Who You Know

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Chapter 1

All in a Day’s Work

I work in an advertising agency as an Account Manager, which is really an up-market title for a salesman. My job is to ensure that the client is happy – happy of course with the advertising we produce for their products, but also happy with the assortment of people who bring that about, happy with the way we handle changes, problems and anything else that they may choose to throw at us. The corollary is of course that I have to keep some of our own ‘prima donnas’ out of the way of the client, if I want to keep the relationship financially secure that is. Some of our more creative people would happily tell the client where to go and what to do with the product – not because they particularly dislike either you understand, it’s simply because some are more interested in the ‘art’ of advertising, or the opportunity to win an award – and can’t stand the average businessman’s concern with the ‘almighty dollar’, even though that’s what we are actually hired to produce for them.

So, there is a fair amount of stress involved in the job, always making sure that absolutely everyone is ‘happy’ with what they are doing – and with everyone else that’s involved in doing it!

Most people think of Advertising as a glamour industry, lots of wining, dining, exotic locations with beautiful people – that sort of thing! There is some of that of course but most of the time we are working against dead-lines that are too short, making sure the creative people don’t blow the client’s annual budget in one month and, of course – always making sure everyone is ‘happy’!

Every now and then there is an exciting high point that makes it all seem worthwhile – winning over a new client that you have been working on for months, seeing sales of a product go through the roof after a really successful campaign you have been involved with, getting a nice bonus or a new car because of some combination of events, and occasionally – very, very occasionally, a sexual ‘adventure’ with one of the ‘beautiful people’!

Almost all of the people you see in advertisements work for agents; model agencies that specialise in providing people, or even parts of people – hair, hands, legs, eyes, teeth, you name it and there’ll be someone who specialises in just that – of all shapes, sizes types and ages. We advise the client as to the type of person we believe is needed for a given advertisement, if they agree, the agency sends us a few that fit that profile so we can make the final selection.

The people that have been in the industry a while tell us that in the early days there used to be a fair bit of use of the ‘casting couch’ – but there’s hardly any of that these days, not that I know of anyway. Not that people don’t end up in bed together, but not usually for the sake of getting a particular job – or so I used to think!

But throw any group of people together for a time and there are bound to be opportunities – and of course I’m not too slow to take advantage of those, if they happen to come my way. But there was one time when I thought I had ‘heaven-on-a-stick’, that in fact turned out to be a classic, in advertising parlance, ‘sell-job’ – and which ended with an interesting finale!

We were shooting a TV commercial for one of our major clients, part of a completely new campaign for them, so it was important that we got it right. The commercial included a bevy of beach girls so, what with the crew from the production house, the support staff, we agency people, the representatives from the client and the usual, assorted hangers-on, there was a large group of us and, as we needed a large area of uncrowded beach for the key parts of the commercial we had gone North and taken over a small motel for a few days.

The odd thing about TV is that it adds a couple of kilos to anyone’s apparent weight, so those, slim, sylph-like girls you see on your screens are more likely to be skinny or positively scrawny in the flesh. But one of the girls on this shoot was in fact a real stunner, a typical ‘California Girl’ – long legs, terrific bum, great boobs, big eyes and teeth and lots of hair – you know the type, you see them on TV every day. But you never, ever actually meet one on the street, do you?

Well, there she was – Sandy – and let me tell you, she looked fantastic! Fantastic and sexy – so sexy that I soon found that just watching her scampering about in a bikini, even from a fair distance, gave me the start of a hard-on – and I guess I was no different to every other hetero male there. Most girls I have seen who have that kind of figure and looks get so used to guys falling all over each other to get at them that they end up being totally conceited and self-centred – but Sandy didn’t come across like that at all. She was fun, joined in whatever was going on at the time, laughed and joked with the rest of us during the breaks and, at the end of the day seemed quite happy to join in with the general relaxing around the bar before tecavüz porno dinner. She had a really happy personality, to go with a simply incredible body – too good to be true!

I was, as always flat-out making sure everything was going according to schedule and budget – and that everyone was ‘happy’ – but still found time to watch with interest from the sidelines as one by one the men made their plays for her. Each one of them was unsuccessful, but she seemed to handle each situation quite brilliantly, giving a very definite ‘thanks, but no thanks’, yet apparently managing not to hurt anyone’s feelings or ego in the process.

But then, as often happens, during the second day we ran into a few technical problems, problems that meant I had to drive into the nearest large town to buy or hire some extra equipment and when I got back a couple of hours later I found one of the crew being given first-aid for a nasty bump on the head. It turned out that another of the crew had laid him out, for something he had said to Sandy. We couldn’t afford that sort of thing, neither from the purely financial aspect, nor from the potential for disharmony it could set up amongst the rest of the team – and of course it was my job was to make sure everyone was always ‘happy’!

So I got the various versions of the story, took the two guys to one side and quite quickly managed to sort them out, which wasn’t really that difficult, it had just been ‘heat of the moment’ stuff between them. Then I took Sandy off the shoot for a while, so I could talk to her too – and it was only when I had closed the door of the caravan we used for changing and make-up behind us, that I realised it was the first time I had actually been alone with her.

She seemed subdued, her usual bright cheerfulness was missing and when I asked her for her version of what had happened I thought she was going to burst into tears. It turned out that the constant pressure from the various guys trying to get off with her, plus the need to concentrate on her part in the commercial – at the same time joining in the fun and trying to be pleasant with everyone – had finally got to her. The guy who had ended up on his back had been making a real nuisance of himself the previous night, when he’d obviously had bit too much to drink and unlike everyone else, just wouldn’t take a friendly ‘no’ as a final answer.

When he had still continued to pester her that morning, she had got upset, lost her concentration and then the director had bawled her out for something and there had been a brief but heated row which had ended up with the guy in question being flattened by the other crew member. Having seen how well Sandy had handled the rest of the men I felt sure that her version was correct and that the guy with the bump had deserved all he had got.

Feeling confident that the fracas was now all over and trying to help her back to her normal, cheerful self I said to her. ‘Just concentrate on your work during the day – enjoy yourself with the rest of us this evening – I’m sure you won’t have any more trouble from that guy, apart from having a roaring headache I’m sure he’s feeling really embarrassed about the whole thing Sandy.’

But she looked downcast and it was obvious that something was still bothering her, her voice was subdued and her eyes remained fixed on a point on the floor between us as she replied. ‘It’s always the same, I do nothing and it’s always the wrong men that make a nuisance of themselves – never the right one.’ she added.

I had no idea what she meant – and said so, she answered but she still didn’t look me in the eye as she spoke. ‘I must have had seven or eight offers, in less than two days, some blatant, some implied – but, the one who does interest me has hardly said a word to me.’

She paused and then looked directly up into my eyes. Hers were a brilliant cornflower-blue and they seemed to bore right through me.

‘You don’t mean me?’ I asked incredulously.

She simply nodded, her eyes still staring deep into mine as I felt my brain whirl – but, even as it did I also felt another, more primitive response in another part of my body!

I suddenly became aware of the scent of her, a light but musky odour, overlaid by the freshness of whatever perfume she was wearing. Her body was only an arm’s length away from mine, the fullness of her barely covered breasts rising and falling heavily as she stood there, waiting for my response and my hands began to sweat as I tried to imagine what it would feel like to actually hold, to fondle her.

‘I didn’t think – that is, you – you didn’t seem to want to get involved with anyone – and I could understand that.’ I stammered.

‘I didn’t want to ‘get involved’ with just ‘anyone’, Peter. But that doesn’t mean I mightn’t like to ‘get involved’ – with you! Why didn’t you at least talk to me?’

‘It’s not that I wasn’t attracted to you Sandy – a guy would have to be a blind fool not to travesti porno be – I just, well I suppose the worry of getting the shoot finished on time, keeping things under control, you know…’

‘Yes I do – and that’s one of the reasons why I admire and am attracted to you Peter. The way you are able to handle things.’ She paused and then added as a cheeky grin finally lit-up her face. ‘It’s just that I’d like – well I’d like you to, ‘handle’ me too!’

She was so damn close – those incredible eyes continued to stare into mine – and without really knowing and certainly not thinking about what I was doing, I moved forward, put my arms around her and pulled her close, feeling her already moist lips press almost hungrily against my own.

Everything happened at once – her tongue, deep in my mouth, one hand behind my head, pulling my lips harder down against hers, the other gripping my arse, her pelvis thrusting hard up against me, rotating against my almost instantaneous erection.

My hands weren’t idle either – one tangled in the softness of her hair, the other cupped the tensed curves of her buttocks, pulling her tightly against myself as I felt the swiftly rising surge in my balls and the lengthening hardness of my cock.

We strained against each other almost desperately, our bodies driving us, driven in turn by the meteorically rising pressure within. But she was the one who made the break, panting breathlessly, her eyes wild, her breasts heaving. ‘Oh shit Peter! We can’t – not here, not now – can we?’

I struggled for breath too, still holding her close, now reluctant to let her go.

‘No, no – you’re right. But, apart from that, I want time – time to please you, properly!’

She smiled up at me and as she did the look in her eyes softened. ‘You will – and I’ll please you too, you can be very sure of that Peter!’

‘Tonight? After dinner?’

She paused, longer than I wanted her too – then barely breathed the answer. ‘Yes. Yes!’

Then she turned, let herself out of the caravan and with a brief backward look and a tight smile, walked back to where the crew was still at work,

For the rest of that day I had to really force myself to concentrate on the job at hand, Sandy seemed to be everywhere I looked and each time I caught a glimpse of her I found my brain filling with images of her – and my body responding to those images. Images of her naked beneath me, arousing me, responding to my arousal of her – and feeling the sweet warmth of my arousal spreading outwards from my crotch as I tried to continue managing what was going on around me in the real world.

But, finally the director called it quits for the day, we packed up the gear and headed back to the motel for a shower and then dinner – and, I thought – then….!


Chapter 2


As we had the entire motel to ourselves we had arranged for the usually separate tables in the restaurant to be joined so that we could eat together, taking a few drinks at the bar beforehand, where stories of that and many other days events were bandied about.

I normally enjoyed that time, unwinding from the responsibilities of the day and contributing more than my share of the anecdotes, but that evening seemed to drag on and on and of course in that kind of group it was impossible for either Sandy or I to slip away unnoticed. From time to time we caught each other’s eye and looked helplessly at each other – neither of us wanted our assignation to become just tomorrow’s gossip so we were forced to wait and wait.

Finally, around ten o’clock, when I had lost count of the number of bottles that had been opened and either drunk or spilled, I saw Sandy quietly leave the table and head for the door. As by then a couple of people had left and the others had begun to move around, swapping chairs as well as stories, I doubted that we would be specially missed – so, giving her a few minutes start, I slipped away too, and as I made my way towards her room I felt my heart racing with excitement.

I tapped quietly on her door and she must have been standing almost right behind it, waiting for me, because it opened immediately – and, in the brief instant that I stood there before going in, I felt my heart stop – and my cock leap!

She had already changed from the blouse and pants she had worn to dinner and stood there, silhouetted by just the soft glow of the lamps beside her bed, the curves of her body clearly outlined beneath the short, transparent negligee that reached just low enough to cover the faint, triangular shadow I could see at the junction of her thighs!

She came into my arms the moment I closed the door behind me and I thrilled as I felt the firmness of her breasts crushing against my chest as I pulled her hard up against me. It was as though our kiss that morning had never stopped, the heat and fire of it were instantly rekindled as our mouths crushed together, our lips bruising, our tongues xhamster porno probing and our hands and fingers exploring each other. Mine roamed feverishly over the warm softness of her flesh, running up and down her spine, gripping the firm roundness of her arse, probing into the cleft between its cheeks and felt the heat rising still higher as she in turn ground herself hard against the rising swell of my cock, her nails digging through my shirt as she strained to hold me even tighter against herself.

That time it was me that broke free from her arms, ripping open the buttons and stripping off my shirt, then shoes, socks and pants, throwing them carelessly aside in my urgency. Sandy stood watching me, her eyes taking in each part of my body in turn and, when I struggled to get my briefs down over my rearing cock I noticed a small, tight smile appear at the corners of her mouth. Then, as they joined the rest of my clothes on the floor, staring intently at the way it jutted up almost vertically, its head already dark red, bulging from the still mounting pressure inside me.

I stepped close to her, lifted the flimsy covering up over her head and as I did that I felt my cock-head brushing against her crinkly pubic hairs, before slipping up between our bellies as we once more jammed our bodies together. We kissed even more frenziedly than before and our mouths and hands continued to explore and excite each other. But then I felt her move and realised that she was easing us steadily backwards, towards the bed behind her and, when she felt the edge of it she fell backwards, pulling me down with her. As she went down she spread her legs apart, her hand fumbling for and finding the hard length of me – and as we tumbled together on to the bed she guided it deep into the hot wetness of her sex.

In spite of what I had said to her that morning -‘I want time – time to please you, properly!’ – it was an almost animal-like coupling. There were a few, all too brief seconds when I felt the thrills her body had to offer me, the intoxicating delight as her sex literally sucked my cock deep inside her – then the mad fury of our need took over, driving us ever faster – her hips thrusting up at me as hard as I was pounding down into her.

And then it was over – fast – far too fast!

Before I had any time to appreciate the sensations coursing through me I felt that familiar surge rising from deep within and as it did, heard myself let out a cry, a cry of disappointment. ‘No…!’ Then I exploded into her.

But, as the first load jetted deep inside her she gave a high-pitched shriek and I felt her own contractions start. Wrapping her legs around me she pulled me hard down against herself, forcing my cock deeper, the lining of her pussy gripping my still wildly pumping cock tightly, urging me on to a mind-blowing series of unbelievably powerful eruptions.

Once the violence of the act between us had actually passed I don’t know how long we lay there, still locked together, our breathing merely a series of panting gasps, but eventually I rolled off to one side, turning her with me and kissing her, this time gently, lovingly.

‘I’m sorry Sandy – I didn’t want it to be like that.’

Her eyes opened, once again stunning me with their brilliant colour – and she smiled tenderly as she said. ‘Don’t worry, I needed you like that too! There’s no rush, it will be different next time – different for both of us!’

Then she ruffled my hair affectionately before she slipped from my arms. ‘I think a quick shower will help us both – don’t you?’

I watched with growing pleasure as she got up off the bed and stood there, quite unselfconsciously. A light film of perspiration made her skin glow in the soft light and her hair, now a damp, tangled mess fell around her face as she bent forwards. My eyes travelled on down, to where her full, rounded breasts swung gently to and fro as she moved, their dark red tips still swollen with her arousal. I reached up and gently stroked the firm curves, thrilling at the feel of their silky fullness, tracing around to where her nipples jutted, rolling their still tight hardness between my finger-tips.

Her eyes grew misty, signalling the rebuilding excitement that my caresses were stimulating within her and I heard a soft sigh escape her lips before she moved reluctantly away from my reach. ‘That feels too good, I want lots more of that – soon! But let’s have a quick freshen-up first Peter. Then we’ll relax – then you can do what you like with me, for as long as you like. You go first, I’ll be there in a couple of minutes.’

By the time she joined me in the shower I had given myself a thorough wash and resisting the almost overwhelming temptation to immediately take her in my arms I turned her around and began to soap her shoulders and back. In spite of the totally draining fuck we’d just had the feel of her skin beneath my fingers sent a tingling sensation running right through me, which increased when, having worked my way down to her waist, I knelt down to wash her legs. Although I thrilled at the silky smoothness of her thighs I still found myself thinking about what was nestling up between them, of the delights it had just given me, and anticipating those that were still to come.

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