Where Did You Go?

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My Internet link crashed…. Again

Don’t you hate it when that happens? Right at the interesting point!

It crashed the whole system in the office, and by the time the mainframe was back up and running I had an appointment. So there was no time other than to quickly log back on, make, my apologies and leave but I got booted again.

Three hours later I got back to the office logged back on and found an e-mail in my inbox, I expected a scathing ‘where were you?’ ‘What happened?’ What I got back is what follows. –


It all started with a simple ‘hi’ to you online, and before I knew it I was half naked itching for sex.

As you spoke to me I could feel the intensity rising, the need for you to down tools, jump in your car and drive to be with me.

I imagined you sat at your desk, unable to do anything, with people mulling around the office door, yet, sat with the need to undress and pleasure yourself, as I sat online explaining just how much I was pleasing myself, and how much I wanted to feel you please me.

Reading and re-reading the stories you wrote were enough to excite me, the anticipation. Waiting to see if you signed on today, to see if you would be able to join me, in what can only be described as amazing casino oyna cybering.

Something you have a knack for!

I start by convincing myself that your need to experience sex with me, is just as great as the need I have to experience it with you.

The wanting for you to do to me, all the things you describe to me.

The touching.

The kissing.

The feeling of being lost in utter intimacy is what every woman wants.

As I start to undress I imagine what it would be like for you to undress me, or for me to do it in front of you.

For now I imagine you can see me from afar, as I slowly slip off my jeans, leaving on the black lacy thong, I throw the jeans aside and place both feet on the desk, legs apart. I imagine the screen is you watching and waiting.

I move my pants aside so you can catch a glimpse of me as with my fingers I go straight towards my clit.

Instantly my temperature rises. As my head goes back and my back arches, I apply more pressure.

Using one hand to gently rub my clit in small circular motions, moving my hips as if you were inside me. I move my other hand into my bra and rub against my pert nipples.

Now I’m extremely excited. My breathing is deeper and the want for a damn good fucking has kicked in.

I reach for the toy and switch on the ears and the shaft, I place it inside as I sit canlı casino on my knees.

Leaning forward the shaft gets to hit just the right place, whilst the ears get to work on my clit.

Oooh yes, such a great feeling, I don’t want it to stop,

I slow down the movements. I gently push it into me just keeping the tip in as I tease myself with it.

It’s driving me wild.

I want and need you now.

Not being able to take anymore teasing, I pull apart my lips. Push it deep inside and place the ears over my clit.

Turned up full now the neighbours in the next town would be able to hear just how good it feels.

My hips grinding it in as I work as fast and as furious as possible. I moan with utter delight, but not wanting to end yet I slow again. I’m dripping wet now panting almost, as I want you to turn up and finish me off.

I wait for you to return, yet again you get booted off the net.

Not now when I need you most. I wait and wait till I can’t wait anymore. I have to finish this now.

I lean forward.

Push it in.

Turn it up.

Using my hips and hand working as if combined, I move it in, and almost out, gently applying a small amount of pressure to my clit, as it pulsates on full power.

Yes… Yes…Yes… It feels so good.

Now as my ass moves up and down I can feel myself almost ready to kaçak casino climax, I take hold of my breast and run my hand over my nipple nipping it.

Juice pouring out of me, I begin to moan.


As the orgasm peaks I’m fucking myself as hard and as fast as I can, driving the shaft into me as if it were attached to you. I close my eyes and feel it peak, still fucking harder and harder, not even stopping to breath.

I want it now and I’m going to make sure it happens.

And happen it does, to maintain the intensity I slow all movements whilst every inch of me feels it. I want it to last forever, that moment nothing else matters, just how good I feel at that very second, nothing could alter that.

But like all good things it must come to an end. I carry on moving for a second longer till the orgasm dies.

I move away the toy and gaze at how excited I’ve been, a substantial wet patch, and huge amount of relief is all that remains.

Now I lay back and feel it slip away. With thoughts running away with my imagination, like-

If only you were here now.

The moments I long for.

Lying next to the person who just gave me such pleasure, knowing for that split second I was all that mattered to them.

And then it’s gone.

Along with you.


As I finished reading that last line she logged on.

-“Is that a story, or what really happened?”

Oh, its 100% real.”

“Thank you”

“Your more than welcome – Thank you – X”

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