When Susie Sucked Freddie Ch. 01

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I kissed my girlfriend goodbye as she left for work that morning, as I did every morning.

“I might be a bit late tonight,” she told me. I nodded, half knowing that she was screwing that guy from the call-centre she worked in, not that I was particularly bothered about it at that moment though. You see, I already had my mind on Susie.

Susie was my girlfriends’ roommate. She was 18 years old, a couple of years younger than my girlfriend and I, and she was a beautician. She was a stunningly hot brunette, and was always out on the town, coming home at all hours of the night, which didn’t exactly endear her to my girlfriend.

The thing that really pissed off my girlfriend though, was the way in which Susie got ready for work each day. She didn’t have a TV in her room you see, and so she would always get ready, including getting dressed, in the lounge.

That was the part I kinda liked, because most mornings when I would go to the lounge for a coffee, Susie would be there, not fully dressed. She’d have on her jeans and a bra, but little else, and it was always a pleasant sight in the morning. This morning was totally different though.

As I closed the door behind my girlfriend, I made my coffee, and walked towards the lounge. As I pushed open the door I had my eye on my newspaper, and almost didn’t notice Susie standing in the middle of the room.

I looked up as she let out a gasp…she was standing before me in nothing but a little yellow thong and black stockings. She had her hands over her tits and her legs crossed in a somewhat feeble attempt to maintain her dignity.

I stood looking at her with my mouth gaping. I felt my cock start to bulge in my boxers as I stood and looked at this hot girl standing almost naked in front of me, when all of a sudden, she dropped her hands, and said, sarcastically tecavüz porno “oops!” as a wicked smile crossed her face.

I tried to take in what was in front of me. She stood there, her body almost perfect in the morning sun. Her brown shoulder length hair gently brushed her naked shoulders, and as she walked towards me, her pert little tits gave a slight bounce…Oh my god she was walking towards me.

As Susie stood directly in front of me, I was panic stricken, but I could now feel that I was ready to burst through my boxer shorts. She leaned into my ear and whispered,

“So is she gone?”

“Yeah…um…I guess…I…yeah she’s gone…”

“Good, I’ve been building up the courage for this for ages,” she said softly in my ear.

She leaned in again and kissed me as she started to unbutton my shirt. My protests were muffled out as she darted her tongue into my mouth. I continued to try to protest until she totally unbuttoned my shirt and slid her hand down my chest. She reached my jeans and rubbed my cock through them and I knew that I couldn’t win. She pulled away from kissing me,

“You were saying?” she asked.

“Um…nothing,” I said, as I grabbed her head and pulled her in for another kiss. She undid my jeans as our tongues intertwined, and she pushed them down, and put her hand into my boxers. She stroked my hard cock slowly and rhythmically, and I reached out my hand and squeezed her tit, my fingers tweaking her perfect, small nipples, which stiffened instantly.

I moved my hand down as she continued to play with my cock, and I pushed her thong to one side. She slapped my hand,

“No, not now,” she said, before pushing me backwards onto the sofa.

She pulled my boxers off me with an urgency that suggested she couldn’t wait any longer. She travesti porno smiled as my cock sprang up, unleashed from it’s cage at last. She hopped up onto the sofa beside me, and started to stroke slowly, she moved her hand up and down, occasionally going all the way to base and holding it there, before stroking all the way up again. As she reached the head she teased and tickled with the tips of the fingers on her free hand. As she saw how this was turning me on she got harder and faster, until I almost felt that I was ready to explode, and then she stopped.

Another devious smile crept onto Susie’s beautiful face as she sat back on the arm of the sofa and started to rub her tits, she caressed them both in her hands and tilted her head back as she squeezed her own nipples. Then she reached down, and pulled her thong to one side. I saw it at last. Her completely shaven pussy which glistened with it’s own wetness was now in full view, and I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

She slowly slid her hand down from her tits, and started to rub at her own clit, I watched in amazement and felt a stirring in my balls as she continued. She slid her hand further down still and slipped two fingers into her pussy, gasping as she did. She started to moan as she got into a rhythm, fucking herself with her two fingers, she moaned louder and louder as she got faster and faster, and I watched as her fingers plunged continuously into her pussy.

As she neared orgasm she threw her head back and let out a long moan, before she stopped herself just short. She smiled at me and put her fingers into my mouth. It tasted sweet and creamy, and I smiled at her as she stood up and removed her thong completely, giving me a full view at last of that gorgeous snatch, now almost dripping with Susie’s wetness.

She xhamster porno jumped back onto the sofa next to me and grabbed my hand, leading me in the direction of her pussy. I started to rub her naked pussy lips as she leaned forward and licked the head of my cock. She slowly wrapped her lips around the head, and sucked slowly all the way from head to base. I felt like I was ready to cum right there and then, as she swirled her tongue around my shaft, deep in her mouth and now unbelievably hard.

I pushed two fingers deep into Susie, and she emitted a muffled groan, as she continued to expertly suck my cock, getting faster and faster as she bobbed her head up and down.

I plunged my fingers deeper and faster as I watched Susie hungrily lick and suck my cock, not even stopping for air at any point. She lifted her head and ran her tongue all over the tip of my cock, and I thought I’d shoot all over her tongue right there and then. She then darted her head right back down, sucking all the way down the shaft, and licking up my pre-cum as she went.

Susie pushed herself down onto my fingers and I pushed even deeper, as I felt her pussy tightening she pushed further down and her hips started to buck wildly. She sucked me deeper and harder as she got closer, and then all of a sudden, with her tongue pressed firmly against my shaft, she let out a huge moan and I felt her cum all over my fingers. The vibrations of her moan sent me over the edge, and I pulled out of her mouth and jumped to my feet, grabbing my cock, and unloading cum all over her face in three long jets.

As I finished I collapsed again onto the couch. Susie smiled at me through the cum which dripped onto her lips, and leaned over, licking the excess cum from the tip of my cock. I shuddered one more time, and then smiled at her.

Susie, casually as you like, then stood up, wiped her face clean, and said to me,

“Well I suppose I should be getting to work,” before smiling that devious little smile again.

She picked up her clothes and disappeared to the bathroom, leaving me sitting spent and satisfied on the sofa.

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