Wife’s Seminar turns Lesbian

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Big Boobs

When a Married Wife’s Business Trip become a Lesbian Encounter.

My name is Heather and I am a part-time phone sex operator. I live in Las Vegas and am working for my Masters in Journalism; if that’s what you want to call it. As an “operator” I’m open to just about anything.

You would be surprised the number of men who call me about their own wives and often those calls involve “cheating” fantasies. I’ve found that with a little information about a guy’s wife I can develop a rather stimulating conversation with him! I ask the questions!

I start with her name. I find out her interests. I find out how long the two of them have been married and do they have children. I ask if there is anything in her recent behavior that makes you feel like she’s cheating? What does she do during the day? Does she work? Where does she go? When is she gone?

A husband gives me answers. You’d be amazed at the kinds of things they tell me. Sometimes I can tell their wives aren’t cheating and I play along anyway. But sometimes it definitely sounds like they are. The husbands that call me have this “feeling” about their wives and I do my best to reinforce their suspicions. It turns them on and that’s why they’ve called me.

That’s why certain “husbands” call back over and over and I’m busy from the time I log in until the time I log out. An example comes from “James” living on the East Coast: excited about the possibility of his wife having an affair. I easily discovered his wife Kristen was an educated, successful and well-paid professional. As a Director in sales she traveled often sometimes at seminars for a week at a time. I know for certain that more women than ever fulfill desires like these while under the cover of “business travel”.

I sensed his wife Kristen was at the perfect time in her marriage and in the perfect situation to have an affair without her husband’s knowledge. James knew it too. As he volunteered more information I sensed something curious about his female-centered revelations. I confirmed my intuition by asking him a simple question.

“James, suppose it’s not a man? Suppose while your wife is on her little business trips she is having one-night stands with women?”

I certainly had struck a nerve!

James is a regular client and each phone call is always addresses his cheating wife and her secret lesbian affairs. As s a curious reader; you may have these very same questions:

“What if that was MY wife? What if that was MY girlfriend?”

Following is a script I refer to again and again when talking to husbands like James. If you care to; putting your own wife’s name into this story might add some excitement, would it not? You may want to consider replacing James’s name with yours. Replace Kristen’s name with your own darling wife’s name. This may be just what you need to hear and it all starts with a phone call from Heather DeHavilland.

Lets begin:

Hi……who is this?


Really? I didn’t know Kristen was with anyone.

I’m Heather. I’m sorry to bother you but Kristen said I could reach her at this number.

Me? Sure.

I met Kristen when she was here in Las Vegas

She came into our restaurant at the Luxor

With a group of salespeople from her seminar

Who am I?

I was hostessing last night.

No. There is no problem.

it was late, that’s probably why you didn’t hear from her.

And she looks over at me.

At first I thought something was wrong at the table.

When I went over and asked if everything was OK.

She was kind of….. watching me before that.

I’m not sure you are going to want to hear all this.

I didn’t know she had a husband. I can’t get over that she is married!

Kristen…..your wife…

She couldn’t have been nicer….

I went back to my work.

She called me over for all kinds of reasons.

I was helpful and we talked at the table a little bit..

I noticed one of the younger women at the table didn’t that we were talking.

I think they all worked for the same company

I could tell right away…the people at her table that night respected and admired her

When she talked they listened.

She was sophisticated and confident

I was fascinated by that

And After dinner when they were all leaving

She came back.

So I was talking with her while I was finishing up

And the more we talked

The more interesting she seemed.

I mean she was so fucking sure of herself. Isn’t she James? Do you see the same thing?

Like this powerful, authentic, and so sure of herself.

I liked that she was talking with just me.

I felt like…. honored.

I was just a plain hostess and its obvious she’s like this big deal

Her smile was so nice,

Her teeth were so white showing when she laughed

She had this look about her, shaking back her hair…

…oh, my…

Are you sure you want to hear all this James?

It’s all so…… personal to me.


If you want to hear I am just going to TELL you.

The way your wife talked to me made me all weak inside.

I istanbul travesti felt so stupid. I didn’t know what to say…and when I did..

My voice was trembling. I felt so stupid and she was being so lovely.

Then Kristen explained it was was 2AM where she lived but that she was wide awake.

So I guessed she lived on the East coast?

Then she told me that it was so interesting meeting people in different towns

She said she didn’t feel like going back to her hotel

It was so boring

Maybe I knew of someplace along the “strip” to have a drink

What did I think?

Showing off my town to a stranger seemed like the thing to do.

Then she said this, and I knew my whole night would be turned upside down.

That meeting ME tonight was what she had been hoping for.

That young fresh women like me interested her.

They reminded her of when she was young.

She complimented me on being able to work

And go to school

And do it all on my own…

Saying how impressed she was by that

She complimented me.

She flattered me and made me so comfortable.

She was curious if I had a boyfriend and

If I was seeing anybody.

When she laughed and her eyes sparkled

It was so obvious that I was interesting to her


Successful women like Kristen have always intrigued me.

They are so committed and sure of themselves.

She was this corporate kind of female

With an attractiveness about her

She was in charge.

But I felt like she was just trying to get me to be comfortable with her.

James: you need to know about millennial girls like me.

We are curious..

We share. We are optimistic about the future

We are power players and we create our own path.

We know our own worth.

I think that was what drew Kristen to me

I told her I dated men and women and she didn’t judge.

My shift was over.

It was 11 and we left together

We went outside. I had no idea where we might go “for a drink”.

and just like that

She gave me this big kiss leaned back and laughed out loud.

I must have looked shocked.

She said “what do you think of that?”

It was just a kiss.


I don’t expect you to understand this

What kissing means to women is so different to a man:

She reached over and squeezed my hand

She was talking in a whisper.

telling me how lovely I was, how pretty I was

that anyone would be attracted to me;

even someone so far removed from my world that I couldn’t imagine it;

Someone like herself.

I was a vibrant beautiful woman and why shouldn’t we get to know each other better

I reminded her of what it was being young and free.

There was no reason why the two of us could spend some time together.

… her education, job advances, her perfect home, And all the endless travel

Had crowded out time for herself

When was she going to have any time for herself?

She promised herself never to miss an opportunity for friendship.

Even if it meant spontaneously kissing me…


Was exciting and different and she would never again postpone that.



Kristen never once mentioned she had a husband.

She never mentioned you.

There weren’t any rings on her finger.

I thought she was older, single…maybe divorced

But not married…

I usually am a good conversationalist

But with Kristen: I had no idea what to say.

She KNEW the effect she was having on me:

and I wanted to be so interesting to her…..so badly!

She had such a strong will…this aura

I began to consider nothing more in the night but her.

We shouldn’t have but we ended up in my car in the parking garage

Those long legs crossed in a summer skirt in pantyhose and heels pointing towards me

She smelled so wonderful and so exotic.

She talked.

The sound of her voice was hypnotizing.

I offered my apartment for A glass of wine before going out.

“I’d like to get out of these work clothes and change.” I said.

But I couldn’t bring myself to start the car. Not yet.

I wanted her to kiss me again

Maybe she had meant the first as just a friendly gesture

but no: it had been on my lips and I could still feel it

so quickly, yet so soft.

She had been making eye contact with me the whole night

getting my attention

This successful, admired, gorgeous older woman…working on me

And I hadn’t even realized it.

I turned towards her to say something and

We were suddenly making out!.

Touching, kissing…

Right there in the front seat of my car

I felt her hands on me.

She opened her mouth to mine every time I wanted her tongue

I couldn’t get enough.

I put my lips to her neck

So I could have my mouth on her throat, her hair in my face

The way she kissed me back

Her forwardness made me tingle

Her authority

We French istanbul travestileri kissed so deep and so long

mature, beautiful and sexy

Her breasts were adorable.: suddenly so very special

They were inviting me,

I had my hands on them

And every instance when I thought maybe I shouldn’t

She urged me on with an embrace, a touch, a small moan of appreciation

I wasn’t moving too quickly as far as your wife was concerned.

this is what she wanted. and I was so hungry for her

I wanted my hands to feel those thighs tight in her pantyhose

And went under her skirt.

James, I’m going to tell you something and you have to believe me

Here was this Kristen playing out her fantasy with me

I had no idea she was married with a home and family.

she told me a LOT about herself

All the time she is away from “home”?

I didn’t realize that “home” meant a house, a husband, and children.

James: All that travel she does for her company?

She loves every trip, doesn’t she?

Leaving town for weeks on her own?

And now that I know she’s married:

Oh my God.

Tell me something James

When she comes home to you

….all those parties and picnics when you are together…

Have you REALLY paid any attention at all

to how she acts around other women?

Haven’t you ever paid attention? I mean really?

I don’t care what other people believe

except I KNOW a lot of women who are envious

fascinated by boobs that are bigger than their own.

She showed me that in the bar: staring right at them while she was talking to me

Mine are big and a full 34D

Her eyes had been on them all night

There in the front seat of my car….She held what her eyes had desired

And I let her

I looked down at her hands toying and feeling

Playing….loving my tits with those long manicured fingers

We were in public…yes it was dark in the parking garage

But I couldn’t have stopped her if I tried

I drove straight to my empty apartment

she was so different

I didn’t want to change my mind but I began getting cold feet

And Kristen was watching me. I could feel her eyes on me

I got worried and restless.

She started talking about her life

Saying things like how much she needed to be away

How much nights like this meant to her



she told me how wonderful the evening had been for her

meeting me, talking with me and now…

being alone with me she wanted it not to end

Then she said:

So many OTHER women were doing what she was doing

Sophisticated, attached, loving, faithful hard working, dedicated women.

Professional women just like she was

She touched my arm then reached up to play with my hair

and told me something that made me melt

A sexy vibrant female like me should be satisfied every day.

We were sitting on my sofa. I had lit a candle on the coffee table

I should be fulfilled in the best way possible she said as often as possible

With that her lips were on mine again

Just the way I wanted since the first time she kissed me.

Kristen’s beautiful breasts through her blouse and bra:



Kristen: your wife

This special secret feminine eroticism all secretly wrapped around your wife’s business travel.

This excites you, doesn’t it?

We BOTH know how sexy Kristen is.

How often does she leave the house? Have you paid attention?

Makes your cock hungry to come.

I know it does, don’t deny it

How couldn’t it???

What is it like hearing someone else talk about your own wife that way, James?

your own precious wife : the woman you married.

Being with a complete stranger and doing this every time she travels for her work?

A woman; talking about Kristen like they want to fuck her?

images like that arouse you don’t they James?

Think about this:

Picture Kristen in your mind the way you married her

So perfect and so beautiful.

The very thought of your wife’s thick luxurious blonde hair

Her beautiful face. Those blue eyes. Her angelic nose. Her full lips wanting to be kissed

Her mouth open waiting

Those adorable breasts: so so sexy

her voluptuous ass and trim hips and her fit athletic body.

And now think of all of it:

Used by someone else for as long and as much as they like.

Causing orgasm after orgasm to course through her veins.

Using up your wife’s exhausted body until they’ve had their fill.

It makes that cock of yours hard doesn’t it? Your cheating, uncontrollable dick

Do you want to stroke that rock-hard cock thinking about her with me?

Your very own Kristen…your pretty wife

Really, what do you think she does on her trips to San Diego, Orlando and Las Vegas for weeks at a time?

Don’t deny it.

Are you finally realizing that young sexually active women like me….

Search out mature attractive women travesti istanbul like your wife Kristen

Kristen can’t keep herself away from young cunt.

I WILL tell you what your sexy married wife did with me.

And you know what?

This is all you are going to get from her

You can listen and hope….

And play with that useless cock of yours and spill your come all over your belly

And fall asleep

While hours later the women you lust after

Are still fucking each other.

She gave me this phone number didn’t she?

Kind of….like giving you permission to jerk off while I tell you what we did

while confident attractive women find their satisfaction in another woman’s arms

that lonely useless cock

That pathetic lesbian-loving dick that needs to come so bad

all stiff thinking about your wife eating pussy.

Isn’t your wife amazing, though?

She kissed me harder.

I felt her hands on my titties

She wanted my blouse open to get at them.

She pulled my bra down over them.

playing with my nipples.

Squeezing my tits.

I was behind my back at the catch instantly letting my bra fall on the floor

Kristen was kissing them.

My hand was beneath her skirt under the waistband of her pantyhose

My fingers crossed an expanse of soft hair beneath then found her womanhood for the first time.

I fingered and scissored her clit waiting for its response

And my fingers were wet immediately

I laid them between the lips of your wife’s pussy letting them drift gently up and down.

Until the nylon was creeping down soon stretched across her thighs

I dipped them up inside her,

I moved them just so: in and out of her splayed cunt.

Her mouth took in my nipples… my areolas…

She took as much into her mouth as she would

But I was enraptured by the suck she was using to engulf my breasts.

She did this light tongue-touch to my nipples that I could feel right down to my pussy.

before she captured them with my areola

Then almost my whole breast drawn into her mouth

It was almost as if she were sucking my breast into her mouth as far as she could.

sucking my breasts to their core

Then letting each one pop free. wet with her saliva spit.

The feeling was captivating.

By the time she had her fill my nipples were pink red and stiffened

and all my pleasure sensors were open. Oh my god I was in heaven

I told you your wife Kristen spread wide for me.

There was no hesitation and no protest.

She loved it

Our mouths were on each others discovering how suited we were for kissing each other.

We tongue kissed and each time one thought enough we went back for more.

Your wife is an unbelievable kisser.

Fingers moved the way she wanted:. I found her likes easy to discover.

The bump of her g-spot rode delicately onto my curved fingertips.

Those mature full hips…..

Her ass came up off the sofa and beneath Kristen’s pantyhose

From where I sat next to her I could finger that shameless pussy

which by now had fallen open up for me: your wife’s wide, used dripping wet cunt.

Panty hose went down her hips.

in front of me was her neatly trimmed bush.

A low thin triangle, for high leg bikini bottoms, coming off her mound an inch or so more than normal.

Very sophisticated and stylish.

Kristen has put a lot of thought into what goes on under her panties.

I wondered if her husband knew she’s trimming like this.

I wondered when the last time her husband had seen Kristen naked.

I took my time pulling off her heels: taking each one in my hands and slipping them off

Watching her. She blinked and smiled. Some women are so heel-conscious

I had the impression Kristen had a closet just for her shoes.

I put them carefully on the floor: just so. She was interested in that.

Then I slipped the pantyhose off her ankles in a way

That would allow her legs and feet to feel every inch of what I was doing.

Everything seemed to slow down.

I wanted to taste her.

I wanted to be between her legs.

Time stops and nothing else matters

She stared at me.

I put my fingers, all wet from her cunt, between my lips

Covered with the aroma of her pussy.

I wanted to go down on her.

I was the leader now. I had the mantra.

I pushed the coffee table back.

I knelt on the carpeting between Kristen’s opened thighs.

I grasped her wide hips and pulled her ass to the edge of the sofa

Those long legs fell apart for me.

And I placed my lips gently from knee to inner thigh until I was

covering the mound of her pussy with kisses.

I started licking your wife’s cunt.

Oh yes it’s a cunt : when she’s married and offering it to someone she just met.

And that pussy was climactically feminine: from bottom to top.

I opened her pussy lips with my tongue.

Her labia fell open

the bud of her clitoris exposed itself, and I sucked gently once to assure her

I would ultimately in ways that she would never forget.

licking it in circles up and down against its sides

Until her clit was thrusting itself out for me like a tiny cock

her eyes were infatuated with mine.

Her hands came from her sides and went into my hair smoothing, caressing

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