What Makes You Think?

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What makes you think that I want to fuck you?

What makes you think that I even notice how the long auburn curls cascade down your shoulders, teasingly trickling around your smooth, freckled complexion? That I might tumble into the deep blue of your eyes, or the sparkling red of your smile?

Do you really think you caught my gaze as it flowed down your flawless neck, pausing at the hint of shadow just beneath each nipple? That, while you talked, my mind let my hands slide up your stomach, upward to cup your breasts beneath the light fabric?

“Excuse me, what were you saying?” Wait, just because I asked you to repeat yourself do you truly believe that I got lost in the thought of you reaching down and slowly, ever so slowly easing your blouse over your head? That I’d picture leaning down and pressing my face into your perfect breasts, running my tongue over the soft flesh, drawing each nipple, one by one into my mouth?

My blank stare? This awkward silence? Do you kocaeli escort bayan dare think that I would gasp as you unfasten your jeans, seductively inching the zipper downward and then lifting each long leg into the cool air? That I would hold my breath in anticipation as you move your fingers to the lace panties wondering… longing for that first glimpse of red curls?

“I… I ah…” I stutter? I stutter and you think that is because my lips are drawn to the light skin of your thighs, my kisses traveling upward, ever upward? That every ounce of my existence follows a fragrant pathway to your delicate folds?

Do you really think that my nervous grin might broaden to a smile as my lips touch yours gently opening you with a kiss and then a probing tongue? That my next breath is of you, all of you as I taste your tangy desire?

What makes you think I’m trembling at the thought of my tongue circling inside you, then easing out of you to part your lips in search of kocaeli sınırsız escort the soft, firm nub of your clit? That my hands would cup your ass, gently kneading the flesh as my tongue rolls over your clit, drawing it between my lips as I gently suck?

“Pardon me, why it is so noisy here? What did you ask me?” You don’t think it is all that noisy? So you truly believe that all I hear are your moans as you lift your hips, pressing yourself onto my face? That the sound of your breath as I push my fingers into you and feel your pussy convulsing in orgasm is the only thing I can possibly hear?

Or is it the momentary silence as I quickly undress and move between your open legs? The soft sigh as your fingers open your lips and guide me into you? Maybe it’s the liquid sound of me entering you, filling you?

Is it true? Do you honestly think I’m picturing your legs wrapped around me as I thrust again and again deep into your pussy, our izmit anal yapan escort bodies slapping together each time, every touch, every sensation drawing us closer and closer? That I would stare into your eyes, watching as your body tenses and then suddenly releases as you come and I arch my back coming with you, spurting my cum inside you?

What makes you think I want to fuck you? That I would ever think of doing anything like that with you? What makes you think I would even give you the time of day?

“What time is it? You’re asking me what time it is? I am sorry, have you ever seen anyone so distracted? It is eight twenty two.”

So now… now are we finished? Do you simply walk away? And as you go do you think I am watching you, the way your hair tosses with each step, the way you swing your arms, the way your ass moves? Or do you believe I’m still thinking of holding you as we catch our breath and my cock shrinks, slipping from you?

And now that you are gone and I am alone do you think I can still smell you, still taste you, still feel you under me? That as I slowly wrap my fingers around my cock and begin to stroke I might remember how you sighed as I entered you?

Yes, what is it? What makes you think I want to fuck you? Please tell me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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