Well-cum Friends

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Big Tits

We have fucked and slept contentedly but you awake as sounds of voices drift into your head.

It’s your surprise .. I’ve invited some friends over… some couples we’ve shared drinks with .. and I’ve arranged for them to join us. The first couple approach and both of them kiss you … and then she kisses me .. and says that she likes my aftershave .. of course I haven’t got any on .. I smell of you!

I suggest they don’t wait .. do what we have planned for tonight ..when you start to ask what .. she holds her hand over your mouth and smiles down at you .. says that you’ll enjoy it.

The second couple come into view .. both naked .. and already interested in each other .. and in you .. a pair of firm hands hold your shoulders .. his cock half beside your face .. resting .. twitching.

Now the first woman is kneeling on the bed now .. her legs either side of your face … you look up .. and saee her man’s cock .. VERY HARD .. approaching her .. right over you … hands part her .. and you glimpse wetness .. slippery cimcif gaziantep escort wetness .. so close… his hand is guiding his cock .. rubbing it on her .. he dips it towards you … rubs it on your nose … then slips it into her! You can feel his body moving .. his balls stirring against your lips …. he’s tight .. and he’s already thrusting deep .. you can see the juices oozing out as he slides in and out of her … he presses down .. and they both touch your face… leaving you damp … and the cock by your face is stiff now .. pressing on your cheek …

All the time I have a video camera .. taking pictures from all angles .. and there’s a big screen .. you can watch yourself suck his balls!

The couple above are rocking now .. with every thrust they seem to press down on you .. and they are very wet .. suddenly you see the second woman on the screen … her face is by your thigh .. and working up wards.

But the man at your shoulders cimcif gaziantep escort bayan pushes his cock towards your mouth .. if you want it .. open!!! Open your mouth .. and your thighs!

The cock is big .. and you want it … and she pushes her face up between your thighs!!

The man’s cock is distracting you .. in your mind there’s just the man with his cock in your mouth .. stiff and hard .. and the couple above you .. fucking deep and hard ….

The couple are starting to moan now .. and they’ve forgotten about you .. and the man with the cock in your mouth is an expert .. he’s pushing deep and then half pulling out … you can taste him every time he pulls .. and your lips drag on his skin .. then he pushes back in .. right to the back of your throat every time.

You see the screen above and you see that he’s watching his cock slide in and out … concentrating on how much he can fill you … hearing your muffled moans as he starts escort gaziantep cimcif to get close .. the couple are slowing .. they’re almost there and he doesn;t want to come too soon … you can see him teasing himself .. not quite coming out of her .. rubbing .. then sliding back in … he’s going to splash your face, that’s what he’s going to do .. you know he is … he’s straining to hold back now … inches over your face .. and only just making contact with the woman.

The man in your mouth wants it too though .. he’s nearly there … you can feel him .. trembling …. then he gushes … first one deep in you .. hot … then all over your face .. pouring on you…and then the man above lets it go ..the first splash half in her .. but pouring down onto you … then he pulls out of her .. and it pours all over your face ..forehead .. nose .. chin .. lips .. everywhere .. hot wet slippery cum .. two cocks full for you.

It’s then that you can’t help it .. she’s sucking on your clit and you don’t know or care what causes the feelings .. they’re just overwherlming you and you can’t stop!

You arch your back and cry out in pleasure as the climax spreads through your body.

A you look up you see me watching cum still dribbling onto you .. as their cocks start to relax they rub it on your face .. one cock each side .. slowly wiping your cheeks .. spreading it all over you.

Your two men – my gift.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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