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He walked through his silent house, weary from his day in the world outside. The comfort his home brought to him filled him with a peace and his aches and pains seemed just a bit more distant. He thought of the comfort and calming atmosphere of his bedroom as he walked down the hall towards it. He knew it would feel so good to shed his robes and climb into the soft bed. As he approached, he noticed a faint light appearing under the door. He wondered if he had left a candle or lantern burning in his haste to leave earlier and chastised himself at his carelessness.

He opened the door and first noticed a small fire burning merrily in the fireplace. His forehead wrinkled in consternation, as he knew he did not leave a fire burning. Just as he began to wonder if a hot coal had ignited, his glance fell on his bed and he saw her.

Just the top of her head appeared on his pillow, her silvery hair fanned out. Her hand curled near her cheek in sleep. He caught the sounds of her soft breaths as she slept. She had a slight smile curving her lips. Her arm and shoulder were bare and he thought the rest of her must be too. This thought caused a tightening in his groin as he moaned softly under his breath. He glanced around the room and his eyes alighted on her clothes draped over a chair. Soft delicate robes of purple, boots of fine leather, a pair of gloves, and a warm cloak were laid out as if awaiting her return. He smiled and looked back to the bed, stepping closer.

Had he ever gazed upon such delicate, pale skin? Her skin seemed to radiate with warmth through the ivory. He thought of how easily she blushed at Anadolu Yakası Escort jokes and innuendo. He thought of how easily her skin marked when handled roughly. This thought made a groan escape from his throat again. He wanted nothing more than to pull back the thick comforters that surrounded her body and crawl into the bed beside her.

Silently he began removing his own garments. He dropped them over a chair, much like she must have done earlier. He sat down to tug his own boots off, dropping them heavily to the floor. He looked to see if the sound caused her to stir, but it did not. Her battles must have been long and hard this day.

Once nude, he leaned back in his chair and just stared at the still form on his bed. Her skin picked up the soft firelight and seemed to glow with warmth. His cock stood straight out, already hard at the thought of her being in his bed. He wrapped his fingers around the hard length and stroked slowly, his lethargy seeming to overtake him as he leaned back in the chair, smiling and thinking about her. He closed his eyes as the sensations traveling along the length of his cock filled him. A soft smile played about his lips….

Eyes opening slowly, the room was softly lit by firelight. She blinked and rolled onto her back, stretching lazily. She wondered when he would be home and what he would say about finding her in his bed. She smiled and hoped that she would still be here when he returned. Rolling onto her side, she gasped as she glimpsed a male figure sitting in the chair next to the bed.

Her surprise soon turned to pleasure as Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan she realized it was he and that he had fallen asleep in his exhaustion. She sat up in the middle of his bed, the comforter tumbling around her shoulders and down to her waist, exposing her bare form to the chill of the room. She felt her nipples peak as she looked at him, his semi-hard cock held in one hand as his head lolled to the side and he slept. A smile played at her mouth as she studied him.

His body was long and lean, the muscles clearly defined. You could see that he worked hard for a living and his body reflected this. His blonde hair was tousled and she could tell he had run his fingers through it several times that day. His lips were full and curved into a smile as he slept, as if he had a secret he couldn’t wait to share. She would never tire of seeing his body, naked before her hungry eyes.

Quietly, she climbed from his bed. Her bare feet made no sound as she padded across the floor towards him. She knelt at his feet, her hands softly touching his knees and then sliding up his thighs. She looked up at his face once more before she lowered her lips to the head of his cock, kissing it fully and allowing her tongue to swirl around the crown. She moaned and reached out her tongue to stroke its length again as it became more rigid. His hand left his cock as he reached up to slide his fingers through her silvery hair as her mouth enveloped him and she sucked harder. She moaned at his caress and the delicious feel of his cock as it slides deeper into her mouth.

Not removing Escort Anadolu Yakası her mouth from his shaft, her eyes looked up at him and he smiled down at her, his blue eyes burning so fiercely with desire for her. She moaned again, the sound so deep within her that it sounded like a purr of desire and want. Her mouth slides further down his length and she took his now throbbing cock deeper into her. Her tongue strokes against the hard flesh as she sucks and moves her mouth up and down. Her rhythm increases, beginning to be faster and stronger. She needed to feel his release. She wanted everything he had to give. His cock throbbed within her warm mouth and she pushed him deeper still, feeling the head press against the back of her throat. She trembled, her hands sliding along his muscular thighs as she held on.

As she increased the force of her sucking, taking his cock as deep into her mouth as she could, she slipped on hand down to cup his balls. His moan encouraged her to stroke his balls lightly with her fingertips as her mouth continued its work of pleasure along his shaft. The throbbing intensity was building and she knew she would get her reward soon. The first gush took her by surprise and she swallowed hard, causing her mouth to suck harder on him. Soon he was pumping into her mouth all he had to offer, his hips raising from his chair as he fucked her mouth with his turgid member. The salty sweet taste of him made her moan again.

At last she let his cock slip from between her lips. She nuzzled her face against it, rubbing it along her cheek. She looked up at him and smiled, her lips and mouth shiny with his juices. Slowly she pulled herself up, sliding between his legs as she kissed a trail up his belly, over his chest, across his shoulders, up his neck to his waiting lips. She hesitated, smiling at him with her eyes twinkling merrily. As she leaned in to place her soft lips against his, she whispered welcome home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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