Zach and the Young Girl on the Train

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WARNING: This story involves scenes of graphic sex including anal. If that is not what you are looking for don’t read on. All sexual acts depicted in the story are committed by adults over eighteen years old.


I decided to catch the night train to a major city holding a convention I was gonna attend. I figured I could write a story or two then retire to my sleeper berth to get my rest and wake up refreshed. I sat for the time being on the upper deck at the window seat to keep my laptop plugged in and typed away for a while. I caught site of someone making their way down the isle and stop at my row.

She said hi and slid into the seat facing me so I checked her out. She was a nice height with very nice sized breasts under a girl’s school white shirt but two pockets hide what ever was behind them. She had on the traditional plaid skirt and black and white shoes. When she hopped onto her seat it allowed a quick glimpse of her light colored panties. She didn’t seem to mind my quick look and had a sly smile like she did it on purpose.

She smiled sweetly when she figured out I had been giving her the twice over. She settled in and we chit-chatted a bit. She told me her name was Kate and said I was Zach. We talked some more during which she told me she was going home during the school break and since she was eighteen and a senior she was allowed to travel alone. She flipped her long red hair a few times then she asked me what I did for a living. I told her I was retired but kept myself busy.

“Doing what,” she asked.

I told her I wrote “adult stories” to pass the time and published them on the Literotica web site.

“Really?” she squeaked.

“Yes I do and if I might be so bold to say so, after looking you over you will be the main character in my next story,” I said lifting my eyebrow.

“Really?” she whispered.

“Absolutely – I have almost the whole story worked out,” I answered.

“Are you gonna read one of your finished stories to me,” she asked quietly as she pushed out her nice sized breasts towards me.

“Are you old enough for me to tell you all that young lady?” I asked teasing her.

“YES I AM! I’m already eighteen,” she said a little too loud then laughed embarrassedly. “Besides, you’ve been checking out my panties like a dirty old man.”

“Well in my days mothers taught their daughters how to look and sit lady like. You’ve been showing me peeks of your pink panties now for a good half hour. I’d like to see what’s behind them. Do you have a smooth runway with a landing strip or maybe have a soft curly red forests that gets watered often?”

“You’d like to see under a little girls panties do you?” Kate said in a loaded whisper as she stared her green eyes deeply into mine.

She put her black and whites up on the seat and her plaid skirt slid down her thighs. Her panties were pulled slightly between her labia. As I watched the middle of her panties started turning darker. Kate was getting excited showing off.

“Are you gonna read one of your finished stories to me, or not?” and she tested me by slowly running her thin red painted finger tip up the crease of her labia.

So I read her the “Red Eye Mile High” story of the young girl on the night flight to the west coast.

I could see she was squirming in her seat and her breathing was getting heavy. When I finished the story her face and neck was flushed and her panties were dark red and her ass cheeks were shiny with her young juices.

“Are you gonna tell me my story,” she whispered.

“Well I’ll give you the quick version,” I laughed. She shifted forward in her seat and since she had opened the top few buttons during my reading the story it give me a nice view down her cleavage.

I then told her the beginning of the story –

“When the train lowers its lights we are still seated across from each other. Absentmindedly she pulls her feet up on the seat with her knees raised and her plaid skirt slides down to her lap. This gives me an easy view of her pink panties.”

“Like I have been doing,” Kate said as she sat like a baseball catcher. “I have pink panties just like your story girl,” she whispers.

I tell her that I can see her panties are getting wet and maybe I’ll add that to her story. “I tell that train girl that she should massage her nipples until they are rock hard then run her fingers up and down between her pussy lips. The girl would then make herself cum while I watched,” I added to the story.

“Like this?” Kate moaned as she pulled on her breasts through her school shirt. She moved her hand down to her lady parts and let out a low moan. She looked around quickly but we were the only ones sitting in our area. She rubbed her slit through her panties gusset which quickly became even darker with pussy moisture. Kate slipped her hand under her panty hem and rubbed her sex knot in a circle.

“I would then order the naughty school girl; Show Daddy,” I added.

“You are such a dirty old man,” Kate moaned as she pulled her panty crotch to the side.

Her pussy escort bursa lips with lightly covered red hair came into view. She used her fingers to spread her pussy lips and I watched as pussy juices leaked out to pool around her ass.

“See Daddy? Nice curly red hair just the way you like it,” she moaned.

“I would order the girl – Cum for me little school girl,” I whispered.

Kate moaned as a few fingers disappeared up her pussy. The car we were in was unoccupied so I whispered, “I would tell the bad little girl to unbutton her shirt and show me her tits.”

Slowly Kate’s buttons were opened and a silky see through bra appeared. Her dark nipples showed through. “I would tell the girl to play with her tits and nipples and even show me them,” I add.

Kate rubbed then pulled on her nipples and pulling the cups aside showed me the rock hard points surrounded by rose colored areoles. Kate then used one hand to abuse her clit and the other hand to fuck her pussy with her long fingers. Kate’s face and neck got beet red and her legs pushed out straight with her black and white’s on the outside of either side of my thighs. I could feel her long legs pushing stronger against my legs. Kate exhaled a gush of breath and her entire body shook for about a minute.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck I’m cccuuummmiiinnnggg,” Kate moaned.

Her legs trembled next to me so I ran my hands up and down her calves. Being the gentleman I am I focused all my attention on her pleasing herself until she reached nirvana and settled her breathing to somewhat normal.

Kate asked “Is that it?” as she dropped her feet to the floor.

“Well I would add more detail and more adult language after we retired to my sleeping berth but yea that’s about it,” I replied.

“Oh you think the girl would go to your train bed just like that? What kind of girl do you think she is?” she challenged me.

“Well at the very least she is the kind that rubs her pussy to tease an old man,” I laughed

We talked a little more suggestively until the attendants did announce that the lights would go out soon. I told Kate good night and laughingly told her it would be nice to have those wet pink panties next to my pillow tonight. She slapped my arm and told me to behave. So I thought that was that and left for my berth.

I woke from a deep sleep hearing a tapping on my door. I sleep nude so I just pulled the door curtain aside and in the sparse light of the cabin I saw that Kate was outside with her baggage. I opened the door and she entered and stowed her stuff. When she turned to face me she saw I was naked. Her eyes traveled down my body and stopped midway. What I like about my cock the most is that it always stays the full eight inches and just hardens and swells when excited.

Kate stared at my cock for some time then hiked up her skirt and holding the hem in her teeth she pushed her panties down and wiggled them down to her school shoes. She turned her back to me, bent over and untied her shoes and took them off. She gave me a wonderful view of her red hair lightly coated pussy and a rose colored backdoor button. While she was still bent over I ran a finger through her pussy lips then tapped on her rosebud.

She took in a deep breath then pulled her panties off her feet. She stood up turned towards me and holding her panties forward whispered, “These should pay for my ticket tonight.”

“Sorry miss that is only a down payment so get the rest of your clothes off,” I said with a tone of authority.

She stood there defiantly so in one motion I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her arm and dropped her across my knees. Before she could react I flipped her skirt up and quickly slapped her ass hard several times until it turned red. She was whimpering as she lay across my lap but I ran two fingers between her pussy lips then circled her asshole. She flinched but didn’t make a move as I slid my fingers down to her clit and circled it and pulled it with my finger tips.

I kept that up for some time and as she began to pant and shake I wet fingers of my other hand in her pussy and sent those back to her anus. I rubbed her clit and anus until I felt her clutch my legs. When her pussy juice soaked my hand I slid my long finger into her ass and kept it deep inside as her ass pulsed squeezing my finger. She moaned and shook through another strong orgasm. I let her slide softly to the floor to regain her strength.

I hung my dick between my legs and looking at Kate said, “Do Me.”

Just then the lights went out on the train but something warm took hold of the first few inches of my hard eight inch cock. I realized Kate had found my cock in the dark and began bathing it with her tongue and lips. She was sucking on the helmet and bathing the male nub under the head with her tongue. She just kept my dick in her mouth but made no other movement.

I humped my hips and more of my dick slid deeper into her mouth. Kate hummed “mmmmmmmm” on my dick and it dawned on me that I had to be the one forcing her to blow me. She was bursa merkez eskort “too good a girl” to do something dirty like that so I took over for my own pleasure.

I pulled my hips back and Kate sucked tight on my dick on the way out. I pushed my hips forward and Kate softened her lips and most of my dick slid into the back of her throat. Kate worked on the length of my cock with her mouth and tongue as I moved it in and out. I picked up the pace and Kate tightened her suction on my dick. When I got to the tipping point I grabbed the back of Kate’s head and sliding most of my cock past her tight lips I forced her to take load after load of my cum into her mouth.

On the tip of my cock I could feel Kate suck each of my cum loads down her throat which caused me to twitch and shoot more cum. I would not let that “bad girl” loose until I knew she had swallowed all my spunk. I petted her head but kept my dick in her mouth until I felt her licking my cock clean. I slid my dick back as Kate tightened her lips until I popped out. Kate hummed then settled her head down in my lap as slowly the lights returned.

I stood us both together. I felt her take my hand in hers and placed it on one of her school shirt covered breasts then squeezed. She patted my hand then moved hers aside. I had all the permission to explore Kate’s blouse covered tits as I needed. I cupped that one breast, squeezing and releasing and rubbing my palm across her nipple until it got rock hard. I moved to the other one and repeated the same exploration. I could just hear Kate moan softly as I played with her navel orange sized breasts. They fit very nicely into my palm.

Kate’s school shirt was easy to open so I slid my hand inside and into her bra cup. I found her hard nipple with my two fingers and twilled her point between them. She grabbed my arm and hissed. I used those fingers to pull that nipple away from her breast until she scratched my arm with her nails. Spinning slightly I moved my other hand and headed for the other breast. I slid that hand under her other bra cup and dialed that nipple looking for the same reaction. I got it from Kate when I pinched her nipple out away from her warm heaving breast.

After more breast play that had her moaning Kate turned her back to me and pulled one hand of mine out of her bra and ran that hand down her tummy. I unzipped her skirt and it slid down past her knees to the floor. She moved my hand up and down her pussy mound then let me go. My fingers began their exploration and discovered her soaking wet pussy. I took my two middle fingers and stroked her pussy mound until I separated her nether lips. I pushed into the fold of her pussy lips and moved my finger up onto her love button. I circled that nub until Kate shuddered.

I circled her nub then tapped it with increasing speed. I then captured it between my two fingers and pulled on it as it doubled in size. Kate shifted then grabbed my two fingers and brought then to the entrance to her love tunnel. She motioned me to fill her with those two fingers. With her pussy being soaking wet it was easy to slip past her pussy lips and enter her hot, hot canal. With those fingers buried deep up her cunt my palm mashed her clit. Kate reached between us and began to stroke my cock.

I increased the speed of my fingers moving in then out of her pussy and the pressure on her clit. Kate began to moan louder. She had my cock in a death grip as I brought her closer to her orgasm. I slipped my fingers out of her pussy and slid my other hand there to get those fingers wet. Moving them between us I slid those down her ass crack until I found the button to her back door. I circled her anus with her slick pussy juice and slipped my ring finger into her dark tunnel. Kate moaned and shuddered. I pulled one finger out and placed the pinkie next to it. Her anal ring gave way and I slid both of them up her ass to the end of my fingers.

Twisting my other hand I slipped the two larger fingers into her twat and began a double penetration while my thumb rubbed her clit. I picked up the pace of sliding my fingers in and out of both love holes. A few minutes of pounding Kate’s two nether tunnels I could feel Kate’s pussy and ass begin to tighten around my fingers. A few more pumps and both tunnels began to pulse and pussy juice poured out soaking my fingers.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck I’m cccuuummmiiinnnggg again,” Kate moaned.

Kate slammed her legs closed capturing my hand and prevented my fingers from doing any more pleasuring to her pussy and ass. She humped and shook her hips as she swam through several intense orgasms pulsing on my fingers.

Kate finally expelled a long drawn out breath and opened her legs and slowly pulled my fingers out of her pussy and ass. She brought the pussy fingers to her lips and sucked them into her mouth. She cleaned her pussy juice off my fingers with her tongue and suction of her mouth. She walked slowly to the bed and bent over so her face was on the sheets and her ass was high towards me.

I bursa sınırsız escort thought to myself “why not” as by now my dick was rock hard and at its full thick eight inches. I moved up to her ass and slid my dick through her pussy lips till it was soaked with her thick hot juices. Since she took my two fingers up her ass I went right for it with my dick head. I placed my dick at the center of her rosebud and rubbed it around. My school girl just moaned but made no move to chase me away. I bent my dick down a bit and slid it up her pussy. She shuddered when my dick was fully into her pussy.

“Oh damm, you are filling me up, all the way to the back. Never had a cock this big in my poor little pussy,” she moaned.

I pumped her pussy for a minute or two until I felt her cum again and coat my thighs with more pussy juice. She was breathing deeply and moaning out nonsense sounds. She lost her strength and slid to her knees. I dropped down also and stayed inside her until she stopped shaking then slowly pulled my dick out. My cock was soaking wet with her thick pussy honey. I bent my dick upwards and centered it right on her asshole. I leaned over her back, pulled on her long red hair and told her to push back.

She forced out a “No, No, NO,” softly but pushed her ass backwards until my dickhead popped through her anal ring.

She moaned and began to breathe heavily. I told her to push more and slapped one of her ass cheeks. She moaned deeply and pushed back slowly until my large dick was fully down her ass.

“Oh damm that feels so wicked and so great at the same time. This is all so new to my poor little ass. But do it, do it and fill me up with your cum,” she sobbed out.

I then started to slide out almost all the way then slowly slid my dick all the way back in. Her ass was very hot and very tight. I picked up some more pussy juice with my fingers and coated her anal ring and my long dick. I increased my pace but went easy on her because of her youth. As I got close to coming I felt her ass tighten down on my cock.

She must be rubbing her clit because I felt finger tips lightly brushing my balls. That just stirred the cum in my heavy balls and began the trip of my hot cum to my dickhead.

She moaned, “I’m comming, I’m comming, dammit, I’m comming. That dick feels SO big in my ass. It’s touching so deep in me. My asshole won’t let go of that cock. Do it, drown my ass with your hot cum.”

That did it for me as a slid all the way down her tight brown chute and shot load after load of my cum deep down her ass. All at once my thighs got another soaking of her pussy juice. I stayed deep in her ass for several minutes while we caught our breath. I slowly slid out of her ass and reached up and kissed the back of her neck. She slowly stood up and turned around to face me.

I pulled off her shirt and popped off her bra and rolled us both onto the berth. We settled in as spoons and fell asleep. Sometime during the night I awoke from a very sexy dream. I realized I was cupping Kate’s nearest breast and a rock hard nipple. She was moaning softly and had her hand on top of my hand on her breast.

Still pretending to be asleep I let her pinch her nipple with my fingers until she began to shake. She opened her legs and moved my dick between her thighs and slid it between her pussy lips till it was coated with her hot juices. Kate then centered my dick at the entrance to her back love canal and slowly pushed back. My cockhead slowly began to push her rosedoor open and she moaned softly. She pushed back again and my cockhead popped in. My helmet was fully captured by her warm tight anal ring and it squeezed me several times as it spasmed.

She took a few deep breaths and slowly slid back on me until my full eight inches were again buried up her ass.

“Oh dam I’ve never felt anything so nasty and so good at the same time,” she moaned softly.

Thinking I was still asleep she began to fuck her ass on my cock, pulling out to the head then sliding fully back down to grab my balls with her ass. She kept her own pace which soon became faster and faster. It was a tight fit but I felt her one hand slid between her legs and she found her clit again. She moaned loudly and her body shuddered. She slid to the top of my cock and I would feel her ass chute grab my cock each time.

Again I heard her moan softly, “Oh I’m close, I’m close again, oh dam there it is, fuck, oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, oh fuck my ass,” she moaned and she slammed into a very intense orgasm.

As she came through her several mini orgasms her pussy and ass were pulsing which I could feel strongly against my cock. That was enough to get me over the edge and I shot another five or six ropes of my hot cum straight up her ass. She lay on her side for quite a while breathing deeply with feelings of total fulfillment and contentment. I kept my full eight inches in her ass and fell asleep again.

I heard the train wake-up-bell and I looked over and Kate was back in her school clothes all prim and proper. I asked her if she had a good sleep and she said yes but had a funny dream. I told her I did also. I asked her if I could have her email address so I could send her my made up story using her as a model. She told me that a “good girl” wouldn’t read those kind of stories but she gave me her email address anyway.

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