$250,000.00 Secret

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On my webcam I watched Bethany scratching the lotto ticket with the penny she found in the parking lot. She squinted to read the year. How ironic. 2001, Canada – 1 Cent. The Maple Leaf waving at her. The copper so shiny and new. Untarnished.

Leaning back on the sofa she strokes her clit and feels the moisture leak from her pussy down to the rosebud of her sensitive ass… she wonders if that penny had been hidden away these last 9 years? Had she?

This penny just had to be lucky. 2001 was the year printed on half her precious belongings. The embroidered bedspread announcing ‘two hearts joined in love’ draped across the foot of their king sized bed. The needlepoint from her mother in law framed on the living room wall beside another gilded frame holding the memory of their kissing lips in the wedding photo. Beth’s smiling face. Her eyes so bright with hope and excitement for their home to be filled with red headed babies.

Now as Bethany’s eyes travelled to the window she wondered when he would be home from tutoring tonight. No children graced their table. Only him in his favourite chair, with the fan blowing and waiting for his dinner and his can of Ginger Ale. Their conversation earlier in the day twisted a knot in her belly she couldn’t untangle. I watch in awe as she takes the 7″ pink curved cock from her handbag and slams the vibrator into her beautiful puffy cunt – hard. Her big eyes close tite and she is lost in thought.

She had caught him cheating almost three months ago. He was having an online love affair with a scam artist from West Africa.

One fateful Friday in late May, while innocently cleaning up before bed, she opened an email that must have fallen from her husband’s pocket. As she read it her heart exploded in her chest. Tears filled her green eyes, and she brushed the hair from her face.

Her little fist pressed her mouth to stifle a scream. She looked at his laptop lying closed on the end table. All these months, thinking he was studying!

She felt like such an idiot! Encouraging him to spell and write so he could improve his literacy skills and obtain the Engineering Degree to have the career he had been ‘promising’ to have since their courtship.

All these years.

While she was working two jobs to afford to get him a tutor, yet no improvement! And no more money in the account than before. She still filled out every form, and save his signature; did everything in their life herself. Including sex. Their once a week, that turned into once in a while had ‘ended’ completely two years ago. Her vibrator was her only pleasure – and even that had been tucked away in shame because he made her feel so dirty for wanting to give and receive pleasure.

Their only courtship recently happened when he had her in public, on display as his dedicated loyal, loving wife. The one with the secret recipe for everything…. If the world could only see into her shattered heart.

Turning the vibe off she sits up and stretches. Oh she is so lovely. Her makeup is smudged bonus veren siteler from squeezing her eyes tite, and a tear escapes the corner of her eye. She picks up her penny and scratches the last box of game two.

Still nothing.

Vegas was calling her. This was going to be good. She could feel it.

Bethany remembered how her husband had thrown her across the dining room that cold May Monday morning and choked her till she could not breathe. She was helpless. Pinned in the corner of the table and the wall. So helpless, and so worried about how he could be doing this. She was never going to be physically abused! Not her! That was for the weak. The trailer park class, not her. Not them.

The first time he threw her out of the car flashed through her mind, -40C and snowing. Her tears froze to her face as she made the trek home in her church clothes, so ashamed – hoping her eye would not swell and that it was simply snot she was wiping away. Not blood like that other time….

Her eyes opened now and the pieces started to fit together. She realized that choking happened the same time in May as the email she had read between her husband and his online lover was written – and printed out.

May 2, 2010.

A new date branded on her pale skin. The exact time that he couldn’t send his ‘online wife’ more than $100 because he had to ‘pay rent’. OH the lying cheating bastard. How he apologized to his African wife in the e-mail to her. On that letter which now burned itself into Bethany’s soul. That hateful jumble of broken English and a whore begging for her money to pay an urgent bill. The one he printed and left for Bethany’s tired eyes to see.

I would kill the bastard if she would let me. But I love Beth too much to break my promise to her. This guy is such an idiot I’m sure someone will beat me to it.

I could tell that the email haunted her thoughts. ‘Him’ of course being the ‘single Canadian man’ who wanted to ‘see the beautiful young nursing student take off that beautiful red dress’, and have him ‘lik her nik’, which Beth understood to be him ‘licking her neck’. Even near heart attack level stress, his lack of literacy skills were not lost on Bethany.

She had tried to fill his stubborn hateful brain from her sensitive one for so long that hers was draining dry. Reality was, the truck had needed $400 in repairs at the end of April and ALL the bills were overdue. Again, he told her that this must be her fault – ‘she’s in charge of the money’ after all! ‘He doesn’t see the bills’. Oh just look at that shattered angel, she’s in so much pain.

Beth printed off (with a broken heart) 16 pages of proof that her husband was involved in a scam. It took all her nerve to show them to him.

‘He must be having a mid life crisis’ she reasoned with herself.

She bit hard on her pouty lip as she thought of all of their savings being sent to this cunt Joyce via Western Union.

Every wash load of laundry that she did for him uncovered yet bedava bahis ‘another’ pocket full of transactions to this woman who he wrote that he loved so much that he ‘married her online’; and now cared for her financially too, while with his real wife in Canada was about to claim personal bankruptcy.

He would not believe Bethany’s print outs, it wasn’t the same Joyce. But he would end it to save their marriage. He swore to Beth that it was over – but it never ended. Some things ended that day though.

Her shame.

Her fear.

Her hiding.

Her guilt.

And a lot of her tears.

Yes, I made her smile because I helped her to see how beautiful she truly was. She was getting stronger.

Bethany decided to end the marriage one month ago. She finally gained strength from the advise and patience of those she trusted, and discussed it with him.

She thought he understood. She secretly reported his abuse, with her codependent nature taking over she even found him a new place to live for August 1 – he needed to leave. She needed her freedom. This wasn’t because of his actions, it was to save her life.

Through the pain of it all she had begun to heal. With only two weeks till his move, today she found out the total denial he was in when he asked her ‘why he needed boxes’. How could he ask that?

Was he truly the ‘man from the short bus’ her sister warned her of all those years ago?

She looks down at game 3 on the ticket. She bought this lottery ticket with the money she would have spent on cigarettes; had she not stopped smoking last weekend. Day 4 and wow she was feeling oxygen in her lungs. Mmm, such a feeling. The new Bethany, the one who would soon take back her maiden name and give back his along with a protective order from the city police.

Happy birthday sweetheart!

She smiles.

Oh I love her when she is evil.

Game Three shows The Eiffel tower. She begins by scratching the tip. As the shiny penny is rubbing the silver foil down like she envisions working the skin down her new lovers hardening cock.

My cock.

Standing proudly as I write this, I might add. Most men my age were running to the doctor for the magic prescription. I found mine online. I came more thinking about Beth than I had since I was a randy teen and we had yet to meet in person.

She would meet me in Vegas someday. We even wrote a story about it. Bethany’s travels online to find her husband’s lover ending up giving her the gift of understanding. With that came growth and a way to express herself with her stories.

She was so in lust with her new ‘online friend’ – and she didn’t have to send ‘me’ a thin dime!

She would soon be free, and this ticket was going to be her reward for having the courage to do the uncomfortable. To take her head out of the sand, or her ass as she would say. To be her own person.

The scratch ticket was called ‘Vegas Nights’, she’s laughing to herself now as she reveals the second $250,000.00 deneme bonus prize box.

Two more to go.

Oh my god she sighs. She selected this ticket thinking of the lover she had chosen.

Thinking of me!

Precum escapes the tip of my cock. My foreskin almost gone; my head is a huge mushroom.

God what this little girl does to me.

Her sparkling eyes make me melt like a 12 year old boy. Her aura erased 50 years from my calendar. She amazes me.

Since she decided to separate from her husband life had been handing her one reward after another.

Finally loving herself after 43 years. Learning from childhood to hide your secrets. Spending years trying different ways to forget. Till finally the last 10 of them spent in a tumultuous marriage. More downs than ups can unbalance even the strongest of women, but Beth’s big green eyes filled with tears and her dimpled cheeks deepened as she heard throaty laughter; and realized it was coming from her.

Was she going crazy?

You can’t laugh and cry at the same time! Well that is unless the next box you scratch reveals the third $250,000.00 prize amount!

Someone needs to win, and good things happen to good people…

seeing that she had spent her 9 years in hell, this may be her sign that its time for a real ‘Vegas Night’!

Beth eyes the pink vibrator on the desk. She licks her lips at me – smiles – and turns it on. She rubs it up and down her silky slit as she reaches across and turns off her computer. My heart dropped to meet my balls which were on their way to shrinking up into my stomach as the screen went blue!

Suddenly my cell phone rang. The special doorbell chime that tells me its my girl. She is giggling as she whispers “I love you baby!”. Then she tells me she called to ask for my last name and my mailing address. My shock traveled through the phone line and I heard myself speak before realizing I had even opened my fucking mouth!

She tells me she is sending a surprise that she needs returned in person… I envision her pink pussy. I know that it was freshly waxed on Saturday. Another day at the spa for Bethany. Her treat from me for living with that asshole for two more weeks. Shame that he didn’t even notice. His loss I explained to her as I fantasized of tasting her myself.

She’s hot.

And she will be mine!

I look down at the Vegas Night scratch ticket in the manila envelope that arrived in the mail this morning. When I arrive in Canada to cash the ticket that she has printed my name on – her husband will not have claim to




Sweet justice.

A new start for my love.

One I am so very proud to be delivering along with the first kiss she has enjoyed in years, and the first of many things we have planned all this time.

I check my plane ticket. The flight will be departing Boston at 6:30am, arriving in Toronto at 8:16am. Almost 2 hours between flights then 10:05am Toronto to Edmonton. I’m going to my baby. 12:09pm Bethany is mine! Just in time for our first nooner. Awesome, maybe on the way to our room at fantasyland hotel we will shop for her new car. I have so many surprises for her.

This ticket’s purchase has been a definite ‘win’ ‘win’ situation!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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