With You, At Last

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The early morning mist shrouded the valley beyond and only the dark grey slate roofs of the tallest of buildings and their redundant chimneys were to be seen. They poked up out of this grey wreath that the sun and the gentlest of breezes would soon disperse. Stephen knew that the weather here in the Scottish Borders could be unpredictable, so he would make the most of the early morning and walk the dogs along the familiar circuit and before he resumed working on his latest carving. The hillside, where he and Annie lived, was already bathed in weak sunshine, the stands of coniferous and deciduous trees a wonderful backdrop to their home.

It had taken them five years to feel settled and not miss the wide circle of friends that they had left behind in the Midlands. Retirement had come early and had been planned for meticulously. It did not mean that Annie could sever all links with her friends, even if they did use all modern communication means to stay in touch and even ‘see’ each other. But there was no substitute for doing so in the flesh and now, as he gathered up the leads, he thought of Annie and the drive she faced to see friends, to have her hair done at a favoured salon, and to stay with their youngest daughter just beginning her solicitor’s career. Help had been given in buying it, just as they had helped their two boys.

He considered what to do as the back door was locked and the keys shoved into a pouch pocket of his shorts, along with his iPhone. There was a choice of tracks to follow through the woods and fields if he got caught out by the weather. Along these you were bound to meet walkers, joggers and strollers that you got to know by sight and with whom a cheery exchange, of little or no consequence, was shared. Over time he had learned of some names and the greetings became more personal or particular.

‘You could have stopped and talked a while linger,’ Annie often said, in mild rebuke, when he cut things short on encountering someone only too talkative.

‘Yes, but we’d only say the same things we did yesterday.’

Walks were a means for brisk exercise, and he had the chance to do that now as the wooden pass gate by the side of the driveway was closed and the dogs raced off along the lane, heeding his calls to them when it was needed. He’d be warm enough in navy-blue chino shorts and a white twill shirt with a blue check, thick socks and scuffed walking boots to manage the terrain and keep his footing. The dog’s leads were hung about his neck and were only ever used as a last resort. He checked, needlessly, that he had his iPhone with him even if he wasn’t obsessive about the contraption that seemed to rule so many people’s lives. Annie would call in a couple of hours or so and let him know of progress.

‘So, it’s a day to really get on with things…’ he said even as he caught sight of a woman that he and Annie knew well from charity fund-raisers and, lately, his name becoming known for his woodwork skills that had aroused the interest of the town’s main gallery and art works.

‘Are you going my way?’ Elspeth called out, her usually stern expression transformed by a winning smile that seeing him had aroused in her. She had seen Annie drive by only moments earlier but chose not to say anything on it to him.

‘That depends,’ he grinned, quelling his misgivings.

Elspeth Thompson was a gifted artist and had shown an interest in him, that he had not encouraged, the more his work was sought. Both of them being exhibitors in the town’s main gallery often made it difficult to avoid meeting her or it would be seen as a snub. He liked her well enough even if she could be too intense in talking of art. He simply didn’t apply the same intellectual rigour as she chose to do. He fell into step beside her.

‘The gallery’s still got some pieces of mine to deal with and I’ve got a piece to complete and may cut my usual trek short…’

‘They will sell, and as for the walk…we’ll just see how the rest of it goes,’ she replied across the narrow space between them. She recognized skilled artistry when she saw it. The dogs rushed in and out of the undergrowth, the rustle of branches announcing their whereabouts. ‘So, what are you working on right now? Blair Forrester keeps asking me that as if we meet so often I ‘d know the answer…’

He met Elspeth’s questioning look upon him. ‘I’ll soon tell you…’

He’d taken in her appearance as they began their walk, seen how navy-blue cropped leggings shaped slender thighs and toned calves, her clunky walking shoes and woollen socks still lending her grace that he rarely had time to fully appreciate. Elspeth’s wispy flaxen blonde hair framed a fresh face bereft of any make-up, save some lip gloss. A cerise, scoop necked, cotton T-shirt shaped her; a rain top loosely fastened at Elspeth’s waist showed that, unlike him, she was prepared for a sudden change in the weather were it to happen..

‘Well?’ she provoked on a teasing smile that he could not ignore. The Sarıyer escort bayan woman, he had always thought showed undisguised interest in him, had caught his looks upon her and read the meaning in them only too clearly.

Just how was he to explain what he felt now, when life with Annie was only too ordered and companionable; passionately so, even, at times?


Elspeth wondered at the change in him. She felt gladdened by it, and often wondered why the barriers were put up to easier exchanges between them, whenever they met. They were even to be seen in his ways when they chanced upon each other when out walking. He had gained a reputation scavenging for wood, such as windfalls, and making something quite beautiful out of it.

Stephen confounded her, and others at the gallery, and none more so than Blair Forrester its owner and mentor of so many local painters and sculptors, artists in glass and in embroidery. She had been heard to speak of him and Blair must have reached the conclusion that she and her husband, Tom. were friends of Stephen and Annie Matthews, but that was far from being the case.

She picked up snippets of news about the English couple who had settled in the town and overheard someone talk of Annie spending two or three days away ‘down south’ every couple of months and Stephen never accompanying her. She had chanced on Annie driving past her so early in the morning and the pieces of a reckless plan had begun to fall into place.

She hadn’t reckoned on it happening so soon, or that she would meet Stephen in the seclusion of the woods and with few people encountered so early in the morning. But now, with the engaging man standing so close and knowing that his eyes took her in as never before, she would try once more to really engage his attention upon her. 


They felt the first drops then saw the silvery slant of rain against the darkening sky.

‘Race you back to the road, Els…and my house is closer…you can shelter there until this blows through…if you want?’ Stephen said, instinctively and pulling on her hand, but his grip also suggesting that ‘there’s no way you’re goin’ to win’ but ‘just be company for me after these last few crazy moments’.

They had played with the dogs, skittered and rushed through the woods and bracken, played hide and seek and let the ordered ways of behaviour they had known of, when together before this morning, fall away.

‘Okay, you’re on!’ she shrieked with laughter and ran off, the twigs crunching under her boots as she skittered along the path through the trees, the three dogs barking in their excitement as they broke into a clearing near the roadside.

The rain clouds were now directly over them. What had seemed like a moment’s spellbinding sight, of the rain approaching, now became a storm. The downpour increased in tempo; it was blown along by the tempestuous wind. They were obliged to hold up their arms against the torrent in feeble and useless protection. Elspeth had not pulled on her rain-top and her T-shirt clung to her body as if it were a second skin.

‘Come on, Els! Show me what you can do!’ he called out, his look upon her only too appraising.

She shivered on meeting his look upon her and what lay behind those grey-blue eyes. His shirt and shorts clung to him, and she saw the grey hair on his breastbone, in the stubble on his face and how his greying hair was slicked down on his head. She saw his arm muscles flex as Stephen held out his hands to her for an instant. She was dismayed at his familiarity, a change from all that had gone before between them.

‘Wait…what’s the rush…we’re wet through!’

‘You’ve noticed!’ he laughed out and let go of her.

Stephen ran ahead and through the pass gate set in the Beech hedge of his property. On turning to look at her, he slipped flat-arsed, slithering like a snake, his track a silvery mark picked out on the coarse turf of the garden as the lightning flashed overhead. The trees and shrubs were bent over, rustling furiously as noisy accompaniment to their progress.

‘Wait…wait Stephen!’ she called out to him again. He seemed lost in the moment and with her. She dithered, was unsure whether to concede to her raging impulses and that seeing him, and Stephen’s behaviour, now aroused in her. Fear of being caught out in the storm had left her. She would seize the moment.

‘Okay…but come on!! Shelter is for later!’ he called out and held his arms aloft as if to welcome his soaking as he lay on the grass, his track marked across the turf.

‘That’ll teach you!’ She bent down to him as her sodden walking clothes now stuck to her skin, outlining every curve and her hair a sodden, wayward tangle. What a sight for him to take in. ‘You’re crazy…you’ve become someone else to me…but why now?’

He reached up to her and caressed her face and throat. Stephen saw the firm roundness of her breasts through the fabric of her vest, their Silivri escort nipples hard and inviting his touch. He restrained himself; fought off the immediate rush of longing for her.

‘I…I suddenly want that too…want to live for the moment and to be with you like this. Who’s to know?’

‘No one…not in this!’ she laughed joyfully and splashed the water already pooling on the grass with her hands.

‘C’mon then, girl…I’ll race you again…round to the back door!’

Stephen lunged off once more with Els close at his heels.

‘I’ve got a better idea!’

She managed to grab hold of his shirt tails and slowed down his progress as they neared the house. Els then held out her hands and waited.

‘Dance? You mean dance, in this?’

‘Yes,’ she murmured her fingers brushing over his water slicked face. She felt the prick of his stubble. ‘Live it all out with me…I want that.’

‘Sure,’ he said as if the meaning of what she had said had passed him by. He began to hum, then sang out the words as they took a few swirling slippery steps.

‘I can’t hear you!’ she laughed in a shriek of silliness. ‘We’re singing…we’re dancin’…we’re slippin…’ she sang tunefully but to the accompaniment of the wind and rumbles of thunder.

‘We’re a prancin’…we’re a slippin’ and slidin’ in…in thuuhhh?’ he sang out.

‘In the RAAAIINNN!’ they chorused. The dogs were already sheltering under the overhang of the portico’s roof watching the gutters overflow. It was like standing behind a wall of water as the storm rumbled and flashed overhead.

They didn’t care anymore how the rain hit them and finally leant against each other gasping and laughing like kids. Els raised her face to him and met his first, slow, tentative kiss and slip of his tongue over her lips.

‘Are you okay with this?’

‘Yes, I’m okay,’ she nodded slicking back her hair and looking very youthful. What she had dreamt of happening, and after her pursuit of him, had been turned over. He wanted her. ‘That was fun…singing and dancing…in the rain!’

‘Great fun…and it’s free,’ he replied, his touches leaving her in no doubt on how their rendezvous could be ended.

‘But to go on comes at a price…to others.’ She said it as Stephen unlocked the door and kicked off his hiking shoes, then tugged off his socks. ‘Stephen?’

‘If I’ve gone too far…done the wrong thing, then say so. I just know that something has to be settled between us and…and it may as well be now.’ 


Her walking clothes, nicks and thin sports bar were in the clothes dryer. Stephen’s sodden clothes lay on the floor by the door. They were naked. They lay on a towel spread over the cushions used for sun loungers and Stephen kissed and licked her out. He buried his face to her and Els simply tugged on his head and in his hair to guide him in his raging claims upon her. She had been made to drape her legs over his back and caressed his skin with her feet.

She met his look for an instant. ‘Go on…it feels wild and wonderful. You’ll make me warm!’

His kisses moved to her breasts, so round and firm. He clenched them fiercely as they were brought o his hungering mouth. His tongue swirled over their tips; his lips sucked as he drew his mouth over them in lingering searching caresses.

‘So strong…you bring me so much!’

Elspeth looked across to him as Stephen lay back and she slid her hands over his chest and belly. They tugged on his hair before one gripped his arcing penis and she moved to lick on him. Her tongue traced a path over it from his sac to glistening tip before she took it in her mouth and sucked. She squirmed on feeling his fingers trace a path over her back to draw her onto him.

‘Are you wet enough…done what you need and want from me?’

Els nodded through their kisses and moved to straddle him. She grasped his penis and caressed her slit with its tip. He kept his hands on her buttocks and held Els to him. Their tongues met, explored, tasted and sought pleasure from the other.

‘Yes…yes…I have to be here and know what you bring to me!’

Els caressed his cock; felt it’s length and she looked down as her hands circled it; her slender fingers caressing it and bringing his prick to her opening. She scarcely noticed his hands feeling the weight of her breasts, squeezing, caressing, running his thumbs around their areolas; circling, closer and closer, then pressing and going around her sensitive nipples.

‘Oh Stephen, that feels so good…suck them.’

Needing no more encouragement, he took her right nipple into my mouth, sucking, teasing, nipping on it gently with his lips, kissed around her breast while holding, and pinching, the other. He switched to her left breast, repeating the process, kissing, licking, then working his way back up to her neck, her ears, her face, then to her lips. All the while Els held and stroked his cock, never letting it slip from her hands.

Stephen Escort Topkapı gripped her hips and had Els shuffle up until she straddled his face. He kissed and sucked once more, pricked and flickered his tongue into her as he gripped her breasts hard. Els rocked and settled on his face, looked down at him in dismay for what had been so feverishly discovered, the pursuit of a tempestuous rut on that he’d never given any sign of wanting from her.

‘Go on!’ she yelled, bracing herself against the cupboard doors to each side of where they lay. The cool of the room, and what he did, brought out the goosebumps; hardened her nipples that he reclaimed with his rough hands, the tweak on her nipples sending renewed shudders of wanton longing coursing through her body. ‘Stephen! I haven’t felt so wanted!’

He’d become someone else and ached for the searing rush brought on by his pursuit of a forbidden lust for another woman.

He pressed his face harder into her slicked pink folds; made his tongue separate her lips before his thumbs parted them and he licked deeper; kissed her clit and sucked on it rhythmically with his lips or feverishly flickered his tongue over it. He played with her pussy opening, running his tongue around and around as he continued kissing and sucking.

‘I want you woman!’ he called out to her as they shared in the act. Stephen saw how her full breasts heaved and swayed as she took in ragged breaths. She savoured the sensations running through her body. ‘Lie down for me!’

They shifted awkwardly on an exchange of fevered kisses and clamp of hands before his fingers found just the right spot to increase her pleasure; his fingers caressing her pussy while licking up and down between her lips, stopping to give extra attention to her clit.

‘Come in me! Come in me! I can’t take much more of this!’ Els grunted, her exclamations echoing in the room as her first orgasm overwhelmed her and he maintained his claims until he felt her body’s repeated shudders as one orgasms followed upon another; their snatched kisses and the fierce claims of her hands not stopping his progress.

‘Stephen, I need you in me…bring what you have into me. Do that now!’ Stephen settled between her thighs, pushed her legs up as Els guided him into her.

‘Live for the moment…every one of them,’ he groaned as she took him into her, the fierce clamp of Els’s hands upon his hips.

She was so wonderfully wet now that the tip of his penis opened her to his deepening sinuous claims. ‘It’s so much bigger so you need to go slow.’

She lifted her hips to meet his deepening claims until she shuddered. His hips brushed her legs, and she felt his belly press against her, their pubic hair brushed and touched as they began to move in unison.

‘Yes…yes…pull on me!’

‘Oh…oh…that feels so wonderful…you crazy man! That you should have kept what you felt from me…’

‘We live for the moment, Els…the moment,’ he kissed, his movements opening her still further, Els’s breaths of effort hot on his face. ‘Sorry… but you’re so tight, Els. It feels amazing how you’re squeezing and pulling on me.’

She clung to him as a pounding rhythm had their bodies slamming against the cupboards. ‘Lie back again, Stephen…I’ve never been stretched like this. Keep going.’

He soon lay back on the rumpled towels and pulled her down onto his long, gorged cock as Els continued to grunt and moan each time his meat stretched her. Finding the right position, Els began bouncing on his cock forcing it fully into her then almost to the edge before she repeated the rhythmic process of claiming him.

They now fucked with abandon, Els rocking and thrusting her hips forward and back as Stephen held her hands and pushed her away or drew Els to him, her pussy gripping him so tight. Her breasts swayed in a jerking, mesmerising rhythm and he stilled them with his hands and lips as she leant forward.

‘I love what you do to them…’

Stephen nodded. Annie loved his ways with them too, but he wanted no reminders of how far he had strayed.

‘Oh Stephen…oh fuck! Take me there!’ Els came hard on him, and he felt her juices slick the base of his shaft. He gloried in this wanton woman’s ways as she loved with him, her eyes closed, her mouth murmuring words of blissful encouragement.

She seemed oblivious to him rolling her over and he pounded into her; pressed his mouth to the swell of her breasts as he stifled his raging cries of pleasure as he burst; felt the searing tingling rushes of his orgasm jet from him in searing burst of pleasure.

‘Yes…yes! Fill me…do that, if only once, you wonder!’

‘And you’ll break me!’ he gasped as Els clenched tight on his cock, her face against his throat as her body shuddered in unison with him. They had shared in their orgasms.

‘I wanted you to fill me…to let me know how it was for you.’ She clung to him, their sudden and passionate tryst, all that they shared in, so wantonly real.

The dogs scratched at the utility room door, but they gave each other no reprieve. The rain continued to beat out its furious rhythm on the roof, and splattered against the window, as they took each other again as far as their flagging energy allowed, and until their lust was finally spent.

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