What’s the Worst that can Happen?

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Female Ejaculation

Author’s Note:

The festival of Holi is held annually in Northern India in March. It not only signifies the change from winter to spring but also the triumph of good over evil. The Hindi name Bhadra means Good.


“What’s the worst that can happen?” Lucy said in a dull flat tone.

“It’s northern fucking India, it’s a dangerous enough place most of the time especially as you are a woman travelling on her own… and all for some stupid holly festival,” Harry shouted down the phone, the exasperation with his little sister clear in his voice.

“It’s called Holi not holly and it’s something that me and Gracie always promised that we would do before all this COVID madness started.”

At the mention of Gracie, Lucy’s partner who had died from COVID complications nearly 2 years ago, Harry fell silent and then in a calmer voice said, “Well at least take someone with you and for pity’s sake… get laid.”

“I am 30 years of age so I can look after myself thank you very much. I have booked my ticket and am going on Saturday… so it’s settled. I will send you some pics on insta,” Lucy said firmly before putting the phone down. Then she picked up the magazine with the pictures of swirls of paint in the air and the happy smiling faces before bursting into tears as she imagined the fun she and Gracie would have had celebrating the paint throwing festival of Northern India.


Lucy settled into her business class seat accepting the glass of champagne from the beautiful smiling hostess whose name badge showed Bhadra.

“Are you going?” Bhadra said pointing at the magazine Lucy had in her hand with the picture of the Holi festival on the cover.

“Yes,” Lucy said almost unenthusiastically, happy she was finally going to see the festival celebrating good triumphing over evil, but sad that Gracie wouldn’t be with her to share in the fun.

“I am taking a few days holiday so I can enjoy it with my family as we live not far from Amritsar, perhaps I will see you and your husband there. I am sure you will have lots of fun.” Then before Lucy could reply pointing out that she didn’t have a husband, and never would, Bhadra had moved to the next passenger.

After dinner, Lucy reclined her seat, closing her eyes, as the journey to Delhi was just over 8 hours, which meant a long overnight flight, before the change for a local flight of an hour to Amritsar. For the first time in many months, Lucy thought of Gracie in a sexual way, rather than memories that made her sad at her passing. Under the cover of the blanket, she slipped her hand inside her loose jogging bottoms and panties as she started to touch herself as Gracie would often do when they sat together. Touching her clit with her fingertip Lucy remembered how Gracie would tease her that when they were next able to travel she would join the mile-high club. Often in their lovemaking, Gracie would introduce a fictional third participant to their passionate bouts, describing all sorts of permutations bringing Lucy to an orgasm. Slipping a finger inside her wetness Lucy pushed deep and couldn’t stop the low moan as a small orgasm shuddered through her.

Suddenly she was jerked into reality as a soft voice beside her said, “Are you OK madam?” Lucy opened her eyes to see the deep brown eyes of the worried face of Bhadra crouching by her side.

“I’m fine,” Lucy slurred half-awake and still on a sexual high.

“I need to check your seatbelt,” Bhadra said pulling back the blanket, then stopped, staring in silence at where Lucy’s hand was.

Lucy was speechless and could feel herself blush as she blurted, “I was thinking of my partner.”

Bhadra smiled, “Everything is good, please sleep well,” then as silently as she had appeared, she was gone.


Lucy had changed planes to the local flight and as she settled into her seat she heard a soft voice from the next seat, “What a lovely surprise, we meet again.”

It took Lucy a moment to realise that it was Bhadra. Gone was the traditional Air India uniform saree and in its place was a beautiful young woman dressed in western clothing of a blouse and tight jeans. Her hair had been let down and shone like a river of burnished coal, cascading around one shoulder until it rested on the upper curve of her right breast. Lucy found herself getting damp, then mentally chastised herself as she was in a country where lesbianism had only been legal a few years and was still frowned upon by the majority. The girl was probably married or at least promised to someone in an arranged marriage.

As they talked it became apparent that Bhadra, whilst not actually an outcast in the family, was considered a black sheep for her western ways. She normally lived in Delhi, and to date had resisted all attempts at an arranged marriage, almost driving her parents mad.

“Where is your husband?” Bhadra asked.

Deciding to see what response she would get Lucy smiled as she replied, “I don’t have a husband… but I did have london escorts a girlfriend who I lived with for ten years until she died a couple of years ago.”

Lucy watched Bhadra’s face and was sure that mixed with her look of compassion there was something else, almost like relief.

“Then if you are on your own then I insist we spend Holi together, we can dance, throw paint, drink and what’s the worst that could happen?” Then she winked as she continued, “We might even spend the whole night together.” That final comment made Lucy’s heart flutter as she knew for certain the reason why Bhadra hadn’t married.

Bhadra promised to pick her up from her hotel at six o’clock and as they parted said, “Don’t forget, wear something that you don’t mind getting ruined as the paint stains everything.”

Sitting in the taxi Lucy sent a text to her brother, “Got picked up on the plane so taking your advice about getting laid.”

Lucy looked out of the window of the taxi as it slowly moved through the traffic towards her hotel and much to the annoyance of the driver lowered her window so she could take lungfuls of the exotic air outside. When a passing lorry emitted a cloud of black smoke causing her to cough the young driver giggled openly before asking in a sing-song accent.

“Are you here for the festival, perhaps you need a driver or maybe a guide?”

Lucy could see the driver’s eyes staring intensely at her in the mirror and could feel them undressing her, making her shudder.

“I am going to be looked after,” Lucy hurriedly replied and silently thought to herself, “very well looked after I hope!” as she pictured Bhadra’s caramel skin and her silky thighs falling apart to reveal her sweet delights ready for feasting on. She was broken from her revere by the taxi pulling to a halt outside the hotel which looked even grander in real life than it did in the pictures. She and Gracie had picked the place together, not only for the fact it was located in the middle of town but for how it looked like a palace with its marble colonnades and its grand entrance.

After being shown to her room, well it felt more like a suite with its huge four-poster bed, high ceilings and so much space, Lucy decided to grab a shower. As she stood in the vast walk-in wet room shower that could probably fit three let alone two people, Lucy’s mind drifted once more to Bhadra. As she soaped herself she closed her eyes and imagined it was Bhadra’s hands caressing her breasts and tweaking her nipples. As she leant back against the cool marble she pictured Bhadra kneeling and lavishing her attention on her pussy, flicking her clit before pushing two fingers deep into her wetness. Lucy nearly slipped on the marble floor as she orgasmed on her fingers, but the picture in her mind was very different.


At exactly 6 o’clock Lucy stood in the foyer waiting nervously for Bhadra who suddenly appeared like a vision, her shape outlined in the door held open by the bearded turbanned doorman resplendent in his pristine white uniform. As Lucy held out her arms to embrace the young woman she was taken aback a little as Bhadra placed her plans together and bowed her head, saying sweetly.


Gone was the very western jeans and top from earlier in the day as Bhadra was now in plain white, edged in black that although wasn’t a formal saree it flowed and swirled around her body. The simple plain white of the saree matched the white cheesecloth smock dress that Lucy wore. The biggest difference between the two was that Lucy’s shoulders were bare with the top being held up by two thin straps, whereas Bhadrahad the more demure tee-shirt style blouse that covered her shoulder but left her taut belly naked. Lucy guessed that Bhadra was a good five years younger than her but for all her tender years held herself proudly and confidently.

“So are you ready for the Holika Dahan?” Bhadra said then seeing the look of confusion on Lucy’s face laughed as she went on.

“Holika Dahan is a bonfire and tonight the evil demoness Holika will be burnt. It is our way of showing that evil inside is being purged and this is where the name Holi comes from. We all contribute a piece of wood to the fire…”

Bhadra laughed gently as she saw that as anticipated Lucy wasn’t carrying a piece of wood. Shyly she reached into the plastic carrier bag and produced a stick of wood that she held out to Lucy as she went on.

“Tomorrow morning is celebrated as Rangwali Holi which is the free-for-all festival of colours and also celebrating the triumph of good over evil as well as the end of winter and the start of spring. As you know people smear each other with powdered paint of many colours and drench each other, so I warn you there will be water guns and water-filled balloons. Anyone and everyone is fair game and the frolicking and play fighting with colours occur in the open streets, parks, outside temples and buildings. There will be groups carrying drums and other london escort musical instruments, going from place to place, singing and dancing and sharing Holi delicacies of food and drinks.”

Bhadra paused for a moment letting the information sink in before she went on.

“In the evening, people dress up and visit friends and family and I would like it very much if you would come with me to meet my family.”

Lucy smiled and held out her free hand as she could hardly wait to hold this beautiful young woman’s hand and skip out into the wonderfully exciting world out there. To her surprise, Bhadra avoided her touch, so much so that Lucy wondered if she had read the signs wrong but putting that feeling to one side they joined the throng of people moving towards the park and the bonfire.

At first, Lucy was freaked out by the crowds and clearly, her discomfort was showing as Bhadra steered her towards a shop doorway and stood holding Lucy by the upper arms until the panic had faded from her eyes.

“You must think like a fish,” Bhadra said with a smile. “Do not fight the crowd but like a fish in a shoal, swim with it, feel the movement and relax.”

With those words ringing in her ears, Lucy stepped out and followed Bhadra’s slight form into the mass of heaving people. Once she relaxed Lucy realised that it was like flowing in a river and things seemed so much calmer. When they reached the bonfire they added their sticks of wood and then stood close to each other. They were so close that Lucy could feel the warmth emanating from Bhadra’s arm and she casually reached out and rested a hand on Bhadra’s waist.

Lucy smiled as she felt a hand caressing her ass, the light touch running over both of her ass cheeks and then up and down the crack towards her pussy. Lucy turned her head to say something to Bhadra but her joy turned to anger as she saw her companion lift both hands above her head which meant that the hand touching Lucy’s ass was not Bhadra’s.

Bhadra’s face was a mixture of shock and fear and it was clear that she was also experiencing the wandering and invasive hands. Lucy let out a loud yell but her cry was drowned by the noise of the drums and the people. Glancing around angrily Lucy looked at the men nearby but none would return her gaze but the hand was gone as fast as it had appeared.

“I have just been touched up,” Lucy whispered into Bhadra’s ear.

Bhadra leaned very close to Lucy as she replied, “I was as well. It is very common for that to happen, no point in saying anything, we will just move.”

Suddenly the darkness felt more sinister to Lucy and she shivered as she said, “Perhaps we should go back to my hotel where we would be safer,” trying to keep her voice level.

“What an excellent idea.”

Soon as they were back in Lucy’s room and the pair stood and looked at each other, not sure whether to hug or not, as both willed the other to make the first move.

In the end, it was Lucy that broke the tension, “You are very pretty so I can understand men wanting to touch you,” she said though she felt the words were cringeworthy but couldn’t help adding, “I certainly wanted to touch you a lot.”

Bhadra looked at her with brown eyes that were big as saucers as she said demurely, “I have always found women more attractive than men but have never had the chance to explore my feelings…”

Her words trailed off as she stared at Lucy, the look of desire plain on her face but at the same time coupled with fear and uncertainty as to what to do next.

Lucy said nothing and stepping forward softly cupped her hands on either cheek and kissed Bhadra gently. The kiss grew in length and intensity as the pair started to touch each other in growing passion. Clothing started to fall to the floor until both were naked and Lucy stepped back to admire Bhadra’s body.

“My god you are so beautiful,” she whispered taking in her flawless caramel skin, her small pert breasts and wonderfully slender form. The cutest thing of all was the slight redness to Bhadra’s face and the way she went to cover herself but was unsure whether she should or not. Lucy knew at that moment that although Bhadra may be a lesbian in her heart, this was her first time with another woman and she was determined to make it as special for Bhadra as Gracie had done for her all those years ago.

Bhadra went to speak but Lucy placed a finger to her lips and gently pushed her onto the bed, parting her thighs gently so she could kneel between them. Allowing her fingers to play over Bhadra’s breasts she teased each nipple in turn as she gently licked the inside of each thigh upwards towards her lips. Lucy let her soft breath play over Bhadra’s mound she could physically see the girl’s growing excitement as her lips started to glisten with her juices. Poking out just the very tip of her tongue Lucy drew it along the folds and at the same time squeezed gently on each nipple with her fingernails.

The combination of tenderness london escort agency mixed with the sharp electric pain caused Bhadra to moan and start to writhe on the bed, arching her hips towards Lucy’s teasing and torturing tongue. Her fingers gripped Lucy’s long hair as she attempted to pull Lucy’s mouth closer to her sex in a desperate attempt to get more than the featherlight touches. Suddenly Bhadra groaned deeply as Lucy moved from gentle touches to probing deeply with her tongue before drawing it up inside the folds of her labia to find her engorged clit. There she flicked and licked over and around sending Bgadra wild with desire and excitement, her head thrashing from side to side as she mewed with pleasure.

Lucy concentrated on Bhadra’s clit with her tongue but moved one hand from Bhadra’s breast to her pussy and pushed a finger gently inside, feeling it gripped by the silky folds. Slowly working her finger in and out Lucy sucked and pulled at Bhadra’s clit with her lips, twisting her finger around until she found the spot she was seeking. Bhadra went wild as Lucy’s finger pressed on her g-spot and then she arched up off the bed in a loud orgasm, almost pulling Lucy’s hair from the roots.

Lucy felt Bhadra pussy clench tightly on her finger and then as she felt her relax she removed her finger quickly and clamped over Bhadra’s pussy as she started to squirt into her mouth. Swallowing what she could Lucy attempted to keep her mouth over Bhadra’s gushing fountain but such was her movements that at times it proved almost impossible. In a crescendo of pleasure, Bhadra’s whole frame arched and became taut before she collapsed and quivered as Lucy moved to cuddle her, caressing her gently as she bought her slowly back to earth.

Lucy stroked Bhadra’s hair gently and allowed the girl to suckle on her breast like a small child until finally, she was calm enough to look at Lucy and say softly, “That was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. Thank you so much, Lucy.”

Bhadra moved so she was lying fully on top, her thighs resting between Lucy’s and her mouth still clamped over Lucy’s erect nipple, but instead of just her lips, she started to use her teeth. Lucy groaned loudly and half-heartedly tried to protest that this was Bhadra’s time and she could return the favour later but Bhadra ignored her as she began to lavish attention on every inch of Lucy’s skin. As Bhadra slid down Lucy’s body she could feel her small breasts slipping over her skin and her hot breath and tongue teasing every nerve ending she had.

Finally, Bhadra’s head nestled between Lucy thighs and her movements had forced Lucy’s knees wide apart. Placing her hands under each buttock she gently lifted Lucy until her lower body was raised a little off the sheet. There was a moments pause that Lucy thought was perhaps uncertainty but as she felt the featherlight touches of the tip of Bhadra’s tongue along her folds she knew that this was torture of the most wonderful kind. Lucy planted the soles of her feet and arched higher, pressing her hips towards Bhadra’s mouth. The fact she was supporting her upper body with her shoulders and elbows meant she couldn’t grasp Bhadra’s head and bury it in her soaking pussy, instead, she had to content herself with making little pleading noises as she arched up.

Bhadra licked deeper and deeper with each pass tasting Lucy’s juices and savouring each drop like the precious nectar from a flower. She had never done this to a living being before but had so many times dreamt of this moment as she had rubbed herself to an orgasm. The sounds coming from Lucy told her instinctively that she was doing things right and she worked her tongue higher until she found Lucy’s swollen clit. Taking it between her lips she sucked gently eliciting a moaned plea from her lover.

“Please for the love of God stick your fingers in my cunt, I beg you,” Lucy gasped.

Bhadra pushed her finger inside and feeling how wet Lucy was quickly added a second. As she fingerfucked Lucy gently she continued to work on Lucy’s clit until Lucy cried out, “Three.”

Driving three fingers in and out of Lucy, Bhadra started to fuck her in earnest and the room filled with the sweet aroma of sex and the slurping sounds of Lucy’s pussy. Suddenly Lucy arched and screamed before collapsing to the bed shuddering and shaking as she climaxed. Bhadra held onto the writhing woman as she continued to drive her fingers in and out keeping her on the peak of a sexual high.

Eventually, the pair collapsed into each other’s arms, their bodies covered in a sheen of sweat as they cuddled and kissed as their heart rate slowly returned to normal.


When Lucy woke the next morning she turned to seek Bhadra but the bed was empty and for a moment Lucy wondered if last night had been a dream. Then spotting a note on the bedside table she read,

‘Thank you for last night it was the most wonderful night of my life. I have gone to my parents to get clothes for today and this evening. Will see you at 9 for breakfast.’

The note was signed ‘love B’, with a P.S. that read, ‘I love you XXX.’

Lucy glanced at the clock and could see it was already 8:30, so with a small shriek dived into the huge shower.

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