Why She’s The Boss

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I couldn’t believe I didn’t get the job. After all, I had been with the company for nine years and worked hard to get that position. Then they go and give it to some bimbo from New York. I just couldn’t believe it. Then I met her…

She first came to the office on a Friday when I was working late. I was the only one in the office when this curvy blonde shows up. The rest of the office is dark but she brings in her box of things and walks straight into the boss’s old office. Great, I think, this must be the new boss’s secretary. After being a bit angry I took another look and realized she was an awesome beauty…tall with a great figure…big tits and curvy hips.

I was checking her out when she turned and walked towards me…walking with an air that made me realize she was not an assistant to anyone. She introduced herself and I stammered to get out my name…feeling like I had been caught sizing up her tits and ass. She commended me for working late on a Friday and said that such dedication would not go unrewarded under her management. I thanked her for her kind words and told her I was committed to doing whatever it took to help her succeed in her new assignment. She stopped…taking note of my comment…and smiled to herself as though she had some idea of how she would ask me to show my dedication. Little did I know that she did indeed have a plan for istanbul travesti me…

When all the other guys came in Monday we sat around and joked about the new boss. Who had she slept with to get that job? With curves like that who needed to work…some executive with his cock in his hand probably gave her the job when she smiled at him.

I stayed late again the next Friday and was packing up at the end of the night when the new boss’s office door opened unexpectedly…I hadn’t even realized she was in there. She asked if it would be too much trouble for me to join her in her office before going home…just one quick thing she wanted to review with me.

I walked to her office with my briefcase in hand…thinking it would be five minutes and out…then on to the bar for a drink and home for the weekend.

I entered her office and she asked me to close the door…she was sitting behind her desk and I couldn’t see what she was doing around the computer and phone. As I turned back to face her she asked if I was ready to put in that extra effort I had promised…apparently there was something special she wanted me to do for her. As I approached the desk I could see what it was she wanted me to work on. She had opened her business suit and was sitting on her chair with her chest and hips exposed. While I was first focused kadıköy travesti on her fabulous tits my gaze fell to an even more amazing sight. She spread her suit with one hand to reveal the other hand wrapped around a huge swollen cock…the biggest I had ever seen.

I couldn’t believe my eyes and I was stunned by what I saw. She smiled and told me to come closer and get ready to try something I had never done before. I dropped my bag and knelt before her…just watching wide-eyed while she stroked that monster cock and pulled me towards her with the other hand. I knew of course what she wanted me to do and I instinctively moved closer. How many times had I convinced some woman to suck my cock at my convenience regardless of how she felt. Somehow I knew this was payback for sliding my own cock down at least a few reluctant throats.

I leaned forward and she put one hand in my hair…pulling me closer to her huge purple hard-on. I opened wide and slid the head in my mouth…wrapping both hands around the huge shaft and beginning to stroke it in rhythm with her other hand. I had never tasted a cock but this somehow seemed so right…my virgin mouth was going to be filled with cock…my new boss turning me into her office cock-sucker the first week on the job.

I stayed there on the floor for what anadolu yakası travesti seemed an hour. Milking her giant tool with both hands and working as much as I could into my mouth and throat. She knowingly coached me and gave me tips on how to take more…she could tell that I had never given a blowjob in my life but that I was determined to be good at my new found occupation.

Finally she pulled me up from her meat and told me to open wide. She understood that I wouldn’t get her load the first time but she wanted me to get my reward for working so hard at it. I sat back on my knees and watched as she stroked her slippery cock fasted and faster…working hard at it while she looked me straight in the eye. She began to moan and pulled me close again…her hand sliding into my hair and grabbing a knot of it for good measure. I opened my mouth and slid closer while she pumped…scared but excited about what I was about to do. Suddenly she pulled my head down and rammed her cock deep into my throat…going deeper than I had been able to take her on my own. Huge gobs of cum came bursting from her throbbing cock and I swallowed as much as I could…much of it still pouring out of my mouth and onto her magnificent shaft as I bobbed on it to get as much cum as possible.

When she was done cumming she sat back and smiled…watching as I wiped my chin and played with her relaxing, cum-covered cock. She told me that my extra effort would not go unrewarded and that next Friday we would work late again. I wiped up and left the office…skipping the bar and going home to write this down…I wanted my first blowjob to be captured in detail. What the hell…it might even get me promoted!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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