Why Do Married Men Play with Men?

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My response to the question, “Why do married middle aged men play with men?

In some cases, like my particular one, I like the feel of cock in my mouth. The soft, silky iron of the erect cock. The spongy feel of the head. The slow licking of the shaft. One of my favorite scenarios is to have him lean back in his easy chair while I settle in between his legs. I start by grazing the thighs with my fingertips, lightly playing over the sentiment areas leading to the crotch. I slowly lift the semi soft cock out of the way and kiss and lick his balls getting them wet. I then start licking up the shaft from the balls. I pay particular attention to mouthing and kissing the shaft as I work my way to the head. I lick around the head and suck it slowly between my lips, licking his slit. I slowly take as much in my mouth as comfortable to start. I LOVE The exquisite feel of that length sliding slowly in my mouth, deeper until it hits the curve into Anadolu Yakası Escort my throat. As the cock gets nice and hard I take it deeper and the expansion of my neck to accommodate the intrusion is exquisite. I like a nice slow penetration as that is what I like to feel. The feel of that hardness pulsing as it empties the cum into my throat and mouth as I pull back to take the lion’s share in my mouth. The feel of a big load filling my mouth and the psychological feel of looking up at you and showing you my open mouth full of cum and then slowly swallowing it all. I also like the slight raw feeling in my throat afterwards and the feeling of my slightly bruised lips.

I have played with toys orally and anally for years. I have recently found that I actually like the feel of certain objects anally. I get a really deep cleanse done and play. One of my favorite toys is an ear of corn. Wrapped in a condom and sliding Pendik Escort slowly in and out so I can feel the kernels.

I recently tried a real cock in my ass. I had been blowing this beautiful thick cock and had the whole “cock drunk” desire going. I got up off my knees and leaned over the arm of his couch and looked at him and told him to “come fuck me”. I was wearing a pair of lace thong panties and he pulled them aside and lubed me up real good with his fingers and KY. He then slid that beautiful dick slowly into me. I felt every bump, ridge and vein and loved it. He took his time going in and made sure I was accustomed to his size. He bottomed out and held there for a while till the burn went away. He then fucked me nice and slow, riding my ass and pinching/pulling/twisting/rubbing my nipples. His lips on the back of my neck and the feel of his hips pressed against my ass when he was deep still makes me shiver now. Kurtköy Escort

I encouraged him and moved with him, gripped him with my hole, reached back between us and played with his balls. All the while my cock was leaking like a faucet and soaking my panties. I could feel him getting ready and in my euphoria begged him to go deep and flood my ass. He did. He thrust as deep as he could and held my ass back against his hips, no space at all between us as he buried that sweet missile into me and I felt him twitching and spasming as he emptied all that cum deep into my ass. He held me to him until he was spent and he slowly slid his rigid but softening cock out. My ass felt so empty without him stretching it open. I squatted back on my heels and reached around to feel my hole slowly closing and a bit of cum mixed with lube sliding out. After I left, I could slowly feel that slime slipping out and soaking my thong and pants, leaving a wet spot on my car seat.

Will I suck cock again? Absolutely! I just spent some time at a married friend’s house on my knees getting my throat and mouth filled.

Will I have someone fuck me again? Absolutely! I haven’t had a repeat of that night but definitely want it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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