Wild Ride

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I was watching the clock waiting for it to say I could escape. It had been a dreadfully boring night and it felt like the clock refused to move. I knew the reason for my excitement. I was meeting him tonight.

He would be here soon, to pick me up. He suggested coffee or something. I took special care when I got ready to go to work–I wanted to make a good first impression. He and I had talked for about 6 weeks and got along great on the phone, but face-to-face would change everything.

As the clock crept towards midnight, I saw him come in. He glanced over and smiled, but turned away from me to go to the other side of the store. He was walking around when I made the announcement about the store closing.

He moved to go thru my line–a white rose in hand. We exchanged pleasantries like I would with any customer, but with a glint of mischief in our tone. He joked about having a blind date and how he was hoping to impress her with the flower. I assured him if she had half a heart in her chest she would be very impressed. He smiled and left the store.

The clock finally struck 12 and I escaped. He was waiting, standing against his car…flower in hand. I smiled.

“The girl inside assured me you would like this. Hope she wasn’t wrong.”

“Umm, well, she knows me pretty well, so I think you can trust her.” I laughed, as I accepted the flower and gave him a thank you kiss in return.

We got in the car and decided on a 24 hr restaurant down the road. We chatted demetevler escort on the way, enjoying our first moments together. We went in for coffee and dessert, playing and goofing, getting to know each other a little more personably. The conversation flowed easily, and we both relaxed.

Afterward, as we were walking to his car, he gathered me to him for a kiss. It was soft and sweet, but incredibly intense. When the kiss broke, I was a little breathless and he was smiling. We finished walking to the car, and he opened my door for me-ever the gentleman, and gave me another kiss-soft and quick this time. He jumped in and we pull out-destination unknown.

As he drove, he rested his hand on my thigh, my hand covering it. We chatted about silly things, sexy things. We both know where we are heading—neither says it, but we go just the same. It seems natural as we pulled into his driveway, his house sits–open and inviting.

As he walked around the car I think, “Do I really want to do this?” He opens my door and smiles. “Yes–I do!” Inside, I turn to him and he kisses me soft and sweet.

He takes my hand and leads me to the bedroom. He lays me down on the soft blankets and then lies beside me. He raises his head up on his hand and gaze down at me. His finger traces my jaw and caresses the skin on my throat and neck.

“So soft . . . .I dreamt of this you know. You, here, in this bed, with me.”

“Did you dream of this?” I whisper dikmen escort as I pull his head down to me for a kiss. He leans into me–his weight pressing into me. A soft moan escapes me. He starts to unbutton my blouse, kissing the skin as he reveals it. His breath–warm and soft on my skin, sets me on fire. I take his shirt off and lay him back. I run my nails gently across his skin reveling in the feel of the muscles beneath me. I kiss his skin all over. His neck, his throat, his face, his chest, lower . . . lower.

I undo his fly and trace down his stomach. I use my tongue, my lips, and my nails. His eyes slide closed. He groans–low and deep. I kneel beside him and take his jeans down. There he is in all his glory . . .Dreams do come true! I caress his thighs with my nails, drag up the middle . . . closer . . . . . closer. He moans and his breath quickens.

“Beautiful” I whisper as I lower my head for a taste. He gasps! His hand finds my hair and he caresses me–touching me anywhere he can find.

“Delicious,” I whisper against his thigh. I work slowly at first, gently. He moaned and gasped. His hips began to rock in rhythm. I groan and quicken my pace. He grabbed my hair and pulled me up–kissing me hard and furiously–he stood me up and finished undressing me quickly–without hesitating–just throwing them out of the way. I laugh and he kisses me–hard!! One arm goes around my back; one arm gathers my breast to his mouth! He devours it like ankara escort a starving man! I gasp and arch my back. My knees go weak and he holds me up with that one arm. Power–pure, raw, godlike power pulls me to him. He starts backing me against the bed and lowers me down again. His hand runs across my hip, down my leg, and pulls my knee up to open my center. Gently, he caresses me, feeling my heat and my need. He begins to stroke me soft and lovingly. The fire streaks through my body and I scream out! As I float back from the stars that burst all around me, I hear him chuckle and I pull him to me for a kiss.

He lays over me, his power resting between my legs, with his weight resting on his arms. I draw my knees up in invitation. He enters me slow and easy. A sigh escapes his lips. He goes deep and holds it there for what seems like forever. He looks into my eyes—soft and passion-filled, and then he started moving. A rhythm set centuries ago fill us as we match each other in a soulful union.

Gentle kisses, soft licks, nibbles on his skin as my passion rises again. My nails dig into the thick muscles of his back and he grunts! The pace quickens. Sweat rolls down his back–my legs wrap around him, pulling him closer. He lowers himself and gathers me to him–the rhythm never stopping, never slowing. I scream out and bite his shoulder–he growls fierce and primal in my ear and he hugs me tightly to him as our passion explodes. As I am floating back down to Earth, I revel in the feel of him, his spent weight covering me. The hot quick breathes on my neck. His hands fisted under me–forcing me to stay put. I gently caress his back, his hair, and his arms.

Still hard inside me, he slowly starts the pace again. I gasp and hold on for another wild ride!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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