening his cries, he struggled but every movement, however large or small only accentuated the pleasures to be gained from the constant erotic struggle, his dick pulsed and throbbed as inch by inch I entered him. His shriek as I battered my way past the final barrier echoed inside my mouth, his grip on my arms was bruisingly pinchingly strong but I held my place, controlling and containing him. I felt the soft bubble of his aroused teenbud against my helmet and paused, just lying there, my dick vibrating against the spongy bulge.

“No, no don”t,” tears ran down from his eyes and his head shook from side to side.

I lay there, strong and silent, I knew I had to be patient, to wait whilst his body adjusted to being abused. Mark twitched his tremblings influenced by the internal pulsing of my cock, his breathing slowed, the tears dried and then I kissed him, obstinately he tried to turn away but he was trapped. Using my weight to keep him still I worked my hand between our clamped bodies and caught his dick, Mark mumbled but I felt the inner reaction as the tinglings flamed once ore inside him, his teenbud jerked against my dick and I grinned.

I said nothing just rubbed his cock and made the first slow fuck moves.

“No, ohhh, ohhh, oooohhhhhh,” Mark”s cries changed as the explosion inside his teenpussy dynamited through his body, the heat around my lunging dick blazed too.

I kissed him hard, it was instinctive now for Mark to kiss back, his head was spinning as the combinations of intimate touching sent more and more tingling delight coursing through him. I tried a forceful lunge, Mark gasped, his hands clenching my arms but his head bent back as he offered his neck to me. I accepted his submission.

I slow dicked him, like so many before my dick conquered and pleasured him. As the intensity heightened Mark began to hump back, his moans were now of passion and lust, his twitching an embellishment to the fucking. The anger had long faded from his eyes, now it was the pure lusting passion that gleamed in those orbs. He spread his legs wider, wider allowing me the space I needed to place myself in a position to fuck him properly. I took stock of his trembling and pained face, the emotions flowing across Mark”s eyes, the anger, the strange acceptance that rocked ta his very long established lines of what was right and proper, contrasting with the dynamite of desire that exploded inside him and battered his inhibitions into a blissful submission to base pleasure, `sex is good.” I could almost see the words float over his eyes whilst his head told him that the pleasure may be good but was it right.

I pumped hard inside his teenpussy, his final orgasmic avrupa yakası ucuz escort spasms, fiving me that so special extra pleasure pressure as they helped to coax out the last spilling dregs of my spunk. I collapsed weakly on him, the days exertions finally taking their toll as my cock bloated and swelled with its final emissions. I could feel some of my spunk congealing around my cockhead, the rest spreading slowly down inside his cavity. Mark grunted and heaved gently at my chest, I grudgingly moved to a more comfortable position as he did not throw me off, not right then.

“You fucked me,” Mark”s tone politely accusing.

“You seemed to like it judging by the way you were opening your pussy for me,” I was in no mood to argue.

“Is that, this is it what girls feel?” Mark”s question another of those I heard often from deflowered straight teenagers.

“I don”t know,” I said simply, “I”m not a female so I only know what a guy feels, you certainly felt like you were enjoying being fucked.” I followed up with a soft grinding motion, my dick sluggishly bumped his nub, the replying jerk as his nub radiated a charge of pleasure was evident to both of us.

“I”m not gay,” Mark was vehemently expressing what he believed. “I”ve got a girlfriend, I fuck girls,” his tone rose an octave, blustering away his stance.

“So now you”re a guy that likes being wanked by other guys, likes sucking and being sucked by other guys and,” I tried a quick ramming action, my dick ached but it did slide and bump against his teen nub and Mark twitched, “and now you also can add the fact you like being fucked in the arse by a guy, as I said before doesn”t” make you gay, just a dickloving normal straight guy who likes cock in all directions.”

“Bastard!” Mark”s accompanying punch was limp and pointless.

“You liked it,” I smirked and squeezed his dick, Mark wriggled and moaned, his pussy clamped tight around my cock once more and I felt the radiated tingle that surged inside him.

“Oh Fuck,” Mark mewled and his body rode up at me, giving proof to my statement.

I kissed him, slow sloppy kisses that gave us both comforting pleasures as we continued to agitate against each other. I was exhausted, any other day I would have ridden him again but due to the days excesses I was done now. All I wanted was sleep and if I could keep my dick inside a teenpussy whilst I slept then so much for the better.

“Time to sleep,” I rolled out and off him.

“Oh, ooohhhhhh,” Mark”s cry of despair echoed softly in the room, I twitched hoping it was not loud enough to attract attention. “Put it back in,” he hissed at me. I could see the arguments in bis head battling away but the sensation he was feeling soared above those minor irritations.

“Missing my dick in your pussy already,” I nibbled his ear as he stayed flat on his back, his dick lolling to the side a wasted and bloated tube, his legs however were wide open and stayed that way.

“Please, please put it back in, I ache so much, I need something there to fill the vacant space,” Mark”s pleading whisper was accompanied by his hand grabbing my dick and attempting to pull me back on him.

I knew what he was going through, after being cherry fucked and discovering that it was a intense please, the loss of meat in his pussy was despairing, it left such an empty isolated sensation, the only way to deal with it was to fuck again or just slide it back in; being tired and needing sleep I opted for the latter choice.

“I”m tired, I want to sleep,” I peeved, “look lie on your side, we can spoon and I can dickfill you easily that way and best of all we can get some fucking shuteye.”

Mark shook but changed position in the small bed, we spooned, my hand coming around his waist to cuddle his squirmy spongy dick and balls, there was little life in them, but his balls were hot to touch, galvanised no doubt into replacing the loss spunk Mark had jetted from his body. His sigh of satisfaction as I handled my dick, shoving it inside his punkhole teencunt was noted. I slid home and reached down to pull the covers over us. We lay quiet, breathing shallow, my dick encased in his teenhole, my hand around his junk. Sleep stole over us and the last thing I heard from Mark tippytoed into my ears as I sank into slumber.

“I was good though wasn”t I?” I twitched, moving my dick and with that we fell deeply asleep.

My brain clock automatic alarm woke me, I stretched and then realised I was not alone. Mark”s sleeping body twitched slightly and I froze, not wanting to waken him. `Duty calls,” my head reminded me that I had work to do so gently I eased my floppy cock out of Mark”s haven. He murmured something but I slid out from the covers, picked up some clothes and silently left the room.

The kettle boiled soon enough, the hot black coffee first of all made my mouth water as its perfumed aroma flooded the kitchen. I drank heavily, the sweet concoction enlivening my body and my head, `nectar and ambrosia combined,” I told myself as the effects swam through me, waking up all those necessary parts. `Damn I need a piss,” I stood up and hesitated, `it was either cross the hall or climb the stairs to the toilet”s or,” I looked out the window. The sun was shining bright and the green grassy space called to me. Carrying my steaming mug of coffee, I strode across the dewy grass to the treeline, here I paused and dropping my shorts let fly. My dick pointed slightly upwards; piss hard as I sent my pale yellow stream fountaining into the air to splash down the nearest treetrunk. I happily sipped my coffee, relishing its warming and wakening effects as I emptied my bladder. `All is right with the world,” I mentally composed myself, `another mugful and I”ll get on with the breakfast,” I promised myself.

“Cookie,” I spun around at the voice.

End of Part Six


To Be Continued…?????????????????????????????????????


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