Womanhood for Jenny Ch. 03

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NOTE — This is a work of fiction, intended only for the entertainment of adult readers.


Jenny woke sore and stiff from her ‘engagement party’ session with Master last night. Padding silently to the bathroom, she began her daily ritual: douche, shave, and shower. Admiring her new implants in the mirror, she was proud of her feminine curves, and the bruises and welts of Master’s ‘loving touch.’ Signs of her absolute submission, they proclaimed she was a total pain-pig, and was loved for it. Not wanting to open the fresh implant incisions, Master had gone relatively easy on her last night

Moving her arms recalled her first armpit whipping. “I’m not going to ask for that again,” jenny told the mirror as she examined the results, but she was certain that Master Charles would add it to His expanding repertoire.

. Ever eager to extend His dominance, and her pain-journey of submission, He sought creative tortures to use on her. He had promised to introduce her to bastinado after researching it thoroughly, “There’s small bones and serious nerves in the feet, so there’s more to it than just simply beating the bottom of your feet.”

Over breakfast, she asked for, and received permission to join Barbara’s health club so jenny could begin an aerobics class. Coupled with the portion-controlled diet recommended by Doctor Deb, the exercise would help the castrated ‘woman’ keep a trimmer figure to showcase her D-cup implants.

Before leaving for the office, Master detailed specific instructions to begin her ‘cunt’ training. “Three quarts, hot and soapy, retained for ten minutes, then you are to wear the number one plug all day. We’ll start you out slow and gradual.”

When He left, jenny put on her makeup, and completed her normal routine of dishes, make the bed, start a load of laundry, then she undressed and performed the enema ordered.

Although she had taken larger punishment enemas, three quarts was still quite a load, and even the ten minute retention seemed a cramping eternity. The escaping torrent of hot water left her ‘pussy’ tender and sore.

Showering off the spatters, and redressing, jenny went down to the dungeon for the ordered plug. Opening the drawer containing Master’s extensive collection, jenny ran her fingers over the smooth contours. Holding the number one plug in one hand and the monster number eight in the other, she marveled at the difference, and wondered if Master really meant to train her to take the giant one on demand.

“Oh well,” she said aloud, “a woman takes whatever size cock, dildo, or plug her man wants to use in her pussy.”

Dropping to her knees, she lifted her skirt and sucked the plug wet before reaching between her legs to insert it. Its relative small size went in easily. Scoured by the hot water, sore tissue was what hurt rather than any muscle stretching.

Walking back upstairs, jenny realized that wearing the plug all day rather than just a couple of hours for a session, was going to guarantee one sore cunt by bedtime.

The large enema required several more followup trips to the bathroom. Each successive removal and insertion of the plug hurt worse. At last, with empty guts and a very sore hole, jenny was confident enough to make herself a fresh pot of coffee and phone her friend Barbara about beginning the exercise class. Eager to hear all the details of the Caribbean trip, and see jenny’s boob-job, Barbara suggested lunch just down the street from the fitness center.

An hour later, having hurried through her housework, jenny walked into the small eatery. With a grimace, she slid into the booth facing Barbara.

“Wow! You look great, girl! Those are NICE boobs. Are you still hurting? I noticed you made a face when you sat down. Still getting used to those knockers bouncing around? What size are they anyway?” Barb rattled away.

Drawing her head down to semi conceal her delight, jenny giggled, “Oh Babs, I just love my new boobies. That man is so wonderful to have gotten me the surgery. No pain after the first couple of days down there. Now it’s mostly just from the muscles being stretched, not the incisions. No, I’m not used to having them hanging and bouncing out there. I still bang them into things.”

“I’ll bet you ‘bang’ with them!” Barbara joked.

After their laughter, Barb continued, “But I did notice you sit down like you were pretty sore.”

“Yeah, I’m sore alright, but it’s not my boobs. You’ll never guess, Babs, Master proposed last night. We’re getting married!” jenny squealed under her breath.

“Oh, oh, oh WOW!” Barb literally bounced up and down as she laughed excitedly, holding both jenny’s hands.

All too conscious of the irritating plug in her ass, jenny didn’t bounce. Barb’s excitement was contagious though, and jenny laughed and smiled along with her.

Barb extracted approval to spread the news of jenny’s engagement, her boob-job, and to throw a bridal shower.

The lunch was light, but the dessert menu istanbul travesti too tempting. Over gooey chocolate pudding cake covered with strawberries and lots of whipped cream, jenny asked detailed questions about Barb’s exercise class. It sounded perfect. Jenny wouldn’t even have to rearrange her household duties to fit it in three mornings a week.

“We have to go shopping, though,” Barb told her. “You definitely need a sports bra to corral those puppies. Do you have a sweat-suit or a leotard?”

Confessing her wardrobe’s deficiencies, jenny accompanied Barb to a running shop in the same block. Although Master gave her very little cash to carry around, jenny did have a credit card that He allowed her to use as needed, for groceries, clothing, and other household necessities. Although He hadn’t imposed a limit on her spending, jenny knew better than to abuse His generosity. Besides, when the card’s statement arrived each month, she had to account for the purchases. His cane extracted payment from her thighs for anything He considered unnecessary. While craving the cane, jenny still was prudent in her shopping.

After following Barb in a whirlwind tour of the store, jenny found herself walking out the door clutching a bag with tight sports bras, in red, pink, and yellow, a pair of cross-trainers, six pair of white sport socks trimmed in pink, a pack of hair bands in assorted colors, a pink nylon sweat-suit, black, pink, and aqua leotards, and a receipt for over $250. Gosh, jenny thought, Barb sure can spend money. “It’s a good thing we’ve got rich lawyer husbands,” she laughed, realizing she’d referred to Master as her husband out loud for the first time. It sounded good. It sounded right.

“Now that we’ve got you properly outfitted, let’s go ahead and get you signed up for class so you can start tomorrow,” Barb steered her into the fitness center.

With more than a few crude jokes about ‘getting in shape’ for her wedding, and ‘getting limber and stretched before the honeymoon,’ Barb guided jenny through the paperwork, gave her a tour of the complex including the locker room, got her set up with her own locker and combination lock, and arranged to pick her up in the morning for jenny’s first class.

Jenny knew she’d be able to handle the classes physically, even during her period, but had misgivings about exercising with a plug in her bottom. Well, she told herself, between Master’s cunt training program and almost daily use, her pussy would be sore tomorrow with or without the plug anyway. “Might as well get used to having a sore pussy You wanted to be a woman, remember,” she said aloud as she settled behind the wheel of her little car, feeling the insistent prod of the plug as she buckled her seat belt. Glancing at the bag of expensive sportswear on the seat beside her, jenny secretly hoped Master would give her some fresh welts she could pretend to hide in the locker room tomorrow.

For her first class the next morning, jenny’s ‘modesty’ was accepted without comment by the others, but Barb stayed close by, and saw the tell-tale bruises and welts. Jenny’s, “I’ll tell you all about it later, Babs,” and her quick kiss on the lips insured jenny’s ‘secret’ would stay between just the two of them, at least for the present.

The class was fun. Working out with friends added giggles and laughter to the strenuous routine. Jenny’s new breasts bounced enough even with the sports bra that she felt a pleasing feminine ache. Toweling off rivulets of sweat in the locker room later, jenny again begged Barb’s silence. “Master is preparing me for a major event before the wedding, Babs. Next week, He should be finished, and I’ll tell you everything over lunch, promise.”

This time, it was Barb who looked around to make sure they weren’t observed, before sharing a salty, deep kiss with jenny. “You’d better tell me everything, girl. I think I’ve got the general idea, but I want to hear all about it.”

Pulling sweat-suits over damp leotards, they hurried to catch up with the other women waiting at the street door for the after-class lunch ritual.

Doctor Deb came over a few days later for jenny’s second ‘private’ engagement party. Her aerobics class had been especially grueling and jenny was pleasantly tired when she got home. She was looking forward to the party, and had spent yesterday and this morning doing as much of the prep ahead as possible. Now she was glad she had. There was barely time for a quick shower before Doctor Deb and Master came through the front door.

Deb was impressed with jenny’s engagement ring, a diamond flanked by two equal sized pearls.

After they devoured the mini pizzas jenny had made from scratch, Master surprised the blushing girl with a specially decorated cake. There was no mistaking the meaning of the dribbles of white icing atop the chocolate frosting.

“I’ll bet I’m the only woman in the city tonight getting a cake decorated with a ‘pearl necklace,'” jenny quipped.

As anadolu yakası travestileri Doctor Deb smiled knowingly, Master Charles produced a slim flat jewelry case. When He opened it for her, jenny gasped at the stunning pearl necklace inside. The matching earrings featured pearl solitaires set in heavy dangles. The store’s embossed logo inside the lid spoke top-of-the-line. Jenny’s gratitude was immediate and heart-felt.

Falling to her knees beside the man she loved, jenny wrapped her arms around His legs, buried her head in His lap and cried for joy, “Oh Master, they’re beautiful, so beautiful! I don’t even have a present for You, Master. How can I ever thank You enough”

Patiently, He explained that whenever she felt the need of His cock, “Or My whip, for that matter,” she should wear the pearls. It would be their private sign that she craved His ‘pearls.’ Charles told her the remaining item in the box wasn’t a bracelet, but rather an anklet, “So when you bend over to put it on, you’ll remember what it means.”

“Oh Master, I could stop breathing sooner than ever forget who my Master is, and what You mean to me,” jenny cried.

“Funny you should mention never forgetting,” Charles said, gesturing her back to her chair. “That’s part of why Doctor Deb is joining us tonight. We need to talk about another body modification I think is necessary for my bride-to-be.”

“Master, You know I’ll willingly, happily accept anything You wish for me, piercings, brands, anything at all,” jenny replied earnestly.

“Actually, I am planning on branding you later on, and yes, there are a couple of tattoos I have in mind for my sweet slut,” He paused for a sip of wine. “But this project is pretty extreme, even by my standards, but Deb assures me that with suitable prep, and after-care, it’s quite safe.”

Now jenny was definitely curious — “extreme” by Master’s standards? She had already submitted to breast implants, castration, and surgical creation of labia partly shielding her shortened ‘clit.’

“Master, You know what’s best for this blond bitch. Anything for You,” jenny quietly answered. Yet her mind was racing — what was it? How much would it hurt? The only real questions were, would it please Him, and when could they start the project? “I’m ready for it now, Master, You can begin any time You wish. Is this something Doctor Deb has to do, or can You do it yourself?”

“Well, it’s pretty complex, jenny. There’s some prep on your part, then in a few days, Deb and I will do the work. Together,” He told her.

Jenny’s jaw gradually dropped lower and lower in amazement as Master Charles and Doctor Deb outlined the details of her ‘cunt rings.’

“It will be dual purpose, you see, a chastity device to always remind who you belong to, and also allow me to tighten up your cunt when I want more friction down there,” He explained.

Doctor Deb filled in the details, “I’ll write out a detailed prep schedule for you. It will take at least four days. Then you’ll be completely empty and squeaky clean inside. We’ll strap you down, then we’ll pierce the muscle rim of your cunt with four stainless steel rings, small diameter circular barbells, but thick ones, O or maybe 2 gauge, we’ll have to see how it goes when we start. Front, back, and on each side. Then you’ll be on a totally liquid diet for at least a week, maybe two, so there’s no solid waste to pass, only goop, until you’re healed up. Charles plans to thread a fine chain through the rings, padlocked to the new clit and labia rings we’ve ordered for you. That way, He can lock your cunt up tight, or leave it open for service or the bathroom. It’s completely Charles’ idea. It’s definitely unique, and never been done before, to my knowledge. When we’re finished, He can close up your hole like a drawstring purse, ‘a drawstring pussy’ you could say, or adjust the tightness to suit His fancy.”

Swallowing in anticipation of the pain and sublime submission the piercings would involve, jenny found her voice, “Wow, that does sound pretty extreme, Master. But I’m ready for it whenever You say the word. Besides,” she chuckled, ” a week or two of a liquid diet will do wonders for my waist.”

Everyone laughed at her joke, and the tension around the table melted.

Doctor Deb produced her engagement presents. First, an inflatable cock that was at least six inches in diameter and eighteen inches long when pumped up. The sheer magnitude caused jenny to moan and shiver in anticipation of the cunt-splitter. Next jenny unwrapped a punishment corset of black leather with a couple of pounds of steel boning and six garters per leg. The upper portion was a shelf-bra, “so that You can whip her tits if You wish,” Deb told Charles. Finally, she presented Master Charles with a wicked limber cane, “guaranteed to welt any bitch You use it on.”

Jenny was secretly elated when Master said, “There’s only one bitch I intend istanbul travesti to whip with it, and I’ll raise welts on you often, won’t I jenny?”

“As Your slut, whore, and wife, Master, I dream that You will mark Your bitch every day,” jenny responded.

She pulled her skirt up, baring her thighs as she sat there, and watched as Master slashed four new welts across the front of her thighs. Her sharp intake of breath and suppressed squeal told of the new cane’s effectiveness.

Later that evening, they began jenny’s prep in the dungeon. Strapped to the whipping bench, she took two dozen welts of the cane on her ass, and another two dozen to her swaying breasts. The good Doctor mixed up a three quart enema solution, inserted a Bardex retention nozzle into jenny’s puckered hole, and watched the restrained blonde squeal and squirm, anchored by the straps and Charles’ cock down her throat.

When jenny had taken the entire load, Deb disconnected the hose from the nozzle. The one-way valve guaranteed the solution was staying put until the nozzle was deflated.

Master Charles hooked His fingers through jenny’s thick hoop earrings to keep her tight against His groin as Deb unbuckled the restraints. With the cock in her mouth and a cane prodding her ass, jenny waddled over to the exam table. Charles pulled out so she could climb up on the table. Once on her back, He mounted her face again. Deb strapped jenny’s high heels tightly into the stirrups, and adjusted the unforgiving metal spreader until jenny’s toes were literally inches from Charles’ chest as he fucked her mouth. Being twisted like a jelly roll was bad enough, but with the churning liquid sending waves of cramps rippling through her guts, jenny was hurting. Applying her oral tricks to bring Master off quickly didn’t work. He knew her techniques, and would simply withdraw until He was in control again before resuming. He was deep in her throat when the cane first seared her slit. Her penis-gagged shriek was choked off as Charles thrust in even deeper. She endured a dozen of the searing strokes before Master’s repeated spurts signaled a respite. During the sexual high, jenny had completely forgotten about the soapy quarts generating such awful cramps, but with Master’s release, her twisted guts again held her attention. Deb and Charles swapped positions. As Deb lowered herself onto jenny’s flushed face, she explained, “I’ll be over every evening until we do the piercings, slut. We’ll give you some serious enemas, and to give them time to work, you get the cane directly on your slit while you give us head. We want your cunt rim nice and swollen.

Settling in, Deb ground her pussy against jenny’s squealing mouth as Charles resumed the caning.

After Deb’s juice drenched jenny’s face, they unstrapped the groaning girl and laughed as she clumsily got off the table and was allowed to crawl on hands and knees over to the toilet in a corner. Squashing her tits against the cool tile floor, jenny reached back and spread her welted cheeks for Deb to deflate and remove the nozzle.

“Thank you, Doctor Deb,” jenny softly said. Squeezing her beaten ass cheeks together, she quickly crawled up on the toilet.

Spraying a thick cloud of room deodorizer, Deb walked over to the table, and began writing down jenny’s prep schedule, explaining the details to Charles. Neither paid any attention to the sobbing girl or the noxious sounds. Once drained, she was given a wet wash cloth to finish her cleanup, then the ungreased dilating plug was reinserted.

Kneeling at their feet, jenny listened to the ordeal she faced before being pierced.

“One bottle of magnesium citrate daily for four days, then a bottle every other day for the next two weeks, so you’ll need eleven bottles altogether, a package of Epson salts, three quarts of liquid soap, a gallon of vinegar, several packages of super tampons, and of course lots of pads,” Doctor Deb said. “The daily douching schedule, and recipes are all written down for you to follow, jenny. It shouldn’t be too difficult, even for a blonde cunt.”

Jenny could well imagine the combined effects of laxatives from both ends, and the additional chemical enemas on her rosebud, “May I use some lotion on my hole, Master?” she asked.

“Yes, but only on the outside, not on the inner rim or inside,” Master reminded her. “I want you sore and tender, my little whore. This is supposed to hurt.”

Bowing her head in obedience, jenny was certain it would.

“Oh, there’s one more thing, Charles, the crop,” Deb reminded Him.

“That’s right. Stay on your knees, jenny, and spread your cheeks.”

Reaching back with both hands, jenny spread her welted cheeks as Master again yanked the plug out.

“Hold that position, bitch.”

Pretty much exhausted by the evening’s ordeal, two dozen strokes of the crop directly on her cunt elicited only groans and small cries from jenny’s engorged lips.

“She’s to get two dozen with the crop in the morning, and again at bedtime until we do the piercings. That way, she’ll be swollen which will make the piercings more effective and painful,” Deb advised.

As they said good night to Deb, jenny thanked her for the engagement gifts. “Don’t worry, Doctor Deb, I’ll be all cleaned out. I’ll follow your instructions to the letter,” jenny promised.

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