Wrong Number Ch. 02

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Please, if you are under the age of 18, don’t read this material. Just wait a few years and you’ll be all good and legal for this kind of stuff. Now for the rest of you, Enjoy!

Phoenix Arrow


Ring Ring Ring


Hello…is this Mrs Bazel?

Yes this is Mrs Bazel. Can I help you?

Hmmmm, with this little tape, I just know you can.

Who is thi…Oh my GOSH…its YOU!

I’m so glad you remember. Did you miss me?

No! I HATE YOU! How could you have lied about my daughter like that?

Nobody ever said you had to get all horny because of it.

You horrible girl. You humiliated me and worse you humiliated my Jessica. I hate you!

How has she taken the news that her mother is an incestual slut?

I…I’m not a slut. And I’ve never told her about what happened.

No wonder she hasn’t been acting any differently.

I thought she would come home from school in complete tears the next day. But she never did and it’s been two weeks since! What did you do with that tape?

Oh this old thing? So far my girlfriends and I haven’t decided to play it for the school. Instead we just have a blast playing it for ourselves when we have sleep overs. ‘Oh Jessica…Oh please eat my pussy…please eat mommy’s pussy…such a good girl you are…’


What’s the matter? Embarrassed to hear what a slut mommy you sounded like?

Dame YOU! What the hell do you want from me? To torment me again? I won’t let you this time. I won’t…

Little Jessica hasn’t had to endure all the laughing at school yet has she?


She hasn’t had to learn how badly her mommy wants her daughter’s looooonge tongue up her nasty snatch!

Please don’t say such words, I don’t think of my daughter in that way. You tricked me into saying those things. You told me my daughter was…was…

Having sex with other girls? So naturally you decided to fist that cunny of yours for your trouble.

I don’t know what came over me. I’m a good woman. I’ve never ever acted like that before.

There’s always a first time for everything. I’m sure it would have only been a matter of time before you dragged your daughter into your bedroom and shoved her face between your legs.

I could never do that to my baby, I love her too much…

I bet you love her. Love the sight of seeing her stroll around the house in her underwear. Seeing her flaunt that tight young body before your hungry eyes. Tell me, does she notice the way you lick your lips at her?

Oh why are you torturing me like this again? Wasn’t once good enough? Didn’t you get your sick thrills from my embarrassment already?

No I haven’t.

What do you want now then? I won’t let you trick me again. I won’t let you make a fool of my daughter and I anymore. I won’t!

Oh I don’t think you have much of a choice Mommy dear!

What…what do you mean?

Ahem…the TAPE!


I still think your daughter would be just devastated if we ever decided to play the tape in school. Just imagine the look on her face when she hears you admitting your depraved feelings for your daughter. She’d never be able to show her ugly face in public again!

Please don’t do it. Show some compassion, some humanity. She’d just kill herself if she were to find out.

You mean she wouldn’t be just the happiest teen in the world to hear the squishing sounds of her mother fisting her gaping cunt?

Oh Gosh!

Yes, it would be quite a shame if she were to hear it.

W…what do you want?

Hmmmm, now there’s a question isn’t it?

How much do you want for it? I’ll pay you anything.

Tisk tisk tisk! Is that all your daughter’s dignity is worth to you? Can you even put a price on something like that?

Then…what do you want?



Not what you wanted to hear is it?

Please, lets be serious. I’ll give you Five Hundred dollars for the recording.

You know it really won’t be all that bad for her. I’m sure after a few months of laughter and ridicule, Jessica would learn to deal with the fact that her mother has the hots for her.

Oh Gosh! How can you be so evil?

Evil? No I don’t think so. But BAD…Yep, very very BAD!

A Thousand dollars! I’ll give you a thousand dollars for the tape!


I don’t know how teenagers now a days can be so cruel. What can posses you to treat a grown woman with such contempt?

I think its fun. Besides, my girlfriends and I have been waiting for a grown woman to play with for some time.

Play with? What do you mean?

Oh you know, the kind of things adult women should NEVER be doing with teenage girls!

You horrible creatures. You girls are going straight to hell, I just know it. I am a good woman! I won’t let you use me for your sick games!

Too late, your already apart of it. And this ‘good’ mommy is going to have to make a group of girls VERY happy or we can always just hit the play button at school.

Why do you want to do this to me?

Because gaziantep escort reklamları every girl should have a sexy older woman to play with. Plus, I even think it works the other way around.

How? How does it work the other way around?

Well, like older women actually want to serve younger teens don’t they? Don’t all you mommies get off thinking about groveling at our feet?

Good Heavens! Where do you come up with this?

Come on, we both know its true. You get all wet thinking about kissing your daughter’s pretty toes while she laughs at you. I know you do. Why else did you fist fuck that cunny thinking about her?

STOP IT! I can’t take it any more.

You dirty slut. It hurts to hear the truth doesn’t it?


I thought so, its so obvious. Now all there’s left to decide is where we go from here.

Please, I don’t want my daughter to be harmed.

Then you know what decision you have to make.

There has to be another way. Can’t you just accept money and leave us alone?


{SNIFF}{SNIFF} You horrid creature. W…what exactly would I have to do?

What’s the first dirty thought that enters your mind?

Oh NO…

HAH…your so cute! We’re going to have sooo much fun with you and that bod of yours. Tell me, do you have large titties?

I really don’t feel comfortable talking like this.

They better be big. I want there to be something to squeeze when we play with them.

Squeeze? My goodness! Your not going to hurt me are you?

Get off your high horse. You’ll totally get off on us pinching and teasing every inch of that body.

No I wouldn’t. It would be horrible.

I bet your nips are hard right now aren’t they? Thinking about being helplessly naked in a room full of teenage girls gets those nip nips hard as erasers don’t they mommy slut?

Your wrong, they’re not!

I really don’t mind if you start playing with them while we talk. I know how hard it is for older gals like you to sit still when you get turned on.

I don’t want to.

It’s really ok. Just reach under that shirt and pinch those nubs for me ‘kay? Get that frustration out.

Stop it. I won’t let you tell me what to do.

Is your hand underneath your shirt yet?

Please…I…I can’t!

Listen, if your nipples are hard, that means you need to play with them!

No it doesn’t mean that! I don’t have to…

HA! Tricked ya again! Your nipples are hard aren’t they?

Oh Gosh, I’m going to Hell!

No your not, your simply coming to serve a group of very bad girls.

I need help!

Are you pinching those nips yet?

Please don’t make me.

Do it!


Are you squeezing them?


Better not send your daughter to school tomorrow. She won’t like what she hears.

Ok ok, please…I’m…I’m pinching my nipples…

Nips! Call them nips!

Um…I’m pinching my nips.

Good mommy, such a slut you are. Don’t forget to give the other one a good tug. OH, and do twist them. I know how exquisite it’ll make you feel.


Keep playing with them slut. Now as I was saying, you’ll most likely always be naked when your with us!

Naked? But why?

How else are we supposed to laugh and giggle at your bouncing fleshy body as we make you do jumping jacks in front of us?

I’m getting dizzy…

Yes I know, you can hardly wait I’m sure. Doesn’t the thought of it get that puss all juiced?

It doesn’t. I think it’s horribly indecent. The shame of it…

Yes it’s so deliciously indecent. So besides all the petting and teasing we’ll do with you, there will also be plenty of licking and sucking. Most of which will be done by you.

I couldn’t possibly do anything like that. I’ve never even been with another woman before, let alone…

Licked teenage pussy? Tisk tisk tisk, you truly haven’t lived have you.

You won’t stop until I’m degraded beyond belief won’t you?

You’re such a prude. Once you get your first taste, you won’t be able to get your face out from between our legs. You’ll be the one freely degrading yourself for us. You’re such a nasty mommy.

Please stop saying that, I’m really not…

Are you still playing those nips?


Pinch harder!

But…but it hurts…

That’s the point. In fact, give those big long nipples a good twisting for me mommy slut!

This is wrong. I can’t continue…

Where did I put that tape?

Owe owe…I’m twisting …Owwwwwe…

I know it hurts, but it also feels wickedly good doesn’t it?


Your a horrible liar, I can hear it in your voice. Your enjoying this aren’t you? Being told to fondle yourself by a teenage girl. Your getting off on this. If your daughter could only see you now, on the phone while reaching under your shirt to twist your own nipples. Tisk tisk tisk…What would she think?

Heaven forbid!

Actually, shouldn’t she be arriving home about now? Where exactly are you with the phone?

I’m…in gaziantep escort bayan reklamları the living room…

Perfect. Take off your shirt!


So that when Jessica walks through that door, she can see her horny mother playing with her own titties.

NEVER! I’ll run…I’ll hide. I can’t let her catch me like this. Please don’t make me!

I am losing patience with you slut. DO IT!

Oh will this torment ever end?

Oh come on, its only just begun. I personally can’t wait till I have you in my room between my legs.

Y..yyour legs?

Hmmmm yes, my young firm legs. Does the idea catch your attention?

Its disgusting, I can’t…

Does the idea of being encased between my thighs do it for you? Looking up into my dripping pussy moments before…

STOP! Please don’t say anymore!

You already know that it’ll happen. Tell me, do you like getting your tushy spanked?

Spanked? You want to give me a spanking to?

Not me, but Samantha has always had a thing for it. She’ll get that mommy butt all red and soar when she’s through with you, over and over and over.

You can’t do this to me, I’m not a child! I’m a grown woman!

Exactly! Why, you wouldn’t enjoy it?

No! What woman could enjoy a spanking by teenage girls?

I actually think you would. Just imagine wiggling that big butt as it gets swatted to our giggles. You’d drench Mary’s knees with your mommy juice in no time.


Is that shirt off yet?

Please let me put it back on, this is crazy. She could be home any moment!

You know what my answer will be. Now keep playing with those rock hard nips till that puss is all wet and puffy! Wait, now that I think about it, is your pussy wet now?


I know it has to be. All that nipple tugging has to be having an effect on you. Reach a finger down there and let me know.

Oh this is too much. I’m going to have a nervous breakdown.

I’m waiting…

Right here? In the middle of the living room? But Jessica…

I told you to check your leaking pussy, so do it NOW!

Yes…I’m a little wet…

A little?


Take off your panties!


I’m afraid I must incest.

But why?

Because I want you to play with yourself while we talk.

Ohhhh, But my baby will be home any minute. Its too risky! Please let me go upstairs. I promise I’ll do what you ask…

I think you want her to see you like this. To walk through that door and catch her naughty mumzy with her tits out, diddling herself while on the phone. To walk in and hear you confess your incestual lez desires for her.

My goodness please no!

Are they off yet?


Now reach down there and get rubb’en. Get those fingers all oily and wet. But DONT fist that puss like you did last time. Just rub those puffy lips for me ‘kay!


Good girl. I bet you’ve masturbated before to the thoughts of fucking your daughter’s fingers haven’t you?


Begging your daughter to rub that clitty raw. We both know its true.

Never, that’s horrible…

How about your ass? Ever masturbated to fantasies of fucking your ass with her fingers?


Come on…you know…bending over, sticking your big butt into the air, moaning like a fool as she jams her fingers into your ass! You’ve orgasmed to those thoughts before right?

NO NO NO!!!!

We’ll you better get practicing with your own fingers, Samantha has a very large dildo with your name on it.

Oh please, I couldn’t bare anything like that going inside there!

Hmmmm, you’ll be begging for it soon enough. Either way you have no choice, or your daughter will be ruined for life.

Gosh! Is this the only way to save her? To let you torment my body for your silence?

Happily it really is. Mainly because its the only way to get conservative, loving mommy sluts like you between our legs.

But your ruining my life, my dignity.

Are you still playing with that puss?

Yes…I still am…touching myself…

Stick a finger inside…


Wiggle it around for a moment, then take it out and lift it to your face.

Oh No! Please don’t make me…

Is that oily finger dangling in front of your face?

Yes, but please don’t make me…lick it…

Lick it? Oh wow, what a wonderful idea! I was simply going to ask you to see if it was wet. But now that I know how badly you want to…

Please don’t make me taste myself…Its disgusting! Please don’t make me!

Just close your eyes and imagine that it’s your daughter’s pussy juice dripping from that finger. That you’ve quietly snuck into her room at night, spread the legs of her sleeping body and slipped a finger into her warm moist pussy. Now be a good slut, open that mouth, and slide that finger onto your tongue.


How does it taste?


Its ok, you want to do this. You’ve always wanted escort gaziantep reklamları to know what she tastes like. We both know this. Taste her. Taste your baby girl…


How does it taste?


Come on, tell me how tasty that nasty finger was.

It was…ok.

Dip your finger in and take another taste.

Oh gosh…

Take a dip and bring it back up to your mouth now slut!…Any better this time?


Yes what?

Yes I taste…good.

YOU taste good or you’re DAUGHTER?

My…daughter. My daughter tastes good.

Like I thought. Put a finger back inside your steaming puss one more time.

Please, Jessica will be home any moment. Let me take the phone upstairs and we can…continue.

Enjoying this huh? Want to get upstairs so I can privately humiliate you some more. Well NO! You can NOT go upstairs to the privacy of your room.


Get that finger all slick and wet again!


Now take it back out, bend over, be a good slut, and shove it up your ass!


I don’t think you misunderstood me, but I’ll say it again. Bend over like a cheap whore and slip your pussy cream covered finger up your ASS!

I just can’t let Jessica see me like this. I cant let her walk in and see her mother doing…this…

Hmmm, you know your right. That would be a strange sight. Seeing her mother bent over with her hand hidden beneath that dress of yours. In that case, turn your ass towards the door, drop the dress from those big hips and THEN finger your bum!

You’re demented! You’ll stop at nothing to totally and utterly ruin me!

It’s either you or your daughter. You decide.

Oh Gosh!


You…{SNIFF}…win. My ass is…facing the door…and I’m…dropping my dress…and…sticking my finger inside…my… OH I’m going straight to hell!

Push it all the way in, up to the knuckle. Get it really in there.

Owe owe owe…

Yes I know it hurts, but doesn’t it feel sooooo good?


Now, close your eyes…


Because I told you to!


Whose finger is in your ass now?


No mommy slut…whose finger do you imagine inside your ass?

My fing…oh no…please stop this…its too perverted…

Who do you see sticking her finger up your sexy white ass?

Please, she’s a good girl. She’d never do anything like this to me!

But you’ve dreamed about this for so long. Having her show her total disrespect for her stern mother by shoving a finger up your quivering butt. Laughing at how pathetic you really are squirming and bouncing on her hand.


Go ahead slut, fuck your baby girl’s finger. Show her what mommies do when they have the hots for their daughters!

Oh Jessica, please don’t do this to me. I’m your mommy, please no!

She doesn’t believe you. She knows how bad you want it. Is she moving her finger in and out?

Yes she is, Jessica please stop. Mommy doesn’t want this.

Oh but mommy does want it doesn’t she? Mommy does want her precious baby girl’s finger up her ass, right slut?

No…please tell her to stop…

Go ahead mommy slut, tell your daughter to fuck her whorish mothers ass with her finger. Tell her how bad you want it.

No I don’t. Please don’t do this to me baby. Mommy is a good slut…

What was that?


Is she still fucking that ass with her stabbing finger?

Yes…She won’t stop…

You know why she won’t stop don’t you?

Because…because…mommy doesn’t want her to stop…

Tell her slut! Tell your daughter what you want her to do!

Fuck me Baby! Fuck mommy’s ass with your fingers. Please Jennifer, mommy needs it soooo bad.

Is she being a good daughter?

Hmmmm yyyyessss. She’s being a goooood girl.

Tell her to add another finger and to fuck faster.

Baby, I need another finger inside me. Please stick another finger in my ass and fuck it harder. Please teach mommy a lesson with your fingers. Teach me how to be your mommy slut!

Wonderful. You’re doing exactly as your supposed to do. Fuck that nasty ass of yours imagining it’s your daughter’s own fingers giving it to you. Go on slut, get off on ‘her fingers’!

Ohhhhhhh…soooo close…Faster baby, fuck mommies ass faster.

Wait…what was that noise?

It was…OH MY GOSH…it’s a car! Jessica is being dropped off by one of her friends…PLEASE LET ME RUN UPSTAIRS!



Keep fucking that worthless butt till you cum!



Ohhh..ohhhh…she’s…right at the front door…Ohhh…

Hmmm, you better hurry up. You don’t want her to catch what her nasty mommy is doing!

Ahhh..ohhhh…she’s turning the key…Ahhh…PPPLLLEEEEAAASSSEEE

CUM for me slut! Cum NOW!


Click…dial tone…

Hello? Mother I’m home!


To be Continued…


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