Worth Following

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I was on my way to the gym to meet up with my exercise buddy when I first met Vera. Usually I park in front of my friend’s house and we walk the mile to the gym together. Parking there is deliberate, because the mile walk to the gym and back gives us a little warm up and a cool down period. This time though, my buddy had some stuff to take care of and he was going to meet me at the gym instead of walking there with me. Since it was winter time, I was wearing my jacket, scarf, and navy watch cap, with my gym bag across my back. And, as we usually did on the way there, I was walking at a fairly quick pace.

The closer I got to the gym, the less people there were walking the streets. That’s because there are very few things in that area, other than a restaurant or two. So, on my side of the street it was me and a girl a little ways ahead of me, and a couple of people on the other side of the street heading in the opposite direction. As I neared the girl, she picked up speed for some reason, but not as fast as I was walking. Then, when I was getting ready to go around her, she suddenly turned and asked me why I was following her. I told her I wasn’t, then tried to move past her, but she said she knew I was. I told her she was paranoid, and that I was on my way to meet a friend. Besides, why the hell would I want to follow her, she had nothing I was interested in.

She got more mad at that, than at me supposedly following her. She asked if I was telling her she wasn’t worth following, was that it? I told her I didn’t have time to play stupid games with her, because I had somewhere to be. She came back with the fact that first I said she wasn’t worth following, and now I was calling her stupid. I told her that she should listen to herself, then ask herself why I said that. First she got upset because she thought I was following her, then she got mad when I told her I had no reason to do that. I was sorry, but that sounded stupid to me. Now, if she’d excuse me, I needed to get to the gym and meet my exercise buddy. Her response to that was that I obviously only went there to watch others exercise, since I was definitely not in shape. I just said whatever, then went on my way.

I had completely forgotten about that girl, and was halfway through my exercise routine when I heard her voice again. And again, it was me she was talking to. She said she’d been wrong about me just coming here to watch others. I was still out of shape, but at least I was taking my exercises seriously. I told her it was obviously her first time here, or else she’d have known that already. And it was also obvious that she was just here to bother people, not to exercise herself. She looked for a second like she was going to say something, then she just shook her head and walked away. I went back to my exercises, and tried to forget about her again. But, I wasn’t going to be lucky enough to be allowed to do that.

Instead, when I was on the last part of my exercises, riding the bike to cool down, she came over to bother me some more. My exercise partner was on the bike to my left, but the one to my right was unfortunately empty. I say unfortunately, because that gave her a place to sit that was next to me. The first thing she said was that I didn’t like her, did I? I said that I didn’t know her well enough to dislike her, and she asked why I was being rude to her then. My answer was that she’d done nothing except accuse me and insult me since we met, and now she was asking why I was being rude? If I had acted the same way towards her that she had towards me, would she be nice and friendly with me? Again the pause like she wanted to say something, before she got up and walked away. When she did, my buddy wanted to do a fist bump, saying she was obviously hot for my body. I reminded him that I was married, and he said he didn’t think she’d care. And my only answer was that if I wanted to keep breathing, I’d make sure she cared.

The next exercise day, she was there again as well. I don’t know that because I looked for her, I know it because she made sure I knew it. Not by saying anything to me, but by making sure she did her floor exercises where I was guaranteed to see her. The only way not to see her would have been to close my eyes. But that would have told her she was getting to me, and I wasn’t going to give her that. Instead, I just concentrated on doing my exercises, and paid as little attention to her as possible. Still, she went out of her way to get me to look at her, and would watch to see if I did. For example, she’d do her stretching right in front of whatever machine I was working on. Then, she’d do things like wiggle her ass to draw my eyes, before bending over. And, she’d look back over her shoulder, or between her legs, to see if she could catch me staring at her.

It wasn’t until the end of the night that she finally said something to me. As we were both heading to change our clothes, she asked if I still thought she wasn’t worth following. I just sighed and said I didn’t know why it mattered to her what I thought. Then I held up my hand so she could see my wedding ring. To make fun of my gesture, she escort bursa held up her hand to show she didn’t have a ring. And she said she wasn’t looking to get one for a long time either. Then she said I still hadn’t answered her question, was she worth following or not? I told her I wasn’t going to be following her, so it didn’t matter to me. But, if it was that important to her, then yes, she had a nice ass.

I thought that would be enough for her, but it wasn’t, because now she wanted to know why I wouldn’t follow her. Again I sighed and said that just because a girl had a nice ass, that didn’t mean I’d follow her. Besides, I was married, or had she forgotten that part. At that point, my buddy said in English, since the girl and I were speaking Turkish, that it looked like I was going to be busy for a while. So, he was going to take off, and he’d see me at our next exercise session. Then he told me not to do anybody he wouldn’t do, before saying good bye. From the look on her face, I could tell the girl didn’t understand what he’d said, but she definitely understood when I told him he was an asshole.

When he was gone, she asked what he’d said, and I told her he was reminding me that I was married. And speaking of which, I needed to get changed myself and head home. But when I came out, she was there waiting, having also changed clothes. Then, as I left the gym, she fell in right beside me. Now it was my turn to ask why she was following me, and she said it was safer than walking alone. Since she knew where I’d come from the last time, she knew I would go past where she lived. So, if it didn’t bother me too much, she’d walk with me that far. I didn’t say anything to that, so we walked in silence for a few minutes. But my peace didn’t last, because she broke it to ask why I went to the gym if I was already married. Did I have a mistress somewhere, because that’s usually why married men started exercising.

I told her she was confusing me with other men, because I didn’t do things like that. I was exercising for the same reason she’d said the first time, I was out of shape. On our last vacation, I’d realized how out of shape I was, and decided I’d be a lot better on the next one. Again she asked why it mattered, since I already had a wife. I told her that if my wife had gotten as far out of shape as I had been, I probably would have looked for a mistress. It wasn’t fair for me to expect her to stay in shape if I was just going to let myself get fat. She then asked the logical question, why wasn’t my wife exercising with me? And I told her the truth, my wife wasn’t out of shape, so she didn’t need it. She said if it was her, she’d have gone with her husband anyway, to make sure no girls were trying to steal him away.

She saw the look I gave her when she made that comment, and got a shocked look on her face. Then she asked if I thought that was what she was trying to do, and started saying no, no, before I said anything. She’d already said she wasn’t interested in marrying anybody for a long time. And, she wasn’t trying to do anything else either. So, I asked why she’d been playing these games then, like wiggling her ass in front of me. And why did she keep asking if I thought she was worth following? She said it wasn’t what I thought, it was just that I was so much fun to tease, because I took everything so seriously. But she did have a confession to make, about something.

When I was stupid enough to ask what it was, she said it was about the first night we met. She’d already known I wasn’t following her that night, because she knew where I was going. She hadn’t just started going to the gym, she’d been going there for a month already, so she knew who I was. She’d just been joking with me, and had thought I’d joke back. But when I took it seriously, she’d realized that I hadn’t even noticed her before. She had to admit that it hurt her female pride a little, that I had never looked at her. When she paid attention to how hard I worked out, she kind of understood why I hadn’t seen her. But, she still wanted to make sure that I knew she was there. Not because she was trying to pick me up or anything. It was because she was a woman, and knew she wasn’t ugly, and it bothered her that I’d never paid attention to that.

I asked again why it mattered, if I noticed her or not, and she said because she’d noticed me. And for the record, I wasn’t in as bad of shape as I thought. And, if I wasn’t married, she might even start following me. By this time, we were halfway to where I’d parked the car. And, we were obviously near where she lived, because she said it was nice walking with me. Then she showed me a building across the street and said that’s where her apartment was. Oh, and just in case I wanted to know, her name was Vera. When I started to introduce myself, she said she’d told me she already knew who I was. Then she said goodnight and crossed the street.

The next exercise day, Friday, I heard a voice calling my name as my buddy and I passed her house. Sure enough, it was Vera, and she came running across the street to join us. Luckily though, she didn’t concentrate görükle escort on me as we were walking, and chatted with both of us. Still, when my buddy and I were on the treadmill, he asked me how she was, meaning how good of a fuck. I told him that I hadn’t fucked her, and had no intention of doing so. He asked why not, since she was good looking and obviously wanted me to. I told him that I liked breathing too much to cheat on my wife. But, since she’d been chatting him up too on the way here, he might want to give it a shot. He said I was both blind and stupid if I thought he had a chance. She may have talked to him, but she’d been watching me the whole time. And, she’d been waiting for us to get to her house, just to walk with me.

I told him I hadn’t noticed any of that, so I’d just have to take his word for it. But, it didn’t matter if she wanted me or not, nothing was going to happen. He laughed and told me I was killing him with my bull shit. Wasn’t I the one who was always telling him that he didn’t see how girls looked at him? Well, he now knew what I was talking about, because he saw the looks she was giving me. And, since I was the supposed expert here, the only reason I didn’t see it was because I obviously didn’t want to see it. But what really killed him was me saying that nothing would ever happen between us. He’d seen some looks that I gave her that were the same, or worse than she gave me.

I told him that I didn’t know what looks he was talking about. If he meant things like looking at her ass sometimes, I’d admit that much. She did have a nice ass, and a decent set of tits too, but that didn’t mean I was going to fuck her. I looked at women’s tits and asses all the time, and didn’t fuck them. I honestly hadn’t thought about her that way, and I didn’t have fantasies about her either. And even if I did, I wasn’t the type of man who cheated on his wife. And, even if I was that type, I had no place to do it, and definitely no time for it. So, no matter what kinds of looks I gave her, or she gave me, nothing was going to happen.

He said that I could always find a time and place, but I was probably right that I couldn’t find the guts to do it. I just laughed at that, and then we changed the subject to his love life. He said that seeing how Vera acted around me made him realize that I might be right about some of his friends. So, he’d decided to take a chance with one of the girls I’d said was interested in him. He was going to meet her right after we finished exercising, and he’d see what happened. That meant that he was going to leave me alone with my lover again for her walk home. He’d tell me on Monday what happened on his date. And he expected me to do the same, and tell him what happened on mine.

Nothing worth mentioning happened on our walk, and I told my buddy that on Monday. We’d talked about general things, like what we both did for work, our what our hobbies were. But for once, there were no personal questions or comments, just normal chat. My buddy though, had what he described as a kick ass weekend. The girl he’d gone out with had been a friend for years, and he’d never thought she wanted more than that. But once she figured out he might want more himself, everything changed. She’d more or less dragged him to her apartment because she knew he lived with his mother. And when they got there, she practically raped him, that’s how hungry for him she’d been. And when he’d been laying in her bed going wow, she said she’d waited forever to do that. And now that she had, she planned to keep doing it for the next forever.

He was obviously happy about how things had turned out, and I was definitely happy for him. But, the details of what they’d done made my mind turn to thoughts of sex too. And when I made the mistake of looking around the room, you can guess what happened. My eyes landed on Vera where she was exercising, and my sight and thoughts joined together. I tried to keep the images out of my head, but I was fighting a battle I couldn’t win. My brain was soon filled with pictures of me doing all those things my buddy mentioned, and doing them with her. What was surprising was not that I was thinking of doing them with her now. No, its that I hadn’t thought of doing them before, because she was hot.

I mean, I knew she was pretty, and I’d told my buddy she had a nice body. But, I hadn’t paid close attention to her before, like I was now. She didn’t have big tits, although they weren’t small tits either. They were what I’d call the right size for her, which was a little more than half a large grapefruit. There was no sag in them, but they bounced really nicely when she moved. Plus, it was obvious that it was all her with no padding, because you could make out the shape of her nipples through her sports bra. Her ass was the right size too, and definitely firm and tight. But the best part was that it was separated into two distinct ass cheeks, not all pushed together. That meant that if she bent over naked, you’d actually see her asshole, which I found sexy as hell. Add to that well formed legs and a flat stomach, and you had bursa eskort hot body on a stick.

Like I said, she was pretty, meaning she had a nice face, but there was more. She had big brown eyes and a cute upturned nose, with lips that just looked perfect for cock sucking. And the way she looked over her shoulder at me, was just pure sexy. Shit! That was a kind of wake up call, knowing she saw me looking at her like that. If she read even half of what I’d been thinking from looking at my face, I was in a world of trouble. And, of course, I dug myself an even bigger grave, by hurriedly looking away from her. If I hadn’t done that, I might have been able to tell her I was just daydreaming, not staring at her. But my panic made my guilt as plain as day, so there’d be no way to deny it now.

With my buddy’s new found sex partner, I should have expected him to skip our walk home to go to her. So now I knew that Vera was going to put the screws to me for having ogled her body like that. And when she asked if I’d answer one question honestly, I knew it was coming. If she’d have asked the one I dreaded she would, had I ever thought about fucking her, I would have still answered more or less truthfully. But, she asked instead if I’d been telling the truth when I said I didn’t have a mistress. I was so relieved that I jokingly asked if she was applying for the position. Her soft no answer was given with her head down, but she raised it to say she was just curious. She said that almost all the married men she knew had them, so she wondered why I didn’t.

I told her that most of the men in this country had marriages that were arranged by their families. So, while they had wives to give them children and to take care of their homes, they didn’t have the passion they’d have if they picked the girl themselves. So to find the passion and the sex for fun they didn’t have at home, they got mistresses. And, because their wives understood that, most of them accepted it as part of their marriage. Besides, most of the women didn’t enjoy fucking their husbands in the first place, so they were glad he was doing it elsewhere. She threw in her two cents at that point, saying that was one reason she didn’t want to get married. Not because her husband would want a mistress, that really didn’t bother her all that much. It was because if she didn’t enjoy sex with the husband her family picked, she’d have to go without sex completely. In their society, married men were allowed to have girlfriends if they didn’t like the sex at home. But women weren’t allowed to have boyfriends to enjoy sex with. So, she wasn’t going to get married until she’d gotten all the fun sex she wanted. And since she’d never stop wanting fun sex, she’d never get married.

She stopped then, and got an embarrassed look on her face. She said I must think she was some kind of slut, because of what she just told me. I asked her why I would think that, because she was just being honest. She said that most men thought that women who enjoyed sex or wanted to enjoy it were sluts. I said that I wasn’t most men, and I expected my women to enjoy sex. And if they didn’t enjoy something I did or wanted to try something I didn’t do, I expected them to tell me. She asked what would I do if they still didn’t enjoy sex with me, no matter what I did. Would I let them get a boyfriend if they were willing to let me have a mistress? I told her it was a hard question to answer, because I expected that to be worked out before we got married. If we were that sexually incompatible, the best thing would be to not get married at all.

She said that idea might work where I came from, but it wouldn’t work here, because most couples didn’t have sex before marriage. I said that most couples didn’t marry for love here either, but she was asking about me, not them. I personally believed in at least a six month trial period before marriage. That way a couple would understand if they were compatible or not. And it wasn’t just about sex either, it was about bad habits they might have. It was almost impossible for someone to hide things that could make a marriage a living hell, if they lived together that long. And it worked both ways, for example if the man was abusive when he got angry, or if he was an alcoholic. Their society threw two total strangers together and expected them to be happy, but I didn’t do things that way.

She repeated that it would be great if things worked like that here, but they didn’t. So lets suppose everything else was perfect, just that the sex was wrong, what would I do then? I told her I wasn’t as much of a stick in the mud as she thought I was. If everything else was perfect, and I really loved the woman, I might consider what she was saying. But, if there were sex problems at the very beginning of a relationship, there were guaranteed to be other problems as well. She said that she agreed with that, but what if the sex problems developed afterwards, like years later? I said it depended on why the sex problems started. If it was lack of communication, a mistress and a boyfriend wouldn’t fix it, it would make it worse. If it was illness that made sex painful or impossible, then yes, if both sides agreed without pressure. And, if both sides agreed on it as a way to bring excitement back into their own sex lives, then maybe. But as a substitute for being bored with your husband or wife, then definitely not.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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