Wet Pink Panties

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“This is crazy,” he thought to himself, staring at the clock. It was nearly 8 p.m. on a Friday night. “Where is she?” Jack and Tori planned a long weekend at the beach. Jack’s best friend owned a condo that was usually rented up the whole season. By chance, it was open this weekend and Jack made plans with Tori for a little fun in the sun. Initially, they were each going to leave work early and get a head start on the weekend, driving up to the condo together. Then one thing led to another. Tori had to take care of some crisis at work and wasn’t sure when she could break free. She urged Jack to head up before her and enjoy the day, promising him she would be there soon.

Finally his cell rang. He missed her and was tired of waiting. Though he didn’t want to admit it, he was also angry. He felt that whatever crisis there was at work, it should have been long over by now. At a minimum, she could have called or texted him sooner to let him know what was going on. The phone rang again.

He pushed back his thoughts and answered it on the second ring, “Hello?”

Tori’s voice, smooth as silk, “Hey baby, I am so sorry. I’m on my way.”

Hearing her voice seemed to ease his anger. “What’s taking so long, honey? I have been here for a few hours going crazy and I haven’t heard diddly from you.”

She explained why she hadn’t called sooner and it all made perfect sense. She asked what the plans were for tonight.

He answered, “Well I was thinking originally that we would head to the beach with a bottle of wine and watch the sunset, then come back to the condo and make love in every room, sort of marking our territory.”

She laughed. “I’m sorry that I missed the wine and sunset, but I will be there soon and we can start with the living room first.”

Jack laughed, and felt a stirring in his groin. “Tell me what you’re wearing?”

Tori replied, “A yellow tee shirt and white miniskirt, why do you ask?”

“It helps me visualize what I will be ripping off your sweet body…Are you wearing panties?”

She wasn’t sure where all of this was heading, but she had a least another hour’s drive and what the hell, she told him “Yes, they are pink, they are skimpy and they are wet….very wet.”

In reality, they weren’t wet, but two out of three is not bad. She asked him, “Are you hard for me?”

He answered, “Shit, Tori, I have been walking around this condo for the past three hours with a non-stop hard on, bumping into furniture with it. I went to grab a beer out of the fridge and nearly closed the door on it,” he said laughing.

She knew he was exaggerating, but the thought of him being all horned up excited her. She told him she couldn’t wait to see him and would be there by 9:00. They said their goodbyes.

Jack used the time to clean up a bit and take a shower. Jack tried not to think about sex for the past hour, but it was all that was on his mind and the proof was in his shorts. Man, oh man, was he hard. Soon the door bell rang.

Opening the door, he saw her. Like a scene from a movie, he couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. Her hair was styled short, with a sassy look to it. Her eyes were green casino şirketleri and seemed to glow, announcing her fire was lit. Her lips, stretched to a wide smile, were just waiting for a kiss. Jack wrapped his arms around her, embracing her, taking in her scent, and their lips locked. The passion was unmistakable. It had only been three days since they saw each other last, but you would think that it had been three years and he was coming home from a foreign war.

Their tongues met, dancing. Her arms wrapped around him, drawing him even closer. His hands cradled her face. Kissing her, holding her, loving her.

Eventually, she broke the kiss, smiling she said, “Are you going to let me in?”

He moved away and gestured her into the condo. Her hand caressed his cheek as she walked-rather sashayed-into the living room. He closed the door, and came up behind her. He put his arms around her waist and drew her close. She rubbed her sweet bottom into his crotch and lifted her chin and tilted her head sideways. If he was a vampire, he would have sucked the blood right out of her exposed neck. Instead, he bent down, kissing and licking her softly, from under her chin to her shoulder, then back up again.

His hands now slid beneath her shirt, determined to find her breasts. She wasn’t wearing a bra. He smiled to himself, knowing her pump was primed. He felt her soft breast. Once his fingers ran across her waiting and firmly erect nipples, she turned slightly to kiss him, her mouth hungry for his. Both hands now kneaded her wonderful breasts, gently tugging at her nipples, pinching them softly. His hard cock was stabbing her bottom, as she gently moved her hips. Though no music was on, there was a melody to her movements and he ached to have her.

She turned completely around to face him. Her eyes bright and inviting. He took her shirt off and tossed it aside, and then stood back, holding her at arms length admiring her breasts.

“Do you like what you see?” she teased him.

He smiled and said, “No. I don’t like…. I LOVE what I see.”

She began pulling at the hem of her skirt–acting like a school girl in a principal’s office, looking so sweet and innocent.

“Then I believe you will love this too,” she said.

And with that she lifted her skirt, revealing her secret treasure hidden behind a small set of pink panties. Wet, pink panties.

Jack quickly got out of his shorts and shirt, and then grabbed her under her arms and began to lift her. She wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. She was sitting on top of his dick, driving her pink panty clad pussy into his groin. He took her to the couch and laid her down on her back. Lifting her skirt up, he knelt between her legs. She placed one of her legs on his shoulder and he kissed her thigh making a trail to her moist firebox. His other hand found one of her breasts and he fondled it and played with the nipple, as he kissed and licked his way closer and closer to the prize. He took in a deep breath, smelling her sex. It aroused him even more to see her this excited. He moved her panties to the side, revealing a neatly trimmed casino firmalari bush. His thumb wasted no time finding her love button and he played with it as his other hand tweaked her nipples gently.

He began to kiss her mound and running his tongue from the top to the bottom of the slit, enjoying her as she squirmed under his ministrations. He made is way back to the top and found her clit with his tongue, massaging it and playing with it. It grew under his touch and he heard her moan. He felt her hands in his hair, pulling him closer and closer. He slid a finger into her moist hole and gently stroked it in and out as he kissed and sucked her button.

“Mmmm,” he said “you taste so good.”

She didn’t answer with words, but she let her pelvis do the talking, moving up and down in perfect time to the strokes of his finger and the laps of his tongue.

Time passed and the pleasure grew steadily. Soon she yelled “Enough! I need you in me NOW.”

He gave her mound one last set of kisses and then pulled her wet pink panties to her ankles, but not off.

He wrapped the ankles tightly together by balling her panties up in knot and then moved her bound ankles and legs back to her, exposing her waiting and glistening mound. She legs were bent at the knees and she parted them the best she could, despite her ankles being bound. She began to diddle her clit and her other hand stroked her nipples. Her body said ‘take me’ and Jack wasted no time.

His dick entered her gently and did not penetrate far. He then withdrew it and played that stupid game of going in little and pulling back out.

Tori moaned. “Come on Jack!”

But Jack balled the wet pink panties tighter, squeezing her ankles more. And he continued to torment her. It was like he was getting back at her for making him wait for her. He was going to make her wait this time: wait for her climax.

Before long his cock was in balls deep and she sighed “at last.”

She jiggled and raised and lowered her pelvis, her way of saying ‘time to thrust’ and he began thrusting, slowly at first, but then building more speed. His tempo increased and she felt him moving so perfectly inside her. Soon he undid the panties and spread her legs, a hand on each angle, penetrating her deeply while holding her legs wide apart.

She was moaning loud, “Jack, you feel so good, you fill me so completely, mmmmmm.”

He released her legs from his grip and she wrapped them around his waist, as he bent down to kiss her. He felt the hard tips of her nipples on his chest as his cock twisted, turned and thrust in a steady beat.

Before long he was moving at blinding speed. In and out. Faster and Faster. His sweat began to fall on her and she started climbing. He felt her pussy wrapped around his cock, squeezing him as he moved in and out, faster and faster, longer and deeper. Before long her orgasm made its arrival. Her body began to tense, her pussy clamping down on Jack even more. He saw the fire in her eyes, as she held her breath, riding the peak. His cock continued to work its magic on her kitty, his hands caressing her breasts, his tongue invading her mouth as güvenilir casino they rode the wave together.

As the intensity subsided, she pulled out from underneath him. He sat slouched on the couch, his cock pointing to the ceiling, glistening with her juices. She started kissing him, first on the forehead, and then traveling over his eyelids, his nose, his cheeks. When her lips found his lips, her hand grabbed hold of his throbbing member and started pulling on it, nice long and strong strokes. His arms enfolded her.

She then began her descent, kissing and licking his neck, shoulders and making her way to his chest. She kissed and sucked his nipples as her hand continued stroking his ever straining cock. It took an eternity to Jack, but her lips finally arrived at his flag pole. She licked the tip and kissed it softy. She blew on it and kissed it some more. The tease was killing him.

He moaned, “You’re killing me baby.”

She laughed. “Paybacks are a bitch, aren’t they?”

Just as he teased her with his entry into her moist folds, she now teased him, not allowing him to enter her mouth fully.

“Come on Tori,” he begged.

She was in complete control now. She saw her wet pink panties on the floor. Picking them up, she bunched them and shoved them in his mouth. She kept her hand pressed against his face and made him suffer as she playfully panty gagged him.

He soon stopped fighting the gag, and was enjoying the taste and smells. Before long he felt her take him into her mouth. Her tongue lapping his shaft during each stroke, and he felt her take more and more of him. Her other hand grasped his balls, rubbing them perfectly as she sucked and licked him. His pelvis was rocking up and down to her time.

Then she climbed on top of him, guiding his wet pole into her wet hole. She reached down and grabbed the wet pink panties with her teeth, but he held onto to one end of the panties too. She pulled back as far as she could go with the panties locked in his and her mouth. Their eyes met. They were hungry with desire. She ground her hips into him, clenching her panties and staring into his eyes.

Before long, his hips were moving faster and he was driving up into her. His hands on the globes of her ass, he pulled her down on him as he pushed upward, bouncing her like a rag doll. The intensity continued as he pounded her. Though she was the one on top, it was clear he was in control now. Each thrust was stronger and as she moved her hips to join his thrusts, her clit rubbed on his groin, taking her to another climax. He too felt the familiar tingle in his back, the tightening of his balls. He looked at her, his face a mixture of anguish and pleasure. At last his organ stiffened, and he drove as deep as he could. His cum jetted into her, hot spray after hot spray. She was with him, moment by moment. Her own climax reaching a new height as he emptied himself, her pussy quivering, her breath shallow, her body nearly still.

He continued his strokes, slower, gentler as they each rode their climax down. She collapsed on him, removing the wet pink panties, their bodies on fire and wet with sweat.

He kissed her neck and made his way to her lips. His hand parted her hair, and he looked into her eyes.

He told her “I am glad you finally made it baby.”

Smiling, Tori said “I am glad I came.”

And the double meaning of her words did not escape him.

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