1 + 1 Equals 3, or Does It? Ch. 04

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I am not a writer, far from it. Except for the names and places, the stories you read are for the most part true. Still they are not biographies. Artistic license has been taken to enhance or in some cases minimize the events described. All sexual situations were between consensual adults within the framework of their story.

This is the tenth of now twelve interviews I have worked on over the last five years.

Most of these stories cover several years. I will try to keep the chapters short. I suggest you save one for reference. None of the stories are mine, any personal friend, or relative.


Chapter 4

Lilly was in the shower when I woke. Her clothes for the day were laid out on the dresser. Her suitcases no longer in my room. It was a kick in the gut but all I could think about was Daisy and how she would take it.

Lilly walked in wrapped in a towel. She looked at me as I waited for her to take it off.

“Do you mind?” She looked at the hall.

“Sorry.” I lied.

I went into the bathroom completely defeated. Not only was she leaving I couldn’t even see her naked now? I took my shower and got dressed for work. When I went down Lilly had breakfast prepared. Her suitcases nowhere to be seen. When she saw me looking a smile crossed her face.

“I thought it best Daisy not see them.” Lilly offered an explanation.

“Oh, yeah.” I bungled a reply.

“Please sit down.” Lilly handed me the morning paper as if nothing had changed.

I took a seat so I could watch her in the kitchen.

“Rose will be here soon with Daisy.” Lilly spoke as if it were any other day. “Before she gets here you should know something about our mother.”

“Really?” I asked almost being snide.

Lilly glared at me in reply.

“Really!” She continued. “She likes to make people uncomfortable, to make them squirm. She does it by being outlandish, not manipulative.”

“Ok?” I acknowledged not knowing why we were having this conversation.

Lilly brought me a plate with food and held it in front of me. “She is like a lioness protecting her cubs, she would give up her life for Rose and me.” Lilly made her point then sat down the plate. She held my gaze making sure I understood. It reminded me of how my mother would get her point across when I was younger.

Why can’t women be more like men and just come out and say what they mean? Then I remembered how delicate the male ego truly is. It’s their way of getting a point across without embarrassing us. Maybe I’m slow but I’ll admit it didn’t make sense just yet.

The Land Rover pulled in the drive and the two beauties headed to the house. Breakfast was less stressful than I would have thought. Daisy was happy and still oblivious, Lilly and Rose cool as cucumbers. Even the kisses I got before I left for work were nothing special.

Once I got to work I was worthless. I called in Lenny, we looked at my calendar for the next week and cleared off Monday through Wednesday. With Daisy not having classes for another week I decided being with our parents and grandmother a couple extra days wouldn’t hurt.

It was about two when I left the office hoping to get an early start. Daisy’s car wasn’t there when I got home. I was in my room packing some clothes when I heard her pull in the drive. I heard the back door slam.

“PARKER!” Just the shrill in her voice let me know there was a problem.

“Up here!” I yelled.

I assumed she didn’t hear me since Daisy called out several more times downstairs.

“Dee, I’m in my room.” I called out as she started upstairs.

“She’s gone!” Daisy sobbed. “They said she took a leave of absence at work, there’s a for rent sign at the house!” Daisy cried out.

The moment I had dreaded arrived. This was even worse than I had expected. This wasn’t a week off to visit their mother. Rose and Lilly were planning to leave for good. I felt like an accomplice in a crime.

“I know.” I confessed looking at her sadly.

“YOU KNEW? You knew that night didn’t you?” Daisy screamed. Daisy lunged at me flailing her arms to exact her revenge. “I HATE YOU!”

She got in some good licks before I corralled her pulling her so tight she couldn’t dish out any real damage.

“I’m sorry Daisy. Rose asked me to wait until she was gone.” I explained.

“I want her back! Fix this Parker!” Daisy protested. “What did I do?”

‘What did I do?’ were always the words Daisy used when she broke up with her boyfriends. Then and there it dawned on me Daisy may have taken her experimenting to another level. Without asking, I had to assume Daisy and Rose had become lovers.

“It’s not because of you Dee, Rose loves you.” I consoled her.

“Then why did she leave?” Daisy bawled.

I braced for another round of her wrath. Physically exhausted she slumped through my arms to her knees. I moved to join her resting her head on my shoulder. I was going to need a fresh shirt, we embraced as she continued to cry. It was a good ten minutes before she had settled down istanbul escort enough to let her go.

“Where’s Lilly?” Daisy asked looking around my room for her suitcases.

“Daisy… she’s with Rose.” My sister looked at me for the first time realizing my pain.

“Oh! Parker… NO!” Daisy howled. “This isn’t fair!”

Daisy flung herself at me again, we tumble back on the floor. Daisy scrambled to be on top of me.

“I’ll love you Parker.” Daisy said kissing me passionately.

There was enough heartbreak and emotion to extend the kiss longer than any other we had shared. I knew it was wrong, she was my sister after all, but I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her tighter. Daisy redoubled her efforts. She was cooing through the kisses, I was caught up as well. We writhed on the floor both wishing we were with someone else. Or were we?

“Fuck me Parker!” Daisy pushed up and hissed. “Please make love to me!”

“Daisy …” I started to protest.

She kissed me again cutting me off. She rolled me over on top. Daisy spread her legs and started to unbuckle my jeans. I pulled her tit free and sucked on her nipple making it taunt. Daisy gripped my hard cock and pulled it out.

“I love you Daisy but we can’t!” I found the strength to resist her.

“But why?” She held my cock firmly. “I’m in love with you!”

“I know.” I whispered.

I sat up between her legs, Daisy’s tit still exposed, her hand still gripping my cock. It was like a bucket of cold water was thrown on us.

“Besides what will we tell mom and dad?” I teased.

Daisy looked up sadly, she looked at her tit and then my penis in her hand and stroked it lightly.

“Can we at least finish what we started?” She teased back.

I took her hand from around my steel like cock. “I don’t think that would be a good idea.” I stood and winked. “We should get going it’s a long drive to moms.”

“Parker!” Daisy called out still not putting her tit away.


“It’s going to happen.” Daisy announced.

I helped her up and she headed to her room. Somehow I knew the odds were against me.

It took about an hour to get packed up and lock down the house. It was a marvelous day outside, the sun was shining and the breeze was warm but not hot. I had just put the last one of Daisy’s suitcases beside my duffle bag. Grandma’s old sedan was almost packed with just the two of us.

Daisy was coming out of the house locking it up. Being in her early twenties she dresses like young women do. Form fitted and layered, sexy but not obscene, stylish but on a budget look. You could wrap her in an old burlap bag and she would look good. Dressed as she was now she was outright daring.

Her top clearly showed she was not wearing a bra, something a woman with her bust purposely chooses to do. Her skirt flared out in crisp pleats several inches above her knees, not something I expected would be comfortable for such a long trip. But what surprised me more was her attitude. I was expecting Daisy to still be upset, but if Daisy was, she was hiding it well now.

We stopped and got a couple of ice cold drinks before we left town. Out on the highway, Daisy folded up the armrests and lay across the expanse of the front seat her head on my lap. Within minutes Daisy was sleeping, the emotional day catching up with her. After an hour or so I woke her up for a pit stop. Back in the car she resumed sleeping.

My stomach was growling just as the sun started going down. I caressed her hair, Daisy stirred slightly.

“Are you hungry?” I asked softly.

“MmmmmM. That sounds good.” She purred shifting only slightly.

“What sounds good?” I asked scanning the billboards for options.

Daisy extended her hand and rubbed it over my cock. It was hard almost before I could protest.

“Hey stop that!”

“You asked me what sounds good.” Daisy started to pull down my zipper. “Give me a few minutes I am sure something will cum to me!”

I swerved just a bit, a horn blared as I tried to fend her off. “I’m driving here!”

“Then I suggest you do better job or you could lose something important!” With that her lips covered the head of my continually growing cock.

“Daisy you need to stop that!” I groaned in pleasure.

“I told you it was going to happen!” Daisy reminded me.

I pulled to the right lane and slowed down to just below the legal limit. What was once an open road now seem to box me in with passing cars. My eyes darted at every mirror like a quarterback under a blitz. Just the sound of her slurping my cock was enough to make me glad I didn’t have the radio on.

Mile after mile rolled by when it happened. The blare of an air horn beside us startled me. I looked up and a semi driver and his passenger were looking down. Through half open eyes I saw them give me the thumbs up. Like the dork I am I waved? I had to get off before someone gets killed.

Daisy may not be experienced but she avcılar escort is enthusiastic. The next exit had several places to eat, but I really didn’t care I just needed to cum by now. I put my turn signal on a mile before the exit. Coasting down the ramp the light was red at the intersection.

Daisy stroked me faster.

“Why are we stopping?” She looked up through the windshield.

I took my hand and forced her back over my cock firmly.

“Don’t you dare stop now!” I groaned.

She giggled, slurped my cock back in her mouth sending shivers up my back. I was so close…

The light turned green I checked the traffic, coasted around the corner, Daisy redoubled her efforts. I pulled in a shopping center parking lot, put the car in neutral, and braced against the seat. My body stiffened against the bottom of the steering wheel.

“OOHHHHH DAMN!” I shouted.

I released the next curse word as the car was still slowly rolling through the empty part of the parking lot.

“You…! You…VIXEN!” I bucked up against the wheel so hard I’m sure I bruised my thighs.

Daisy was gagging trying to feed on the volume of cum I was pumping in her mouth. I came so hard I wrestled to stay in the driver’s seat. Daisy moaned in approval as my orgasm finally started to taper off. I don’t remember such an intense feeling of gratification.

I pulled her up and kissed her just like she had kissed me earlier. Even Daisy was startled by the sudden passion I shared with her.

“Are you ok?” She laughed caressing both sides of my face.

“Don’t ever do that again!” I yelled. She was crestfallen over my outburst. “Not while I’m driving Daisy. Someone could get killed!”

It dawned on her the same time it hit me. I had prefaced it only when I was driving. She grinned ear to ear.

“I promise Parker! We won’t do it while you’re driving!” Daisy kissed me back.

She grabbed the napkins from earlier and cleaned up any remnants that slipped past her lips then kissed the end before allowing me to zip my pants up.

“Rose is right you cum allot, I’m not hungry anymore.” Daisy teased.

It wasn’t the last joke at my expense but it was the best one. We found a nice little place for dinner. Dressed as she was Daisy garnered her fair share of attention. Back on the highway Daisy laid her head back on my lap.

We still had an hour to go, the traffic was lighter now, I set the cruise and sat back to relax. The radio was playing softly. I thought she was planning to sleep again.

“I’ve never done that before.” Daisy said.

“Done what.”

“Swallowed cum.” Daisy answered. “And never gave a blowjob in a car either. You?”

“Swallow cum? Nah. Tasted mine on your lips.” I teased. “Never in a car, either.”

I reached down to caress her shoulder.

Why’d you do that?” I asked.

“I told you Parker I’m in love with you.” Daisy replied not looking up in case I wanted to argue.

She reached for my zipper, I flinched but somehow I knew I needed to trust her. Daisy pulled out my limp cock and gently stroked it.

“Rose says she loves to do this. Does it feel good?” She looked over her shoulder.

“If you go slowly, it feels great. Too fast and bad things happen.” I warned her.

Daisy took the hand from her shoulder where I was caressing her, pulled up her top and placed it on a busty tit.

“Too fast and good things will happen!” She teased.

That is how we began the final leg of the drive, her head propped up on the side of my lap. Her hand stroking me just enough to keep me awake. My hand caressing and teasing her marvelous tits.

Daisy dosed off about fifteen minutes from our parents’ house.

“Honey were almost there.” I shook her.

Daisy squeezed my cock gently. Daisy rolled facing up and smiled.

“You called me honey. That is so sweet!” Daisy grinned. “I don’t suppose we could get a hotel for the night and tell them the car broke down?”

“If we did dad would want to come get us.” I explained. “Maybe next time?”

“Don’t tease me like that Parker.” Daisy pouted.

Actually in a way I wasn’t. I couldn’t admit that of course but this trip had affected me in ways I hadn’t expected. My thoughts were still about Lilly, but Rose and now Daisy seemed have equal importance.

I really did want to bring them both back. I just wasn’t sure how.

“Can you pull over?” Daisy asked.

“Sure why?” I asked confused.

“I need to change before we get to the house.” Daisy giggled still looking up from my lap.

I found a closed business and pulled in where I could see the street. I looked down at Daisy she was pulling her skirt up. She had teased me the whole trip with it but it was always pointed away from me.

Daisy spread her legs and pulled her panties to the side. She plunged two fingers in her snatch, they disappeared instantly. Pulling them up Daisy offered them to me. In utter disbelief I let her place them in my mouth only to suck şirinevler escort them clean.

“Parker…” Daisy stared at me intensely. “Maybe we could use the back seat?”

“Daisy…not here, not like this.” I begged her.

“Ok Parker but it will happen.” She replied adamantly.

Daisy grabbed my hand and guided it to her pussy. She rubbed it over her mound, my fingers curled inside her sopping cunt. She thrust up and groaned. Lights flashed across the windshield. I jerked my hand free my fingers coated in oily passion.

“False alarm!” I quickly reassured her.

Daisy sucked my fingers clean, and hesitated before she let them free.

“To be continued?” She pleaded. I nodded slowly. “I better get dressed before we get arrested.”

I was coming under the spell of this vixen as well. It was like a conspiracy was taking place and I was blissfully unaware. Daisy went in the trunk when she came back she was wearing jeans and carried a bra.

Removing her top I occasionally looked at her and, well, ok, I ogled her the whole time. But I should have been looking for anyone approaching. Pulling back on the street I smiled inside knowing she had dressed sexily just for me.

Our dad Payton, our mom Joyce, our brother Darren and, Caroline our grandmother were all waiting for us. Darren stayed for a few hours then went home. He lives across town with his girlfriend who was working.

Grandma excused herself shortly after. With hugs and kisses mom made sure grandma was settled in before she returned. We talked briefly about Lilly and why she wasn’t with us, something I would not discuss in front of my brother.

Then like all mothers do, mom asked about Rose. Mom and Daisy are close as mothers and daughters go. They stay in touch, mom has a way of rooting things out politely. I’m not sure how much my mother knew but just her asking suggested she suspected Rose was involved too.

I was a bit tired and needed a shower. Daisy’s old bedroom is the one our grandmother now lives in. The bedroom Darrin and I shared has two full size beds on opposite sides of the room.

There is a fourth bedroom, but it is dad’s office at home. It has a couch that is comfortable enough but is seldom used as a bed. The down side is there is only two bathrooms with showers, in the master bedroom mom and dad use, and one in the main hall. There is a half bath in the basement.

I thought for sure our grandmother would be moved to the room with the two beds so she could share with Daisy. But when I walked by the door was open and it was empty. I threw my bag on the dresser, removed some workout shorts I sleep in, and headed for the bathroom.

In the hall I heard the three of them wrapping things up and saw a light turn off. I closed the door to the bathroom and used the toilet. I brushed my teeth while the shower warmed up then removed my clothes and hopped in.

I had just started to wash myself finishing my hair when the door to the bathroom opened. Covered with soap I looked to find Daisy closing the door to the bathroom. She was checking to see if anyone saw her only to see me watching her.

She was dressed scantily for our parents’ house, but covered. With a thin white muscle tee shirt and white cotton panties.

“What are you doing?” I whispered loudly knowing how little noise one could get away with in this house.

“I need to pee!” She giggled.

Daisy started to walk past the shower on the way to the toilet.

“Oh no you don’t.” I grabbed her wrist. “You’re not going to flush the toilet while I shower!”

“But Parker!” She wiggled her hips with her legs clinched tight. “I need to go!” She giggled.

“Come here!”

I pulled her in the shower clothes and all. She started to squeal so I covered her mouth with a kiss. Daisy recovered quickly and reached for my cock.

“Oh no you don’t.” I slapped it away. “Now it’s my turn!”

I pulled her tight against me. Her large tits now visible through her tee shirt. I kissed her again then warned her to be quiet. Turning her to the side I pushed my hand past the elastic band of her panties.

Daisy looked up at me as if to ask what I was doing. I slipped my two fingers just inside her pussy.

“Parker please…” She moaned.

“Shhhh Daisy, trust me.” I whispered.

Daisy opened her legs slightly, my fingers probed deeper. Her eyes opened wider, she wanted to say something but couldn’t.

“Take off your panties.” I whispered in her ear.

Daisy pushed them down kicking them to the corner of the shower. When she straightened up her legs went wider. I curled my fingers against the back of her pubic bone. Daisy shuddered in my arm

“Parker I really do have to pee!” She protested.

“Not yet love, hold on.” I encouraged her.

My fingers were embedded as far as they would go. I massaged her pussy from the inside. Her G spot was sending conflicting signals with her need to piss. I quickened the pace of my fingers fucking her.

Daisy gripped my arm, her pussy clenched my fingers. Her chest was heaving the thin material no longer covering one big tit that escaped from the side. Daisy was biting down on her lower lip to stifle her moans.

“Parker!” She hissed.

“Not yet Dee, you need to cum!” I demanded.

“I can’t Parker, I need to pee!” She argued.

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