Young Man Pt. 05

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This is a direct continuation of chapter 4! Check out that story and any others in the series for specific backstory!

It was 5 am and I was waking up next to Jake in my bed. The smell of cum, sweat, and liquor was filling my bedroom. Overall not a bad night!

I got up having to take a huge piss and threw my athletic shorts on and stumbled into the hallway, my legs still very weak and my head a little hungover. I relieved myself for a long time before creeping into the kitchen and getting a couple Gatorade’s. Sneaking past Jake’s hot friend Dave, who was still asleep on the couch.

On the way back though I heard him stir and say, “Sounded like you two had fun last night.” His words making me freeze in my tracks.

I gulp hard in my throat and swung my eyes over to him on the couch as casually as I could. “Oh hey, yeah lots of fun, I’m glad you two could come over and have a few more drinks!” I said trying to be cool on the off chance he didn’t hear Jake fucking my brains out in the next room last night.

He was flashing a big, white smile at me with his head resting on one arm behind his head. He still had his chino shorts on, but his shirt was tossed on the floor. I could make out his lean, sinewy physique pretty well in the moonlight from the balcony door.

“Haha it’s cool man, I heard the two of you keep the party going and I’ve had my thoughts about him as well.” He said.

“Oh really? What kind of thoughts would those be?” I asked turning to face him now and taking a long drink of the Gatorade, quenching my parched throat.

“Haha just like seen him being really friendly with some guys at parties and shit. I know he’s a big horn dog with the girls around campus, but alway kinda thought he swung both ways too maybe.”

“Haha well i don’t know maybe he just kinda keeps things close to his chest, I mean would you have a problem if he did?” I asked kinda curious where this was going to go.

“Nah I’m cool with that, don’t think it’s anything to hide. Maybe jealous is the right word instead.” He said still smiling at me.

My cock stirred a little in my athletic shorts at that statement. God damn, one of the best fucks of my life happened last night and now this hottie in my living room was telling me about his cock interests? I must’ve been a saint istanbul travesti in my prior life!

I kind of chuckled back at him and bit my lower lip while I thought of what to say or do next. Fuck it, I thought. I walked over and got on my knees next to the couch and kept my eyes on his. “Jealous of the guys he was talking to, or Jake?”

He stirred a little, but kept his arm behind his head. His abs were so hot, just deep cuts in his stomach. Hidden slightly behind that chest and body hair. “I’ve heard about him, before hearing you tonight haha.” He said, “So I guess I’ve been wondering if that dick he swings is really all it’s cracked up to be?”

“Well…” I said slowly as I reached up and calmly cupped his bulge in his shorts. I could feel his cock was bursting to get out he was so turned on finally talking about this. “Now might be a good time to find out if you’re down…” I said letting my words trail off while squeezing his package again.

His breath caught in his throat and his eyes were glued on my hand squeezing him.

I sipped another drink and set it on the table, leaning forward and over his face, making his eyes refocus from my hand on his cock to my eyes. I smiled at him, “You ever…?”

His eyes were locked on mine as he slowly shook his head no, his lips slightly parted. “Ok well let’s start slow and you’ll be ready for the main event before you know it!” I said my words and breath washing over him.

He slowly nodding his head and that was all I needed to lean down and kiss him. His lips were still parted but I let our lips melt together, his breath caught in his throat and I could tell his heart was beating fast. I let out a little moan and he responding by pushing his tongue up and into mine.

Fuck he was a good kisser, I thought to myself as I kept kissing him, our tongues exploring and tasting one another, while my hand kept squeezing his bulge occasionally.

I let my lips drift a little off of his while my hand started to rock back and forth over his bulge. His hands left his side and the back of his head and was holding my head close to his.

“Tell me what you get off too when you picture you and big dick Jake having fun.” I said as I rocked my hand on him.

“Fuck. Fuck. I think of us kissing, his hands, those istanbul travestileri big hands running over me. Playing with my nipples, grabbing my ass.”

“Yeah? So you want to be his slut huh?”

“Well yeah, yeah I guess.” He moaned. I could tell he was going to cum super fast and me being generous decided he shouldn’t ruin his shorts.

“Strip!” I said as I stood up and pushed my shorts to my ankles and kicked them to the side. My cock was hard from all of this.

He frantically undid his button and pulled his shorts and underwear down in one move, tossing them on his shirt. His cock was about like mine. Average, about 6 inches, not super thick. A dark, black hair bush above his shaft, but his cock and balls were shaved.

I knelt next to him again and we got back into position. Our lips an inch apart, my hand wrapping around his cock. My fingers lightly running up and down his shaft and over his head, not applying a lot of pressure. I wanted him to cum at the right time.

“What happens next with you two?” I asked calmly as I softly played with his cock.

“Then, then we’d get naked.” He said taking a big gulp. “And he’d sit on the couch and I’d get between his legs and suck his big cock.”

“Fuck it’s a great feeling having his big cock slide between your lips and into your throat!”

“God yes and then I’d suck him and let him cum in my mouth…”

“And swallow for him?”

“Oh fuck yeah!” Dave said with a little chuckle, “Of course!”

“Haha of course!” I said as I moved so my left hand was playing with his cock and my right was rubbing his balls. The tips of my fingers drifting down to rub his taint and the outer rim of his ass.

His legs spread for me. He was a slut I guess!

“Then you two would be done?” I prompted him.

“No then, he’d take me to his room, take me there, and push me on the bed and get on top of me and we’d kiss a little. His cock would be poking me.”

“Right here?” I said as I pushed a little with my middle finger against his asshole.

“Oh yes god yes there. Then we’d like lube up and he’d finger me or whatever you have to get ready and he’d fucking push that huge cock into me!”

“Oh god yes…” I moaned.

“And we’d fuck and fuck, and I’d grab his arms, chest, shoulders, whatever before travesti istanbul he’d flip me around and fuck me doggy style. That would be the fucking best I think and he’d just fuck me until he…until he…fuck god I’m gonna cum!”

Dave cried out as I had started to stroke him trying to get to his orgasm right at the main event and right when he was picturing Jake breeding him with his big cock, his cock starting spurting through my hand all over his chest and stomach.

He was groaning and thrashing a little with his legs as he came. Probably one of the hardest times of his life! He moaned for me as I stroked every ounce out of him and played with his ass.

Once he calmed down I said, “Sounds like a very fun fantasy!” And smiling at him I licked up his cum from his balls, cock, stomach, and chest while he caught his breath. Then leaned up and kissed him, snowballing that load into his mouth. “Swallow it…” I whispered and he did.

We kept kissing as he moaned and calmed down and while we did his hand reached down and gripped my cock. He started tugging and jerking me off. I gripped his wrist and guided him on how to do it right, then sat in his stomach and straddled him.

He started stroking my cock again while I kind of grinding against his semi hard cock. I was moaning like crazy and putting on a show. My cock was hard and I was ready to burst after this encounter. It took like 60 seconds before I leaned up and let the tip of my cock drift towards his lips.

He opened up right away and accepted the head of my cock right as I started to cum.

“Oh fuck yeah Dave, fuck yes swallow me, swallow my cum!” I moaned as he tried his best to swallow, but my load was a little too much and a little slipped out of the sides of my lips. I came and pulled out and then laid on top of him, our cocks pressing together and kissed him again. My tongue gathering up my cum from his cheeks and feeding it to him again.

We kissed as the sun peeked out over the balcony. It was probably like 6 am now.

We broke for a second and drank some Gatorade and then I asked him, “So now that you’ve cum, still want that big dick stud in the next room to play with you?” Post nut clarity would tell me how real that fantasy was.

He laughed a little and kissed my lips again, “Fuck yes.” Was all he said.

“Good because I bet he’d like waking up to both of us!” I said as I stood up and grabbed his hand and pulled him to his feet. He laughed as he popped up with me and I led him to the bedroom…which will be the next installment! 😉

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