What a Sunday Ch. 04

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“Miller Lite, Gatorade or tap water? Pick your poison.” Sam shouts from the kitchen. She can hear glass clinking from the rushed opening of the refrigerator door.

“Ummmm. Beer sounds good.” Rachel calls back. Alone in the front room she feels oddly ridiculous. There’s no place to put her arms so she lifts them and lightly slaps her thighs over and over while looking around. She looks out the glass door and, to her horror, sees an older model SUV pulling into the drive.

‘Holy shit!’ she thinks crouching down to cover herself. Now she feels really ridiculous. ‘Good one Rachel. Hold still. They’ll never notice a naked woman on her haunches. Way to blend,’ she chides herself. Standing she bolts down the hallway and into the bedroom at the end of the hall. She leaves the door open just a little, heartbeat thumping in her ears.

A few seconds later there’s a rap on the door and a loud, “Yo! Sam!” as Travis bursts into the front room. Sam reels around in the kitchen. ‘Holy shit!” he thinks, shoving the open beers back into the fridge. The fridge door slams as his hands fly to his pants, zipping up and re-doing his belt, his stiff member caged awkwardly in his jeans.

“Hey man! What are you doing here?” Sam asks a little soprano, rounding the doorway from the kitchen — eyes scanning the room looking for Rachel. Dress, bra, panties lay discarded on the floor, but Rachel is nowhere to be seen. He can smell her, but she is gone.

“Dana and I had it out. Goin’ fishin’. I called dude, left a message. Get your stuff, man. Let’s go!”

“Can’t, man. Not today,” Sam responds right on top of his friend’s explanation. Poor Travis is such a self-involved pinhead that he doesn’t even notice the evidence that Sam has company. Instead there he stands, shuffling on his feet like a big kid obliviously talking about fishing.

“Aw Dude! C’mon. Don’t do me like that. She told me to get lost for the day. I can’t go home. What else have you got goin’? I already bought the beer!”

“I gotta help a friend.”

“Yeah. That’s right! Me.”

“Noooo. Not you. Your gonna have to get someone else to help you stay clear of Dana.”

Rachel smiles from behind the bedroom door. The big goofy guy in the front room doesn’t seem to know how to take no for an answer. Her body reacts to the coolness of the wooden door and she shivers. She looks around. In the corner next to the nightstand there’s a wooden chair. On the back of the chair is a blue jean shirt. Rachel walks over and grabs it, pulling it on. She buttons just one button midway down. She sits on the bed and removes her shoes so that she doesn’t make noise on the hardwood floors.

The bed is dressed in a down camp blanket which feels comforting to the backs of her legs. After removing her heels she eases back against the pillows, stretching out her legs and crossing them at the ankles. She rests her arms across her belly. Her heart rate is still elevated and she feels anxious from almost getting busted. She giggles nervously to herself at the sudden realization that she has left her clothes strewn across the floor in the entryway.

The pillow smells of man sleep and cologne. The shirt covers her mid thigh. It is old, broken-in, and wonderfully big on her. There are small holes around the pocket edges and along the shirt tails. A ceiling fan rotates lazily above the bed stirring the air. Goose bumps rise on her legs and her breasts react once more.

She needs his heat.

Voices come from the other room, along with footsteps then the sound of the screen door shutting. Once again she is suspended in quiet and alone with her body responses. Calming down now she realizes that such a prolonged state of anxiousness and arousal has made her weary. She sighs to herself, releasing built up tension.

Minutes pass. Rachel stares out the window, her unfocused eyes attracted to the light. Trees rustle outside the window blinds. The balmy morning is giving way to a windy clear day. The bed is soft. It is peaceful here. The quiet whirring buzz of the fan, the whistling of the leaves in the wind soothes her. Her lids feel heavy and she doesn’t fight them.

“Take it.”

“You sure, dude? That’s like a brand new $300 rod-n-reel.”

“Take it, Travis! Just get the hell outa here already, I’ve got to get goin’.”

“Alrighty then. Man, thanks,” Travis says taking the fishing pole and heading back to lift the hatch of his SUV. “I’ll call ya later and tell you if the fish are bitin’. Better yet, you call me and tell me if the bitin’s better over here.”

“Beg pardon?” Sam asks narrowing his eyes.

“Dude! Unless you’ve turned freaky there’s someone in there missin’ her clothes. And your house has never smelled that good. I’m not the brightest of the bunch, but I ain’t dead!” Travis closes the hatch a shit eating grin spread all over his face.

“Asshole,” Sam quips shaking his head.

“That’s what Dana says too,” Travis laughs stuffing himself behind the wheel. “Need any help in there, buddy? I can always go fishing later.”

“Shit gaziantep escort you will,” Sam laughs turning back for the door.

This time upon entering Sam closes and locks the front door. Rachel is still nowhere to be seen but a quick look down the hall shows his bedroom door almost closed.

Sam toes off his boots leaving them by the front door then heads into the kitchen to retrieve the beers. His pulse quickens knowing she is there naked in his bedroom.

He pads down the hallway and nudges the door open with his elbow. There she is on his bed. She is lying on her side facing the window, knees slightly bent, her bare feet crossed, hands tucked sweetly between her legs. She’s in his workshirt, the one he uses for doing the yard, the tail just covering her ass. She’s fallen asleep. Carmel light pours over her from the window, dust dancing in the streams. Her long hair fans across his pillow. Her body rises and falls from her slow deep breathing.

He’d wanted her in his bed since the moment he’d seen her but looking at her now Sam could only stare. She was so unbelievably sexy, even in her sleep. She looked almost childlike curled up that way, her beautiful face serene. He doesn’t have the heart to wake her.

Sam steps quietly to the bedside table next to the chair. Quietly he puts down the 2 Miller Lites in front of the alarm clock. He reaches up and grabs the back of his t-shirt pulling it up over his head. Next he takes care to hold the belt buckle so that it will not clink as he undoes it and slides it out of his belt loops. Silent, except for the sound of the zipper teeth releasing, he removes his jeans.

Gently stroking her hair from the pillow he carefully slides in behind her in his boxer briefs and socks. He spoons up to her, conforming his body to her soft backside. Her legs are cool. Her hair smells like flowers and vanilla. He slowly slides his arm around her midriff.

Rachel awakes to the feel of his warmth against her skin and the heaviness of his arm around her. “Mmmmmmmmm there you are,” she whispers dreamily.

“Didn’t mean to wake you,” he whispers back. “You just looked so good. I wanted to be next to you.”

Rachel takes a hand from between her legs and reaches for his arm. She caresses in a downward motion covering his hand, threading her fingers through his. It is an intimate gesture. “I borrowed your shirt.”

“I see that.” He muses, poking his nose into the soft tangle of hair at the nape of her neck, breathing in.

“Hope you don’t mind.”

“I’ll put it on your tab,” he teases, squeezing her slightly, snuggling in tighter.

Rachel giggles her eyes still closed. “You feel good, Sam.”

“You feel like heaven, Rachel.” Sam sighs into her neck.

They lay there a while in stilled silence. Neither wanted to be the first to move; knowing that the air was statically charged with sexual energy. One muscle twitch and it was going to ignite. A small bit of pressure, a pushing, a lip’s caress of neck flesh is all it would take. Genitals absorb the tension as blood rushes and throbs.

Rachel is acutely aware of Sam’s stiff rod against her ass. Its insistent heat pressing into her makes her want to push back and squirm. Her eyes closed, she concentrates on syncing her breathing to his to fight her urges.

Sam can feel the fastened metal button under his palm — the one thing keeping him from the nirvana underneath. Rachel’s round butt is torturing his dick with its firm curving softness. Her hair is tickling his cheek, her perfume mixed with the warm smell of her feminine skin threatens to drive him insane.

“It’s hard to be still, isn’t it Sam?” Rachel whispers seductively.

“God yessss,” he hisses into her neck.

“I dare you to move.”

“Ladies first,” Sam winces.

“Age before beauty,” she mocks like a child making him smile from within.

“Know what happens to teasing little girls?”

“Show me.”

Her hand still covering his; he moves down to grab her thigh. Using it for leverage he thrusts his cock against her buttocks as he bites into to the nape of her neck. “They get punished, Rachel.”

“Mmmmmmm yess, Sam. Punish me!” she moans writhing her hips, moving up and down the length of him.

Releasing her leg Sam frees his hand and lifts his hip to yank down his boxers to his knees. Next he pulls up the tail of the denim shirt, so that they are skin to skin. Reaching down he grabs his aching shaft at the base and slides it between the silky inferno at the top of her thighs where he’s met with the liquid lava of her juices and the spongy flesh of her pussy lips. Using his ass like a slow piston he slides up then back, pumping against her as she moans.

His arm once again encircles her, although this time his touch is lower. His fingers ease over her pubic hair, finding the sticky and wet patch then the hot erupting slit beyond. His middle finger delves into her sex as his index and ring finger split her lips. Teasing her clit with light circular patterns of his middle finger, Sam’s cock continues its mock fuck, rubbing and pulling at her sex from behind. His position is such that he will not enter her without assistance.

Rachel squeezes her thighs together in an attempt to grab his cock while her hips squirm. Girl-like whimpers escape her as she moves against his hand. “It aches, oh god its aching. Thrust your cock into my aching pussy!” she moans loudly.

“That’s it baby, tell me,” Sam growls like a predator rewarding her naughty words with careful attention to her clit.

“Baby, please fuck me! I need to cum all over your dick. Feed my pussy. Stretch me – fill me with your big cock! I need to feel you inside me, Sam.”

Squelching sounds now intermingle with Rachel’s pleas and whimpers. Her wetness coats his rod and gathers in a frothy mess at his base. It’s dripping over his balls and is smeared all over her ass.

Sam’s fingers are drenched and he lifts his hand to his mouth to taste her. Sucking loudly he moans. “Mmmmmm, so sweet. You taste so sweet, Rachel.”

His words are more than she can bear. Springing up, her legs tugging then releasing his cock so that it slaps back against his abdomen, she spins to face him pushing him back flat on the bed. Left leg planted near his right shoulder Rachel swings her body over him straddling Sam’s upper body. Staring into his eyes, Rachel reaches up to undo the single button on the denim shirt. She pulls it open, revealing her tits and the long expanse of belly ending in her matted pubic hair. Slowly she begins to spread her legs further, sliding her dripping cunt ever closer to his mouth. “You want to taste my sweet pussy?” she says wickedly, undulating just above him. “Lick it, Sam. I want your mouth on me.”

Sam, for once, complies. Lifting his head he slips the flat of his tongue in a swirling pattern around her hole then up through her pink. Rachel’s body quakes as he connects with her erect red little clitoris. Slowly he licks up over her hood, outlining her folds with his skilled and patient tongue. Her juices pour into his mouth and spill over his lips. “Mmmmmmmmm,” he moans into her as his tongue continues his exploration.

“You like that, sweet girl?” Sam coaxes spilling hot breath all over her glistening inner walls.

“God yesss!” she moans throwing her head back thrusting her pussy into his mouth. His lips connect and he uses them to softly caress her clit — denying her the hot tongue she seeks.

Easing his head back from her he continues his breath play. “Such a sweet hot little slit,” he sighs onto her clit, making her inner thighs shake.

“Eat me!” she commands.

Reaching up to cup her ass Sam pulls her into his open mouth, using hand fulls of her ass flesh to guide her onto his tongue. His hold is almost brutal as he tongue fucks her quivering hole. His nose bumps her clit rhythmically causing her to moan.

“Ohhh fuck, Sam! What are you doing to me?! Ahhh yeah that’s feels good. Feels so fucking good,” Rachel moans.

She feels his grip on her ass ease. He strokes her; his fingers pulling her ass cheeks apart. Fingertips slip dangerously close to her forbidden, pulling at her skin, circling. She feels two fingers at the top of her crack start to descend, slipping in her wetness down over her rosebud with slight pressure. Sam’s tongue buried to the hilt in her pussy and his fingers exploring her ass make it hard for her to breathe. His fingers move further, pressing against the skin between her cunt and her bottom as his head comes up for air.

“So naughty,” Sam coaxes taking a deep breath and readjusting his mouth under her dripping sex. With each word Sam’s lips graze her clit. “But you liked it, didn’t you Rachel? You’re a naughty girl.” he teases against her pleasure button, his fingers stroking her taint.

“No,” she whimpers weakly, trying hard not to scream from pleasure.

“Ooohhhhhhhhhh yessss you did,” Sam chides, lips closing around her clit as one hand slips back up to press its knuckles against her tight puckered hole and the other hand slides down pushing its first 2 fingers deep into her cunt.

“Yessssssss!” Rachel wails, ass tightening pussy convulsing.

“Tell me you’re a naughty girl, Rachel,” Sam grunts.

Rachel whimpers in protest. “Please! Nooo,” she pleads grinding against the multiple pleasure spots Sam is controlling.

She is so close but he is a master of denying her the continuous pressure it would take to send her over the edge. Even now on the brink of her well deserved orgasm he is toying with her. His lust for her surrender, to hear her submit to the wicked things he is doing to her makes each touch all the more intense. Her refusal to utter the words is her only hope of keeping any control. She will not offer it, she will make him take it.

All at once Rachel’s legs scissor moving her up and back – away from his taunting mouth. His fingers slip out of her, his knuckles bump against her right butt cheek. In the lithe movement of a gymnast Rachel leans in supporting herself on her hands placed at just above his shoulders as her straddling thighs slide down his body until she has positioned herself at the top of his cock.

Shirt open, breasts pressing against his torso, Rachel’s hair hangs down brushing against his neck. Looking at him, enjoying his look of surprise at the sudden heat now taunting his prick, Rachel lowers her mouth and kisses him. Her mouth and tongue suck her juices from his lips. Soft mewing noises escape her lips as she eagerly licks her own essence from his mouth.

Her hungry wet soft mouth on his sends Sam over the edge. His legs rise in an effort to impale her on his cock. He wants to feel her pussy lips stretch wide and take him.

Rachel reacts without breaking the kiss. Her back rounds and she slides her pussy forward onto his stomach, denying him while at the same time pleasing her clit as she smears nectar all over his belly.

Sam’s legs, still restrained by the boxer briefs at his knees, relent and he growls into their kiss. Rachel’s hands slide down his arms grabbing his wrists. She pulls them up over his head, gently pinning him to the bed. Her thighs squeeze his hips as she rocks up and back, masturbating her open pussy on his pelvis.

“Fuck me, Rachel!” Sam hisses insistently into her open mouth, his hips rising.

“Say please,” she mocks, using her legs to absorb his movements.

“Please, fuck me, Rachel. I need you so bad. Give me your hot tight little pussy.” He begs, crooning, kissing her softly now.

“Oooooh Sam,” Rachel sighs, losing her resolve to the tenderness in his voice. Her grip on his wrists loosens and she reaches in to cup his face returning the tender kiss.

His hands now free, Sam slides his hands down Rachel’s body grabbing her hips firmly. To her surprise he pushes her hips back, sliding her pussy over his dick in one fluid motion. His thick shaft is enveloped by her hot folds, wetness soaking him. His head pushes hard against the rounded top of her pussy.

Rachel’s ass tightens as she attempts to wiggle free of his grasp. Her soft breasts and hard nipples mash against his chest. Her moaning little pleas as she struggles to move off his cock drive him wild with primitive lust.

Sam rips his mouth from hers. “Take my cock, Rachel!” he groans sliding her forward, his head seeking her opening.

Rachel’s legs are like a vice, resisting as he slowly thrusts her hips back penetrating her. Sam can feel her tight little pussy open enough to accept the tip of his head then stretch taughtly over his full helmet. Guiding her hips, her box like an oven, Sam feels the walls of her pussy ripple as she grants his shaft entrance. “Ohhh god Baby give it to me!” he moans as her sex muscles tug at his head, pulling him deeper and deeper inside her. Her walls hug against every inch of his thick cock, massaging him with their spasms.

Rachel’s breath catches as his head stretches the skin around her hole. She continues her squirming resistance but Rachel’s pussy slowly swells full of cock and the exquisite feeling of fullness makes her scream in pleasure. His swollen head sinks ever deeper and she feels her sex spasm against its intruder. In all her life, she can never remember a feeling this good. His dick is so thick and hot and hard, its slow descent into her depths so fulfilling, his hands on her hips so strong and forceful. Sam is taking her just the way she’s always wanted. It’s so fucking good.

Pushing his hips up to meet her, Sam eases her back until he hits bottom. Rachel’s wiggling ass pumps at his root, rocking his balls. Sex juice oozes out of her hole as he fills her. He pulls her forward, dragging her open cunt across his pelvis as his cock is unsheathed. Again he pushes her down, this time harder – splitting her lips open and stuffing her. Her writhing continues and he has to hold her hips to keep her twitching little pussy impaled. “Ooooooooooooo Baby that tight pussy’s soooo good!” Sam moans rising and bucking again and again into her hot quivering hole.

Rachel can feel her orgasm mounting. A few more slow thrusts is all it takes. As his head knocks against her cervix Rachel’s pussy explodes. “Fuck yeah Baby! Ohhhhh! You’re making me cum all over your cock!” she yells as her cunt sucks ravenously on his meat. Her body convulses and she grinds down hard, squirming back and forth, her slit gushing cum with him buried to the hilt.

“Rachel Baby, don’t do that,” Sam grunts, his dick lost in bliss. “Your milking my cock, baby, and its gonna cum. Rachel, god baby, I can’t hold it! You gotta stop or I’m gonna cum in your pussy! You’re gonna make me cum in you! You want it,naughty girl? You want my cum up in that naughty little hole?”

“YESSS!” Rachel screams, orgasm still gripping her body as she bucks mercilessly on his dick.

Sam’s balls, jiggling from her tight little jerks at his base, tingle and constrict and he can feel his seed surging into his shaft. Deep inside her his head seizes. “Ahhh yeah! Take it all, baby!” he yells as his dick explodes pumping warm thick spurts of semen into her depths. His muscles contract hard as she rides him, her pussy rippling and sucking his cock dry.

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